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George Clooney: I Choose Door #1!

George Clooney: I Choose Door #1!

Newly single George Clooney looks as though he may have found another lady to keep him company at Lake Como, Italy on Thursday.

The mystery lady is seen reading a magazine behind the French doors.

If you didn’t catch it last month, Georgie, 47, broke up with girlfriend Sarah Larson. And looks like Sarah is taking full advantage of her so-called fame.

Anyone recognize the mystery female?

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46 Responses to “George Clooney: I Choose Door #1!”

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  1. 26
    rae Says:

    He’s an adult and he’s been completely upfront about never wanting to marry again. If these women want to have a fling with him, they can go for it. It’s not like he goes for underage girls or something. If they think he’ll marry them, they’re stupid.

  2. 27
    jess0 Says:

    jelly @ 06/13/2008 at 10:34 pm
    it’s not Marianne Pearl

  3. 28
    Natasha Says:

    It’ll be my smiling face beaming from the window the next time the paparazzi stalk his home…..

    On a more realisitic note, I don’t think George will EVER get married. I think his appeal is the fact that he is unatainable. Yes he’s funny, charming, handsome, blah, blah, blah. Its the thrill of the chase for women (yes I think women do it too…). Every woman that has the potential to be his girlfriend will always try and tame him and may believe they will be the one to ‘change him’. Its cool, if I had the chance to have George Clooney, I’d get him drunk, take him to Vegas, Little White Chapel, then a nice annulment to get me famous. A girl can dream right?

  4. 29
    rossy40 Says:

    How silly are you people….? You don’t really think that the paps’ bosses would “release” pictures to blogs, mags & paper-type tabs UNLESS they look “suspicious” or “scandalous” – Where’s the money in that?

    There were other people there with him but the most exciting pictures are the ones that “imply” GC is already with another woman. More of you should watch documentaries on what these guys are willing to do in order to get a couple more thousands of dollars in their pockets – Same as their bosses!

    I watched one show 3-4 years ago (I think it was called, “Take This Job”) where 2 jobs were featured: it introduced Duane “The bounty Hunter” Chapman to me for the first time; how paparazzi stalk celebrities all day, every day. To showcase both “jobs” it was split into 10 minute segments, alternating back and forth between Chapman & his team, &…

    Anyway, thanks to “real” video documentary guys “shadowing” the paps, it was no surprise to me “seeing” the way these guys “twist” the truth to their advantage. The last 10 minutes of the show had a married famous couple coming out of a restuarant, sign autographs for some fans & let their pictures get taken. They were cordial considers the number of flashbulbs going off in their faces – thrying to get to thier truck.

    I would want to deck the guy in front of me for making “ME” responsible for his safety because he’s (the pap) too busy snapping pictures to notice he’s BACKING into traffic!!! The couple are videotaped “decompressing” from the madness of these “guys” (I want to say another word, but I’m not sinking to that level) and looking away from each other.

    The pap takes his photos to his boss who loads them into his laptop & gets 5-6 mags on the line (People, US, etc.) while looking through & saying, “I’ve got photos of… let’s start at $20,000 dollars…” Then he sees the “money-shot” and says, “I’ve got a picture of the happy couple in their truck, looking away from each other & none too happy… Why don’t you caption it with something like, She give him cold should for getting “too close” to that nubile thing in the restaurant..?

    The picture in question, the 1 of this couple simply looking out their windows SOLD for $50,000 – A $30,000 THOUSAND dollar hike from the original price!

    But HEY, that’s their business & they know how stupid, self-righteous & hypocritical most “celebrity watchers” are. It’s at least a multi-million dollar a year business if not more.

    I love seeing pictures of my favorite celebrities, just like anyone else, but I’ll be damned if I wallow in muck to revile people I DON’T LIVE WITH or will never get the chance to meet – Simply to make my life better or to feel more superior. That’s NOT the way I want to be treated, much less anyone else.

    Oh, the “married” celebrity couple – Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston!


  5. 30
    superficialdiva Says:

    It could be another woman, but until we don’t see them huging or kissing we can’t tell if they are together.
    Being in the same room doesn’t mean anything. She could be anyone.

  6. 31
    regina Says:

    Sarah is so cute, this one looks lika a maid!

  7. 32
    ENERGY Says:

    Get that Sarah Larson. Georgie moves fast and does not look back lol

  8. 33
    Blackworm Says:

    I’m sure George doesn’t have to move fast or do much of anything. Almost any woman in the world would come running if he just crooked his finger. George probably has a line of women waiting for him to call. I’m really surprised Sarah Larsen was around for as long as she was.

  9. 34
    trini Says:

    HE IS SO G A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 35
    Ade Says:

    I don’t think it’s Lynne Heslov. Lynne is 47 y.o. This girl is younger and on another website they talk about a water ballon fight between this girl and George. Exactly the same things he did with Krista Allen and Lisa Snowdon at the beginning of their relationships. It seems she is the new girlfriend (for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years ????)

  11. 36
    Mary Says:

    I don’t understand …so much hate about Sarah she is a b***** etc… and George what is this?

  12. 37
    Lolo Says:

    Are you sure they are in the same room? Looks like the picture on the wall behind him is hanging diffrently compared with the photos of her.

  13. 38
    FYI Says:

    That isn’t Lynne Heslov.

  14. 39
    Leslie Says:

    a hooker???

  15. 40
    um Says:

    dear sofia from first set of comments,
    you wrote…

    “isn’t she the maid?”
    why, because she isn’t white?
    were you trying to be funny ?
    no really. why would you ask that?

  16. 41
    TiredofthisCrap Says:

    They aren’t even in the room at the same time. Could be a friend, friend of friend, someone who works for him. I’ll go with employee, she is dressed like an European, probably a masseuse.

  17. 42
    Kelly Says:

    he is a creep.

  18. 43
    Carmen augustA Says:

    A friend told me about this website last week but it looks like I waited too long to post – this topic appears to be old news.

    Nice Site Jared. Although, some of these posters write the stupidest things about people they don’t even know. Cracks me up!!

  19. 44
    jhon Says:

    he is a sex addict

  20. 45
    motorcity Says:

    well if he is only he would know for sure and it isnt a joke

  21. 46
    CC Says:

    Looks like his housekeeper

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