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Iris Law is Just With Jude

Iris Law is Just With Jude

Jude Law picks up his daughter, Iris, 7, from the London home of his ex-wife Sadie Frost on Sunday afternoon.

Iris has an older and younger brother, Rafferty, 11, and Rudy, 5.

Raff recently landed his own movie role, playing a “young Jude” in the upcoming film Repossession Mambo, which Jude stars in. The sci-fi film opens in theaters next year.

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iris law jude law 02
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Credit: Focus Pictures; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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    CUTE GIRL !!!

  • sheryl

    Wow, Iris is getting so big!


    So is her daddy!!! IMO

    Mimi Prism

  • Daphne

    Oh wow what cuties both. The second photo especially. And he’s doing the tongue thing that gets me every time. Hehe love that man.

  • hag

    is that a mohawk? cute.
    and his daughter is adorable.

  • Courtney



    I meant, his daugther is as beautyful as the father! OY!

    Mimi Prism

  • shammy

    It is always tender and sweet to see a Daddy and little girl together. Is Jude wearing the jacket with “Dream” printed on the back again? Jude is a real looker and I look forward to seeing him in his upcoming films.


  • Karena

    Truly cute. She’s getting so big. Gosh, Jude’s brood is getting older. Love it; he’s such a devoted father. :)

  • sheryl

    Yes, Shammy, that’s the same jacket.

    We’ve got us a shot of that backside again…although, I’m not liking these jeans as much as his blue jeans….still, fine, fine backside it is.

    Jude, the paps sure have caught you in a funny moment! :)

  • Mel

    Jude looks like he’s making a face at the camera. hahahaha

  • brenda

    What a cute little dress and sweater! Adorable child. Great daddy!

  • mery

    Beautiful pics!

    Second. Georgeous Jude.

  • rien

    She is Daddy’s girl! Goodness, how fast she grows! Lovely to see they have the same gesture!
    Something I like about this man, he is simply a dad. And that makes him sexy! And that tongue…..

  • dulce mirita

    I don’t know who’s cuttest: if the daddy of Iris. I remember that Marylin Monroe son’s ” My heart belongs to daddy” and I must say that my heart belongs to Jude. What about the snd pics opening the Audi? Jude ?’m ready for a lift…that tongue thing drives me crazy…

  • rien

    I just found amazing photos from Jude. He adverbs for Dunhill if I am not mistaken. Just check this out:

  • elle

    Second one, i love it just beautiful!!!

  • Pole

    Jared, thanks for all the new pictures – it’s very, very much appreciated.

    He looks as good as ever in the second photo *heartsallovertheplace* Such a handsome and sexy man! And Iris sure is getting big! She’s a very pretty girl.

  • denise

    he is giving the photographer the stare of death…you think photographers would stay away from him since they know how we reacts when they take pictures of his children.

  • debi

    its not a mohawk, he is BALDING…and pretty badly!

  • luckyL

    He NEEDS to invest in hair plugs

  • angie

    I see Jude’s sportin’ that coat again. He’s a sexy man, I love him, but I sure wish he’d do something different about his hair. I suppose he doesn’t care so much, but I miss those little curls that I can imagine running my fingers through…(sigh)

  • rien

    I never care so much about his hair. He has that looks in his eyes that makes me shriver down to the bones. That’s all what I need.

    But just like Angie, if I could run my fingers through his hair, down to his forehead, his nose, his …..oh, help me God!

  • erica

    Love the pic of Jude and Iris and Jude’s tongue thing drives me crazy… too the hair will get thicker and time goes on and there
    is nothing wrong with hairline receeding a little bit just show he
    is a mature man not a teenager.


    thank you, thank you, thank you. do you get the idea i appreciate these photos. oh when i see mr. sex waggin’ that tongue taking care of his kids i go nuts. imagine being a little girl and looking at that man and being able to sa y”daddy.”
    iris you were born not with a silver spoon but a gold one. you are growing into such a little lady. when her first beau knocks at her door daddy is going to be there giving him the once over. no one is going to be good enough for his baby. poor iris she’ll have to compare every young man to her dad….oh boy oh boy….what a job!!!!!

  • knev

    Lovely Pictures of JUDE , keeping posing beautiful ones

  • carrie

    Beautiful kids from a beautiful man!


    i can’t stop looking at these photos. i remember when jude use to help iris climb a tree in the park when she was just two years old. now she looks like a little princess on her way to the ball….and….has she got the world’s best prince charming….iris do you know who you rdaddy is? he’s our dreamboat…jude i wouldn’t mind you taking me out for the day….buy me a hot chocolate or a pizza….i promise i’ll behave or on second thought maybe NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rien

    Isn’t it lovely? Just one look, that’s all it took, and he drives us crazy….
    If it’s up to me, he can keep the hair, change it, colour it, what ever he wants. Just keep the tongue playing, Jude. Keep it playing….

  • jami

    lovely! Iris is adorable. Jude is beautiful.

  • VV

    very cute pictures…Iris is such a beautiful girl
    I LOVE the pic #2 … intense eyes!
    he’s still really gorgeous.

  • Sandy

    OK all you hair-crazy people – see, it’s still the same old Jude, the stare that knocks you dead the enticing tongue thing, the no ‘butts’
    about it tush his ‘growing ‘ enthusiasm for life and his beautiful little
    princess who doesn’t know how lucky she is. What genes!As always
    charming and delightful with his children. I feel privileged to be a fanof this gorgeous , delightful, man. Thanks again Jared, you’re the best.

  • jami

    I love Iris’s pretty dress, cardigan and mary janes. She is dressed so cute- classic little girl style- I love it.

  • Kristen

    He’s looking a bit too Phil Collins for my taste.


    kristen….it’s only a temporary look. i think phil collins wishes he looked like jude….

  • B

    Anyone know where to get the dress Iris has? It is adorable!

  • purpleworm

    If that really is Iris, she’s changed a lot. Her hair is darker and she looks less like Jude than ever. In past pics of her she’s like a Mini-Me female version of her dad. Curious….. Could it be one of Iris’ friends or one of her cousins, perhaps?

  • Me

    awwwwe poor jude. hes losing his hair =( Such a handsome guy. Love him. Hes got the money, better take care of that.

  • sweetannie

    He is beautyful. Phil collins never looked this good and never will. Jude Law is the best looking man I`ve ever seen.

  • sweetannie

    I think Iris look a lot like her dad in these pictures.



    I agree with you. I have doubts that that is Iris. It doesn’t look like the last picture I saw of her. It doesn’t look like her face. And the hair is darker and a LOT longer than the last picture I saw. I don’t know if it has had time to grow that much. Maybe, maybe not.

  • Pole

    Hairplugs is an awful idea IMO. Jude keeps it real – I prefer that to the Brendan Fraser fakehair look.



    I agree. Hairplugs is an awful idea. Keep it real and authentic, Jude. Especially when your just out living your life.

  • Pole

    Exactly Belinda. It’s a big part of his hotness IMO – that he keeps it real.

  • ericap

    I bet Iris has daddy wrapped around her little princess finger! LOL! So cute.


    i think it is iris…i’ve enlarged the photo full screen and when i think back to previous photos years back the resemblance is there. of course she’s quite the lady now….bracelet, mary janes and all.
    jude looks like the cat who swallowed the mouse. he’s got the cheshire grin. well spending sunday with your best girl does it. she seems to have put on a few pounds. whatever…. his job that day was “driving miss iris”

  • purpleworm

    I believe the common expression is ” cat that ate the canary” but anyway…. Still not convinced that is Iris. Jude is very tactile with his kids and if he isn’t touching them, he’s got his eyes on them. The body language coming off this pic is telling. I don’t think this is his daughter.

  • sheryl

    I don’t know, purpleworm…could be true, but some pics on law_news of Jude and Rudy from the other day show Jude in one pic with his back to Rudy while they were approaching the car and getting ready to get in. Also, comparing these pics of Iris to the ones on JJ from 7 months ago on September 20, I do think this is Iris.

  • Daphne

    I think the girl is Iris. Remember the skating photos with Jude adjusting her skates? She looks just like that, just older is all. Kids grow so fast you got to be there to know it’s the same kid.

  • Auntiemoneybags


    New pics of my favorite British boy…..I think I smell a new you tube video…..