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Paris Hilton Joins Jonas Brother Army

Paris Hilton (in Miu Miu) arrives at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 27-year-old heiress and beau Benji Madden were also seen leaving Chateau Marmont after an MTV Video Music Awards after-party in Los Angeles.

Not only has Jordin Sparks come to the aid of the Jonas Brothers, but Paris Hilton as well! Regarding Nick, Kevin and Joe‘s purity rings, Paris told Us Weekly, “I don’t pick on them. That’s something cool for a kid to keep, so don’t pick on them for that.”

“I think that they’re all really good kids and that they’re definitely our next generation of kids and they’re all really good so I think that’s awesome,” Hilton added.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Paris Hilton also sticking up for the Jonas Brothers — YAY or NAY?

45+ pictures inside of Paris Hilton joining the Jonas Brother army…

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paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 01
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 02
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 03
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 04
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 05
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 06
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 07
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 08
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 09
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 10
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 11
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 12
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 13
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 14
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 15
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 16
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 17
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 18
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 19
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 20
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 21
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 22
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 23
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 24
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 25
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 26
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 27
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 28
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 29
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 30
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 31
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 32
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 33
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 34
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 35
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 36
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 37
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 38
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 39
paris hilton 2008 mtv vmas 40

Photos: WENN/Getty Images
Posted to: MTV VMAs 2008

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  • kourtney

    aw thats sweet of paris.

  • kourtney

    aw thats sweet of paris.

  • kjk


  • Kristine


  • nunny

    i think paris hilton is the last person to be ever talkin bout the jonas brothers’ virginity!

  • rc


  • alanna

    Good for her

  • Tha

    Omg.. she’s the last person on Earth to be talking about virginity..

    And she was so stupid at the show! She didn’t even look at the right screen for the things she had to say..
    What an idiot. That made my night.. funniest thing in the whole stupid award show.

  • Sarah!


    wait did i just agree with paris hilton???

    omg what is the world coming too haha

  • tia

    paris hilton got famous by having sex on tape!! WTF! she is the LAST person on earth who should be talking about viriginity!!!!!!

  • Krissy

    first and foremost..
    she’s soo not a y is she backing up ppl who are O.o’s great she said, the other nice comments.
    our generation for kids, we soo need them xoxox
    it’s tru, the jb’s are gonna be staying for a long watch out haters!!!

    the jb’s are amazing to wut there doing <3
    im following in the same footstep as well (L)

  • shenanyginz

    yay… she said it a whole lot better than Jordin

  • bella

    LOL. . . comment #5 and #10. LMAO . . .so true.

  • mUFFY

    Wow, Paris!

  • Kimberly

    Yeah i agree.
    It is something that shouldn’t be made of.
    Everybody has their opinions on everything but it is a good thing to be pure until marriage.
    I just hate that people keep making fun of them because they are waiting.

  • …..

    Even though she sounds ditzy, that was still sweet of her. You guys know what she means…lol. She thinks it’s cool that they are pure til marriage. I agree.

  • Jj

    YAY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • angela

    Go paris :)

  • sgirl

    Paris Hilton is a big footed whore. She is the last person that should be commenting on virginity! She is disgusting. Hope those boys didn’t get too close to her – they might catch something! Tell her to shut the eff up and go get a real job!

  • sgirl

    Big footed wh*re!
    Big footed wh*re!
    Big footed wh*re!
    Big footed wh*re!
    Big footed wh*re!

  • eli

    she’s SOOO sweet

  • Kitty

    Just because shes not a Virgin does not mean she can’t support or think that it is cool that they are waiting for marriage. If that was that case that all people who have it it can not say a word then their are a lot of people that shouldn’t be saying a thing at all.

  • Lucas

    I think that if Paris is being vocal about supporting their right to wait because she is rethinking her past, kudos.

    if this is just publicity to make herself look good when in fact she really feels the other way, boo hiss

  • swe3t23

    she had a sex tape out!!!! ummm paris you are gonna lose fans for sticking up for the jonas brothers

  • Ewww

    This b*tch is the LAST person on earth to be talking about purity or whatever. Not only is she the biggest w*hore in Hollywood, but she’s the biggest w*hore on the fucken planet. Who hasn’t this skank spread her legs open for????????

  • aa

    Paris is a fuckin joke.

  • http://justjared sayanything

    Even though what she said was incoherent, it was much more respectful than that unknown host of the VMA’s. Waiting until marriage and standing apart from the crowd is something to be applauded, not made fun of. Purity rings and the JoBros ROCK!!!!!

  • Murphy

    Paris Hilton is a white trash whoore!

  • alexxx(mrsjoejonas)

    yay! paris!!!!!! good for u……peace love n jonas!!!!!!!

  • sofia


  • Kayla

    YAY!!! I think the Jonas Brothers are amazing for that reason!!

  • chelsea

    I think that’s awesome Paris stuck up for them.

  • EVA

    basically russell brand is amaaaaazinggg.
    haahah that was totally off topic but whatevs

  • Jessica

    aww she has a sweet side..LOL its good though:)
    i love the jonas brothers:)

  • dfj

    Why is she not aloud to talk about the Jonas virginity?, she can say whatever she wants just cause you’re not a virgin doesn’t mean you can’t respect others choices.

  • dfj

    just how people who want to wait for marriage to have sex should respect others who don’t & not go & call them sluts like Jordan sparks did.

  • holly ann

    Yay! even though she herself isnt a virgin doesnt mean she cant support the boys!

  • jesse

    hahah this coming from the biggest slut in hollywood who got known for a sex tape…get real paris

  • Brie

    i thought she was pretty cool before and now, not because she’s sticking up for the Jo Bros because I’m not like obsessed with them like everyone else,,,,, buttttttttt, the fact that she was sticking up for the purity rings makes her THAT much cooler!!

    especially PARIS doing it!!
    hahaha. funny girl! love her!

  • amy

    I’m glad that she stood up for them. That Russell host guy went way too far.

  • Jonas brothers small weiners.

    There’s just something funny about those boys ..Purity ring my ass.They probably having sex right now.

  • Ginger

    she’s only saying that so they can save themselves for her!! She’s a wh0re no matter what…

  • good for them

    She seems to change. It is a good sign. Her boyfriend looks tough but seems like a nice guy.
    Good for her that she is on the right track.
    She is an attractive woman.

  • Amber j

    Whenever I see her it’s like there’s nobody there she like has no personality
    But that’s cool that she stuck up for the Jonas Bros

  • Brendan

    I guess what Paris meant to say to the Jonas brothers is that if you are going to have sex just don’t make a video tape of it!! :O)

  • marisa


  • Kimberly

    i think its kinda alright but she shouldn’t be talking about virginty and the fact that she calls them “kids” bothers me
    and what is she a mature adult??

  • Troy

    My feeling is if Russell Brand has the right to make fun of the Jonas Brothers for their choice then Paris Hilton has much right to defend them for it.

    Russell Brand’s remarks were not funny, the audience didn’t think they were funny, which is obvious by the lack of response and he just made an a$$ of out of himself every time he brought it up because it went over like a lead of balloon.

    But the fact of the matter is the Jonas Brothers did kind of open the door to that kind of thing by going public. It’s cool and I support it but I really wish these kids would just be quiet about it.

  • mariahfan

    i loved what jordin said about sluts o whole’s ‘Cause it’s true

    there tryin’ to not be slut……
    ….. i think!

  • watajoy

    wat a joy! im on team jonas!