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Paul Newman Through The Years

Paul Newman Through The Years

We pay tribute to the late actor Paul Newman with a look back at some of his recent pictures.

Pictured along with Newman in the gallery below include: wife Joanne Woodward, Kevin Bacon, Quincy Jones, Julia Roberts, Robert Redford and Tony Bennett.

Newman leaves behind his wife of over fifty years and five children.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY of Paul Newman through the years?

25+ pictures inside of Paul Newman through the years…

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paul newman through the years 01
paul newman through the years 02
paul newman through the years 03
paul newman through the years 04
paul newman through the years 05
paul newman through the years 06
paul newman through the years 07
paul newman through the years 08
paul newman through the years 09
paul newman through the years 10
paul newman through the years 11
paul newman through the years 12
paul newman through the years 13
paul newman through the years 14
paul newman through the years 15
paul newman through the years 16
paul newman through the years 17
paul newman through the years 18
paul newman through the years 19
paul newman through the years 20
paul newman through the years 21
paul newman through the years 22
paul newman through the years 23
paul newman through the years 24
paul newman through the years 25
paul newman through the years 26
paul newman through the years 27
paul newman through the years 28
paul newman through the years 29

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  • fdadsjkl

    that’s so sad.
    poor guy

  • A Tribute

    Thank you Jared.
    This is more worthy of that great man

  • El

    Rest in peace, Paul. My heart goes out to your family. You were a man of greatness and a man of integrity. You will be missed.

  • Slamgrl

    this is sad :(

  • sparkle_moments

    For the first time you impress me Jared!

  • cj

    My favorite memory of Paul Newman is the movie Cool Hand Luke. In it was where he was eating all those hard boil eggs. I am sorry to hear about his passing. He was a true movie star.

  • r.

    Very nice tribute, Jared. I loved Cool Hand Luke as well. Newman was also amazing in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with Robert Redford. Sad to see him pass. Truly a great man to have given back so much through his charity work.

  • salma

    bring tears to my eyes he was such a wonderful person

  • Flisbeth

    He has given me cauntless hours of entertainment through his films and I can have nothing but respect for the man and eveyrthing he’s done for those less fortunate.
    World would be a better place with more ppl like him and he really will be missed greatly.

  • sweetie

    Thanks, Jared! Very nice tribute and classy of you to share these. :)

  • blackworm

    I think my favorirte memory of Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. But there are so many great movies and great roles. The Long Hot Summer, Road to Perdition and on and on.

  • Vshizzle

    Thanks Jared…definitely a nice tribute.

  • lonewolf

    Like I said-its about time we read about a real HOLLWOOD ACTOR. Though gone but never forgotten. Prayers to Pauls family.

    Loved him in all of his movies, espically Message in a Bottle where Kevin Costnar and Paul are sitting in the truck at the airport and Kevin in turn forgets his ticket. But, my all time fav is the scene in Cool Hand Luke where he says he can eat 50 hard boiled eggs and DOES…..Im lucky to get down 3!



    You are thisclose to getting it right on the tribute. Why not show all the young viewers how handsome this actor was in his prime. Still you bring out the pics where he is a shell of himself.

    Still all in all it is better than nothing I suppose. I encourage all viewers of Justjared to google Paul Newman and see why so many think he was one of the most handsome Hollywood stars ever.

  • Ally

    Paul was one of my grandfathers good friends, rest in peace

  • HollywoodLola

    Paul Newman,you will be dearly missed
    One of the most amazing actors that ever lived.

  • lonewolf

    #14-no matter how he was then (and oh yeah he was HOT….) as he is now….he is, was and always will be: one of a kind. A true Hollywood actor, but at the same time a very unique and sincere gentleman.

  • marieme

    He was great every year and in every role. It is not possible to choose a “favorite” Paul. He taught this country and the world about philanthropy and I’m so grateful for his talent and heart.

  • tines

    Paul Newman has provided us with so many hours of quality entertainment in his long and varied career. He will be missed indeed. My fondest film memory is Cat On A Hot Tin Roof – I love that film so much.

    Let’s also not forget his great big heart for those who are less fortunate.

    He will forever be my blue-eyed movie star.


    TRUE GREATNESS…………….. my heart is sad but he lived a long and happy life films buff the world over feels the sad loss……………peace

  • neil

    OMG, Paul Newman! Another legend gone, but not forgotten.
    He and Joanne were the Angie and Brad of their day. The joke was always, who got lost in who’s blue eyes. They aged well, both of them and I think it is because of their successful marriage. I hope Joanne is coping despite her terrible but inevitable loss.

  • maggsie

    This man was beautiful from inside out. Tell my mom Hi. She loved you and therefore I have seen every movie you have done.

    Keep those blue eyes sparkling

  • cara

    He is in a better place but the world needs more Paul Newman.

  • Helena

    Favourite memories:

    - Joanne Woodard and Paul Newman celebrating their 50th anniversary
    - First watching Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
    - First tasting his mayo!

  • Malisf

    My mom always said, “Marry a man like Paul Newman.” I now think it’s funny that when I first met the man who is now my fiance, I told a friend he reminded me of Paul in “The Long, Hot Summer.” Southern boys… :)

    He was a noble man, full of integrity who used his fame to better the world. And his is a dying breed. My heart and prayers go out to Joanne, as I’m months from embarking on a new life with my own Paul Newman with gratefulness for the strong and beautiful example her marriage was to me. Through thick and thin, for better or worse. I think that’s what makes us romantics want to see him live forever: to watch him love her forever.

    Watch this video to see what I’m talking about.

  • Janeway

    Thank you for the tribute Jared. Paul Newman was a great actor and a great human being. He entertained us for many years and he used his fame to help others and raise hundreds of millions for charity. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. May his life be an inspiration to others for his committed marriage of more than 50 years and all the good he did for others.

  • April

    So sad, he is what all actors and actresses should aspire to be, a class act :( He will be dearly missed.

  • Jaxon

    A great man, truly great. His devotion to his wife and family are inspiring enough but the fact that he set up his Newman’s Own products company for all, ALL, the proceeds to go to charity is beyond inspiring. Rest in Peace Mr. Newman, you left a legacy that won’t ever be forgotten.

  • D

    I am 50 + years younger than Paul Newman but have long admired him. Obviously, I am aware of his vast film career, but what drew my admiration was all the charity he did. I had no idea how much until maybe 10 years ago. Not only the food products, but the camps for sick kids, the drug prevention center. This man did it all with little fanfare, the way real, genuine charity should be done! He also did a lot of it right here in the US. He will truly be missed as he is a rare breed in “Hollywood.”

    As far as the pictures, Jared did a decent job. They also show that Paul Newman lived a long prosperous life as opposed to say, James Dean, who was cut down so young and whose image stands frozen in time. However, I saw an INCREDIBLE picture of PN last year and saved it. Maybe I will email it to Jared.

  • Katkat

    I’m so sad to hear about his passing. R.I.P. Paul Newman. One of my favorites is “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof”

  • Sumo

    “Butch Cassidy and The Sundance KId” is one of my favorite movies, ever. And “The Sting”. I love those caper movies from the 70′s. Paul Newman was funny and could also be heartbreaking. Oh, and “Cool Hand Luke” was another great one. I’m glad so many people loved him and he had a good life.

  • shoegal421

    what a wonderful man.

  • jgp

    a beautiful man inside and out
    such dignity and class

  • ebmo

    Paul Newman was a true star and a great humanitarian.
    He never had a “star attitude”.

    He always seemed not to take himself too seriously. He always seemed like a genuinely funny, nice man.


    Jared, thank you for this wonderful tribute. Instead of whoring out another Efron / JoBros / Panewhatsherface / Palin story, you took the time to craft this wonderful and loving tribute to this amazing individual who represented what a true star is. Paul New,man was a star. He shown brightly as symbol of class and integrity. He truly contrivuted to charity because he knew it was the right thing to do and not as means of gaining publicty. By doing so, he raised more money than those who simply whored themselves out to organizations to look good. I thank you deeply for this. God Bless.

  • janna

    His legacy in movies will live on forever. Most importantly his legacy as a charitable man will live on forever, in his children and grandchildren and so on.God bless his wife and family and friends.Live on in heaven,Paul.

  • Regina

    It’s truly shocking when two people named ‘Zanessa’ get more comments than the legendary Paul Newman.

  • michelle

    I remember when I heard that Paul Newman was Jake Gyllenhaal’s godfather and the person who taught him how to drive. How surreal to be personally influenced by such a great human being

  • Just_me

    Yeah Michelle, that’s true! Jake kind of reminds me of Paul, you know.

    He was a great man, who made a difference in the world, he will be missed.

  • buckeyegurl

    When I first heard Mr. Newman passed, it made me cry almost like I knew him. I guess he has been such a giant during his life that many people felt like they knew him. He is in a better place, but the world will miss this great man. As someone above said, the world definitely needs more people like Paul Newman. I hope he rests in peace and his family stays strong and is allowed to grieve in private.

    Favorite movie of his is a tie between Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Although, I loved him in Road to Perdition and The Color of Money. I guess I can’t pick one.

  • angiefan

    RIP Paul. A brilliant actor!!!!! My heart goes out to his beautiful wife Joanne and their children.

  • Halli

    I’m so saddened by this. Seriously, what a gentleman!

  • ellie

    I’m sitting here all day , i feel like i lost my best friend in whole wide world. Paul Newman a special gifted greatest actor of all time, Watch all of your movies. The nicest the most generous, loving ,caring husband and father. You Paul Newman will be missed you will never be forgotten your legacy will always live on. My prayers to you and your family. God Bless!!! May You rest in Peace!!

  • Lyn

    I am so sad today. This news was the last thing I expected. Mr Neman RIP. I saw every movie that he played in. My prayers go out to his family. I hope all the family is holding up well. Paul Newman was one of a kind and he will truly be missed.

  • piper, with a low

    FYI… Larry King aired a tribute show for PN. Larry King usually reairs its shows at midnight EST, so check it out. I have to warn you… Heather Mills is featured prominently in the show, since she was the host during Newman’s 2004 LK appearence. To me, her voice is very grating.

    Sadly, Hollywood 411 is airing a tribute to Newman and I’m sorry, but the majority of the contributors to this tributes are clearly out of their element and come off as kinda shotty. But if you want to see it, it’s on the TV Guide Channel.

  • Seth

    So sad. True, greats have to pass on. But if there is no new generation to take their place…

  • jimmy

    Be interesting to see if Jake Gyllenhaal, his godson, says anything or goes to the funeral. Jake, to my knowledge, never said a word when Heath Ledger died. Just clammed up for some mysterious reason. Acted as if it hadn’t happened.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Oh, Paul, why? We love you and they don’t make stars like you that often. Beutiful, kind, giving adn talented. Heaven is lucky to have you though! We LOVE YOU stud! Class act, you are. Rest in peace.

  • lulu

    Butch Cassidy and Sundance kid and The Sting.


    How do those idiots Zanessa get more attention than a true talented legend. Pitiful.