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Mary-Kate Olsen is a Fendi Freak

Mary-Kate Olsen is a Fendi Freak

Mary-Kate Olsen and twin sister Ashley leave an art store with a bodyguard in tow on Monday in New York City.

The Olsen twins had their bodyguard carry their newly purchased large piece of art back to their swank New York City pad.

Mary-Kate, who just turned 22 this past Friday along with Ash, is the one pictured in front with the plaid buttondown shirt and carrying the Fendi handbag.


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  • yeahhh

    i love her!!

  • yeahhh

    1st and 2nd! :)

  • Anna

    umm they’re both the same age, aren’t they? they are twins

  • celebaddict

    It’s good to see a mega-rich celebrity who isn’t afraid to dress down, and be scruffy!
    She looks cool!

  • celebaddict

    It’s good to see a mega-rich celebrity who isn’t afraid to dress down and be scruffy.
    She looks cool!

  • You/Me

    I like these two, they don’t seem pretentious at all. Their little sister on the other hand, I think she is going to be another Lindsay Lohan.
    It might seem weird but I don’t have a problem telling Ashley & Mary-Kate apart….they look “the same” but have different facial features. Does that make sense?

  • anna williams

    I saw these photos of the olsen twins in a lesbian embrass without their cloths on… what is that all about..

  • johnny rotten

    I saw those photos I think these two get it on.. .lol.

  • dj

    these girls are SICK! i love them to death.
    especially MK. her fashion sense is uncanny.
    loving the flannel with the fendi spy. she never
    gets it wrong.

    ashley is the more polished of the two.
    i love her sleek-chic look.

  • aummw


  • lily

    i love MK! :)
    OLSEN TWINS ROCK! THEY WERE EVEN CUTER When they were little!

  • aummw

    I think thta this celebriotology thta we have todfay is something to be considered a sign of our society. I hope thta you do not interpetate falsily, becuase when one has to be honest, tyhe reasons for dsihnest are so widepread thta nthe role of the good and bad are blurred. PC your English is a antive- like one, I wonder where you have learnt to sepak English so well.

  • Vanessa

    they look really good here! =) love the olsen’s!

  • Cora

    ” Their little sister on the other hand, I think she is going to be another Lindsay Lohan.”

    Well, obviously you don’t know her…

  • rae

    They look cool but I prefer Ashley’s style to MK’s.

  • o

    love them both!!!


    they are so pretty:)


  • just fyi

    marykate is the one with the plaid shirt..
    just Jared step it up u always mess it up on olsens twins
    marykate is the one pictured in plaid..

  • sunnykidstyle

    Eww, she looks like a hippie rocker with a lack of hygene in that photo. I know they like to dress unusual, and some of their clothes are really something you have to get used to, but dressing up in a way that looks like you haven’t showered in weeks? Ehm… hope that won’t turn out to be the new fashion trend, I’ll gladly pass it on!

    By the way, sunnykidstyle children’s design blog has a new URL. Now memorizing where you can find all sorts of great toy, fashion and decor ideas has become even easier! Check out: Sunny greetings :)

  • treschic

    i love mk, but cant stand her sister.

  • http://justjared Victoria

    21ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their little, bity, itsy, tiny, winy, mini and micro legs just keep getting more chickeny looking. What on earth do these girls eat? Do they know that they CAN EAT? I believe that they also have outgrown their massive head of hair, on their little heads. Maybe a classic cut for their tiny faces would be cuter. I’m not bashing them, I have always liked the twins, but for goodness sakes alive, they are really wasting away right before our eyes, just like Keira Knightley.

  • their are so natural

    i like the olsen girl they have a natural beauty , which the less make up they have the more their beauty is showing. they are so gorgeous and so sweet.

  • vamp

    To aummw @ 06/19/2008 at 1:33 pm # 12

    I would love to comment your opinion, if I had a slightest idea what you were talking about. You used words — what are those? English?

    The Olsen Twins earn my respect since ages. And I am so glad to see them running around in casual way!

  • Cora

    “i love mk, but cant stand her sister.”

  • CT

    anyone know what fendi bag style that is? I think im in LOVEEeEE

  • nora

    to treschic: I have met both girls when i was in the public of Much Music where they both appeared and afterwards they came out where fans were waiting for them to sign autographs, but Mk wasn’t that nice at all. She was actually really cranky to the fans, while Ashley was kinda shy but much more loving.

  • Nikki

    i love Mary-Kate!

  • Maria Castro

    I love Fendi to!!!