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Nikki Blonsky Makes the "A-List"

Nikki Blonsky Makes the

Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky blows kisses into the audience as she models on stage during Bravo’s First “A-List Awards” show on Wednesday at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Unfortunately for Nikki, her entertainment managers filed a lawsuit against her for breach of contract.

According to Newsday, Blonsky, 20, and her mother, Karen Blonsky, reportedly did not cut Nikki‘s firm into the money she earned her Hairspray role.

10+ pictures inside of Nikki Blonsky working the runway…

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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • yeah…

    I HATE NIKKI BLONSKY she bugs me so much, please dont post about her.

  • Val

    Talking about ugly…

  • Mike

    wow someone is jealous…this girl is beautiful and talented don’t hate on her…

  • Prinsess

    Cool . she’s cute!

    Yay first :D

  • Headband.

    Beautiful? LOL, she’s hideous. Look at those legs

  • Zanessaroxursox

    I hate her
    and I’m sorry she’s not beautiful ao pretty or watever u wanna call it
    she’s seriously ugly not just because she’s fat but her face is ugly

  • TJ

    Her weight is so unhealthy for her height
    so therefore not sexy at all

  • rolling eyes

    sued in true hollywood style…. bask in girl your one of them now.

    She’s fabulous… there’s just to many “it should have been me and not her” sour pusses up in this forum

  • Audi


  • yeah…

    okay “rolling eyes” im one of the few people that does not want to be famous. I hate her because of how she acts it has nothing to do with how she looks. Also, she is very unhealthy I think she should start going on a diet and excersizing. ALSO i dont think shes ugly but i also dont think shes pretty…shes okay but I would never consider her anything over that.

  • Headband.

    I’d prefer to have my life and not look like her and be that fat tbh.


    omg she gained like an unhealthy amount of weight…not good


  • danica

    oh god, she should not be able to wear that dress.
    the legs. the legs.

    please lose some weight, dear. it isnt healthy at all to be at your weight

  • danica

    oh god, she should not be able to wear that dress.
    the legs. the legs.

    please lose some weight, dear. it isnt healthy at all to be at your weight

  • tarly

    here face is gorgeous! but body ermmmm……

  • paige

    so what?
    she beautiful. you guys are just jeaolous.
    maybe she is over weight. but she tells that over weight women
    can pull it off too in being sexy. let her shine for once. no hate.

  • Presley

    Hey here’s a thought, why don’t all of you post pictures of yourselves and lets pick every single thing about you apart. . .


    It’s really sad how judgmental you people are, I can only hope you raise your children differently than you were raised. We are all different and unique in our own ways and we should embrace it. Stop saying she’s unhealthy, because you clearly have no idea. You don’t know her eating habits, how she leads her lifestyle, obviously if she can hold her own for 8+ hours of dancing a day – she’s probably a lot more healthy than most of you.

    Nobody is asking you to like her, just skip over the post if you don’t like her… but you know, it obviously makes you all feel better to put someone else down that you don’t even know. Kudos. I hope you feel accomplished.

  • r

    mmm…those cankles are so sexy…lolol

  • Mike

    I Love your comment Number 17

  • Headband.

    I’m not perfect…but I’m a lot better than her./

  • Presley

    Thank you Mike. I like her, I think she’s absolutely talented but I don’t like every single time I click on something about her all the comments are filled with negativity. There is just no need for it.

  • Jessica

    I love her! Thats great that such a beautiful plus sized talented award winning actress is walking the cat walk! And she looks great doing it. I feel so bad about this lawsuit drama. I hope everything works out!

  • Wondering

    Just curious here, and you people don’t have to answer, but how many of you who are complaining about her weight are also too heavy for your height and age? There are a lot of people out there who rag on others because they don’t like the same thing in themselves. Yes, it would be beneficial for her to reduce some of that weight now while she is young but everybody in this world—particularly women—are not meant to be no more than a size 8. And just because she is not your typical Hollywood starlet type does not mean she can’t be pretty.

  • Beverly

    Great comment, #17

    You know, at the end of the day, whether you love her or hate her, she’s the one having a blast with her life – traveling, meeting other celebrities, starring in movies and walking red carpets. She’s having a ball, and I hope she keeps it up for years to come. The best part about Nikki? She really doesn’t give a rat’s behind what you think about her! She’s happy with herself, and I wonder how many people who post cruel remarks about her can say that about themselves?

  • Julie

    OMG Nikki looks amazing! not so crazy about the dress but she looks amazing! WORK IT GIRL!

    BTW JJ yall messed up Nikkis 19!

    And as for the lawsuit! Congras Nikki you know u’ve made it to h-town when you get sued! lol

  • Headband.

    @ 23

    I’m 5’5 and a size 8.
    That is the honest truth.
    I’m really not jealous of her.

    I’m a big fan of people like Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester etc.
    Those are people to be jealous of.
    Gorgeous, talented girls with great bodies who don’t flap their arms everywhere and swoon over a guy who already has a girlfriend/

  • Wondering

    Hey, Headband, who are you using for a judge to say that you are better than her, yourself? Let us see a picture and then let all the haters decide if you are better—at least then you can’t say they were bias against you.

    Also, working in the medical field, I would like to take this opportunity to say that even if you have just ONE parent who is overweight that you will also have a 86% chance of having a weight problem. If both parents are overweight your chances of weight problems go up to 97%. That is why so many people who start out overweight when they are young rarely can overcome that problem. If any of you out there have a parent who has always been overweight and you are not overweight now, just wait, you may have to experience the problem as you get older—especially if you are a female.
    Plus, you can’t choose where you come from biologically.

  • Caroline

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to post terrible things about the celebs they don’t like. Why waste your time doing that? Is it fun for you? Does it make you feel better about your own pathetic lives? If you don’t like them, avoid the post!

    I personally think she is beautiful, talented and confident. The dress is not my favorite, but she works it anyway.

    And wow, you know you’ve made it in Hollywood when someone tries to sue you lmao. I hope she gets that cleared up soon.

  • Sarah P.

    Nikki looks great!!! she is talented,gorgeous and shows people do not have to be a size 2 to walk the runway!! If you don’t like her why bother posting comments about her. You don’t know anything about how she lives her life!!

  • Vanessa

    She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and a VERY talented actress!

    Stop dissing her weight, NO body’s PERFECT!

    Some people are fat/thin, tall/ short, wide/ fat big nose, big/small eyes,
    thin lips/fat lips etc….

  • Nonna

    Well said Vanessa. :D

    YAY! Another Nikki posts and it didn’t take us months to get it. That sucks about the lawsuit….not exactly the kind of news I was hoping fore but nonetheless, thank you Jared for posting on Nikki.

    I love her hair but I am not crazy about the dress they designed for her. She still look beautiful though. :D I think it’s cool she got to model for the show and I can’t wait to hear more about the new show she is working on. Hopefully we will get to hear more about that sooner than later.

  • hairspray fan

    Wondering, I suspect the opposite. I think that Nikki’s biggest supporters are girls who also have a problem with weight, and want to see a girl like them succeed!

  • Headband.

    Exactly. They like Nikki because they are the same weight and it’s good for them to have a role model. They want her with Zac because they want to think that they could get someone like that.

    I’m not gonna post a photo of myself on the internet other than on my myspace page etc. I’m not a celebrity and so my photos should not be on Just Jared. I don’t think I’m gorgeous or anything, but I think Nikki is ugly. She is fat and ugly. Sorry it’s the truth.

  • drey

    Haha, well said #32.

  • Caroline

    FYI, I’m a huge Nikki fan, but I’m 5’1″ and about a size 1 or 2. Her size doesn’t really matter to me, it’s her talent. I loved her in Hairspray and that’s that. But I do think the Hollywood standard that you have to be super thin to be pretty is messed up, and I think it’s cool she’s trying to change that.

    Oh and Headband? You thinking she is ugly is just an opinion, not the truth. Think what you want, but stop bashing people. It makes you look like a bitch.

  • Lisa

    17) Presley,

    Well said. Nikki is a force to be reckoned with. I am happy that she was asked to be a part of this even and that just goes to show you that even plus sized people can walk the cat walk and walk it well. I am not that crazy about the dress or hairstyle but I think Nikki wore it well. JJ thanks for posting on Nikki I do not think she gets the attention she truly deserves most of the time so it is nice to see that we did not have to wait months to get something on Nikki.

  • samantha

    disgusting fat pig!

  • sasha

    Psh the rudeness is so unnecessary. Seriously.

    The dress is weird, but she looks adorable anyway :)

  • Presley

    Headband., notice you’re the only one who has mentioned Zac…. everyone else is noting her talent & positive attitude toward life, embracing who she is. Sounds like you’re jealous of her friendship with Zac but that is no reason to put her down. Like I said though, as long as you feel accomplished by putting her down, props to you. Nikki herself has said if she has to be a verbal punching bag so other people feel better about themselves, more power to them, it doesn’t bother her.

    Caroline, I could not agree with you more.

    And thank you Lisa. I think she has really brought a positive message to Hollywood and I hope to see that only continue to be changed. Everyone should be accepted, as long as we lead healthy lifestyles. We need to see more positive role models, I’m definitely glad Nikki is one of them. She is truly an inspiration!

  • tarly

    yea nikki is really gorgeous and it doesnt even matter about her weight no hater!! peace and love!

  • mELLY

    Yeah news on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love her!!!!!! Personally i don’t think that’s one of her best dresses but what the heck she’s so adorable!!!!!

    I’m sad about the whole lawsuit but hey you live and learn. Keep up with the news :)

  • .alex

    Well, I like her. I think she’s great. From what I understand she has an amazing personality and, from what I can see, she is amazingly gorgeous and talented, which is more than some of you shallow freaks will ever be.

  • diulie


  • sasha

    Oh and whoever said that her only fans are plus sized women is completely wrong. I’m not plus sized and I adore this girl. she’s so talented and beautiful and confident in herself. just because overweight she’s ugly or disgusting or annoying? how much more pathetic can you sound?
    what if you’re children grew up to become overweight… would you call them ugly or disgusting? I would hope not.

  • Nonna

    Didn’t someone say you know you’ve made it in Hollywood when you get sued? :p lol

    She still looks stunning even if I don’t care for the dress….the designers could have done so much better with her but she still manages to work it.

    On MTV it said Emile and Nikki were partying in corners and yet there are no pics!

    I wish there were more backstage and after part pics with Nikki….the photogs suck. I could do a better job. :P

    Anyone have any ideas on what networks we would like to see Nikki on…..with the show she is working on?

  • mELLY


    I don’t are what network she ends up on.

    I mean i hope it a major local channel like CBS, NBC…etc. just so long it’s not ABC. I think Nikki is too good to be tampered by Disney ;)

    By the way…I’m not plus size either. Normally i hate commenting on the weight bs but fyi.

    Go Nikki! And i want to see those backstage pic!

  • Nonna

    Just ignore all the negative comments guys! Who cares what they say? Don’t give them the satisfaction of responding and adding fuel to the fire.

    Let’s just post postive and show our love and support for this amazing and talented girl. :D

  • momma

    Wow. she looks great! You go Nikki, strut your stuff.

  • tina

    So much ignorance from such stupid people!

    This girl is adorable, gorgeous and having a blast. I love her and all she stands for. Now she is talented and a true role model for young women. Nikki stay true to yourself and at the end of the day you’re all that matters. Lots of people love you just the way you are.

  • mimi

    Two articles on Nikki in one week…….thanks JJ. She’s a charmer who oozes style and class. You made it girl….the A-list!! Whoopee for Nikki!