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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Engaged!

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Engaged!

Music diva Mariah Carey and actor Nick Cannon are engaged, reports Access Hollywood.

Mariah, 38, and Nick, 27, were spotted in each other’s arms at the NYC after-party for her Tribeca Film Festival movie , Tennessee.

Ms. Carey has been sporting a new piece of bling on her ring finger.

When Nick was asked at the party what he loved about Mariah, he said, “Everything.”

Congrats to the happy couple! (If it’s true…)

Nick was previously engaged to Victoria’s Secret Angel Selita Ebanks from May to October 2007.

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  • kevin



  • Shakira

    Congratulations if it is true. Love her and whatever makes her happy. All the best.

  • what?

    Cougar alert!!!!!!

  • anon

    Nick Cannon? Please!!!! what could they possibly have in common?
    I noticed the rock a few days it’s true huh?

  • MACK

    who’s next NICK ??

    he doesn’t her HE JUST LOVE TO BE ENGAGED… And mariagh is just DESPERATE I mean no boys in what 4 years ?

  • trish.

    Honestly, i’ve never liked mariah carey. She seems fake to me.
    like really fake. or annoying, whichever fits better.
    nick cannon just wants to tap that.

  • MACK

    I meant
    he doesn’t “love” her sorry

  • um

    mariah please get a pre-nup aiight?

  • reen

    what the hell?!

  • accidentalsexiness.wordpress.c

    That won’t last. You’ll see!

  • Alyssa

    Why don’t I believe this? Who even knew they were dating? I bet this is false.

  • michelle

    Say what!?
    I didn’t even know they were dating!

  • http://- Edurne

    oooh… congratulations for them !!

  • CORI



  • shoes4life

    I’m sorry if true this mess is doomed before it even gets started. Hell, I am surprised Demi & Ashton has lasted as long as they have.

  • mary

    I am very happy for them at least she looks good with him. not like another couple here who looks like son laying on mama’s chest,These two look good.Very happy for the two of them.

  • danz

    Well they both seem very full of themselves to me so maybe it’s a perfect match.

  • mary

    I f you want to see a orange leather plastic face cougar go see Jenifer Aniston and pee wee.

  • ha

    if this is true, the tabs who are too busy making up lies, fell asleep on this one.

  • MovieWatcher

    I believe this “engagement” just like his previous “engagement” is for publicity purposes only

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    horrible joke.

    mariah will obviously do anything to generate interest – to sell more albums.

  • rolling eyes


    since when were they ever in the same vicinity at the same time!!!!

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL — this definately gives meaning to the word random haha….wow

  • lovethekid

    i’ sure ashton and his new punk’d show where celebs punk paps and media :] is behind this

  • Susan

    Wow! I didn’t even know they were together at all. I have a hard time finding this announcement to be true.

  • kathy


  • well well well

    Now this is NEWS! The biggest female recording star with the number one album now is getting married to nobody Nick Cannon. She wants to have children and wants to do it the ‘right way” so she got Nick. Let’s see how this plays out.

  • Lili V S

    Is it true how zey say zat you people are… gifted?

    [Lights go out, sound of zipper opening]

    Oh. It’s twue. It’s twue. It’s twue., IT’S TWUE!

  • Dach

    Nick…. Haven’t you been down this road? I see he hasn’t learned. So damn special. I don’t believe Mariah would even go there. He needs to sit his skinny azz down!!! Just enjoy being single and stop trying to marrying every women who you find attractive.

  • Talia

    He’s HOT!!!!!!♥

  • Angela

    what the fuck he’s such a downgrade and a loser!!!
    Mariah is mine lay off NICK

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    I think nick looked bettr with Selita!!!! im not a big fan of Mariah…but I loved Nick Cannon on “Wild N Out” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Amy

    Wonder if he’ll cheat on her too.

  • lily

    Jesus Mariah!! NOOO!! WTF are you doing?? a Z-listed??? what happened with Mark??

  • http://justjared viv

    wow didn’t see this coming well at least he has good taste his been engaged with beautiful black women in the past.

  • ikdtown

    who’s mariah carey?

  • nells

    this will never work. HE just ended one relationship, and she obviously has some “issues”, and we all know what I mean. This will be a long engagement, and end, like they all do.

  • jackie0

    holy when this happen, when were they together ..i just don’t know what to say …they seem i guess its ok

  • Helena

    They’re dating. Odd couple!

  • Demetria

    regradless of what you think he is not a nobody. He happend to a nice young man who she to like right now,

  • LIlo

    No Mariah!!Run as fast as you can!!Remember what happened with Nick & Christina Milian

    BTW; when did they start dating..?

  • Ano?

    OMG im so proud to hear you guys are getting married that is so cool !!!!!!!!!!!
    so? were you goys dating undercover or was it just something you 2 thought of?????
    lol jk have a long life
    sincerly the ano? 13 year old

  • Jaye

    What does it say about a man who gives his current fiancee the same ring that he gave to his last one? Good luck with THAT marriage.

  • lovin


  • JAded

    Yeah, I thought that ring looked familiar. Wasn’t it the one he gave to Selita when they got engaged? I gotta tell you if this one is true Mimi is kicking his regifting ass right about now. I mean I get selling the thing and buying a new one with the cash, or even having the jumbo stone rest, but just giving her the same ring, god doesn’t that thing already have bad karma, last thing you want to do when you are aobut to marry the cash cougar. Get that bitch a new ring you can syphon the money back from her once you’re married

  • cecilia

    Say what!?
    I didn’t even know they were dating!


  • truthhurtzman

    Sorry, to say Mariah but it won’t last long…………….Mariah is an Aries and most of us rams end up by our selves eventually in life one way or the other, hate it or not but most of us are very picky in choosing mates and another thing is that Nick is a libra and hate to say again but most libras can be compusive evasive….Liars …ouch! it’s true and Mariah is blunt and straight up person with a temper! If I am full of it well wait and see what happends before the year 2008 ends if they are together, it won’t lasts! he is just enjoying the moment because she is a proclaimed Diva in our entertainment society and she is getting older and simply enjoying the ride probably literally I might say since he has a “Cannon” get it lol, watch and see and I am so confident with my opinion .We aries encounter alot mates in our life time and usually get bored with most mates not all now! ( wether we have feelings for some one or not) it’s tme to move on baby, those symbolic BIG sheep horns are there for ramming forward in life not backwards, so if you have an aries mate love or hate them but enjoy the ride while it last..truth be told! If you noticed Rosie Odonell and Star Jones (Star Jones who is an aries also just file for divorce recently? )never quite got along on the view with Barbara Walters because she is also a Libra and their beef with her is about her lies? Nothing against libras…but when nature encourages you to lie alot it leads to the death of things in life eventually, like your reputation, relationships and if the lies are exteme enough could eventually cost you your life!! We all lie in ways but they are notoriously good at doing so in a charming way and it’s because they are concerned only what the world sees on the outside and not within their own soul……I knew two libras who died because of extreme lying sad “scales” me although they might say opposites attract, yes but it all depends on the challenges and baggages within the relationships for it to succeed and I am sure they have plenty! So Nick Cannon enjoy the ride my brother but it wont last…….not hatin on you or Mariah, but it is the Truth……at the end of the Day Mariah will end up with lher lovely dogs, butterflies and her strong faith in GOD! which is the real man by the way most women should pursue in the end of times like now not no “DRUMLINE” brother…who gives you a recycled engagement ring …damn even jewelry is becoming “environmentally green” lol

  • no way!

    I thought Mariah preferred Latino men!

    I can’t believe this — I won’t believe this. No way is this happening, unless Mariah is still out of her mind —– (oops, that wasn’t nice.) I heard that Mariah Carey has been dating some producer for at least 3 years. That must be who she is marrying. The real story hasn’t been told yet. Mariah is probably trying to keep her personal life private this time. This must be a decoy.

    Nick is a boy.

  • trish

    Ummm I guess congrats to them.

  • Caryn

    I am a fan of Nick and Mariah’s . I wish them both nothing but the best ! It is not like he will be a Sugar Daddy or that she will be a Sugar Momma, because they both get paid.

    Most everyone is looking for that one true love and I hope they find it in each other.

  • kelley

    Can you say “pop-fiction” – it’s totally fake!!!