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Reese Witherspoon is Brazilian Breathless

Reese Witherspoon is Brazilian Breathless

Reese Witherspoon gets shocked by the Brazilian flag as she promotes ‘Speak Out Against Domestic Violence,’ a joint campaign launched in 2004 by the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and the Avon cosmetics company in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Thursday.

The 32-year-old actress commented, “There isn’t a woman in the world that doesn’t have a friend or a partner who’s actually experiencing some sort of violence against them, so I think although domestic violence hasn’t happened to me personally, I certainly know women who are dealing with this struggle every day.”

Reese continued on by saying that domestic violence, “affects women who are famous, who are not famous, women who have money, women who have no money. This is an issue that crosses all boundaries and it certainly affects everyone.”

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon getting Brazilian breathless…

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reese witherspoon brazil breathless 01
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 02
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 03
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 04
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 05
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 06
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 07
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 08
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 09
reese witherspoon brazil breathless 10

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  • hudgenslover

    shes sooo cool she stands up for people and is a great role model

  • hudgenslover


  • Kenny

    Brazil LOVES Reese!

  • Tony

    Reese Witherspoon is PHONY and FUGLY COW!

  • Alyssa

    she’s so beautiful!

  • Elena

    Love her!:D

  • Kate

    Reese’s “good deeds” are paid by Avon cosmetics company.

    She isn’t doing anything for free!

  • Ivana

    She look so peaceful and content….
    This pics shows a beautiful woman in love… :-))))

  • Teresa

    Yes, woman in love with herself! LOL

    Stupid, smug b!tch!

  • yawn

    Even her dumb expressions cannot make her more exciting. Still the most boring person ever!

  • tah

    yaaay BRASIL!

  • Jessica

    Wow she looks absolutely gorgeous here.

    I love how involved she is with these things. She seems like such a good person.

  • carol

    I’m brazilian you can ask everything for me!
    here in BRAZIL haven’t domestic violence!
    but she’s cutie

  • money wh0re

    LOL, people are so stupid!

    Reese Witherspoon is paid by AVON to promote their sh!tty cosmetics.

    She isn’t involved, REESE GETS PAID FOR ALL AVON GIGS like this one in Brazil.

  • sam


  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Who cares about this rat faced bore?


    coooooll she’s here in Sao Paulo!!

    yeah ma place is doing ‘good works’ hehe

    Reese’s great actress though..^^


  • Vern

    I see her black lace panties

  • Oh Dear!


    Class? You can see her panties in pictures 07 and 10! lol!!!

    Why doesn’t she just stop trying?

    Oh well, at least she doesn’t look like an aged hooker like she did in te Reese goes glam pictures.


  • brazilian!!!!!!

    SHE’S HERE!!

  • moosh

    Avon is paying her 30 million to be a humanitarian. What a great person she is what a role model —–> vomit.

  • Tess

    I was wondering what’s in the box…

  • Karrie

    I don’t understand how you can criticize a woman for supporting causes like domestic violence.

    You might not like her looks, her style or her movies. But you cannot take away the good things that she is doing in the world. She seems like a family oriented women, who works hard to balance work and family and still makes time to help charities. We should all take a que from her and get involved.

    GO REESE!!

  • Ivana

    # 14
    No one doing charity things for free, except maybe Mother Theresa, while she was alive…. Angelina Jolie, Princes Diana and others. they all have some benefit of it…. It is so normal, but NOT GOOD….

    Same things is with cosmetic, Reese promote AVON products because she is STAR, people buy those products, because Reese Witherspoon said it is good one. Avon get profit, so as Reese, and everybody is happy…

  • Oh Dear!

    “Humanitarianism consists in never sacrificing a human being to a purpose.”

  • Holly

    i love brazil, man!!

  • Tess

    “I’m brazilian you can ask everything for me!
    here in BRAZIL haven’t domestic violence!
    but she’s cutie
    I’M BRAZILIAN!!!!” by Carol

    WHAT? havent u ever heard of MARIA DA PENHA? This woman is paraplegic bcoz her ex-hubby tried to kill her at least three times.. shot her, pushed her down the stairs, tried to drown her in the bath tub… And there is even an MARIA DA PENHA ACT in the brazilian criminal code that includes domestic violence as a crime.. !!

    Are you crazy, Carol? Domestic violence happens everywhere and in Brazil it would not be different. Sure as hell that brazilian government and civil society are trying to fight against it, promoting public policies, changing the law, building centers for battered women and children… the issue is not solved though.

    And you all, people.. you should be ashamed of yourselves when you criticize Reese.. whether she’s being paid or not, the whole point is that the helping to raise to the world the reality of a very very serious problem that many women have to deal with every single day in their lives! There is something called CONSCIOUSNESS and when women have it, when they know their rights, when they know what they can do to protect themselves from violent husbands or fathers, they are able to fight against it! And Reese is helping to spread this consciousness!!!!!!

  • Oh Dear!

    I am not ashamed. =)

  • Karrie

    You said it Tess – most people sit on their butts and do nothing to help make the world a better place. She’s trying to make a difference and getting criticized for it.

    When was the last time you did anything for a charity??

  • Oh Dear!

    Still not ashamed – go back sleep you are not fooling or shaming anyone.

    Masters of manipulation you are not!

  • Luke

    LOVE HER =)

  • B.

    carol? in every place have domestic violence, it’s sad, but it’s the true!
    I agree with Tess. Sorry.
    I don’t know about this maria da penha, but there is domestic violence unfortunately in Brazil and the all world. :/

    Reese is cute, and I support her :)

  • iellidy

    quero cumprimenta-la violencia domestica acontece em qualquer lugar,tanto com mulheres,crianças e idosos ,e um fato que se pode mudar basta querer. estou feliz com a expressão ao receber a bandeira de meu querido pais .Embora existe muito violência,corrupção mais eu ama ser Brasileira vai Reese que Deus te abençoe.

  • -


  • Oh Dear!


    You can see her panties in three pictures!!


  • bya

    Violencia doméstica existe em todo o mundo e ninguém, infelizmente, está livre dela ( de sofrer ou provocar ) pois violência não é só bater ou matar. Existem inúmeras formas de violência e nós as vezes sem querer acabamos cometendo-as contra nossos entes mais queridos mas nos enganamos fingindo que não as provocamos e somos melhores que os outros. Violência no Brasil é o que mais tem e de todas as formas possíveis e imagináveis.

  • zen2

    Only because she’s here in São Paulo,BRAZIL doesn’t make her “beautiful”, “good person” bla-bla-bla…

    I agree with teresa (12:26pm) she’s a woman in love with herself.

    Carol (12:34 pm), please! In which country there isn’t domestic violence. Can you tell me?

  • Ivana

    Many people especially man in my country have diagnosed post traumatic stress, because of war…. Domestic violence do happen, not often but ………

  • denise

    she looks fabulous!

    I love how the haters find untruthful reasons to hate on her. Find real reason to hate her, losers!

  • natasha in Nashville

    Good Job Reese!

    A lovely lady, great family, great mother, good person.

    We miss you in Nashville!

  • Oh Dear!

    In love with herself she might be, but she sure as hell wants her husband back right now!

    Don’t do it Ryan!!! Stick with the ozzie.


  • happy lol day

    She looks so cute! :)

  • zen2

    Oh please! Kenny (12:15pm) say this only for yourself. For sure I’m not in this category.

  • Ivana

    She has style, that’s for sure… and she has Jake :-)))

  • Oh Dear!

    Yeah right!


  • sarah

    shes looking good <3

  • juliete

    I live in Brazil !
    the world is a beautiful country

  • leggy

    she bores me

  • yoo goo !

    yeah BRAZIL is the best country! xD
    some ppl think is just a forest with indias, what a dorks!
    in everywhere we have domestic violence, it’s RIDICULOUS. I hate all that violence, ppl are being crazy.
    GO BRAZIL *-* O/

  • http://justjared Cindy

    I am a victim of domestic violence and I am so very happy that I was able to get out alive with my children! There are NOT enough of voices out there for those that have been beaten down whether man, woman or child. I am very Thankful for those that are making a difference in speaking and representing us. So please don’t bad mouth those that are doing something worthwhile for others in need.