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Jennifer Lopez Honors Children's Defense Fund

Jennifer Lopez Honors Children's Defense Fund

Jennifer Lopez dresses in head-to-toe red at a reception sponsored by The Jennifer Lopez Foundation held at the Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday.

The 39-year-old new mom joined CauseCast, Viacom and Capitol File magazine in honoring Marian Wright Edelman, the found of the Children’s Defense Fund.

The CDF is a a research and advocacy group that tries to ensure every child a healthy start, a head start, a fair start, a safe start, and a moral start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.

For more information on this cause, visit

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  • bella

    First :)
    She looks beaitiful

  • aeon


  • victoria

    That large picture of her looks awful !!! She looks like a poseable doll !! The others are not bad, except for the lipstick color. Jennifer is prettier than that though, so I think it is bad photography.

  • Antineah

    Are you blind??????????????
    She use to be cute, but these are the worse pics of her i have ever seen.

  • mamie

    Whoever did her makeup hates her.

  • vivir sin aire

    Not liking the hair color.

  • ouch

    this is one “celebrity” that is so full of herself.

  • jj

    she’s ugly as hell

  • ouch

    and phony as well !

  • ouch

    I also forgot to mention- she is just “for show”.

  • Eke

    Gawd she is so ugly and now she matches her extremely ugly husband who looks like a walking skeleton overdosed heroin junkie.

  • mary

    she look so happy =) love her dress

  • ouch

    too bad she wore peach colored lipstick with a red dress! Somebody’s got bad taste! (her make up person?) She should have said something.

    However,,,she does have nice skin. But, I still don’t care for her.

  • adele

    Holy shizzz…she looks like CRAP!!! OLD, hit the wall, yuck. With all the stylist in the world, what the helll happened to her?

  • Stellartes

    JLo is looking a tad old….but I guess she does not try hard anymore…cause she is happy just being herself.

  • jen jen uh uh

    Her hair looks awful. Why does these Latina’s lighten their hair. They look much better with their dark hair.

  • Transvestite

    Omg wtf she looks like a drag queen, a transvestite ughhhhh what was she thinking , she is trying sooo hard with the make up ouchh doesn’t work .

  • pinkypinky

    “The Jennifer Lopez Foundation”? Seriously??

  • Ally

    Gotta hand it to JLo. Jen Garner has done some work for the Children’s Defense Fund (along with Reese Witherspoon), but JLo didn’t allow her to bask in that glow here at the DNC. No wonder Affleck is leaving the fugly she-man back in LA.

  • Sara

    Nice wig..

  • MillyaBella

    Did you hear what she said during the introduction at the event.

    “If I had a dollar for every person who told me not to get involved with charity, I could provide health care for all the children in the country,” Ms. Lopez said.

    She is one of the LEAST Charitable and she just backed out of hosting the Children’s Hospital in L.A. gala she promised she would bankroll.

  • scary

    Fondation of my a$$ ,she is all about attention that’s all, she is just an attention ho nothing more,i bet she doesn’t even know where she was, she looks scary here and i find her fat butt ugly.

  • starlite

    People should have money before they spawn kids like pigs.

  • happy lol day

    She is so cool, her shape is the anti-barbie. She showed girls who are smaller and shapely they are beautiful as well :) nothing against Heidi Klum types but we aren’t all tall and slender :)

  • mina

    #21, Jlo did work for the Children’s Defense Fund when she was with Ben Affleck years ago. She has been doing charity work for a long time. I think Garner got into the Children’s Defense Fund when she hooked up with Affleck.

    Jlo looks awesome and it’s great for her to be with a great Hispanic…Bill Richardson.

  • debra77

    She really looks older. Still Beautiful, but older. I don’t know

  • Queen of nile

    With Barack Obama we will not need this charity. He will see to it that all children have healthcare.

    Barack is a beautiful man and stars like Lopez support him because they no a good smart man when they sea him.

  • milan

    She looks great, Jlo has been working with The Children’s Defense Fund since she was with Ben.

  • wrong

    #27 Mina

    Just wanted you to know that Jennifer Garner has been associated with the Childrens Defense fund since 2002, long before Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck is not the reason why these two women participate in charities, they both have minds of their own you know.

  • Halo

    All I have to say is that I don’t like her hair or her makeup. Her hair looks too fried. She should cut it off.

  • mimi

    #28, it’s a fact of life that we all grow old together. I love that she doesn’t do anything to her face, I hope she grows old gracefully.

  • mina

    #31 Cool

  • MillyaBella

    Jlo has been working with The Children’s Defense Fund since she was with Ben.


    Also, J.Lo did a big press junket kicking off that tour of hers last summer by hijacking a elementary school in the Bronx for the day. J.Lo promised if they let her use EXPLOIT the kids she would donate a measly $1 from ticket sales to, The Orange Laces, charity. She never gave them a dime, although she used the public school, with kids in attendance, on a school day and dressed them up like fools in tee shirts with her name and concert information on the front & back.

    In addition to NEVER personally donating a penny to, The Children’s Hospital, los Angeles or to the Children’s Health fund, after Katrina….after she did multiple meida interviews saying she would.

  • Carrie

    JLO is so full of it. She’s there for the attention and the publicity. She’s a famewhore that craves the spotlight and constantly uses “she’s doing charity work as an excuse”, because you NEVER see her doing the real work it takes to sponsor a charity like trying to giving fund raisers and dedicating her time to really bringing awareness to her cause. She’ll alert the media, show up ONE time for the publicity and photo-ops and you hardly ever hear her mention that charity again.

  • MillyaBella

    The bitch even claimed to have Leukemia to get press.

    Latina superstar Jennifer Lopez once had leukemia, she told Patrique Gossip exclusively. Jlo was diagnosed with the blood cancer at the beginning of her carrer; “she almost died” a friend confessed. Luckily, Lopez managed to recover from the disease and has now become a gracious charity person, often visiting Leukemia patients in hospitals. One patient who met Lopez said “she was so understanding, it was almost like she knew what I was going through.” A spokesperson for a Leukemia group said that Lopez “can serve as a role model for those in recovery.”

  • AThinker

    glad to see her out and about for a good cause

  • denise

    she looks terrible.

  • mina

    Millybella you need to stop because you don’t know what you are talking about. The same old same old spreading unsubstantiated rumours about Jennifer.

  • mimi

    Okay so if Jlo is a famewh#ore than all the celebrities are famewh#ores….because all of them are into charity and all of them love the paparazzi even thought they say they don’t….it is how they get their bread and butter. I see all of them doing the same thing she does…no exception!!!!!!!!!

  • mminmei

    #36 it’s about the money she gives to the charity…she doesn’t have to say a word. There are people who take care of the operations of the organization as long as she gives them the mula!!!!!! She does what all the other celebrities do since when have you seen any celebrity actually doing the work….are you that d#mb!!!!

  • charity

    Jlo is giving back….that is awesome. She finally has come into her own…I am so proud of her even though the haters will never get her.

  • MillyaBella

    I see all of them doing the same thing she does…no exception!!!!!!!!!


    The ONLY time you SEE J.Lo doing charity is when she has a camera following her into a hospital or at a school for all of five minutes, then she is gone.

    Ricky Martin has a foundation, an official web site, you do SEE him touring ravaged countries but you also SEE him working with the people, getting his hands dirty building homes and you SEE from the IRS documents he actually gives money.

    Same with over 5,000 other notables, from, Michael Jordan to Bono, Sam Jackson to Jackie Chan. All of them have non-profits, listed with the I.R.S. which records are public.

    Everyone is doing good, giving back, except HOpez.

  • ms. Big

    Wow, someone here is a little bitter, I thought that only rappers called women Ho’s.

  • lana

    she needs to fire her make up artist and that wig looks awful on her!!!

  • Seth

    She is looking a bit old, but in a good way. She has been involved in charity for a long time. but not every celebrity gets the same coverage for their charity work like jollie-pitts. I know for a fact that she is giving millions to a historically hispanic college in NYC every year (because I work there).

  • Seth

    Not to mention the alzheimers foundation. Go to their web sites and check out the list of donors and acknowledgement pages for each year.

  • Seth

    I meant alzhimer’s association

  • Seth

    I meant alzheimers association.

  • mARY

    Ok, my question is, who is watching the dragon twins especially when J-lo has gone out of her way to say she doesn’t use hired help. Just as I thought. J-lo is the only celebrity who doesn’t have help with the dragon twins and still manages to go on with a career. Maybe she left in the truck of her car?? hahahaha By the way she looks fat as hell and uglier than most days. Yes I said it..she is ugly and looks like an over riped tomatoe in the outfit. fake ass rican

  • jesse

    #28 saying she looks older …. the woman is almost 40! Ofcourse she looks older …. ill admit she looks alittle frumpy than she used to…but she still looks better than most of you will at 40… although I still think gwen stefani for being 39 in october makes jennifer look like a granny …. :/