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Nicole Kidman: Manchester United!

Nicole Kidman: Manchester United!

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban spend the afternoon at Stamford Bridge today, where they watched Chelsea play Manchester United in London on Sunday.

The 41-year-old Aussie actress and her husband cheered for both teams, as Chelsea and Manchester United played to a 1-1 draw. The couple left their new baby Sunday Rose, at home.

Nicole is currently in London shooting Nine, with Daniel Day-Lewis and Kate Hudson.

Nine is set to be released in December 2009.

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  • Mandy


  • carol

    i love her coat

  • cal

    love this couple


    When did Nicole start watcing Soccer ?
    Maybe she should try attending Connor’s games.
    This is such a fake. She hates the sun and people.

  • hostas

    Wow – she is really cr@pping all over herself with her wardrobe selection lately. Urban – you are no longer the “man of the house”! Keep wearing the hats and sunglasses dude, and I would start wearing a fake beard if I were you. Do you like going out in public with Michael Jackson as your wife? Her wardrobe is horrible, and her hair is even worse!

  • hostas

    Oh, one more thing – Bella plays soccer – why doesn’t she attend one of those games for change?

  • My life is crap!!!

    I’ve lost all my respect for her…Arsenal all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lori

    I think they are awesome together! I am happy that they finally have everything they wanted with the addition of Sunday Rose. Keith is amazing. I can’t wait for his next CD!!

  • cal

    Number 4 and number 6, what are you f*****g saying?
    Nicole always goes to football, basketball and hockey matches…

    And Bella doesn’t play football anymore. Connor was a baseball player.

  • marie

    # 7. I can see now why your life is a crap.
    I’m sorry for you.

    I love her coat!

  • crappy dresser

    more wtf fashion from nikkers.
    she consistently shows she has NO STYLE in real life.
    CANNOT do her hair
    CANNOT choose outifts
    its like she hasn’t picked up any tips in all her years of being styled
    plus can she and keith ever just stay home? and be parents?
    10 years she waited for that baby, soon as it was born she rushed back to work. selfish, fame driven faker.

  • andamentothat

    this coat has to be a gift ‘from Russia with Love”..

  • ditto keith

    hes brown from head to toe
    he’s so second fiddle to her botoxness

  • andamentothat

    have you ever wondered why the fashion mags sell so much year after year.. its because people just dont have the hang of putting it together without help.. Nicole is a very well dressed woman in Australia and when she is on the RC anywhere in the world but elsewhere in the world, she falters…

  • hostas

    #9 – Bella DOES play soccer, and Connor plays American footbal!

    With regards to Kidman going to sporting events, it’s true she doesn’t like them, but this is all part of PR. It is known that several celebrities do this. They go to the event, get their pictures taken, show up on the jumbo tron a few times and then leave before the game is even over. It is used to promote new movies, TV shows, etc. Hmm, isn’t she filming a movie there, and what movie is coming out soon?

  • cal

    # 15. I’m sure Bella doesn’t play football anymore….

  • cal

    gosh! first was botox, then faked pregnancy, now her style..
    leave this woman alone my holy god!

    what she has done to you for god’s sake?

  • job

    i like her coat…i love the colour..

    i think nicole is a good person and a good mother, she is a very private person and she can wear what she wants. when she’s on a red carpet she’s the movie star, the best dressed the divine, but when she’s in her life she’s just nicole, the mommy nicole, the wife nicole, the daughter nicole the friend nicole, i admire her for have her personal style..she’s not a slave of the hollywood’s impersonal style

  • Kat

    Private Nicole? Now that’s funny. Keith looks just thrilled to be there. At least he doesn’t kiss up to the paps like Nicole does.

  • Fendi fan

    she looks really elegant! love you Nic!

  • Kelly

    i wonder which team she was supporting, i hope MU!!!!
    I think she looks great, she is always very elegant! as keith too!

  • benny

    I think it’s awsome having the chance to see a game like that! i love Chelsea and MU! and i really like her style, don’t forget she isn’t a girl with 20 years old, she has a style appropriate to her age. she looks very good

  • Charles

    She is a LADY guys! i love her style, always! and the colors maybe are to dark but in London is already winter, so it’s well chosen..Keith looks nice too!

  • sad

    The picture with her mouth open is scary…it looks like someone transplanted a worm to her upper lip!

    She really needs to lay off the surgery & botox. Take a cue from the few woman who are aging with class and still look beautiful and hot!:
    Naomi, MLParker, Julie Christie!

  • Penny

    some comments about Nicole (not only in these one) are really rude and unpollited….you can not like a person but respect is something we should have for everyone! i see here a lot of immature and childish comments! people you show be more careful when you talk about people WE DON’T KNOW! what we see media isn’t everything and about Nicole and Keith is really so few because both are very private! don’t condem people you don’t know!

  • Kelly

    SAD, i really thing she did something to her upper lip, but i don’t think she continues with the botox…recent photos of her in London (posted here in JJ) showed many wrinkles, even in her forhead. I think it’s great she finally left that, she is an amazing actress, she doesn’t need it..

  • Jenix

    I adore her coat! beutiful..keith looks unhappy, maybe he doesn’t like soccer!

  • Alex


  • Helen

    Nicole is , in my humble opinion, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood..but she needs to give some color to her hair, it’s almost grey!

  • Dancer

    And you know for a fact that she doesn’t like sports? She is a huge tennis supporter-goes to a lot of those matches, she swims, runs, and exercises daily. She likes basketball and she supports Keith in his love of sports. She has said she has been to Connor and Bella’s games in the past. Unlike Tom she tries to hide in the background because she knows the spotlight is on the kids not her. I love how everyone knows what she is thinking and doing solely via a lack of pictures.

  • Vania

    LOve you nr 25!:)

  • gina

    What a great looking couple.

  • Poooh

    i think she is good in those clothes, at this season we all wear darker colours! keith looks so sexy always! love him!

  • Sarah

    which team she supported?anyone knows?

  • Katherine

    Nic has always gone to see sporting events, she”s always at soccer matches, Keith loves them too. They are Australian, ya know, not American.

    The style in London is very different then the USA, Nic always wears men’s custom tailored looks in London, the come from Saville Row and are considered low key street chic in a walking city.


  • Melanie

    Kidman is playing a blonde in her new film – hair color questions answered.

    Kidman and Urban do a ton of anonymous walking in London, hence the dull colored clothing and hats, they walked to eat before the game DON”T want to be spotted by paparazzi.

    The Sunday Rose pic was a civilian cell phone picture. Nicole is very good at blending in and hiding her children from the press.

  • jenix

    OH MY GOSH KATHERINE thank’s so much for that Sunday photo! she is really her angel!

  • Carlie

    Nicole is always so chic! the male influence is the HIT of every stylish, she can’t do wrong guys, whatever you say!

  • hostas

    Dancer & Katherine – have you ever watched an interview of Urban’s? In an interview, he said that he isn’t into sports at all. He didn’t play sports at all as a kid. The only time he watches a sporting event is when he is at someone else’s house and they have it on!

  • Ha!

    She looks fantastic – always well put together. I don’t know what pictures the people complaining are looking at. WTF do you guys wear? I’d LOVE to do a side by side comparison between you and her.

    And seriously, you’re judging her because she was photographed at a soccer game? Get a life.

  • Xena

    They are so’s good to see them having some fun and a normal life!

  • isrox08

    support manchester united, u no u want 2!

  • Anne

    I love her look. Kidman is very stylish.But i agree about the hair…a redish look would be great!

  • Hey HOSTAS

    Seems you missed the radio interview I herad, Keith loves soccer and rugby, he may not like American sports which is what would be on his friends TV.

    Can’t say I blame him I laothe american teleivised sports too much stupid talking by mimbos.

    Nic and Keith are always pictured at sporting events, if they are seen, they look like they’re having fun to me.:,23739,22079394-953,00.html

  • Jolie Fan

    Love this couple…they seem such a normal happy family! Thanks for the Sunday Rose photo nr 35! but i need to see her little face! she is big!

  • denise

    Do you smile/laugh all the time? They were captured looking more serious there, but here are photos where they seem to be enjoying themselves:

  • Saint Josh

    With 40 years all i think she looks more than great!so is Keith, they make a beautiful and fashion couple!

  • hostas

    I wonder what other women looked like at the game. I’m sure they didn’t look like trannies! I’ve read where her look is now being compared to Quentin Crisp. You can compare me to Kidman all you want – that’s one look I’d prefer to run away from!

    Someone mentioned that her hair is this color because she plays a blonde in Nine – I thought she said she wears wigs in movies from now on because of the damage that has been done to her hair? And besides that, this has been her hair color for years now.

  • Cindy

    Oh please Nicole Kidman couldn’t blend into a crowd unless she was mistaken for a he. She is an uneducated, freaky looking, over rated actress who married her way to the top back in the day….oh and I don’t need to know her personally to have that opinion…

  • Sarah

    Tres chic! Love her with those sunnies, she seem to be a great aviator fan! I hope she was supporting MU!