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Sienna Miller is Back in Beverly Hills

Sienna Miller is Back in Beverly Hills

Sienna Miller is spotted back in L.A shopping and talking on her cellphone in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday.

Friends of Sienna Miller say she is no home wrecker, and she never would have gone near her new love, Balthazar Getty, if he was still with his wife, Rosetta.

“She and Balthazar met through friends and he was already separated from his wife,” one close associate told Page Six. In fact, when Getty announced in July that he’d split up with Rosetta, the mother of his four children, “he’d been sleeping on friends’ couches for six months.”

“The photos of Sienna and Balthazar on the boat in Italy? His mother and her mother were the ones sitting next to them. Balthazar is in LA with her now and he’s speaking to Rosetta and going to [his old address] to see his children. Sienna has been hanging out with his family all week,” the friend said.

“It’s just annoying that all this misinformation is out there. He should’ve announced his separation a lot earlier than he did – she was always told he was separated. There’s no way she would ever get involved with another married man after Jude Law.”

10+ more pics of Sienna Miller back in Beverly Hills…

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  • AshleyT4eva

    pretty <3

  • aundrea

    he is seperated so he can date other women (if that is true) but that stilll dosent change the fact that he was disrespectful to his wife for embracing sienna in public.

  • renee

    she’s such whore!

  • Lynda

    spin control………….ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

  • shea

    Give me a break! This woman is a liar and a wh*re. I don’t believe anything her PR team is saying to try to make her look better now after she shamelessly paraded her naked self around with this man all over Italy while he is STILL MARRIED! His wife Rosetta was appalled and embarrassed by his classless and shameless display of behavior and she had every right to be. I don’t believe a word of this.

    And STOP bringing Jude into your pathetic life, Sienna. Get over it! When they began getting together Jude and Sadie’s divorce was already in proceedings and had NOTHING to do with her! She would like you all to believe that she broke up Jude’s marriage, but she did not.

    She is the biggest FAME W H O R E I have ever seen. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • JJ

    If he was seperated from his wife why was there pictures of them together?

    he’s a douchebag who cheated and she’s the slut homewrecker.

  • brenbren

    they are just nasty. Even if he and his wife were already seperated, is it necessary for them to be all over each other and practically having sex on a beach? I feel so sorry for his kids. They are innocent and should not have to see their parents’ split like this. ANd Sienna is just gross, getting topless in front of his dad on that boat?!

  • Go


  • Miapocca

    who are they trying so hard to conivnce about her MORALS…us or HERSELF…like she wasnt smooching PDIDDY as well..she seems to have a thing with men who have more than 3 to 5 kids….Its a beahvior pattern …DUMASSES!! who are these friends, her paid publicist…I mean few marreid women will keepcompany with her knowing what she can be up to when you are turning the hot dogs on the grill

    He ideal man will probably be beckham, he is a combnination of all the Daddies she hunkers after….Posh better get the metal in her boobies polished so she can bitch chest the wh–ore- so hard she wont get up from the floor..ahahha


    OMG – Who are we kidding? She’s a WHORE and he’s a MUTT. – Of course they’re pounding the mattress, that’s what Hollywood Hores and Hounddogs do. They screw each other, their loved ones, and anything else that gets near them! – Where busy chickz come to dish…

  • Ria

    Clearly a spin from her PR people. Why so late in the day?

    If theyw ere truly separated, why then did Rosetta flee to Italy to escape?

    Why were they sneaking aroudn LA?

    Why from a friend instead of directly quotes from Getty or Sienna?

    Why have Getty denied that they were an item and gushed in February in an interview how he owes everything to his wife who stood by him thru his addiction and homelessness?

    Why did he say in his statement that he and his wife HAVE SEPARATED not we have been separated for such and such time?


    wow jared, way to completely plagiarize the showbiz spy’s article that came out way before yours.

    It can be found here:

  • gnmc

    Home wrecking B**tch.

    Also, why does anyone care about her? She has never been in a hit movie, she dresses like a slob and is generally an idiot.

    Mileage from dating Jude Law is just not reason enough. Stop featuring this nobody.

  • Kristen

    That was almost convincing until the last part… Jude and Sadie were already separated and had already filed for divorce when Sienna came into the picture. So, yeah, she wasn’t the home wrecker there (just the rebound).

    And who sucks on their girlfriends chest with their mother’s sitting right there? That’s just disgusting. Her mother is just as much a attention wh*re as Sienna. I would be telling my daughter to put a shirt on and act like a lady.

  • lies

    more damage control PR spin to try and salvage the image of a homewrecking sl*t.

    If everything was on the up-and-up with their vacation in Italy and all the photos from it, then why did Balthazar say that those pics were “embarrassing to him and his family”?

  • lies

    more damage control PR spin to try and salvage the image of a homewrecking sl*t.

    If everything was on the up-and-up with their vacation in Italy and all the photos from it, then why did Balthazar say that those pics were “embarrassing to him and his family”?

  • sherry




  • Jayne

    Getty denied being with Sienna and getting a divorce BEFORE she went to Italy to be with him. When he announced his separation, he didn’t say “we’ve been separated for 6 months”, he said “we have separated” – in other words, “now that I’ve been caught, my wife has thrown me out”.

    Even if he had been separated (which I don’t believe), he didn’t respect his wife or Sienna enough to announce it BEFORE being being photographed groping Sienna.

    If Getty really wanted out of his marriage, he could have filed long ago. CA is a no fault state. His wife could fight him on custody and money, but couldn’t fight to prevent the dissolution of the marriage. Even now, after all of the embarrassment and the “friends” declarations that they are in love, he STILL hasn’t filed. Yeah, that’s true love.

    If Sienna had any respect for Getty’s wife (or even herself), she would have demanded he announced a separation before she ever got together with him, but she didn’t care about casting his wife as the humiliated victim or herself as the slutty homewrecker. The only person Sienna Miller thought of was Sienna Miller.

  • lola

    I don’t know. This could just be spin, but if he cheated on her there really is no way to cover that up. Rosetta has lots of famous friends in hollywood and I am sure that the truth will come out. I am inclined to believe that they were separated just because of the way they carried on, being so public about it. But who knows? I am sure we will find out soon enough.

  • Geri

    This is classic PR spin…. the “insider” is obviously her publicity rep… and we’re not buying what he’s selling.

    The story originated in the gossip pages of the New York Post, [NOT at ShowBiz Spy which got it from from Page 6 in the first place]. Page 6 at the post was contacted by Miller’s PR people who are trying to repair the damage she did to herself and her career. They start the story calling her “gorgeous”… come on. No matter how often her PR people say it, we don’t see it or agree. She’s not particularly attractive and usually looks as well as acts, like a skank.

  • Zoe

    I don’t believe one word that comes out of this whore’s mouth. She is totally self-centered always has been and always will be. She doesn’t give a shit about how this affects his wife or most especially their 4 children.

    I will never watch another movie with her in it. Can’t stand her!!!!

  • john

    she’s what you call ………………….GOLD DIGGA!!!

  • nini

    I love Sienna’s dress sense! She looks really really pretty

  • Columbus

    Sorry, I don’t buy it. This smacks of desperation from Sienna’s camp. For starters, Getty wouldn’t be “sleeping on friend’s couches. . .” That’s funny! I burst out laughing when I read that. If he and Rosetta were truly separated, he’d be at a hotel or a rental. I feel for all the parties involved, clearly emotions are running high, but this is starting to seem like a Keystone Cops comedy. Rosetta may let Balt back in the house, he’s riding his bike to a grocery store – it’s a comedy of errors.

  • Miapocca

    CAREER DOWN THE HILL…i never watched her in anything..whats she in anyway..will not be missing much..ahahha

  • chacha

    She has the phone to her ear, but she’s not talking. I guess who ever she’s calling isn’t answering. Probably her agent. I’d be blocking her calls too.

  • Tricia

    Talk about being a day late and a dollar short. If this were true, then why was Getty lying about being separated less than two weeks before they were photographed in Italy? Why was she still dating Rhys a couple of months ago? Sorry S*uttienna, you’re good-girl image is ruined. This is mostly Getty’s fault (because he is the married one), but honestly, I think these two hos deserve each other. Hopefully this will be it for their careers and they can go off into obscurity together.

  • You/Me

    Sienna is such a skank….so she was walking around topless and making out with a married man in front of her mother AND his mother… the girl sure has class doesn’t she? lmao….
    Balthazar probably doesn’t know how to get her claws out of his a*s

  • defap

    The thing is Every cheater can say: I have separated with my wife long before I cheated. Truth is only the cheater and the homewrecker knew the separation, not his wife and others. if that was a fact, there would have had a widesread rumors about the rocky marriage if not the separation announcement. Don’t forget they are celebrities. They think they can just fool every one. Liars.

  • Helena

    I don’t think she’s a homewrecker. The paps will do anything to twist words.

  • Allegra

    I guess the reaction of their lovefest in italy hit home eh? She has realised people have fimally sees her for what she really is – a slutty, good-for-nothing whore only famous for who she sleeps with. And even in the desperate attempt from her pr she continues to show how low she’ll go by using Jude Law again. DIAF Sienna!

  • Dip


  • Jayne

    If he was separated for 6 months, then why was he still making public appearances with his wife? Based on photos taken during their marriage, they didn’t always attend events together, so it’s not like it would be unusual for one or the other to not be at an event, especially when they had an infant at home.

    Sienna’s PR needs to learn a new line. First, the marriage was over for a year, now it’s six months. The truth is probably closer to 6 seconds…about as long as it took for him to ask and for Sienna to say yes.

  • sheryl

    I have to say that I am so far over Sienna and Getty, I could care less if they hump each other senseless every day. I hope Rosetta gets everything and moves on with her life, and Sienna and Getty are left with whatever diseases they share.

    My only further comment is in regards to this:
    ““It’s just annoying that all this misinformation is out there. He should’ve announced his separation a lot earlier than he did – she was always told he was separated. There’s no way she would ever get involved with another married man after Jude Law.””

    To whichever friend is doing the spin control (or tab writer that made it up, whichever), HELLO, Getty IS still married…divorced hasn’t even been filed…so where does the “she would never get involved with another married man after Jude” fit in? Jude actually had been separated for months and divorce had already been filed (and Sadie already had somebody else moved in) when he got involved with Sienna. So why drag Jude’s name into it? He has absolutely NOTHING to do with this.

    I think Sienna’s best bet would be to just disappear for a while, get her head on straight, and then come back and attempt to do what she says she’s always wanted to do…be a serious “awctress.” Quit playing with the paps, quit playing with the press, just do your job, and then perhaps you’ll be taken seriously. Stop with the spin control, just let it go. If you and Getty are that hot for one another, let him get a divorce, you all hook up, but just do it in private. You are further ruining yourself.

    Now I’m done.


    it infuriates me that like someone hanging by their fingernails, she still uses jude law’s name. i think he was driven by her partying and photos with other men that drove him to the nanny. incident. believe me he had a good reason.
    sienna’s mother is very much to blame….she’s a publicity hound too for hersel and for her daughter. sienna is a very needy person and she grabs on to someone she feels is rich or can further her career. i am so tired of hearing about this pathetic girl….and… sienna’s p.r… not even associate her with hjude law….it’s over for two years. sienna get over it. jude’skept such a low profile, when he’s not working he’s always with his kids. he met sienna on the rebound and has paid a terrible price for it. sienna what goes around comes around.

  • Yeech

    Spin control, for sure. Sienna Miller puts the ‘ho’ in homewrecker, quite simply the worst thing that can happen to a man after Rachel Bilson.


  • Lori joyce

    “believe me he had a good reason.”

    Give me a break. Getty probably says he had a good reason too. Quit making excuses for Jude Law.

    “sienna’s mother is very much to blame”

    Give me another break. Sienna is an adult.

    “when he’s not working he’s always with his kids.”

    You mean when he’ s not with Kimberly Stewart or Lily Cole or every bikini babe he met on the beaches of Greece.

    “sienna what goes around comes around.”

    People could say that about Jude also.

    You Jude fans are the ones that keep bringing him into it. Maybe Jude and Sienna were the match made in heaven. They’re just alike. And they looked great together.

  • Lemon

    Hey, nice to see her with a top on & not sucking face with a married man!

  • angie

    Lori joyce,
    Are you implying it was a Jude fan that made the comment to the tabs about Sienna not getting involved with a married man after Jude? I’m confused by what you mean.

  • charmin

    Sienna is a s k a n k. That’s the end of it. Go away, little girl!

  • angie

    Lori joyce,
    You point out Kimberly Stewart and Lily Cole, for whatever reason, in regards to Jude…what does that have to do with Sienna? Kimberly’s not married…Lily’s not married…Jude’s not married…so what is your point?

  • Allegra

    Of course Sienns is going to bring up Jude – lest we should forget how cruel and evil he was when he cheated on her. This is all his fault right? He destroyed her innocense and she would never, ever do something like that to someone else :roll:

    Nah, she has to bring up Jude’s name so people can remember her name and not just her body!

  • livewire

    #37 Lori Joyce- your post sounds very familiar with an unfamiliar name. Hmm I wonder if we have met before. I’m sure of it.

    Before you go bashing all the Jude fans maybe you should look at who you are trying to defend. Miss Miller is beyond out of control and you cannot compare the two. He has tons more redeeming qualities than she could ever begin to dream of and that is with the nanny affair included in his resume. So, basically that is that not saying much, if anything, for her at all.

  • nikomilinko
  • Fruit loop

    Why doesn’t she brush her hair?

  • natalie smith

    she is such a lowlife changing boyfrinds like that and going around the world naked! the only ting that changes is the guy next to her……

    Oh and by the way she does have a short neck like someone noticed before…of perhaps broad shoulders which gives the impession of her having a short neck..

    And for talent….well she is not bad I think she is an OK actress but anyone else in her place would’t have been given the time of day……she had it so easy – I mean the acting school she finished was owned or directed by her mother…who had great connections…and was -on top of that – raised in wealth and spoiled rotten- banker dad etc!! please!!! No wonder she thinks she can play with people….and she does as well !!

  • tawi-tawi

    omg, people on these blogs amaze me!
    you are all such puritans! love, trust, fidelity till the end of the word….do you all live in some parallel universe?

    it’s their private life, and it has nothing to do with you or your opinions!!!

    it’s just too much! it’s ridiculous not to be believing their friends but to believe some tabloid idiots who make up stories about celebrities to make more money of off you..amazing!

  • sharyllee

    She is a liar!! and cheap!! Leave married men alone!!

  • JM

    So making out topless with your married boyfriend in full public view is ok as long as both your mothers are sitting next to you????? If both mothers were there and were ok with it, that pretty much sums up how these two became such self-centered attention wh**res.

  • Mary