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Suri Cruise Does the Sonoma Squint

Suri Cruise Does the Sonoma Squint

Suri Cruise squints her eyes as she heads out into the rain with her mom, Katie Holmes after shopping at housewares store Williams-Sonoma in New York City on Thursday.

Katie‘s husband, Tom Cruise, received a Best Supporting Actor for his part in Tropic Thunder. He is up against co-star Robert Downey Jr., Ralph Fiennes in The Duchess, Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

WHO DO YOU THINK should get the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor?

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise doing the Sonoma squint…

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suri cruise squint 01
suri cruise squint 02
suri cruise squint 03
suri cruise squint 04
suri cruise squint 05
suri cruise squint 06
suri cruise squint 07
suri cruise squint 08
suri cruise squint 09
suri cruise squint 10

Credit: NY22; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • b chick

    cutie pie. first?

  • Dani

    Heath Ledger deserves the Globe!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i so want heath to get the golden globe (and every other award) but damn! i want tom to get it ;just so i can see the jolie-haters go absolutely nuts. LMAO

  • jennifer


  • $$$$$$$URI

    Wow! Suri really IS being ‘pimped out’ daily just now. And she’s grimacing, covering her ears, hiding her face. She has bare legs and then bare feet in another picture (she must have removed them in the shop). Give the poor kid a rest!

  • Famous in your dreams

    In Famous

    I hardly think the jolie-haters would go nuts. There isn’t any reason for them to.

    Your hatred towards everything non-Cruise is utterly boring.

  • gjc

    That little girl sure hates the flashbulbs!

  • messisuri

    i love suri

  • milton Cody


  • May


  • Shawna

    #9 – How can a 2 year old be fake????

  • nikki dai

    Suri’s going to be one messed up kid, teen and adult. It’s almost mandatory having Tom as a dad and pod Kate as a mom. This is borderline child abuse the way she’s pimped out and her parents don’t care. Katie usually has a smile and her kid is covering her ears, shutting her eyes. This is pathetic and sad.

  • Ashley


  • um

    I consider Tom’s cameo role in Tropic thunder just that..a cameo. Did it deserve a GG nomination? All though funny, I don’t think it was enough screen time to qualify IMO.

  • tom

    No leggings or tights on Suri again! What else is new?
    Katie looks horrible: dark circles under her eyes and cold sores on her mouth (Herpes).

  • Dudu

    OMG!Poor kid…dont u see she hates those flashes and long lenses in her face?!
    She is just a 2 year old baby who happens to have “famous” parents…just leave the kid alone….

  • j

    Katie is such a lazy mother. I hope she does not have any more children.

  • runnergirl

    She is more concerned with being a good mom than applying her makeup. Not only that , she’s in a play.

  • denise

    The child is never dressed properly for the weather. Katie needs to hire someone who knows how to take care of children. She needs a nanny.

  • Meg

    The paps should really stop taking photos of them when they have their child with them. She is obviously being harmed by the attention and stress of it all. I wonder if Kate or Tom have seen any of these types of photos because it is very clear that emotional damage is being done to this little girl and her parents should not allow it to happen to her, it is neglectful of them to continue to have this happen to her. I feel bad for the little girl and as a mom I think Kate and Tom are really wrong to allow it. They need to not go out with her for awhile until the attention on them wears off, and when they do they need to do it more undercover. There should be a law against stalking children the way these photographers do. Once you are a parent, the well-being of your children needs to come first over your own ego needs. They do not have to work and they do not have to parade around town. They have this little girl who is being targeted and negatively affected and yet they continue to drag her all over town to be subjected to more emotional harm by the day. Shame on them!

  • Mr. Blonde

    Who the hell is being pimped, #5 and #12?! By your logic, ANY celebrity seen with their outside in public are pimping their kid since that seems to be your argument for proving that TomKat pimps their kid.

    How is she a lazy mom, #17?

    Holmes knows how to take care of kids, we’ve seen her dressed warmly before as the archives will show you and she likely already has a nanny, #19.

  • Mr. Blonde

    I’d really like to tell you how they’re allowing anything, #20. She’s famous (by association) and is expectedly photographed.

    She’s dragged all around town? She’s taken outside in public like any other kid for a variety of different reasons.

    Until the attention on them wears off??? That makes such little sense.

    All we can do is hope for a law protecting children from the paparazzi.

  • ember heart

    She really is so adorable!

  • nikki dai

    #21, only an idiot and an insane one totally ignorant to how Suri does not enjoy media attention would continue putting her dead center in that environment. She’s being pimped out by parents who seemingly don’t care and encourage it.

  • lola

    TC deserves the globe even Downey not some pity emotinal votes to a dead actor.

  • iron chef

    beautiful family

  • rose

    WTG TC and God bless this family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cupcakes

    Classy TomKat and Suri
    trolls are trashy

  • paps enough stalking them


  • kolasa

    Im rooting for Tom and Downey.

    Katie and Suri are adorable.

  • Katherine

    Because there is nothing a two year old loves more then braving the paparazzi and the cold to visit a kitchen store.

  • irene

    Both are too cute beyond words but I feel sorry they are not left alone by the photogs.

  • defap

    LOL, Suri.
    Tom should get the award.

  • Mr. Blonde

    What environment, #24? A public sidewalk?

  • Lisa

    I thought Tom was really good in Tropic Thunder. It was such a role that was so unlike him to play and that’s one reason why it was so funny. I only wished his part could have been bigger. Too bad Ben Stiller didn’t get any nominations even if it was something behind the scenes.

    Poor little Suri, not in the mood for pictures today.

  • Dale

    No blonde boy….WRONG. All the other celebrity parents have an occasional picture taken of themselves with their children. Tiny Tom and his wife, Robocat stage these “ops” daily because deep inside those two, they KNOW 90% of the intelligent people in this world wouldn’t care if they boarded their little spaceship and flew away to embrace Xenu…but many people love the Suri pics (like you, Blondie…right?), so it’s called pimping the child. Stop stating your insane opinion as fact. You are a douche.
    And your “hope” for laws protecting children from the paps would make your sicko little hobby harder for you, so stop pretending that you’re not a perv…..everyone knows better…..especially those that “watch” for your type of behavior out here in webland.


    Yup princess was without a coat, pants, stockings and shoes! how hard was it to bring a raincoat for the (100% chance of ) rain,

    suri always looks less than happy when she’s tire. cold and in uncomfortable clothing….

  • ugh

    this kid has no friends her age
    she still wears diapers
    she is 4 months away from being 3 years old-IF you believe she was really born in April, and they STILL carry her
    she hates the camera
    Tom and Katie are desperate publicity WHORES-they are lousy parents

    wish they would move out of NYC and go to some remote island so we never have to see them again

  • Cali

    Over the past few months, all the stories and photos that have been published about Suri sure do seem to all come to the same conclusion : Suri acts like a brat.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I believe everything I read, but it does seem like a huge ammount of evidence. Lol

  • tina

    tom had a cameo and hardly deserves a nod for that. Heath Ledger, on the other hand, had a huge, difficult role and most definitely should win the GG and every other award. sorry, no comparison. it’s like tommy is a dried, wrinkled raisin and heath was a shiny, plump, lucious grape. go heath.

  • observer

    Congrats Tom and Im happy all my favorite actors got a nod minus Ledger. Awww Tommy’s girls are lovely.

  • boogie

    I guess…..simply put…….these clueless parents- TomKAt……just don’t have their priorities (regarding raising Suri ) in order.

    They seem to have a HUGE craving for constant publicity compared to other celebrities that have more of a “normal” personal life .

    Really too bad for Suri.

  • lourdes

    Health Ledger of course and he also deserves the Oscar for the soul-wrenching performance that made him one of the most outstanding actors of our time. Katie Holmes really looks bad, pale and with herpetic lesions. Poor woman she’s been through the wringer with the type of men she chooses in her life.

  • pr person

    “I have to say those paparazzi shots of my daughter are incredible” .. Tom Cruise.

    Riiiggggtttt… Delusional little crazy turd!

  • dani

    lola @ 12/11/2008 at 11:14 pm

    You obviously didn’t see Ledger in The Dark Knight. And Hoffman also gives a tremendous performance in Doubt as does Fiennes in The Duchess. Tom’s performance while funny is no where near the intensity of the other three actor’s parts.

  • marley

    Hooray :)

  • Bobs

    Well said Dale.

  • Mr. Blonde

    I never state my opinion as fact unlike critics, #36. Your entire argument is depended on some falsehood that TomKat are only popular because they have a cute kid. That’s just not true. Also, right now you’re saying that you know what TomKat thinks which is ridiculous.

    Who wouldn’t, #37?

    That kid has friends her age, #38. So what of she’s still in diapers. They carry her AND let her walk all the time. Prove that TomKat are desperate publicity whores.

    That’s not true at all, #39. What evidence of bratty behavior? This lame, new argument from critics is only a few weeks old.

    How do you figure that, #42?

  • goya

    People, people, people, Tommy has a movie to promote! Of course, he’s going to pimp out the only positive thing he’s going for him – Suri! By the way, Tommy’s GG was nomination. Even the journalists present at the nominations burst into laughter when they heard his name. Heath Ledger will win, deservedly so.

  • dido

    tom is a great actor and ı hope he wins, my heart is with him