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Paris Hilton Gets Her Groove On

Paris Hilton Gets Her Groove On

Paris Hilton gets down and dangerous, dancing the night away at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas on Friday.

Paris, 27, was busy filming her new reality TV show, Paris’ New Best Friend amidst the nightclub mob.

Boyfriend Benji Madden was also on hand for the partying and filming.

ANYONE EXCITED for Paris’ new reality show? YAY or NAY?

20+ pictures of Paris Hilton getting her groove on…

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paris hilton groove 01
paris hilton groove 02
paris hilton groove 03
paris hilton groove 04
paris hilton groove 05
paris hilton groove 06
paris hilton groove 07
paris hilton groove 08
paris hilton groove 09
paris hilton groove 10
paris hilton groove 11
paris hilton groove 12
paris hilton groove 13
paris hilton groove 14
paris hilton groove 15
paris hilton groove 16
paris hilton groove 17
paris hilton groove 18
paris hilton groove 19
paris hilton groove 20
paris hilton groove 21

Photos: WENN
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  • http://deleted jessica

    I have a question,is Paris pregnant???

  • vamp

    Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

  • missme

    Im not guna lie, she looks bloody fantastic!!


    ??????? BOYFRIEND NO. ???????

  • julie

    блин, да она ж оранжевая

  • Kara


  • sandra

    Her Tan in SO fake!!!! ugh,

  • georgeande

    i fink she is pregnant….

  • me

    да вроде это освещение такое :)

  • annaversary

    I am definetly NOT watching her television show. It’s ridiculous and she is the reason why many girls are becoming BADLY influenced. Many young girls “thinks” she gorgeous just because she’s rich and gets to purchase whatever she wants and that carrying a dog while shopping is cool.

    Disgusting! PARIS HILTON should be kept away from the media. & Definetly away from television.

  • legs

    i agree, she looks orange.

  • niloofar

    i dont like her n im sorry for her baby if shes pregnant ! but she is really beautiful here

  • roxi

    CAN’T STAND HER…UGH….!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    Hi guys,

    Just take a good look at her eyes, she’s wearing blue linses as she always does……if u take a look at some old pictures of hers ( before the sex video) then u will see that she had brown eyes and brown hair…she’s sooo fake and soooooooo ugly

  • katie

    Not that excited bout the reality show.. but i have to admit shes entertaining to watch haha

  • Raichill

    Not liking the oompa loompa tan.

  • yomomma

    my computer exploded cuz
    it was too much orange

  • bella

    It is the photographers that keep her in the public eye, I bet if they stopped taking her photo for a month people wouldn’t care, it is all media driven and so fake.

  • yuck

    NO thank you.

  • parisgirl

    Look at her non-dancing self, sit down boo boo -.-
    & yeah I’ll pass on her reality show lol

  • Jack

    I don’t think Paris is pregnant. Although I got to say she seems kind of “fake” if that makes any sense.

  • imilky23

    Doesn’t she remember when she was interviewed at Larry King CNN show.
    Check out here for more:

  • imilky23

    Doesn’t she remember when she was interviewed at Larry King CNN show?
    Check out here for more:

  • lI

    Not really a fan of Paris but I think she’d look much better as a brunette.

  • msmadden

    i like paris,and benji but,could benji take off his black glasses?
    its really annoying when you’re partying then you see one there who wearing their black glasses ,it seems like there is sooo shiny inside

  • asdffgg

    the sad thing is if paris is pregnant its a publicity stunt. unlike nicole richie who actually cares about the privacuy of her child.

  • BIA

    Oh my she so beautiful!!!!!!!!! We love you Paris.

  • hotboysloving

    wow she is glowing and beatiful i love u paris

  • craps

    the girls dancing with paris shud be ashamed of themselves. in 3 days there gonna be itching in hard to reach places

  • Ingrid

    She doesn’t look orange at all !! She is like in gold, wow !
    If you think she is orange it’s because of the flash of the camera….

    I really love the picture where she is looking down, She is sooo pretty.

  • ds

    If she’s pregnant then..Imagine how her kid grows up and sees those pron videos of her mummy :S Cause someone will definetly tell/show the kid..

  • chantall

    sorry people caps lock was on :)

  • Shonathan Hilton


    i cant wait for the season premiere.

    i love paris hilton!

    i dance like her lol

    i should totally be her BFF!

  • LuckyL



  • LuckyL

    Oh and why are you all complaining how she and the twin boy aren’t affectionate enough, but are ALWAYS up in arms about Brad and Angelina? *rolls her eyes* Fake tranny b**** in a fake relationship

  • Lisa

    I DON’T CARE. The LITTLE GIRL is such a bore to me. It’s the same thing over and OVER. Why doesn’t she do something INTERESTING for once. What a dull-headed person.

    She could use that sex appeal to her advantage, if she was more natural, said a few smart things once in a while and use some of that inheritance for good and actualy teach kids, pre-teens, teenagers a thing or two. She’s a shallow empty doll to me who only cares for herself.

    Forget about your image, doll, and wake up from the champagne & dope. Mommy & Daddy will be retired and on their death beds in a couple decades. What are you doing to make them proud? How can you be a hero instead of a sex addict home video/internet star to your young fans out there?

    Make someone proud in your life. I feel so bad for her father and grandfather, who probably wanted children who would make something of themselves and impress the world.

    What good is all that money, if you don’t know how to raise your children to be great?

  • sunnykidstyle

    Oh, her tan is awful, what did she do, bathe in sunny-d? Difficult to guess from these pictures whether she is pregnant or not, the high belt and little lose dress conceal her shape a bit. But since it seems she will keep her partying behavior, I really hope she’s not pregnant. Not everybody, has the strength to change as much as Nicole Richie has changed since Harlow.

    If you have a second to spare, I’d like to invite you to my new blog about stylish design for kids :):) Today I focus on cute and colorful nursery decor, toys and clothes.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Well, have to agree with Numbers # 2..#19 #36 #37. What a pitiful little waste of a creature. So many B.F.F.’s to try and impress for awhile, then after a month or so, have another online contest, on how to ditch the leeches who have drained and bored her. I cannot imagine a conversation between her parents and their friends on how good and caring and giving their daughter Paris is. Or how she memorized her infamous Bible quotes, and was going to change herself, and help others and Children’s charities and causes. What are they? Oh, right!! I don’t think she has done anything yet. At least not on her own. No wonder, her Grandfather gave his hard earned money away. He did not want to see Paris wearing it on her body and feet, or having
    extravagant parties siting in a champagne glass trying to sing or howl.

  • jengirl

    my, what a lovely shade of oompa loompa…

  • Hannah

    Paris is good at doing nothing–I think it should stay that way.

  • MzZzMelliiGyaL

    herr ey3sShxzZ lOok niCce!..

  • Emily

    Umm… NAY!!!

  • JerseyBoi

    why don i c aicherie in any of em photos, i ain’t watchin this show, it’s rigged and wackkk

  • billbob

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! scary seriously i almost soiled my knickers.