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Jennifer Garner Goes To The Market

Jennifer Garner Goes To The Market

Jennifer Garner steps out in a warm brown dress to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables at The Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoon in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 36-year-old pregnant actress recently took her two-year-old daughter, Violet, to church on Monday afternoon.

Jennifer‘s husband, Ben Affleck, also recently said that he believes his relationship to Jennifer Lopez was doomed from the start. “I think Jen and I made a mistake in that we fell in love, we were excited and maybe too accessible. I don’t think either of us anticipated the degree to which it would take on a world of its own,” he said.

10+ pics of Jennifer Garner shopping at the Farmer’s Market…

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101 Responses to “Jennifer Garner Goes To The Market”

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  1. 76
    Miranda Says:

    I meant to say hotter than, above.

    #69 Ben didn’t get trapped because he married her, *****.
    How do you know how she is like in person? You don’t know her? Where did she bash Britney? And Britney who? Who are you referring to? Maybe she had a reason to bash the person and they were being the *****.

    #70 The paps are following her. How is going shopping being desperate for attention? Just because there haven’t been photos doesn’t mean she hasn’t gone shopping in months. They don’t follow her every day. How is she a phony beyootch when she is going shopping? It isn’t staged because she actually bought groceries there. The photos where she is with Violet she is taking her to pre-school. The person she is smiling at isn’t shown in the picture and she doesn’t look fake at all. She isn’t a phony actress out for attention, she is going shopping.

    #72 Many celebs go out shopping, it isn’t a big deal and they are far from being poor, you’re the one being the *****. Ben wasn’t seen as an a** in Hollywood until he hooked up with the a** Lopez.

    It was probably in your imagination that Garner scowled at that fake ho Lopez. Nobody could care less about her and she is far from gorgeous. Garner has nothing to be jealous of. She is far superior to that has-been Lopez. Garner doesn’t want to be Lopez. Lopez will never be Garner. Lopez is far from cool, sexy or gorgeous. Garner is his equal which is why he married her. He would know what is best for himself. The attracted so much attention because Lopez is a mediawhore. Lopez fans wish that Ben would dump Garner and it probably won’t happen, so keep wishing. Garner is his equal and you Lopez fans still can’t get over a 4-year old break-up. Matt and Ben aren’t gay either. Again that is your wishful thinking. And one could think that you are Lopez coming on here defending yourself.

    #74 You’re the dumbass because I’m not Adoring Fan. If you looked up before you would see we both posted a different comment the same time! That is not possible. No alias, but you’re probably an alias. Nice, try, DUMBASS!

  2. 77
    Pop Is Lopez Says:

    God how scary. One has to wonder if Lopez herself along with Marc post on here. No one else gives a rats a** to go on endlessly defending this woman unless it was Lopez herself along with Marc. Lopez and Marc are two very narcissistic self-absorbed stars who are keenly aware of this website and I’d bet a million they both post on here for kicks. Lopez has a lot of free time on her hands and loves the attention way more than Marc.

    As for Garner she is freaking hot. No comparison whatsoever. Piss on her all you like guys but she is waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than Lopez. It is what it is.

  3. 78
    Dan Parsons Says:

    Miranda @ 11/13/2008 at 7:05 pm
    lol@ how ******* delusional you are. None of her comments were posted the same times as yours and you managed to write lengthy replies within a minute of each other. It’s very obvious what you’re doing. Keep digging yourself into a hole, DUMBASS!

  4. 79
    Dan Parsons = DUMBASS! Says:

    LOL @ how ******* delusional you are. Yes there were. If you look above our comments were posted 1 minute within each other. You can’t post two different comments under two different names within such a short time frame. You’re the delusional one here who is using an alias. You even admitted it by referring to us as different people. I don’t need to prove myself to loser on the internet. I didn’t type any lengthy replies within a minute. They were within many minutes. Lying won’t get you out of the hole you are further digging yourself into. It’s obvious that you’re trying to start something, but you’re failing miserably, little troll. The only dumbass here is yourself, DUMBASS! Continue to humiliate yourself. ROTFLMAO!!!

  5. 80
    Dan Parsons = DUMBASS! Says:

    Don’t make lies up that you can’t back up. DUMBASS!

  6. 81
    Dan Parsons = DUMBASS! Says:

    And one last point that you failed to notice. You posted 20 minutes after my comment. Yes, people can post within that amount of time because you did it yourself without having to be an alias.

    This is too easy and you are too stupid. Save yourself the little dignity you have and give up. ROFL!!!

  7. 82
    pop Says:

    All this bullsh*t about who posted what and when. Give it up Ben and Jen. You suck!

    Oh and JLo rocks!! She doesn’t look all tired pasty and miserable. Oh but Ben you did look sexy when you were with JLo but now you look drained and miserable. You probably miss JLo’s beautiful bootie. LOL :-)

  8. 83
    kristine Says:

    So about 99% of the time Jen is dressed-down & you losers say she has no fashion sense. So now she dresses nicely one time & more losers say she’s fake & paps hungry? Why don’t you people just comment on your favorite celeb & leave the Afflecks the f*ck alone.

  9. 84
    Dan Parsons Says:

    LOL. Look at the DUMBASS continuing to create names and dig herself deeper into a hole. There isn’t a single comment here where Adoring Fan or Miranda posted at the same time or within 1 Minute of each other. I have no doubt it can done since you’re capable of switching names within a minute even when posting long-winded replies. You’re the one who disputed it can’t be done. LOL@Adoring Fanatic aka Mirandumb forgetting her own point. Here are two of your comments posted under two different names within a minute of each other:

    Mirana @ 11/12/2008 at 11:44 pm

    Miranda @ 11/12/2008 at 11:45 pm

    You forgot the D at first because you were toggling between names, DUMBASS!

    Who said you can’t post within twenty minutes of someone? Another missed point, DUMBASS. It wasn’t that you can’t post. The point was how quickly you showed up under your Adoring Fan alias after your Miranda one was called out at 12:30 IN THE MORNING. You think everyone can’t figure out you’re SAME person??? LOLOLOLOLOL

    You obviously don’t value your job. Keep trolling this site, DUMBASS!


  10. 85
    Miranda Says:

    #82 Ben and Jen don’t come on here, idiot. You’re really mentally deranged to think celebs come on here. You’re probably Lopez.

    Lopez sucks!!! That is why her last album flopped and she can’t get work. LMAO!!! Jen and Ben rock!!! That is why you keep coming on their posts all the time. Lopez doesn’t look pasty because she wears fake-tanner and gallons of make-up. She looks tired, old and haggard. Garner looks gorgeous and natural. Ben looked drained and miserable with Lopez and even his closest friends said so. He looks great now. Nobody misses Lopez’s stanky butt except you, you freak. ROTFLMAO!!!

  11. 86
    Miranda Says:

    #84 I didn’t create any other names, DUMBASS. Nobody is digging themselves into a hold except you with your lies. There is comments were we posted within 1 minute of each other DUMBASS see:

    Melinda @ 11/12/2008 at 10:04 pm
    Adoring Fan @ 11/12/2008 at 10:05 pm

    You obviously fail at reading comprehension, troll. You can’t switch names and post within one minute. You obviously are too stupid to understand how a computer works. I never disputed it could be done. I said 20 minutes, dumbass. Wow, you really can’t be this stupid you have to be kidding. I’m not Adoring Fan. Dan Prickson (The one who is the fanatic and dumb). The reason the comment was posted within one minute was because it was copied and pasted. I didn’t toggle through different names because those comments were posted right after each other. DUMBASS!

    That was your point, DUMBASS. Good job on missing it. Keep lying and digging yourself further into a hole. Only sick, weird deranged losers who go through all the comments looking through the times and are extremely paranoid would think people use different names. You’re so stupid that you don’t realize not everyone is in the same time frame. It may be 12:30am where you are but it was the afternoon where I was. Who is “everyone”? Only you keep replying, oh deluded one. I’m not Adoring Fan but keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night.


    I do value my job because I barely come on here. You obviously don’t even have a job. You’re the one trolling because you started the argument in the first place, DUMBASS!


  12. 87
    Pop = Lopez Says:

    All this bullsh*t about who posted what and when. Give it up Lopez and Marc. You suck!

    Oh and Garner rocks!! She doesn’t look all tired pasty and miserable. Ben looks sexy now with Garner, but when he was with Lopez he looked drained and miserable. He was probably sick of JLo’s nasty, stanky bootie. LOL :-)

    LOL @ Pop thinking celebs come on here. Get out of your basement full of Lopez posters and get a life, freak!

  13. 88
    pop Says:

    Awwww what’s the matter poor baby. The mere mention of JLo hit a nerve?? Ooops.

    Just think all those millions and the Afflecks still can’t get over their bitter feelings toward JLo.

    JLo is amazing. There is no comparison. In ten years, Affleck will be history while JLo will continue to rock on!!

  14. 89
    Miranda Says:

    And LOL @ you forgetting what you type in previous posts and lying. Do you suffer from alzheimer’s among everything else?!! LOL!!! DUMBASS Pricksons. You obviously have an obsession with saying that because you were called it your whole life. It wasn’t a long post either it was a sentence long. Learn to read, take your medication and give it a rest. You’re not proving anything and only showing what a DUMBASS you are.

    Don’t make lies you can’t back up. You don’t have the IP addresses so you have no proof. JJ knows that you’re a lying idiot, though. Stop projecting on others what you’re doing yourself.

    Pop, celebs don’t come on here. They don’t care what lunatics from the insane asylum like you think. Fans come on to defend people they like, like what you are doing with Lopez, hypocrite. Give it up and stop wasting time on the welfare computer.

  15. 90
    Miranda Says:

    POP — Aww poor baby obviously the one with the hit nerve is you. Which is why you’re on the Garner post in the first place. The Afflecks don’t have bitter feelings, only Lopez obsessive fans do which is why they come on every Affleck post. Lopez is trash there is no comparison. Lopez is history. Her last album flopped, she can’t get a job and nobody cares about her anymore except you, while Garner and Affleck are A-listers.

  16. 91
    Miranda Says:

    Awwww what’s the matter poor baby. The mere mention of Garner hit a nerve?? Ooops.

    Just think all those millions and Lopez still can’t get over her bitter feelings toward Garner and Affleck.

    Garner and Affleck are amazing. There is no comparison. In ten years, Lopez will be history while Affleck and Garner will continue to rock on!! She already is history with her flopped albums and her product sales going down. J-LOW, indeed! LMAO. Crazy Lopez fans. Still can’t get over a 4-year break-up and continue to troll Garner posts.

  17. 92
    Miranda Says:

    Eww…. gross. Pop daydreaming about Lopez’s stanky as*. Yuck! Lopez sure attracts some freaks for fans. There was just a show on VH1 counting down the freakiest and ugliest couples and Hopez and Skeletor were on the top! ROTFLMAO!

  18. 93
    pop Says:

    LOL Ben Affleck A list (insert laugh) married to C List Garner (Give me a break!) Toby McGuire is A List. Ben has always strived for A List but never quite wears it with ease. Garner doesn’t have the chops for A List. She can not open a movie with her name.

    Maybe you didn’t get the memo but Garner is definately not A List. She and Ben are noooo way up there with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    Keep dreaming!!!

  19. 94
    Miranda Says:

    LOL!!! He is an A-lister. Look him up on any celeb site and they list them both as A-listers. There are always on the most popular lists on here. Lopez is the C-lister, well now probably a F-lister. (insert laugh). Garner has more talent in her little finger than Lopez does. She does better as a television actress, though.

    Actually they are up there, which is why every site lists them as so.

    Keep dreaming!!! That they aren’t. Maybe you didn’t get the memo. Hilarious how you keep coming back to the Garner posts. Obsessed with them and can’t get over Ben dumping Lopez four years ago. (Give me a break!) You don’t see Garner fans going on the few Lopez posts there are (she has enough haters already!) Go to your precious Lopez fans and buzz off, pest. Toby McGuire an A-lister? He gets like 20 comments on here and not even listed in the most popular celebs. How do you know what Ben strived for? You don’t know him personally. Fail as usual, troll. LMAO!!!

  20. 95
    Miranda Says:

    LOL Jennifer Lopez A list (insert laugh) married to NO List Marc (Give me a break!) Ben Affleck is A List. Lopez has always strived for A List but never quite wears it with ease. Lopez doesn’t have the chops for A List. She can not open a movie with her name and her albums continue to flop.

    Maybe you didn’t get the memo but Lopez is definitely not A List. She and Marc are noooo way up there with Ben Affleck and Jen Garner.

    Keep dreaming!!! Lopez’s time is up and her fans are still milking a 4-year break-up because they have nothing else to talk about.

  21. 96
    Lily-Rose Says:

    Enough with the arguing already. Who cares about Jennifer Lopez anyways? Everyone knows that this Ben quote is from 4 years ago, when he discussed the break-up. Jennifer Lopez talked about it too.

    This is a Jennifer Garner post. If you’re a fan of Jennifer Lopez then go on her posts and stop trying to start arguments. Jennifer Lopez fans go on every Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner post. They’re the ones who can’t get over the break-up, obviously. What other reason would they look them up? If you’re so over the break-up, stop looking up her ex-boyfriend and look up Marc Anthony, then. Jennifer Lopez fans are just as defensive as Garner fans so stop being a hypocrite.

    Arguing over “who” is “who” is pointless since anyone can accuse anyone of using different user names without proof. There is no point in arguing over it so get over it and stop spamming. Who cares if a few comments are close together? It means nothing because people who live all over the world go on this site in different time zones.

  22. 97
    pop Says:

    White on rice. Back again as expected. You care way too much what a little troll like me thinks. Just wait til your baby is old enough to cause real havoc. :-) LOL

  23. 98
    Miranda Says:

    I’m a FAN of them, which is why I like to look them up. What baby? I don’t have any children, you weirdo. Or are you still thinking that fans are celebs on here? LMAO. You should stop wasting time on the computer at the mental institution. I guess I can assume you’re Lopez. That said just wait until your twins are old enough to cause havoc. :) LOL

    You’re the white on rice on here because you have NO reason to be here and not a fan. Yep, you’re back again as expected. I don’t care at all what you think. I like to look at the pictures, unlike you. You obviously care what I think. The only one causing havoc is yourself. :) LOL

  24. 99
    Miranda Says:

    White on rice. Back again as expected. You care way too much what I think. Just wait til your baby is old enough to cause real havoc. :-) LOL

    And Lily-Rose is right, you’re obsessed with Affleck, it’s really pathetic. LMFAO @ you thinking fans are celebs on here. You really are mentally-sick. Get help, you obviously need it. Celebs have better things to do than to look up what nobodies like you think. Stop wasting time on the welfare computer and go back to getting your food stamps. LMAO!

  25. 100
    shammy Says:

    Oh my! I’m bored and could not resist these adorable photos of Jennifer looking fresh and with that maternity glow. Hoping this family sticks together forever and have a mini-me of Benny. So sweet and just PERFECT as they are the BEST.

    Happiness and Health to the familia!!!


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