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Mischa Barton Ditches 'You and I'

Mischa Barton Ditches 'You and I'

Mischa Barton works out a black sexy mini at Britain’s Best 2008 at London Television Studios on Sunday.

The 22-year-old former O.C. star apparently snubbed the premiere of her new movie You and I at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

In You and I, Mischa‘s character Lana Starkova is an aspiring model who finds herself dealing with the unsavory side of the fashion industry when she turns up for a casting. Her character is a Russian lesbian who falls in love at a t.A.T.u concert.

According to sources, Mischa thought the film was awful and didn’t want to be involved in the project.

10+ more pics of Mischa ditching ‘You and I’ for Britain’s Best…

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Photos: Vince Maher/WENN
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  • trininats


  • zoe


  • zoe


  • zoe

    ah too bad second..

  • trininats

    britney spears wore this dress at the mtv awards some years ago! not so?

  • zoe

    i liked mischa more when she was still in the o.c…..

  • nil


  • *Marissa Smith OC girl*

    hmmm maybee britney DID wear this dress.

    Mischa looks really pretty in these photos.

  • jackson

    of course the film is awful, they cast mischa! and secondly they cast her as a Russian. Mischa can’t do a standard american accent since she holds on to traces of her old UK one, so she always sounds Mid-Atlantic. but if you’ve ever seen Tart of Virgin Territory, she can’t do a decent English accent either! lohan did a better one in the parent trap. WTF made them think she’d play a decent Russian!? and accents aside, she can’t act. thirdly the subject matter is embarrassingly campy.

  • emily
  • michelle

    I miss the old Mischa!
    That’s so lame if she ditched.

  • veisner

    I don’t blame her for skipping that premiere. That movie sounds boring. They’ve been laying off on Mischa at – a lot of the jabs at her unwarranted.

  • Meera

    Its not the same dress retards.

  • oh snap!

    yeah i think britney did wear this britney wore it better, you can still see Misha cellulite on her legs

  • reny

    ugliest legs of hollywood!

  • teacup

    she looks better in these pics

  • lolo

    looks like gwyneth paltrow in these pics

  • Nanea

    So she makes a movie, and then doesn’t feel like she has to promote it? Because it’s awful? Maybe it’s awful because the female lead is aawful!

    Wait, the female lead is… Mischa Barton!

    Why do people work with her at all, I wonder? She’s a bad actress, and all that pot smoking in public probably didn’t help her abilities to memorize text either. And she’s got no work ethics, if she feels above promoting her own stuff!

  • http://none emma

    people need to back off of her!
    she has a little cellulite, so what?!
    i bet all of you making fun of her have more than she does!
    its all just jealousy. Its pathetic. grow up. you all make me laugh :D

  • rolling eyes

    Why participate in a movie you don’t like. Honestly, she not that much of struggling actress that she has to take the crumbs or leftovers.

    Plot sounds really stupid too…if you want your career to work, then actually do roles worth while

  • suzy86


    there’s the pic of britney in her dress.

  • oh

    Mischa is biting the hand that feeds her. No surprise there, since she’s done it in the past.

  • oh

    Mischa is biting the hand that feeds her. No surprise there, since she’s done it in the past.

  • mandashell

    SHe looks very beautiful in these pics. She looks happy healthy and fresh faced. So what if she has cellulite most people with fat of any kind on their bodies have it LOL! can ppl just cut the crap and be real here?!

  • aha

    For what is she in Cannes?lol she is so dumb and ugly. I hate Mischa.

  • cassie

    she is healty and beautiful in these pics.I think she made some mistakes in the past but now she looks great! I love her dress..

  • erica

    If this was untrue Mischa’s PR would have immediately denied it like they did with the cellulite photos.
    This makes her look unprofessional and there are too many stories about her behavior ever since she was working on the OC and after that. Not showing up for work, not memorizing her lines, making diva demands. There must be truth in these stories because there are too many of them. I also think she has a drinking problem which her fans refuse to admit.

  • trininats

    #13 MEERA no need to call us retards, it was just an observation. Name calling is for children:) You take care:)

  • pin

    Why isn’t this news on
    Oh right that board censors all the negative news about Mischa.

  • matthew

    please, no one’s jealous of this talentless hag. if people were going to be jealous of someone, wouldn’t they be so over someone rich, famous, and TALENTED? and cellulite free? that certainly does eliminates mischa.

    people want her to go away, and honestly a lot of this blog bashing is helping hollywood big wigs realize she’s not as well liked as they thought, save her brainless fans who only like her for her pretty face.

  • ??

    I don’t understad why people reed about her and bother to comment if they think she is that awful an actress.

  • hmm..ryyt

    u no wot all these producers nd directors nd shit r mekin her do LESBIAN roles i mean so wot if she had a relationship in o.c doesnt she wants to keep havin them goshh… wot mongols .. enywaii used to rli lyk mischadnt no wt happen 2 her now lol love u just jared xxxx

  • BBC

    Reporter’s log: Cannes 2008

    WEDNESDAY, 21 MAY 1600 LOCAL TIME (1500 BST)

    It’s Mischa time again.
    BBC Radio 1’s Natalie Jamieson spoke to the director of her new movie, Roland Joffe (yes, the same Roland Joffe who made The Killing Fields) last week.
    He was at a loss to explain why his star had pulled out of interviews for the film.
    “She hasn’t pulled out of interviews, she’s pulled out of everything,” he said. “We don’t know where Mischa Barton is!
    “All I can say is her room is here, she is here, but trying to get the two together has just been impossible. We just don’t know where Mischa is.
    But he wasn’t too angered by the vanishing act. “Mischa’s 21,” he said.
    “I have no idea where she is, but sometimes I don’t know where my 21-year-old daughter is as well.”
    Russian pop group taTu – who are still going, apparently – star alongside Barton in the film. Describing their movie debut, they gave us the quote of the festival.
    “Is not lesbian film,” said the duo. “Is love film.”

    TUESDAY, 20 MAY 1845 LOCAL TIME (1745 BST)
    The errant actress is, we’re told, now in London, having singularly failed to do anything to help promote her film in Cannes last week.
    She’s in the UK to launch (wait for it…) a handbag! Oscar Wilde would be proud.
    Her PR has told Radio 1 that Barton will do an interview, but on one condition – that they only ask questions about handbags.

    You can read more here

  • 24324

    I think she’s embarassed b/c she did such an awful job in the film. I wouldn’t be promoting that crap either. “Hey guys! Check out my new film! I completely suck in it, Kthnxbye.”
    For someone who is turned down for roles, she definitely needs to stop acting like a diva. Uh, Mischa, you got famous b/c of OC. And after that show…I don’t think anyone knew you were still acting until now.
    She was rude to t.A.T.u who make more money than she did in all of her years of acting…she was rude to the guy who HIRED her. I can’t wait until the only thing anyone will hire her to do is like a reality show. Finding Mischa in OC or something stupid like that.

  • A*m**

    y wont she release you and i it looks good ??????????x

  • http://hotmail annaleigh ali

    it sounds sad ;-((((( but good:-))))

  • http://hotmail annaleigh ali

    ah from wat ive seen their are worst out in this world!!!! so jst appreciate mischa and not ditch her!!!!!!! haterzzzz

  • http://hotmail annaleigh ali

    u rock!!!!