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Miley Cyrus & John Travolta Duet in the Works?

Miley Cyrus & John Travolta Duet in the Works?

Miley Cyrus has a new singing partner in John Travolta, reports E!

Johnny may sing [a duet] with Miley,” Travolta‘s wife Kelly Preston said yesterday.

When asked if she’s seen Miley‘s semi-topless Vanity Fair photo, Preston said, ” “We [now] know Miley very well. and she’s a sweetheart. All I know is that I know her personally and she’s a really good girl with a great head on her shoulders.”

Travolta and Miley already have teamed up to lend their voice talents to the upcoming animated Disney film, Bolt. Travolta voices the main character, Bolt, a white German Shepherd. Miley voices Penny, Bolt’s human co-star in the film. Bolt opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, November 26.

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  • james


  • legs


  • http://JUSTJARED.BUZZNET.COM Nickelback fan

    WTF miley nd john = BAD DUET no offence though!!

  • Allison

    how did this girl who’se been in the business for so little time and is currently wasting this magnificent opportunity to be a celebrity courtesy of her daddy get to meet Travolta, let alone do a duet with him?!!?


  • rachel

    a duet between them 2?? what is it? Grease songs?


    Second , ”hopefully”

  • zanessa110

    they look alike

  • melu

    yess! they are goning to sound awsome. love the duet. love miley she is the most talented girl i ever seen!


    i can’t wait .


    i can’t wait .

  • tarly

    i would like to see the movie…

  • Zanessaroxursox

    can u say WTF that record will be CRAP!

  • Daniela

    too bad the other pictures were taken by herself.

  • Lisa

    I hope not.

  • michelle

    That’s horrible!

  • http://msn penny

    Uh Gay

  • diama

    i can’t wait!

  • mtvomen89

    not since milli vanilli has a duet spelt bigger disaster!!!!

  • troy

    #4 If you had read Jared’s accomanpaning post you would see they are both doing voices for an upcoming animated Disney film called “Bolt.” Although actors usually record their dialogue by themselves I’m assuming this is how they were introduced. I’m guessing the possible duet is for the movie’s soundtrack.

  • :O

    first page?!

  • :O

    first pageee?!

  • JADE

    the beest

  • eddie jones

    she’s finished, he’s been done for years.

  • sam

    Very kind and TRUE words by Preston.

  • Anahi

    they met back when Miley was openning for the Cheta Girls, John’s little girl is a fan ,and yeah they also work together on “Bolt”, I think it’s gonna be interesting, I love John, he is amazing, and Miley is a really talented girl. I would love to see her working with someone younger tough, maybe Zac Efron, or Drew Sealey

  • MileyFan

    GREAT! I love Miley. She rules. this duet sure will be awsome :D

  • sarah

    slutty cyrus!!

  • Bob

    Has John Travolta come out of the closet yet? I mean, that’s the gayest looking mustache I’ve ever seen.

  • chantall

    this is gonna b odd there voices r soo different.. u no wat i mean

  • locks

    Disney disappoints me with their girls today always end up as ruined except that Annette Fonachello; sorry I cant spell her name right but she has some disease of some kind. A real role model and Walt Disney groomed up and protected her from the Hollywood pitfalls.

  • j


  • j

    thats really cool

  • tayler (miley cyrus fan 4eva)

    I cant wait to hear what it;ll sound like!;) Oh and zanessa110 THEY DO NOT LOOK ALIKE! HAVE SOME RESPECT 4 MILEY & JOHN! >:(

  • Misty

    Cant wait 2 here that!! i bet it will be awesome!

  • sweets

    that’ll sound interesting

    johns voice is more theatrical, mileys more contemperary
    its going to be an interesting mix

  • mileyhater



  • sweets

    thats not miley

  • breezy

    getting with the scientologists?

  • Amy

    I think the media is trying too hard to make this scandal bigger than it really is.

  • Sophie

    #37. errr. if you looked properly you’d realise she still has pants on. & that picture was actually taken a few months back. Nobody really knows what they’re doing about miley these days. She’s a good girl. she’s just misjudged. Anyway., you havn’t met her so you don’t know what shes like anyway !

  • black

    I can NOT believe this!

    Who the hell is this girl anyway, and what´s the deal with her?

  • huge

    Sweet girl. Wish you a good time on [r i c h k i s s. C o m]. It is said that you have met a rich man there.

  • the oc fansite



  • Hey Stupid

    hey #37. the Picture is Photoshopped, Stupid. It’s so f*cking obvious it’s fake. Omg, Use your Freaking eyes.

  • frankly who gives a damn

    booo she sucks,she needs to just stay in tennessee.bad combo

  • Lauren a fan4 miley

    shes a girl with many talents.
    give it up people.
    seriously leave her alone.
    dont like her?dont comment or read these!
    that simple nobody cares what haters think!
    cuz 4 every 1 hater there are a million people who love her!

  • Karma Kat


  • Karolina Cieslllllaiok

    click picture to add!

  • Dickard

    Dude, how many sick old men want to hook up with her since this topless thing? I say…

    Leave Miley Alone!