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Ryan Gosling: Enough is Enough!

Ryan Gosling: Enough is Enough!

Actor/activist Ryan Gosling shows off his newly shorn look as she shares a laugh with African scholar Betty Bigombe at the 4th Annual Center for American Progress’ national conference at the Omni Shoreham Hotel on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

The 27-year-old actor spoke on behalf of the ENOUGH Project about ending genocide and crimes against humanity.

FYI: The Center for American Progress is a think tank dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through ideas and action. The ENOUGH Project is a policy and advocacy organization working to help build a permanent constituency focused on preventing genocide and crimes against humanity.

For more information on these organizations, visit and


25+ pictures inside of Ryan Gosling talking ENOUGH…

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ryan gosling enough project 01
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Photos: Michael Tran/FilmMagic, Carrie Devorah/WENN
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  • hey ryan
  • ElenaBelle

    so effin hot,one of my favorite actors ever!

  • marianne


  • Shannon

    ryan’s hot, but i hope the shaved head is for a role because he has such nice hair! although he’s still hot w/o it :) great actor and person too

  • lx

    like his movies, amazing actor.

  • tiffany

    likes every his movies, amazing actor

  • Blackworm

    Yes, his movies are all great. Amazing actor.

  • kristin

    I love his acting but even more, I love that he’s so active in causes like this. I’ve seen pictures of him with shirts on that say Darfur and things like that and I think it’s so cool that he uses his celebrity status for that cause.

  • Samantha

    Ewww!!! NOT hot! Great actor, but he reeks of fake humility.

  • Shannon M

    He is just seems to be an awesome guy and a great actor at that. Love the new hair do. I like him with his hair short. Yummy!!!!

  • Molly

    He is like Rumer’s long lost brother – all chins!!!

  • janet

    Jared, take a hint from your title, enough is enough of Ryan Gosling. Cool that he does things like this but he’s a douche.

  • L

    Oh yes #12, because Ryan is on here more than Jennifer Garner, Gywenth Paltrow, Brangelina, Jude Law and Britney Spears. Come on! He is hardly ever on and I love when he makes a rare appearance. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if say, Rachel McAdams, was on everyday.

    BTW, what exactly makes him a douche?

  • bla blah

    I still can’t believe how far he’s gone from Breaker High to Oscar nominee!!

  • Halli

    #14 For Real. Sean is al grown up. Haha!

  • MJ

    I love how some people (ahem #13!!) have to bring Rachel McAdams into every conversation! Seems like some people can’t have an opinion of dear old Mr. Gosling without his rabid fans thinking it is some fan of hers behind it. Makes me laugh. I am kind of sick of him too – I liked my Gosling mysterious and not photographed everyday!

  • Well…

    Lucky for Rachel, #13, she’s not a famewhore like her ex-boyfriend so when she finally does appear on Just Jared, THEN you can say all kinds of bad things about Rachel like you think her fans do about him. OK???

  • HUH!

    Didn’t he speak about the same thing last year??? So what has happened since then…nothing! And he’ll probably talk about the same thing next year…and what will happen…nothing…he’s all talk.

    His so-called directorial debut on the LRA, was all talk, its already been done by others, one of them being Ben Affleck, who just went out and did it, and not sit pretty in some cushy chair spouting about it.

  • L

    Unlike Rachel’s petty fans, I have nothing bad to say about Rachel. They dated, it didn’t work out, they moved on. End of story. There is no need to bash either one them.

  • Proof?

    So, #19 – I would like to know what proof you have that you think every bad comment made about Ryan Gosling comes from fans of Rachel McAdams. It’s just interesting that you say you have nothing bad to say about Rachel, but will bash her fans with no proof. I think YOU need to get over it because I didn’t see Rachel’s name before you HAD to bring her up!

  • Leigh Ann

    I think 13/19 needs to go back to her Ryan Gosling Shrine and just not worry about what people are saying about him. Get over it!!! Ever hear of an opinion?? Not everybody loves your favorite Mouseketeer!!

  • margo

    this thread is freaking hilarious! but it always is when the bitter gosling fans come out and think that there is some huge conspiracy against their boy by the macadams posse. hilarity!

    oh, and #18 – SO MUCH WORD!

  • LuckyL

    What a hot a**hole

  • Hal

    How is he being a famewhore? He’s at a public event. If it’s about the recent candids of him, he didn’t ask to be photographed. He doesn’t want the paps following him around. They just do it anyway.

  • Claudia

    He is gorgeous and seems like a great guy. His new gf is very lucky!

  • janet

    When you get the nightmare of seeing him at a party like I did being skeevy and acting like he’s the shit so he’s entitled to be skeevy, than you’ll know why I call him a douche. Boy wonder here isn’t the saint people make him out to be.

  • bree

    It’s so sad that he’s gotten so loose these days. What’s happened to his mind? When did he change into this?

  • jr

    john (the guy in the photos with ryan) is the co-founder of enough and has been on trips with Ryan to Africa. So, of course he’s going to ask Ryan to come and talk about his project and share his stories since he was there with him.
    Not to mention, the movie is still in the works and John is one of the co-producers of the movie. Unlike Ben Affleck, some actors don’t always have the funds and resources (crew, amnesty internationals support, etc) to just go out there and film. Especially when this particular film is based off true accounts of what happened (based on jimmie briggs book INNOCENTS LOST) and needs to be filmed differently.

  • brynn

    most men are skeevy arrogant shitheads when they’re out partying, sorry to say. but everyone who has met him off the street has said he’s been really sweet and nice. there has never been a bad sighting of him from people that have met him. so, bring on the douchebag, I’d still ride him for a night. or two.

  • non!

    How many sightings have you read. There have been countless negative sightings of him, just as there have been postiive ones!!

    As for his film, yeah John has had the experiences, whereas Ryan has been to Chad and Darfur (at the request of Angelina) and back to Darfur to do prep work for his film LRA, which has been on the backburner for years. Besides if he can executive produce his friends film, The Disposables which they are filming now, how can he not do so with LRA.

    So instead of preaching to starry-eyed females in the audience, why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is…hes been saying for years that he will do the film…nows the time to front up, or shut up!!

  • Lori

    Ditto on everything you said, R29.

  • brynn

    okay “non”, show us these negative sightings. FAN ENCOUNTERS, not stuff from gossip sites.

  • re: non

    “years” way to exaggerate. Try it’s only been just two years this summer since they started writing the script. The book their basing this on was only “hot off the press” at the end of 2005 and wasn’t even looked at until almost 2007. it takes years to make a film, this is not a documentary, it’s a film. you have budget costs, not to mention you have to have rights from amnesty international and other organizations within the government to even go from the U.S. to there to shoot. Also, considering it’s not just “his” movie as he is working with tons of people (from the enough project and invisible children) with it, it’s not entirely on his plate. he is directing it, he’s not funding it, he’s not the only one running the show here. there were even three other co-writers to the script, one of them being the writer of the book their basing it on and John.

    perhaps since you seem so informed you should sign up for their newsletters, they talk about their current projects all the time. This movie, being one of them and it’s constant budget problems and certain people in our government not letting them go out and shoot when they want to and where they want to and they’re trying to fight for it. Hence, where all this stuff I have commented you with came from.

  • non!


    Haha, like I gonna go trawl through the hundreds of encounters just to prove a point. Those fan encounters good or bad, all come from the same places – its called the internet – you know blogs and fan sites – discussion boards…you see people can write whatever they like, and people will suck it up and believe them, true or not!!

    Some sightings I know to be true, as for the others who knows. so I will stick to what I know, and you can keep your rose coloured glasses on.

  • Lori

    I’m with you, most bloggers and fan encounters with legitimate stories (not made up ones) say he is one of the nicest celebrities out there. I remember when he was spotted with Michelle Williams and fans were able to get pictures with them. That doesn’t sound like something MW would normally do.

  • TT

    #35 – I would love to know how you know exactly what encounters are made-up ones and which ones are true. It’s the freakin’ internet – anybody can make up anything!!

  • brynn

    You use that line everywhere you post, “non” I wonder what kind of glasses a person is wearing when all they do is troll around various sites to shit talk about the same celebrity. Cause you need to take those off and maybe obsess over something a bit more positive.

  • re: TT

    I think you should be asking that to #34 instead. But I agree, everything can be made up. I only believe fan encounters when there’s a picture involved. Still, people can write what they want to write, but at least you know they saw the person they claimed to have seen.

  • non!

    It has been well known about Ryans directorial debut on LRA for sometime now, and each year he has said that he will start, and each year something else always comes up..hell even Rachel was involved at one is/was his friend a fellow director and writer Noaz Desche. And he even mentioned in an article somewhere that they had most of the funding for the film. He delivers so much promise, like directing this fillm, directing a music video for his friends band, making an album with his friend, and yet still has nothing to show for that. I ‘m not saying that he wont, I just wish he’d put his money where his mouth is.

  • Lori

    Exactly R38, I have seen numerous pictures of Ryan posing with fans. I also have a pretty good intuition for BS and most of the stories have sounded legit. Besides, if someone was horrible, stories get out like Jessica Alba being biatch and Heath Ledger being a heavy drug user.

    If non has evidence that he is a total a$$ she should post it, rather then keep hinting about him being a douche. It’s like she has some sort of ax to grind.

  • non is a bitch

    Non, stop being a bitch. We all know you lie *rolls eyes*

  • non!

    Right who has pictures of Ryan posing with fans that hes been mean to. Like I said, I’ve read just as many negative as much as positve, while brynn seems to think that Ryan is the next coming, and sees nothing but sunshine and lightness, while I’m inclined to believe the good along with the bad, and not just one over the other.

  • non!

    41, I love you too, mwah!!

  • re: lori

    she does, lori. she does. she posts about his horrible ways everywhere. but everyone else are the ones who can’t see it, only she can. and some of her multiple personalities/names. i am sure ryan is hated by people, sure. but bringing it up in every single thing posted about him all over the net is getting to be way too obsessive (especially when you specifically start looking for the negative stuff to post as well).

  • !!!

    Non, the negative stories you are reading are your own. Get a life.

  • brynn

    I don’t think ryan is a saint at all. I am sure he can be skeevy and a douche like any other male, it’s just annoying that you have to come in here and post negative stuff all the time like you’re some scorned and bitter ex. so he can be a douche, big deal!!!! you act like he’s downright horrible in everything that you post, that’s how you make yourself so obvious, even when you change your name multiple times on message boards.

  • pe

    Obviously she’s lying and making up stories on her own. Maybe she could try to write a novel of science fiction. Or try to get a life.

  • Lori

    #44 – you know you are right. I have seen similar postings on other boards regarding Ryan and they all sound so vindictive. It’s got to be the same person or 2. I do love Ryan, but I am not someone who worships at the altar of any celebrity. If there was credible evidence Ryan was not nice or a druggie, I would not be one to defend him. By all accounts, he seems like a nice guy. I am sure there are some negatives about him that we the public don’t see, but who is perfect. I still think he is a hell of a lot better than most Hollywood actors. I’ve never seen him stumble out of a club, get arrested or smack a paparazzi.

  • non!

    Right where have I written that Ryan was a douche. Apparently I have been everywhere writing everything bad under the sun about Ryan, except the only place I have written anything negative was here, and that was to do with Ryan talking the talk, when it came to the DC conference. I’ve related other projects that he starts out doing, but nothing has come of them yet, and compare them to the subject matter that he was talking about in DC and how nothing has come out of that yet. I also stated that i have read negative things about Ryan which I apparently people refuse to believe is possible….because I don’t paint Ryan in a glowingly positive light like everyone else, makes me the science fiction novel writing, lifeless liar…sorry there are some realists in the world.

  • wonga

    Well my dear, are you in a rush? obviously he has been busy lately with all his movie projects and he’s working on it. It’s not that easy to make a film, have you ever made one? Uhmmm I’m guessing NO. Have a little patience, shooting a movie and especially in Africa requires papers, and safety, it’s not that easy. Things will come out, just have patience, you are the only one in a rush.

    The question is why do you even bother if you are not a fan?