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Nicole Kidman is Nine for Nine

Nicole Kidman is Nine for Nine

Nicole Kidman rides shotgun in a light blue Alfa Romeo convertible as she films new scenes for her upcoming movie musical, Nine, in Rome, Italy on Wednesday (January 28).

Her costar Daniel Day-Lewis drove Nicole out of Cinecitta film studios as they filmed a scene involving paparazzi.

Nine is based on the 1982 Tony Award-winning musical of the same name and is being directed by Rob Marshall (Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha). I have a sinking feeling we’re going to be in for a real treat with this movie!

Plot via Wiki: A middle-aged film director Guido Contini (Day-Lewis) is trying to complete his next film. His only problem is that he has too many women in his life: Luisa (Marion Cotillard), his wife, Carla (Penélope Cruz), his sexy mistress, and Claudia (Kidman), his muse and protege.

15+ pictures inside of Nine star Nicole Kidman

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Credit: Venturini; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Ms

    I love Nicole…can’t wait to see this film, she totally gets into her roles.

  • lala

    wow, Penelope and Nicole will have plenty to talk about!

  • loyal Opposition

    I am sure there will be droves of people lined up to see this movie when it comes out!

  • andre

    omg she is so beatiful.. i love her


    cruz and kidman… what’s the chit chat really all about? :)

  • taco

    Here comes Kidman with another flop!

  • LuckyL

    lala @ 01/28/2009 at 8:18 pm

    wow, Penelope and Nicole will have plenty to talk about!


    taco, please stop acting like Nicole has a zillion flops or something.

    This will be exciting. She looks so much hotter than Katie-bot when she even tries a little.

  • virgo

    #6.. quit criticizing. I bet we could find something bad to say about your favorite actor or actress. ;)

  • LuckyL

    Jared, and having a “sinking feeling” means something bad is going to happen. Your sentence doesn’t make sense.

  • Cutiemcfreckles

    daniel day lewis is so sexy and talented…can’t wait for Nine!

  • Danielle

    You know none of Nicole’s films have been total flops. In fact with the exception of I think two (Birth and one other) they have all made money and lots of money. Much more than it cost to produce them. Even the critic savaged Australia has made money. It cost $130 million to make with $60 million in tax breaks–bringing it down to $70 million. It currently has grossed (domestic/foreign) $180 million. Not bad for a flop! The movie is still going strong in the foreign markets and the DVD has yet to be releases. Funny too how close to 80 percent of the audiences who saw it rated it B or higher with only 15 percent giving it D or lower.
    And to continue (these figures don’t include DVD sales etc):
    The Golden Compass cost $180 mil to make and grossed over $372 mil.
    Margot at the Wedding DID perform poorly making less than $3mil, but she got rave critical reviews for her performance.
    Invasion made half of what it cost to make it, but why blame Nicole. Daniel Craig, one of the top male stars was in it. Did you ever think people were tired of Invasion remakes?
    Happy Feet–Cost $180 million, made close to $400 million.
    Fur made about 3 million and that was expected due to it being an indie. I believe she took a very very small salary for that one.
    Bewitched cost $85 mil to make and grossed over $130 million. And why blame Nicole for it not being a smash when it had BIG names acting along side of her.
    Interpreter cost $80 mil to make and grossed $162 million.
    Birth cost $20 million and made $23 million. Critics gave her rave reviews for her performance and the film has made the top 100 list of several critics.
    Stepford Wives cost $90 mil and made $102 mil. And again, why blame Nicole when there were BIG names acting with her?
    I could go on and on, but with the exception of the Human Stain all of her movies have made money. And for many of them she has received critical acclaim.
    However, since you are a know-it-all who expresses ignorant opinions without viewing her films or looking up the facts, I suppose it is pointless to figure you are intelligent enough to understand that she isn’t box office poison nor is she untalented. For some reason people like you and certain critics are out to get her for no good reason whatsoever!

  • Lauren

    sinking feeling means something BAD is going to happen…what were you trying to say, exactly? :)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There are only B-rated & ADULT movies availible for her person, folks!!

  • runkatierun

    The film and musical are based o the life of the director Frederico Fellini.

    Jared, change the headline!

  • runkatierun


  • runkatierun


  • runkatierun


    The movie Australia has already made 190 million and is still climbing. It’s a hit.

    It did NOT cost 130 mil to make, it cost 78 million after tax breaks.

    It’s a hit and a great film

    The US movie market is driven by high school teen boys, the rest of the world’s film market is adults.

    Get it! Good!

  • Wendy


  • ellie

    I love seeing other big stars on these sites tonight it great.. I love Nichole ,Clive Owen. I do believe Nichole was suppose to be in M&MS but turned it down. You did Bewitched instead..( Your a lady of class).

  • NICOLE will ruin this movie

    This movie will flop because it’s wrongly cast..Nicole (TOO MUCH BOTOXING) in this is #1 reason it will flop. Penelope will be fab BUT Daniel Day Lewis as an Italian ..uhh
    Why not cast an Italian or how about Antonio Banderas who was fabulous on Broadway in this role..Daniel Day is not sexy.

  • media distribution

    I wish people would stop saying Australia cost 78 mil to make. It did not. It cost more and that was a great rundown of all her boxoffice accomplishments but relatively speaking she is NOT a BO hitter. Her movies DO NOT top ANY studio’s list as successful. Though some studios are willing to take a chance on her now, she needs to come out with stable ‘domestic’ hitters or she will find herself caught up trying to prove her marketability like her ex is now. Valkyrie has help Tom with a strong Domestic BO showing. Nichole needs her own Valkyrie because Australia, The Golden Compass, and Invasion were not it. She can only hope this new movie will get her going in the right direction. It’s good she has fans, hopefuly they will rally behind her. She has a lot competition both younger, more beautiful, stronger screen presence and in some cases more talented. To be frank Nic needs to start hustlin’ her a$$ off or the studios that are still standing on loyalty, will move on.

  • olivia

    A JJ PLEA: Show us Marion Cotillard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should also post Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Marion Cotillard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jim

    Nic is my fav actress, she’s a humble & down to earth as a big talented actress in hollywood.

  • julia

    Nicole looks fantastic!

  • vanessa

    I love Nic!!!! so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • elen

    Nicole is soooooo talented and beautiful

  • fkftydvkl

    Nicole is GORGEOUS

  • hannibal

    media distribution, she calls NICOLE and not NICHOLE. and australia’s budget IS 78 MILLIONS $ (78 is the part of the Fox, and 40 from Australia Gov. for helps Australian tourism) so SHUT UP.
    THE GOLDEN COMPASS DID 372 MILLIONS DOLLARS with a budget of 180.
    Do you really think she need to takes to the studios more money?
    IT’S NOT KIDMAN’S GUILT IF AMERICANS ARE TOTALLY IDOTIOTS and prefer to watch BEDTIME STORIES instead a great movie like AUSTRALIA. The problem IS NOT Nicole, but AMERICANS PEOPLE. The best thing you’ve done in these 5 years is electing Barack Obama. For the rest your Nation is a disaster!
    Nicole Kidman is a STRONG POWER AT THE BOX OFFICE for a woman, and hollywood’s major continue to offer her great roles in big movies (The Eight Wonder for example, or Nine)
    Tell me one name of an actress who are famous as Nicole, good as Nicole and able to make 190 or 372 millions dollar at box office. I’m curious.
    Cruise now is a finished man, his movie’s Valkyrie was blames by US critics and German critics, he did a very small result to US BO, he arrived at number 4 position, 5 years ago something of similar would never happened to Tom, mr. number 1 at BO (now is only the number 4). Lions For Lambs flopped, M:I 3 was under the expectations, Paramount dumbed him, he needs to be like Nicole: loved, respected and a great actor.
    Kidman haters are PATHETIC and LOOSERS.

  • Hip

    She looks soooooooo good !!! A true beauty !!!

  • dogvill

    She is a LADY !!!

    Love u Nicole

  • taco

    Money is money – no matter if it comes from the Australian taxpayers or a film production company. Australia still cost $130 million dollars. That figure doesn’t include promotional costs either and has been estimated to be closer to $200 million when everything is said and done. Why can’t her fans admit that she is a horrible actress? Read the reviews – they will agree with me.

    hannabil – do you know when Kidman goes to the bathroom as well? Why don’t you add up Julia, Sandra, Reese, etc., and tell me how much their movies have brought in? And please, don’t mix US politics with your passion for Kidman – you really sound insane then.

  • hannibal



    I ask: is there another actress talented and famous like Nicole? Julia? Resse? Sandra? Who?!?

    Shame on you, you’re insane when you call Nicole Kidman horrble actress. You must be stupid and a failed person.


    oh please…saying nicole kidman is an horrible actress is an heresy and scarcity of respect for human’s intelligence.

    if nicole kidman is an horrible actress what about jessica alba or megan fox?

    i wonder if some people think before write. please, be logic.

    have respect for a great actress.

  • robertmago

    taco, don’t mix your stupidity with the hate for nicole kidman, you really sound insane.


    Australia: Budget: $130-150 million
    Gross: $180 million and counting

    The Golden Compass: Budget: 180 million
    Gross: 372 million

    Happy Feet: Budget: $100 million
    Gross: $384 million

    Bewitched: Budget: 85 million
    Gross: 131 million

    The Interpreter: Budget: $80 million
    Gross: $163 million

    Birth: Budget: 20 million
    Gross: 24 million

    The Stepford Wives: Budget: $90 million
    Gross: $102 million

    stop to call her box office poison, it’s insane.

  • martah

    People’s intrest about her box office resulsts is morbid. It is the only way they have to attack her, because she’s a great actress a beautiful woman and she has never said nothing of bad to anyone.
    The false stories about her false flops are the only way that the stupid people have to blame her.

  • TACO

    Yeah, sorry..I was wrong!

  • Emmanuel

    to taco 31#

    Australia still cost $130 million dollars. That figure doesn’t include promotional costs either and has been estimated to be closer to $200 million

    how do you know ??????

    Assuming you are correct , The Curious Case of Benjamin Button still cost $150 million dollars. That figure doesn’t include promotional costs either and has been estimated to be closer to $200 million

    so far BB made $134,869,307 Worldwide


    this is a flop to me but BB reviews was so good unlike australia,so there is two kinds of flop here box offic, Critics reviews

    also REVOLUTIONARY ROAD Production Budget: $35 million so far it made $24,408,622 Worldwide

    australia didn’t do well with reviews but with $179,832,334 Worldwide

    that is soo good to me

    I respect your opinion but the The media is focusing more on the critics opinion , not the box office like BB or RR even if They failed at the box office those Films will be successful because of the many nominations they Received

    But in my opinion every one of them is a great movie to Remember

  • really

    hannibal – how many Golden Globes, SAG Awards has Kidman won this year?

    Oh that’s right, Kidman wasn’t even nominated! I haven’t read one bad review about Winslet. Look who won those awards this year! If Australia was so great, why wasn’t it nominated for a GG or SAG?

    TACO – I’m so glad I have a mind of mine own!

  • tulip

    Nicole looks so great! Love her.

  • taco

    You people really need to start reading other reviews and articles that are NOT posted on NKU. There has been a mixed bag of reviews on Australia. In no way was that a fantastic movie like you all think it is, and I hate to tell you this, but there are critics who have said that Kidman was the wrong choice for the role.. Where are all the nominations for Kidman and Australia?

    In the list that DJANGO provided, how many of those received nominations and/or awards? How many noms/awards did Kidman receive for those movies? Bewitched – now there’s a joke of a movie if I ever saw one!

  • Marii

    Looking perfectly gorgeous!! i love her, and this movie will be one of the best of 2009!!!

  • dianel

    There is over payed over rated kidman heading for another flop why does’nt the has been just give up

  • beatriz

    Nicole is divine


    Nic is GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!

  • love


  • patricia

    my goodness!!!
    she is great

  • Danielle

    really @ 01/29/2009 at 10:49 am

    Well Really, there were a ton of movies out this year and a ton of actors and actresses in them and most of them were not nominated for awards. So what?
    If producers want to pay Nicole obscene sums to star in their films, so be it.
    Nicole is hugely popular everywhere other than the U.S. Why do we as the U.S. feel we are the only ones that count? A lot of actors and actresses make tons of money and their films do to over in Europe and Asia. There are Bollywood actors that no one here has heard of outside of the Bollywood film community–they are huge stars in India and make a lot of money as do their films. Same goes with Asia and Europe.
    So what if Nicole often tanks here in the U.S. I certainly would not call the U.S. the cultural bastion of the world.
    Myself and many others like Nicole for her talent as an actress and her personality, i.e., I’ve never read or heard of a director or actor or producer bad mouth her in any way. Most of them talk about how nice she is, how supportive she is, etc. Compare that to Aniston where other actors and crew don’t always give her glowing recos even tho she is known as America’s Sweetheart.
    I don’t mind people disliking Nicole’s body of work or her personally. BUT it is ridiculous the way many folks have jumped on the I hate Nicole bandwagon. They have not seen most of her films yet feel qualified to dissect her performance. It is like some of the Amazon reviewers who start their review out with I’ve not read this book but don’t like the cover. How intelligent is that?

  • someone

    She looks HOT and at the same time so graceful! That woman is just so unbelievable gorgeous.
    The second pic is especially amazing. I can´t wait to see that movie.

  • Jessica

    They hate her because she’s gorgeous, white, blonde and blue-eyed. ..very much a Nordic beauty. Most of the haters are envious racists and I bet that hardly anyone of them are, it’s racism, pure and simple.