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John Mayer's Arm of Many Colors

John Mayer's Arm of Many Colors
  • John Mayer adds some color to his arm
  • Jeremy Piven has a rug on his head
  • John Mayer is a Guy Gone Wild
  • Woops! Blake Lively‘s dog peed on her
  • Lanvin – not exactly the American look of the fifties
  • Who is Danielle Lloyd?
  • Where was Kim Cattrall before Sex and the City?
  • Tom Brady runs an errand for Gisele and gets a ticket
  • Jamie Lynn Spears will reportedly have a Caesarean section today after being told by doctors an ultrasound picture showed the baby was in the breech position.
  • Jennifer Lopez visited P.S. 37 in New York City on Tuesday for the graduation ceremony of a group of 10- and 11-year-olds.
  • Wilmer Valderrama, has make a production commitment for a one-hour comedy pilot, The Emancipation of Ernesto.
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  • layla

    I don’t know how Jennifer did it, but since John began dating her he became a complete different man. He keeps looking better and better.

  • eddie jones

    yeah those tattoos really make him look cool.

  • sonia

    john mayer does not look manly at all, i know he tries very hard, but his reputation precedes him, and dating jennifer A, is not helping him. i like his music any way.

  • Allya

    Looking good John, looking good.

  • Shala

    He looks better now. He has more muscles and looking more mature . Probably love has got something to do with

    Wishing John and Jen the best !

  • Helena

    Danielle Lloyd is a z-lit skank. Nothing more.

  • Helena


  • Marisol

    What HYPE! Post a picture then quickly post the fake talk. John does Not look manly. This publicity stunt makes him look more gay and desperate. He seems to be running scared. Jen seems so desperate to. That arm tattoo look so gay with all the flowers. To bad he seemed so preoccupied with his stunt life than with music.
    I think he turned even more of a douche bag if it was possible. I stop listening to his music. The bulls#@! got to be too much.

  • Olley

    Wishing John and Jen the best !

    Thats just desperation, so glad old desperate Jen finally got a man.

  • Tess

    Brainwashing at it’s best. This guy is a jerk. He is faking to be more than what he really is because Jen needs a man thats bigger than life and thats why all the phony faking like he is all that. All we have to do is switch out Johns name with any other name will do the job.
    Just like the name was Vince, Paul and orlando. Hes just some old dumb douche bag that Jen can use at the moment because he is afraid of gay rumors. I still believe he is gay.

  • Chad

    It is hard to find a guy that has a music career and makes million bucks at 30s, ladies.
    You female sex likes to stir jealousy. The guy looks alright.
    I would go for Jen, why not..she does not look bad, has money.
    And you ladies, some on here don’t even have a job, look uglier, talk with big dirty mouth, too gossipy and too little brained.

  • joan

    This will last until after twins are born,John still doesn’t look good,oh well just what Jen deserves,if she can look at that face everyday.But both make good match,I hope they stay together for the rest of there life.

  • galloway

    oh here we go again….irrational Jennifer Aniston hate from all the attack ‘loons.


  • Angel eyes

    John tries way too hard to be cool. And, we know you’re only dating to make the bad PR of kissing Perez Hilton go away.

    Douchifer sucks ass!


    he is so hot and so are his tattoos


  • LuckyL

    What the f***? He is not “suddenly manly” due to Jen. If anything, he is probably going through a de-masculization, the same way she tried to crush Brad and make him into a vapid, shell of a human being. Sorry, he had those tattoos, waaay before her, and he will have them waaay after their break-up. He is a guitar playing hippy boy with tats at best.

  • LOL

    Douchifer are a big joke. I agree with Angel eyes he hook up with Jen after the bad press with Perez Hilton. He is so scared that the media will know he swings with men. Fear will make men do strange things.

  • Hal

    LOL you got that right about the fear thing because Mayer will always live in Brad Pitt’s shadow who the he11 wants to live like that. Dude is trying to hard. To be rich they sure live troubled lives.

  • Kate

    Hideous tattoos on that jerks-or shall I say douche bags arm.

  • Tina

    Geez…hes ugly.

  • Jana

    He is not attractive at all. He is a absolut a**hole. Stupid should have told the PR no to that stupid publicity stunt.

  • http://- Rach

    John and Jen won’t last. You will see.

  • Diana

    That looks like a scrambled mess on his arm. What is he now a Joel Madden wanna be. He was more original with the home life tat. I think he has serious mental issues.

  • Brent

    Adds some color?? whats up with all those flowers?? color ain’t gonna help. That tat says gay.
    Did you see him run up to the paps camera a few weeks ago. That guy can’t keep rhythm at all. When he is on stage they have to pull some kind of trick to keep this dumba ss on beat.
    Hooking up with this guy says Jennifer Aniston has deteriorated and now very desperate.

  • Cathy

    Now thats the look of desperation. He just transfers it to Jen.
    Jen must be going through pre-menopause.

  • Sal

    John + Jennifer = Douchifer

  • Paul W

    John Mayer will always live in Brad Pitt’s shadow.

  • dildos

    I don’t like tatoos at all… They don’t make the body look sexier, think it’s just a matter of taste. The only tatoos I do appreciate belong to Angelina Jolly’s body=)