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Jennifer Aniston Snags Gerard Butler For 'Goree Girls'

Jennifer Aniston Snags Gerard Butler For 'Goree Girls'

Romance rumors began to swirl this summer when Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler started meeting.

Turns out Jen was interested in… Gerard‘s acting!

Life & Style has learned that Jen, 39, has nabbed the 300 star, 39, for a role in The Goree Girls, a woman’s prison saga she’s set to produce and star in next year.

“The thing that really blew her away was P.S. I Love You,” says a Jen insider. “Gerard‘s performance made her laugh and cry.”

Should Jen‘s on-again boyfriend, John Mayer, be worried about the Scottish stud?

“She’ll get a kick out of having romantic scenes with Gerard,” the insider says. “But she wants to go home at the end of the day with someone like John.”

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  • MArcia

    “with someone like John”????? so she wants another STD?!?!

    Gerry is 1000 times hotter and better than that sleeze she sleeps with!

  • SI

    Jen looks so beautiful!!!!! as always!!!!

  • SI

    I think John is way hotter…though Gerald is also cute…

  • Piper

    Wow. Jen must be orgasm non-stop. so many tabloid covers in so little time!!!

  • Shonathan Hilton

    I think Jen and this dude make a better couple than Jen and John.
    Uhmm this guy seems about her age and they seem to make a cute couple.
    I feel like John has to mature himself.


  • Piper

    Geez Jared. I didn’t think or gas m is a no-no word. Kill joy :)

  • std

    Gerard is better looking than John in my opinion, but equally if not more likely to have an STD. LOL.

  • SI

    What I like most of her is how lovely she is, always smiling, nice to everybody…You don´t see her crying on interviews, trying to make a scene…

    Way it go JEN!!!!

  • Sara

    Love her cant wait to see it.

  • n.o.l.a

    Hello…who cares about Gerry or John. THE GOREE GIRL!??!?!? What kind of fcukery is that????

  • Apg

    Don’t make that movie, Gerry. You are better than that!

  • SI

    u go jen. get ur flirt on. aniston mostly likely said i sh~g u if you’ll be in my movie. go jen. u slut

  • Janie

    If you don’t like the girl, stop posting hateful things. It’s funny to me that all you haters take your time and post ridiculous comments.

    I love Jen! This should be a good film! :)

  • SI

    another box-office BOMB. my god aniston is ugly

  • bye, bye gerard

    If you do this movie with Jennifer Aniston it will be the end of your career.

  • not interested

    I rather watch a dead fish in a fish bowl turned upside down, than see Jennifer Boriston do a love scene yet I wouldn’t pay .02 to see any of her snoozefest movies.

  • Tintangel

    #15- DITTO!

  • Spicylily THAILAND


    Jennifer Aniston can not act apart from being Rachel Green.

    It’s painful to watch her trying to seduce and completely failed
    in ‘ Derailed’ and even more painful to see her brief appearance and singing ‘ Happy Birthday’ to Alec Balwind in ‘ 30 Rock’

    Well, Jen got money so she can produce, act and do whatever she
    want in her own movies, otherwise who will take a chance ?

    ‘ Managment ‘ and ‘ The Traveller’ are still hanging on the shelf,
    no distributor after all.

    Though I really like Gerard and see almost all of his movie but I will not want to see you with or in a plain Jen movie.

    I think Jen has more motives than just got Gerard in her film.
    Come on………………Jen
    Please go back to your small screen already.

  • gerry in texas?

    I do not know much about this movie or the role that gerry will play. Apparently, the prison is in texas? Please god, gerry, do not attempt a southern accent!!!! I love you and you are hot, but you cannot pull off an american accent, much less a southern one. Hopefully, he is playing a prison guard of Scottish decent?? Ugh.

  • Sammy

    Sounds good to me. I can’t wait to see Marley and Me.


    Why not have a new movie set romance…Since that is how Angie and
    Brad met… It would be fun ….John is sooo boring … and it is time that
    Jen shows the world that she does not care about her ex husband..

  • Jo Ann

    Gerard was great in PS I Love You. He was so sweet and then he had to die! I also laughed and cried when I saw this movie.

    Gerard baby you are totally a Scottish Stud.

  • Jill

    Well at least this one won’t pee on her…

  • Anon

    Actually, I think Jen and Gerry will hit it off. He’s a good actor. Did you see him in the Scottish movie Dear Frankie, about the little deaf boy? It is different from anything else he ever did. He is very sweet in it.

  • Tintangel

    OMG! It gets worse! It’s a f*****g musical!

  • Jill

    … but as a career move for him, it will be the kiss of death. Run Gerard, run!

  • anon

    John and Jen are not a couple.

  • bailey

    YAY for Gerry :)

  • karen

    I think that people need to keep their mouths shut, try being in the movies yourself and see how good you are .All these people are jealous over the stars. I have learned if you don’t have anything good to say keep your mouths shut.

  • zk


    Another failed film for Aniston, that no one will watch. This time, she gets to add “failed producer” to her credits.

  • dani

    Oh geez. Watching Derailed was extraordinarily painful as she was so bad in it. Tell me she isn’t going to attempt another drama. The last scene in Derailed where she is shot, she is so bad you just had to laugh as she falls dead.

  • andamentothat

    This should be fun to watch.. JJ will have posts liek 10x a day when this starts filming.. ooj new love for Jen around March when Mayer is released from his contract..

  • Sharon D.

    Anon @ 11/19/2008 at 1:38 pm

    Actually, I think Jen and Gerry will hit it off. He’s a good actor. Did you see him in the Scottish movie Dear Frankie, about the little deaf boy? It is different from anything else he ever did. He is very sweet in it.


    OMG! I love that movie, I just wished that him and the mom would got together, it would def. made that little boy happy.

  • Insider

    Um, not to take the wind out of anyone’s sails that thinks aniston can act, let alone get this stupid movie brought to screen and have a box office hit – but reality check: this bit of rumor is from Life & Style. A tabloid. It appears no where else online.

    Why people are swallowing it – may give you an idea of who’s behind it – aniston’s PR flack, Huvane.

    It wouldn’t surprise me though if (Huvane) who regularly leaks to tabloids, is floating this in the hopes she can scare up some funding – she is close to persona non grata.

    It tells you just how desperate she is, if she even has to lie about someone like butler who is almost 40 and still hasn’t arrived, to get greenlit. hahaha.

    gerard ‘ps I love you,’ butler is not exactly gold – plus his fat chipmunk cheeks make him look bloated 24/7. Call me if he makes a musical ’300,’ ..but a craptastic musical starring jen aniston about priosners, female – excuse me, but roflmao.

    So far. this butler rumor appears nowhere else.

    If Butler values having a legit career – he’ll treat desperate maniston like the TV bad luck she is, and run far far far away….then he’ll ring up Brad Pitt and ask for a role in The Departed sequel, World War Z, or any number of big projects Plan B is working on. Hahaha

    ….last thing I read, butler was very eager to quickly issue a press release saying he had nothing to do with her in Toronto. LOL

    Let’s see how long it takes him this time to disassociate himself….lol

  • K

    Yes, she wants to go home to someone she can manipulate.

  • Kristen

    I hope this one is successful for her.

    I think if she got a big movie behind her a lot of this ‘love triangle’ crap would stop.

    But she is a little all american looking for a prisoner (if that is what she will be playing).

  • Independant Thinker

    I’m looking forward to this new movie. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of the many movies Jen has made in the last three years….especially memorable was Derailed….such a twist at the end! 300 was an awesome movie, so Geradrd should be great in this movie. Remember Gerard DePardeu?….same strong, cute, funny type of acting. With the economy situation, job situation , etc in the world now, it’s great to have two hours of feeling good and laughing….thanks Jen! Ever gracious, charasmatic, and such a lady! I have to admire her for many reasons, life isn’t easy for any one of us, but she seems to have a calm that allows her to get throug any of the deep chyt that tries to stick to her….gotta admire her for that…

  • Whatever

    And to all you Jen haters: ANGELINA JOLIE CAN’T ACT…she is VERY lucky to have her beauty because that’s what sells in Hollywood. Her films focus only her, her looks and her body -that is NOT acting!

    Best wishes for Jen and Gerry!!! I think they will have a great chemistry together. All the best to Goree Girls!!!

  • whatever

    i am stoopid moron anyway.

  • Liz

    Why do I keep seeing these remarks about John and Jen are not a couple. They’re under contract…It is an act…They are with other people…Is she with Gerard? Brad? Is there some game to free him? Somehow I do suspect that there is some kind of staging going on to throw the people and paps off but what it is exactly I don’t know. Please someone who does, tell us the truth.

  • so uncool

    Hey #38, who was mentioning Angelina here? Just because some people consider JA a bad actress (and producer), you assume they are AJ fans and you must attack her?

    Well here, darling: At 33 years old, 3 Golden Globe Awards, 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards and 1 Academy Award achieved… yup , that definitely sounds like the profile of a terrible actress! Or maybe NOT?

    Maybe we should also quote Just Jared, for a little extra fun “It was recently reported that Angie’s 2008 gross total in box office revenue has reached over $1 billion, according to BoxOfficeMojo. Angie, our billion dollar box office champ!”. I mean, if someone who achieves ALL that “can’t act”, what can we say of some other actress whose movies have always bombed big time, and whose appearance in 30 Rock gave the show its lowest rating of the season? I guess Angelina is not the “uncool” one when it comes to movie biz!

  • a zimbo

    so uncool ita and didnt gorgeous gerard act with Ange and say the most amazing things abt her…biting much douchifer

  • LuckyL

    Sorry, she is Box Office Poison

  • pafan

    I haven’t seen any confirmation of this posted by Gerard or Jennifer’s management people as yet. Shouldn’t we wait and see if it’s a done deal? I am a little worried about Gerry signing on to do a movie with her. She isn’t exactly box office magic despite all the publicity she gets in magazines and online.Maybe Marley and Me willl be a hit for her. Gerry’s got so many projects in the fire right now, I wonder when they’d film this? No contest between John/Gerry. Gerry’s hot, John’s not. In fact, there’s something kind of icky about John.

  • Tina

    Great, now if she gets along with him, has a drink after work or decides to practice lines in his trailer we’ll be treated to screaming headlines about their secret affair.

  • Tina

    Great, now if she gets along with him, has a drink after work or decides to practice lines in his trailer we’ll be treated to screaming headlines about their secret affair.

  • ivermom

    MMMM….sounds interesting. Jen, you are on a roll lately :)

  • Mark

    I think this is another failed film too. The douche bag she is with is not going to be able to help drum up attention for Jen. If any thing he is bringing her down.

  • Mark

    John is not worried because as he said “he only shags stupid women” Jen is stupid that why she is with Mayer.

  • Kate

    Jen is so desperatly trying to get people to notice her-it will not work her dog movie will flop.