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Selena Gomez is a BCBG VIP

Selena Gomez is a BCBG VIP

Selena Gomez heads out to breakfast with her stepdad, Brian, in Toluca Lake in Calif., on Saturday.

Then it was off to the Westfield Mall for the 16-year-old where she went shopping at BCBG, Guess and Express for shoes and clothes.

Sel, is currently involved with the 2008 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign which helps to raise money for needy children.

“I am extremely excited to be this year’s Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF spokesperson,” said Selena. “I want to help encourage other kids to make a difference in the world!”

10+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez, the BCBG VIP…

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Credit: SS; Photos: Flynetonline
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    1. She Stole Miley’s Bf Or Backstabbed Miley
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    Hey I just wanted 2 apologize For all The Mean Things I Have Said And Trust me We Did Say Some Pretty Mean Things To Each Other…lol. But Lets Just Face It, I Hate Selena. But Why Should u even Care? In This World everyone’s Allowed to Have Different Opinions. Ok You Have Yours I have Mines, lets Just Keep It At That, we’re Arguring Over something Stupid & Its So Not Worth It. Cause This Is not clearly a Fight On Who’s Right or Wrong Its Just A Fight On Who Pathetic We’re Being. So I’m Sorry. I Shoulda Never Started a Fight with You & Judge Your Opinion On selena The Reason Why I Hate Selena Cause She Backstabbed Miley & I’ve been Through That. But Truth is I never Really Hated Selena, I liked her just like You liked Miley, but after she Backstabbed miley and went out with nick I started hating her..=/ But I’ll start Liking selena After You Guys Stop Hating On Miley, cause Like I said there’s no reason 2 hate Miley…… But I did Say some Pretty Trashy stuff about Selena, So Yeah. I also Apologize for that.

    Well Maybe I don’t Hate Selena, I’m Just Paranoid. But Truth is, She looks Sweet & she Sounds Sweet, but Idk If I should Go With It. That Could Be her ‘Fake Image’…/who Knows. Anyways Sorry. :)

  • jackie

    haha we did say mean things well that we probably didnt mean =/ we are arguing over something taht well we dont really know is true haha. YOUR THE BIGGER PERSON THAN I AM =] i would still go on and on about fighting with yu lol. haha you dont have to like selena i mean if you like hate her.. i mean i’ll stop bashing on miley, i shouldnt had. i guess i was mean to her cause of the YOUTUBE FIGHT with them and i guess it got me pissed off cause like i was like this isn’t miley no im sorry. haha i dont think its her fake image. and to admit it i really couldnt admit ti when you said that miley is real cause of the pictures… well hopefully we an be friends lol =]

  • Lilly[;

    Hey =]

    Yeah =/ And Haha Really? Thanks =]] We Had 2 end It somehow. And No I Mean This Whole Thing is My fault, I Should never Bash someone I don’t Even Know And Who Knows Selena Could Be Innocent & sweet =] So Yeah. And The Same Goes For Miley & Her Haters….But Yeah This Whole Thing Has Changed My Point of View On Selena, So Now I Like her and I’ve Seen Her ‘Tell me Something I Don’t Know’ Video And She Is Ah-Mazing In It! :D And Yeah I agree I saw That YT vid and That was Pretty Mean What Miley Said About Demi & Selena. I mean They Didn’t Say Anything about Miley & Mandy, Why Bash Them the way They did? I’m Thinking Its Cause Miley Was Jealous That Selena was Dating Nick at the time…=/ And Yeah I agree, The Old Miley is Way Better, The New Miley is Alright, she Could Be better Though, But I do Like The Fact That With The racy Pix She’s Just Being Herself :] And That 2 me Is a Great Role Model! And Selena Is a wonderful Role Model! :) I love ‘em Both! What about you? :P And Yeah She Is Real W/ The Pictures, Its all Good Though(; And Of Course we can be friends! =]]] Do you have a YT account? =DD

  • Lilly[;

    Oh & btw my YouTube account still Says I Hate Selena, Yeah…Ignore it! XD I’ll change it eventually & + I want 2 have her as my backgroud on YT! =D And if u don’t have a YT account, You have 2 make one! XD So We Can talk, Duh! =]]

  • jackie

    NO I THINK WE SHOULD BOTH TAKE THE BLAME =] haha tell me somethingi dont know her voice was like digitized but her real voice is lovellyy. yeah i tink so tooo… i mean 2 years man thats a lot. when you say great role model you dont mean take pictures of you being all nasty right lol. you mean like be your true self or something like that. fo shoo i dooo. =] its do you? and do you have a myspace? or fcebook? lol haha its okay, some of my videos has some of EW I HATE MILEY lol, just ignore it. haha. holla at me girllll and no i dont mean da lesbo kind hahaha. =]

  • Lilly[;

    lol Yeah! =] And Omg Seriously? I Thought That was Her Real Voice But then I listened 2 it Plenty mo times, And Then It did Sound like a Robotic Voice, But Its all Good =D Yeah I’m Sure her Voice is lovely :P How about In Cruella Da ville? Is that her real Voice? :) And Yeah =/ And omg lmao Yeah Man of Course I mean That! x] haha I Hate The Fact That she takez pix of herself stripping, but wat can we do? I guess it just shows,she’s being her true self & doesn’t care what ppl think of her. yup that’s a good role model =] And Coolio =D I add You but I haven’t been on my comp for A While so I’ll get back on tomorrow & fix my account up & everything :D And Yeah I do, Its ZanessaMileyFanx3 =]] Just Click On My Name/link On Justjared and there u go :P lmao my Account says ‘Don’t Send me an invite if you’re a selena fan cause she sucks and I won’t accept you’ Ok lol I was Harsh, can’t wait 2 get on my comp! =DD And noo *whines* I wish I did had a myspace & a facebook =/ truth is my parents won’t allow me 2 have one…Ugh! :( And lmfao!! I kno wat u mean girl! but Fo sho I will! =] aight? XD

  • jackie

    cruella da ville haha i hadnt heard that song in everr… and i sort of hate that song lol thats the only song i would listen to. but her real voice is in a song called fly to your heart, shes like a little kid htough lol =p and i guess thats a kind of normal thing to do i mean i’ve seen worsesr pictures up on myspace. lol. haha okay then =] ohhh your parents wont that suckksss. okay will talk on youtube =] and justjared. i comments on mileys page theres a new post about like the FBI or osmething like that with her pictures. =]

  • Lilly[;

    Omg Girl r u fo real!? I Hate That song as Well lmao. I Mean She Sings It great, But I Just naturally hate the song lol. And oh really? Awesome !! I’ll listen to it tomorrow :P lmao it figures XD And lmao Fo Sho! I Mean I’ve seen a Pic of agirl on myspace showing her ‘You know what’. XD No I’m serious. And K Cool! =] And Oh Yeaa I commented On That As well, Its about How the FBI cought The Miley Hacker, ‘Trainreq’ Yeah Child He really is a Train Wreck xD His ass deserved 2 Get Cought anyways. Why don’t he just leave Miley alone, he bugged me the Most This Summer lol. Oh & Haha I’m watching Camp Rock now, But Just 2 See Demi sing ‘This is Me’ lmao :P

  • Lilly[;

    But Other than That, What Have You been Up 2 Lately? XD & I know I should wait 2 Get on YT to talk, But Oh well! lmao.

  • nini

    i hated that song ever since i heard it loll =p. okay ewwwww sickkkkk slutt! oh no wayy, i was watching camp rock tooo jonas brothers =ppp.
    haha i’ve been just sitting on da computerr and yeah dats about it lol =] oyur 14 right? im 15 =]

  • Lilly[;

    lmao Exactly XD And omfg Amazing! =D And Are u serious? Same here Girl! :D Well not all Day on the comp, just in the afternoon when I come outta school and lemme tell u school was a fucking bitch today I had teachers everywhere telling me 2 do everything they say. it sux u know =( And now my tooth hurts like fuck. >.< Today was hell. oh cool haha and yeah I’m 14 unfortunatly =/ lol. Do u go 2 a private school or public? I go 2 a private and its annoying and strict as hell. and where do u live? I live in new york =D and btw I’m watching High school Musical now XDD

  • jackie

    haha yeah not all day, but you know after school. you go to a private school =o oh emm geee ididnt know that. wow that must be a pain. i go to a publliccc. =] i live in burbank, illinois =] its kind of gayyy. like i use to live in oaklawn. i want to move to LA awwuhh i miss high school musical =[ that's liike my favorite moviee of the high scool musical crapp. =] are you gonna see the 3rd movie?

  • Lilly[;

    k Idk if my last comment went Through Or Not but oh well lol. Here’s the message again if it comes out twice who gives a shit? lmfaoo[;

    lol Yeah. And yesh I do, ugh it sux. but at least we don't get that much hw. a girl I know my friend haha, yeah she gets like TOO much hw, I feel sorry for her and plus sometimes her back hurts from all the books in her bookbag like when she carries it, she's in pain =/
    lmao yeah but its still cool lol. how's the weather like over there?
    And aww lol. Well go & see that shit lol they're giving it tonight at 8 :P hsm2 :D
    Omg! Yes of Course I'm watching the 3rd part! XD its tomorrow! I'm going with my girls! :P Its Gonna b SO AWESOME! =] are u gonna watch hsm3? :) and do u have any plans for this weekend? :D

  • jackieee =]

    hell nawww it didnt go through. lmao.
    well i dont get much homework only in math but thats about it. i HATE carrying books, and dont erally carry much though like only 1 book then i go to my locker and plus whenever i dont wanna carry books i just tell a guy that these books are so heavy then they carry it for me =] lol. im mean like datt =] the weather here is like rainy it was sunny then all of a sudden it was pouring i was like wtfff? hbu? HSM 3 IS OUT =D selena was suppose to play Gabriella’s sister =/ oh well though she turned down it. well im probably gonna watch it during the weekend cuz like theres gonna be little kids there probably screamingg. ahh hsmm! lol.

  • Lilly[;

    lmao I know XD

    Oh That’s Good. I Only got Hw In ELA today And That Has got To be the EASIEST hw I Could work on with no problems :P
    Omg So Do I! like Omg carrying Books Is not cool, Its So like UGH! lol Luckily I don’t get to walk home, I come home in a limo lol I aint lying I aint lying lmao. Hbu Do u walk home or take a car, bus or train? :P
    lmao omg Awesome! Your lucky. Boys Won’t do that at my school, They’re Fucking jerks. Lazy jerks at that lol =]
    lmaoo Exactly! The Weather Over Here Is Gay, But not Gay More like retarded. Ok So It was Ok in the Afternoon when I was walking home from school. But then When the night came I looked out the Window It Was Fucking Storming so I guess the Weather Is the same as yours XD

    Oh Yeah that reminds me IJust Came Back from The Movie Theaters! Hsm3 Was Amazing! Omg! it was sooo..GREAT! I don’t wanna tell u anything about it, But I probably Can’t help It, but I won’t tell u Anyways! :P

    Oh yeah I heard about that Man it would’ve been so awesome if Sel woulda played gabriella’s sis oh well maybe she’ll be in the 4th one =]

    lol Exactly! that how it was today in the movie theaters like 5 year olds were screaming ‘Troy, mommy, Troy!’ I swear it was Annoying but what do u expect? XDD

    But anyways, Awesome! I hope u have a Really Good time[;

  • jackieee =]

    LIMO?!? realllyyy? oh emm geeee thats so cool are you like famous lol im just kidding. haha. i take the buss. haha lol really? haha theres jerks at our school but i try to stay away from them lol. dudede our house it like freaken rumbled, i was like wthhh and i was fraeken scaredd! oh really? is it like really gooood? haha okay i’ll tell you if i wanna know somethingg, zanesssaa =] hah the 4th one? its keeps going on and on i remember when i watched the first one it was like AH MAZ ING! haha really thats so funny, i’ll be like stfuuu! but then again if it was the jonas brothers i’ll be like you guys the jb’s the jb’s haha.

  • Lilly[;

    lol Yeah I Aint Lying XD And No Not really, But I wish, ha! :P And Coolio ;D And Yeah Same here, But dey kno better not 2 mess with me, or I’ll punch their teeth out O.o yeah XD
    lmao really? o wow…lol. Same here, I was Scared XD
    And Yesh its REALLY good! I Mean It was Sad Too, I cried When the movie Ended Though Cause I’m not sure the whole Cast is gonna do the 4th movie and I really want ‘em too lol.
    And Ok lmao You do that =]
    lol yeah the 4th one and omg I know, Exactly It doesn’t stop and my bros getting annoyed by the whole hsm series…lmao. And it was ah-mazing I mean it still is xD
    lmfao!! Girl Me Too! XD I feel You! XD (but not in the Perverted way) haha =]
    lmao cool :D

    So you like Demi Right? What’s ur fave Song from her? :P mines is Don’t Forget, Lala Land, Get back and Two Worlds Collide =] How about yours?

  • jackie

    haha really sooo cool. =] it’s like reaken snowing here well not snowing but like flurries it ssooo cool =D hbu? i cant wait for freaen christmas. i didnt get to see HSM 3 cause i was busy =[ are the songs good? i love ashley tisdaleeee! i heard that zac said if it makes it big then he will but im not sure. maybe selena will be in it and be a freshieee =] idkk. lmao, it never stops it’s too good.

    yes, i love demmi =] not so crazy about her hair but i still love her. well i hadn’t really like listen to it much but mine is get back and dont forget it such a strong songg! she had antoher song that wasn’t on it it was called trash.

    whats your fav. miley’s song? mine is fly on the wall and 7 things[even though its abut my bay bay] lol.

  • Lilly[;

    Omg Are You Serious? Its Snowing? Good Lord XD And Oh lol, Sweet! =D And Yeah Same here. Well lets just hope these 2 months go by quickly :P
    And Aww That Sux =/ Well I hope You get 2 see it soon(: I might be Seeing it again This Week They are playing it All week =]
    The Songs Are GREAT! Especially “Right Here, Right Now” Its Just So Beautiful Zac and Vanessa Sing It, I guess that’s what makes it beautiful lol. You Can Hear It On YouTube if u wantt =]
    Me Too![; And Really? Well Hunni Hsm3 Is already Big It hit #1 In the Box office This weekend :D
    And Yeah lets hope ;D I lovee Selena!! =]]

    Haha Yesh Same heree(; And Oh cool! =D I Hadn’t Heard All the Songs Either, I’m thinking of Buying her Album this week, but I LOVE Don’t Forget, Your right, she Put So Much Effort into it And It Payed Off Her Voice is Just So Powerful And It kinda Went with The Song So yeah I love that song(:

    lol awesome![; Um I love Breakout, Fly On The Wall, 7 Things, Goodbye<3, Simple Song, Bottom Of the ocean, Don't walk away And Four Walls. My Fave Hannah Song Has got 2 Be Just Like You, cause Its True, Miley is Just like us ;D and to tell u the truth That Song Made me like her even What's ur fave Hannah Song? =]

    Ashley Tisdale Roxx! What’s ur fave song from her!? XD

    Ps- Whoa! Srry 4 the big ass Message! lmaoo[;

  • jackie

    UGH IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW! i wrote this long ass comment but then i forgot to type my name and stuff and just jared didn’t save it so now i have to write it all over again lol.
    haha your gonna see it twice dayummm girlll! well one of my brothers friend got an autograph from ashley tisdale :] HSM3 is doing really good they are making like MILLIONS GAZILLIONS on like the first day.
    oh demii demmi demi i’ve neer heard of her but in camp rock i was like ohh that’s herr, i like her singing =] it makes me want to cry with her in dont forget woah so beautiful.
    i FREAKEN LOVE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN =] that’s like my first song off her album that i remember the lyrics in well besides 7 things
    ooo i never heard of that hannah montana song lol im gonna check on youtube. well i like the see you agian and nobody’s perfect.
    i dont listen to ashley tisdale but i listen to like a couple of her sogs like be good to me and he said she said.
    my message is long too =]

  • Lilly[;

    Heya [;

    Omg That Sux! >.< I hate when that happens !!! lol =]

    lol Yeah Actually I’m Seeing It Tomorrow Cause Today Me and mah girlz are having a holloween party !! [:
    and its so awesome ! :P xx
    Omg Are You Serious? Well He/She Is Lucky as Hell, I've Always Wanted an Autograph From Ashley !! hah I always wanted 2 meet [;
    So Did You ever meet any celebs? If u did, Youu better tell me all about it! lmao! :P
    And Yeah It Is !! Its almost Unbelievable, But not really shocking, I mean it was awesome !! xD

    And Really? lolz I've Always Knew Who Demi was, Um She Was in that Show As The Bell Rings...Yup :P eh I'm not a fan of the show, but Demi? Yesss! =] And Oh Yeah Definatly, Demi Is an awesome singer !! Don’t Forget is so touching =] I would kill for her voice x]

    Oh Man That’s Awesome! Bottom Of The Ocean Is One Of My Top Fave Songs, Its Sad and She Sings It With Such passion in her Voice, Its awesome !! =]

    And Omg You Serious? Well Go and Hear That Shit! XD and tell me what u think of it! =] hehe ‘Just Like You’ Gotta love it! :P <3
    Yeah nobodys perfect and see you again is so ah-mazing! =D

    Cool Ashley is a great Singer !! (:

    do u like Britney Spears? :D
    what’s Your Nationality? XD

    Ps-im really srry 4 the late reply, I’ve been SUPER busy this week, Its not even funny. school sux =[


    oh geeeeez lilly im so sorry i hadn’t been on in awhile i got really lazy sorr y babee =[ how was halloween for you? i meant NO CELBERTIES AT ALL =[ well once i thought i saw teh jonas brothers like waiting for the bus but haha idk. it looked like them, i was freaking out but i dont think it was them. well did you meet any celerbrites? oh just like you! oh i know that song i just didn't know the tittle, oh that song i mean like honestly i dont like it, its too like squeaky lol. but i like nobody's perfect and see you again. britney spears she's ightttt. i love her songs, she made so many mistakes but one day seh pulled it up. im ASIAN. [vietnamese] lol yeah whats yours?

    oh my gosh i have so many spelling errors. girlll you need to get a facebook and myspaceee!

  • chrystal williams & kimberly c

    hey selena is a cool gal and she would never do anything to hurt anyone so if you hav a problem with her you better take it somewhere else because she has a lot of fans that dont appreciate haters so bug off.