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Angelina Jolie Shows Off Bare Baby Bump

Angelina Jolie Shows Off Bare Baby Bump

Angelina Jolie shows she’s still very much pregnant, waving to photographers from her room at the Lenval Hospital in Nice, southern France on Wednesday.

According to reports, the 33-year-old actress has a suite of rooms reserved for her, partner Brad Pitt and the kids.

Angie was admitted to the hospital Sunday afternoon and will remain there until she gives birth to her twins.

Brad and Angelina want everyone to know that everything is going well,” her obstetrician, Dr. Michel Sussmann, announced yesterday.

FYI: There’s a possibility this isn’t really Angelina Jolie. Doesn’t she have a very large cross tattooed on her lower pelvis? Did the Jolie-Pitts hire a body double? Anything’s possible, right? The comments section is open for speculation! Be nice.

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Photos: ANG/Fame Pictures
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  • peggy

    i dont think its her…

  • zoe

    that is kind of a strange gesture. is that really her?

  • T

    me neither

  • zoe

    whoops. forgot to read the FYI part…its not her then…doesnt look like her.

  • Farah

    i really doubt its her, why would she want to show her huge belly in front of everyone?!

  • CharliE

    Thats not Angelina Jolie!!!!

  • Delphine

    its not her, remember she has a tatoo that we should see here…
    and i really don’t think she’s gonna show her baby bump like this!

  • Claudia

    No chance! It’s not Ange. Where are her tattoos?? And her arms are slimer. No, no, no! Must be a joke or something. :(((

  • bittersweet8186

    I don’t think it’s her either! You can’t see much, but her face looks kinda different.

  • ☆ Beach Parties ☆

    I love you ANgelina :) :)

  • kat

    well, considering how low those pants are, you should be able to see her tattoo, and from what’s shown, I definitely don’t see that HUGE cross that she has tattooed on her lower pelvis. That and it really… just doesn’t look like her.

    I understand why they’d hire body doubles though. I wish the press would just leave them be. This has got to be stressful enough. As much as the press bitched about them going to Africa to have Shiloh, at least they had some privacy. This is ridiculous.

  • Roxy

    If it’s really her, why does she need to show it off? everybody knows she’s pregnant, it doesn’t make any sense. lol

  • just me

    It’s probably another patient on the same floor who wants to milk some 15 minutes of fame. One, I cannot think that Angie will do that; and that woman doesn’t look like her. People in Europe are less conservative about their bodies so something like this is not unusual there. Angie has taken a lot of beating with conspiracy theories. Like I care if babies were born before or not….the most important thing is for Angie and babies to be ok. One way or the other, they will come out, right? If they decide to use decoys, that’s fine also. They need to find ways to gain some privacy and not have the media breathing down their necks esp. at a fragile time like now. I will just eagerly wait for a formal announcement :)


    It’s NOT Jolie. Looks like chinese girl…


    i dont think it is either.. i dont think it looks anything like her :S

  • lol

    It’s definitely not her ! it’s not her body nor is her thing to do so !

  • WTF

    wtf, jj, who are these nobody’s? Brangelina?! Never even heard of them!
    Z listers!!

    Post some Forkzi or Lovemeister so you can get your credibility back!

  • mellie

    It’s not her. You can tell by the hair and the face.

  • AH

    That is clearly not Angelina or Brad. Just the paparazzi trying to sell something

  • cosette

    wtf!!! too hilarious!!

  • Orig Ruth

    I’m sorry, but that is so not Angelina LOL.

  • AH

    Look at the woman and the guy’s face. LOL. Not B or A. Let alone she’s clearly carrying one child not twins and she obviously doesn’t have any tattoos on her arms like Jolie does

  • http://hjmgmhg LOL

    Jared!!That’s not her.look at the woman’s is not her hair style at all.

    The woman probably thinks she is important that people are taking her

    but obviously the woman is not Angelina Jolie.

    I knew it would come.the papz are making fool of photo

  • Make my day

    I thought it was Angie’s assistant Holly.

  • mr. and mrs. smith fan

    lol!! first time I saw it I knew it wasn’t angie! made me really laugh!!!

  • Helena

    Lmao, that’s not her. I don’t think she’s that desperate for more publicity.

  • julie

    Not her.

    1. she’d never do it
    2. no tattoos
    3. not the right hands
    4. nor the hair
    5. Brad would never say hey, Ange, come stand here and expose your belly

  • sil

    is not angelina!!! where are the tattoes? Angie don’t show herself in that way, for what?a few seconds of fame?noooooo…


    looks nothing like her

  • juju

    That’s not Angelina.

  • it’s not her

    are you kidding me , of course it’s not her, that’s not her face, hair , hands , noway hose

  • kiki

    Angie would NEVER do that. She has too much class.


    Now I REALLY ubderstand why they went tall the way o Namibia to have Shiloh! This is insane! The media has placed a $15 million dollar price tag on their twins heads!

  • juju

    Make my day @ 07/03/2008 at 6:48 am

    I thought it was Angie’s assistant Holly.


    Doesn’t look like Holly either. And Holly is not in France, she’s in Georgia with her family.

  • Elle

    Of course this is not Angie!
    She is a very private person, so I don´t believe she will show us her baby bump.

    I live in wonderful Paris and I don´t think the people in France are very interesting in de Jolie-Pitts.

    Today everybody talks about Ingrid Betancourt and we are all very happy!

    And nobody talks here talks about Angie and the babies.

    There are more importent things in the world then that!

  • gaeljet

    don t know for her but it can t be brad next to her, i know too well how buffed he is , and there the muscles of the arm are not enough developped!

  • LOL

    That doesn’t look like her, not even one bit. The woman has different hair and body and hands than Jolie has. she is a lot slimmer than this woman. And as you told Jared, She has one big tattoo there and the woman obviously doesn’t have that tattoo.

    Jared, there are some other possibilities as well hospital not in front. So Papz can’t take her pics.. She might be another patient and she is the only patient who came across her windows. And Paparazzi thought she is a good catch. I heard on TV that her room is on the corner on the other side of the

  • Mari

    Before I even read the post I said to myself that didn’t look like Angie & thought it was weird that she would pose like that. She doesn’t want or need that type of attention. That picture is also kind of gross.

  • GurL

    thats not her, no tattoos…… plus its not very like her to be waving to the paparazzi’s in this sorta time.



  • AH

    Jolie’s room isn’t even on that side of the hospital it’s in the back facing the ocean not facing the street.

  • LOL

    The guy’s stance is Brad’s and the way the guy is using his hand when he is talking, the way he is talking his thigh all are brads’. But the shape of his body is not like him.

    And the woman is Lefty like Angelina, and the way she is touching her shoulder is the way she usually does. But the shape of the face and hair style and the none tattoo there made me doubt about it.

    But they are really some blurry pics,so they won’t show everything in it. Maybe it is her with a mystery guy, who knows!!

  • endah

    Nay. Angie wont do such stupid thing

  • Lillianne

    I can just hear Angelina telling someone else up there “Want to see all of them go crazy? Just go stand in front of that window and show them your bump. They don’t care if it’s me or not.”

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    this is a whole new level of media whōring.

  • lulu

    Obviously, it’s not Angie. No tattoo, hair style with bang are so not Angie. These was similar to the fake couple breast feeding Shiloh feature in one NYC tab. 3yrs. ago.

  • Adriana

    She is not Angelina,
    she is Holly, her assistant! she is pregnant too!

  • Mariana


  • xiomara

    thats not angelina, where are here tattoos.

  • lol

    That’s insane.It’s not Angie.
    Hope she and the babies are ok!!!