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Nicole Kidman's Nashville Mother's Day

Nicole Kidman's Nashville Mother's Day

Parents-to-be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban pick up a few parenting books at their local book store on Saturday in Nashville, TN.

Nic, 40, was seen picking up “Pocket Dad: Everyday Wisdom, Practical Tips, and Fatherly Advice” for Keith and for herself, “Your Pregnancy, Week by Week”. The Aussie power couple expect their baby in late July.

And on Sunday, Nicole celebrate Mother’s Day with some girlfriends. Nic and her gal pals were all smiles as they grabbed lunch together in Nashville.

Kidman‘s pal, Naomi Watts, recently was asked if Nicole will be a good mother. Watts said, “Of course. She’s already a great mom. Whenever you’re pregnant, you always call on your pregnant friends to compare notes. That’s what happens in close friendships.”

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Credit: St.Clair/Massie; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Ivana

    This guy is even uglier than Tom Cruise!!!!

  • codyjo

    Far from it… but that is a horrible picture of him.

  • sarah

    Where is the bump ??? This woman is not pregnant at all !!!

  • gotha

    It’ s a joke … no boobs – no belly ! Is Nicole REALLY pregnant ?

  • \\\

    She did not spend Mother’s Day with Connor and Isabella?

  • Miapocca

    AU CONTRAIRE…she has boobs now bigger than jlo…ahahha

  • jgjhgy

    They are so happy, that is great.

  • Miapocca

    The scientologists wanted to showcase their first family so of course she will not have them…ifyou knwo anythign about scientology you will quit criticizing nicole klidman…..she is lucky shei s in the media or else she willnot see them at all..and when your kids get brainwashed into telling you they cant see you then you will understand what it feels like

  • me

    How long until she throws kid #3 to the curb?

  • rita

    Nicole has been a mum for 14 years now

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    tom & kate’s kids didn’t even call nicole for mothers day. haha

    nicole has become nothing more than a joke.

  • http://donthaveone lindsay


  • claire

    Happy mother’s day Nicole, but why weren’t her kids with her?

  • Helena

    You people are pathetic. You all assume because she’s pregnant, she has to be big. Some people are different!

  • Miapocca

    Yeah well, even miscaviage preventedhis own niece from seeing her parents because she had to go to some core scientology training adn if you are labelled SP its worse…Tom cruise and Katie holmes made a horrid statement to Nicole on mothers day, ..HER KIDS ARE NOW FULLY PART OF A FAMILY WITHOUT HER…

    Katie holmes will remember this day when she finally wakes up from her brainwash to get kicked out of the cult…she will know what it feels like to treat a mother the way she is treating Kidman and it will be worse for her, because she is too immature and stupid that she will need a millions times the support that kidman ever needed

    I am glad to see a smile on her face regardless of what tom the looney and his family are up to…aha

  • Regina

    “tom & kate’s kids didn’t even call nicole for mothers day. haha”

    And you know that because? You’re the joke.

  • JIm

    No baby bump?
    Are people blind?

    Look at pic # 3….

  • Matthew

    Wow, you’re all disgusting. You can obviously see a baby bump.. I get I shouldn’t even waste my time talking to you immature fools. You don’t wanna believe that she is pregnant and when she has her child, you insecure maggots will think of every excuse worse then “my dog ate my homework” of bashing her. Go find a hobby.

  • justme

    If the baby short and stumpy like Keith Urban, it will not take up much room in Nicole’s belly.

  • bi

    codyjo, sarah,
    BLA, BLA, BLA!!!

    Frankly, that is riciculo, so infantile.

    Go Nic, finally you are happy.

  • Ingrid

    Of course Nicole’s bump is small, she’s suffered from a few miscarriages in the past and I think you should leave her alone.

    She seems rather fragile!

  • Cheetah

    someone already starts to look old and tired. And the baby isn’t even here yet. I feel a lot of nanny time coming in the futere. :P

    Im glad i had my baby before i turned 30. Somehow i feel people under 35 can deal with a baby easier they are less tired.

  • daisy

    Thanks for the pictures. They look great!

  • isa

    So cool, thanks.

  • isa

    So cool, thanks.

  • Stefanie

    aww they’re adorable! congrats nicole!!

  • maggie

    someone needs to put a side by side pic of jaime lynne spears and nicole…they are due around the same time I think???? She looks completely unhealthy for being so far along. I’m just sayin’

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Regina @ 05/12/2008 at 4:38 pm

    Vegina, you love me. stop begging for my attention – you’ve been ignored for god knows how long. get over your crush.

  • Emma

    Wow! Nicole looks gorgeous and Keith looks VERY handsome and sexy. :) I can’t wait to see their baby this summer. They seem very happy and in love. Good for them! :)


    “someone needs to put a side by side pic of jaime lynne spears and nicole…they are due around the same time I think???? She looks completely unhealthy for being so far along. I’m just sayin’”

    why would you compare her with jamie lynn…yeah they are going to look different because…one is 17 and the other is 40. Why do you have to compare her with anyone anyway? Everyone is going to look different. I dont get how you all cant see the bump. It also amazes me how almost everyone of you are so rude to her and Keith. Did your parents ever say to you “if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything at all.” ?? Obviously not. God some of you are disgusting.

  • jen

    she needs to wear pasties or something to cover her nipples, every photo since she is pregnant shows her nipples = just plain tacky esp, for someone so lauded as “classy.”

  • Dieter

    Jen !!!!!!!!!!!! if you are envious on NIC`S hot nipples WE ARE NOT the one who can help you: there is nothing wrong with showing your perky nipples through your top; there is nothing wrong with having a hard.on at the office as well: if you got a problem with your body ___________therapy !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pola

    The pics are gorgeos !!! Nic is such a lovely lady … And because she’s wearing clothes that in some way hide the bump that doesn’t mean that it’s not big !!! On the first pics you can see it very well actually !!!

    And some people are just not tired of saying such horrible things about these two !!! Just don’t get it !!!???

  • claire

    Can’t understand why people keep comparing her to others or making comments on her body. Get a life people.

  • Raven

    Nicole is very tall and thin. She has a bump. She just happens to have a small bump. Does not mean she has to be huge! I think Nicole eat’s really healthy and has not gained that much weight where Jamie Lynn Spears is HUGE!!! Plus, Nicole works out a lot. She is very physically fit.

    Nicole looks fabulous! :D

  • ally

    They both look great! Not the best pic of Keith, but Nic’s belly is adorable!

  • mia2

    Jared are you sure she’s due in July? She still looks rather small to be so far along. I did have a friend however that didn’t really start showing and get big until 7.5 months along, but we were all mystified and concerned for her baby. She was really in shape though, and delivered a healthy baby. I hope the baby is well and will be a good weight when born.

  • tr

    …did someone ask if she would make a good mother?

    she already has children.


  • Jessie

    They belong to the Cult now.

  • really

    Why does this woman only look a little pregnant when she is wearing a dress? I’m sorry, but that is not the same tummy in these two sets of pics – she doesn’t look pregnant at all in the picture with the pants. She’s suppose to be 7 months???? Can someone please explain to me why she is wearing a scarf and sweater in May in Nash? A pregnant woman is always warm due to the added body heat. What’s up with the sores on her legs and arms? Once again, not with Tom’s kids!

  • Meg

    No way is she really pregnant. She has always had a little stomach and it is exactly the same as its always been. There is nothing remotely pregnant looking about her, nothing. How coincidental that she is photographed with those pregnancy books.

  • really

    Also – look at the #06 picture – look at all the freckles that have come out on her arms and chest. Where did the flawless, porcelain skin go? Remember it was almost blue looking from being so white last fall at the premiere of TGC. Body make-up or skin bleaching?

  • Jessie

    “Why does this woman only look a little pregnant when she is wearing a dress?”
    Because the sweater is more form-fitting. DUH !

    I’m sure you are sorry but it IS the same tummy in all the pictures. Seen a therapist lately?

    Crawl back to your regular Nicole hate boards you sick Urban fanatic. Your troll posts here are getting tedious.

  • C

    How can you not see the bump. It’s there in both sets of pictures. Don’t you ever look bigger or smaller in different shirts.. Get real.. Not everyone has to balloon to be pregnant. Let her enjoy this. THey look happy and best of luck to them!

  • jen

    you know, i never even knew keith was an aussie! lol

  • Natalie

    Nicole looks so very pretty in these pictures, better than in a long time. She definitely looks pregnant now! She is very tall and slender so she will never carry big, especially since it is her first pregnancy.

    The haters should try to control their envy and obsession and move on. Nicole is and will be married to your Keith Urban. If you don’t like it there are other celebrities you can obsess about (God help them).

  • ace tomato

    Pfffft. My first pregnancy I hardly showed until after 7 months – then I popped out. I wore all those goofy shirts that say BABY with the arrow just so people wouldn’t think I overate for lunch.

    Some women don’t really ever look huge when pregnant until right up on the end of it. Some never look huge at all. Kidman is very tall and slim and always has been. No surprise she doesn’t look huge.

    I’m wondering what is going on with her HAIR? Is she gray and letting it grow out? She’s naturally a redhead, so what is up with the white roots?

    Maybe it is just the light, but it looks silver.

  • Natalie

    Who cares? She’s GORGEOUS.

    I’d like to see pictures of those who are commenting on her looks. That would be a laugh I’m sure.

  • uhhhhhh

    so she spent mothers day with her gal pals? errr did she forget she has two kids?

  • carol – brazil

    he looks like billy ray cyrus!