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Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!

Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!

If anyone could play race car driver cutie Danica Patrick in a movie — who would it be?

“I’ve always said Angelina Jolie would be great because she’s an action star!” Danica told some Canadian bloggers. As for Mandy Moore, Danica thought she was way too tall to play her!

Danica, 26, was then asked about Jennifer Aniston, to which she answered, “I don’t think that’d be age appropriate. She’s older than me!”

Angie is 33 and Jen is 40.

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mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 11:37 am

This woman is really nothing without photoshop, so sad … Not even botox can help her!

She better be careful she’ll be crying to reporter at her next outing and want a public apology. NOt every likes her or even loves her. She is a fake and pathetic woman and everyone is not goning to tiptoe around her like she’ll break if you tell her the truth about herself. She isn’t that fragile she just pretends to be. And she isn’t as sweet as BP proclaims either he just said that for press reasons. If she was all that he proclaimed why did he leave her for the socalled arrogant and wild and mean Angelina.We all know he fibs look at the lie about they continued filming after he was divorced and then he fell for her. It took you 2 weeks to fall for a woman after u had been filming 6 months prior? That’s a load of crap and he should be ashamed for telling that lie and expecting people to believe it. At least Angie is honest. But Brad is so worried about his little image he can’t help it. Or it could be that he didn’t want to hurt poor little Jen but guess what he already did that. It’s ok though she knows youre with Angie and have a family and she hurts and that just life. You guys failed at a marriage you met someone that you fell in love with when you first met her and it’s allright to say it and noone can do anything about it. That’s what Drew B was saying in press for HTNIY tell people the truth and it will help them. This whole mess was created by JA and her hurt and anger when she should have kept quiet and people blame Angelina for because JA wants to play the good girl role. If her marriage was over and wasn’t working she knows it bit she says she didn’t GET OVER IT.
Now she wants to show up a at the biggest awards show thinking she will get revenge and she won’t because these two will suck up all the air in the room once more. I wouldn’t do it.


mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 11:40 am

I am telling you, too much male hormones, or bad plastic surgery … What a sad woman!

mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 11:44 am

I still don’t understand what is wrong here with her bikini, I think she has problems, that is way she is so insecure and cries over gray hair and etc. She is insecure and desperate, what normal woman would be with a man that left her IN FRONT of paparazzi and according to her friends, she was paying for everything … She actually payed to Mayer to be with her. He probably left her again.


what has to do your blabing post, with the woman up there talking about women age with diginty and actully looking fantastic.


what has to do your blabing post, with the woman up there talking about women age with diginty and actully looking fantastic.

mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 11:46 am

I hope Maniston will not forget this about her payed boyfriend:

“Everyone thinks Brad Pitt has it great because he married Angelina Jolie. I think he has it terrible, because when Angelina Jolie is giving you a ********, what do you tip your head back and think of to help you finish? You have nothing left — just Jesus on a polar bear in the middle of the snow, saying, ‘You greedy ************, I’ve got nothing for you.’”
John Mayer, Rolling Stone

mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 11:49 am

I think she will have big problems with her health one day, she is smoking too much, but again, not even her fans care about her health, or her movies … Sad sad

You know X really, really, looks like a man. Maybe the story about her taking male hormones is true? Her face is hard, the chin looks long and hard looking, her ears are troll-like shaped, she is really unattractive. They must spend a lot of time photoshopping the shiznit out of her. What did Brad EVER see in her, I can never understand what. But X should not be upset because at least Brad went up the ladder, so she should be happy for that. I mean Angelina Jolie…he can’t get any higher after that and he knows it! Now X has Pee boy and well she should be contented with that, at least she has someone…..

Mayer left Maniston

tough luck, now he is sucking Aniston. She must be doing a great job.


actually now day your idol start looking the her brother. with that manly body of her.

Mayer left Maniston

actually he is rubbing that round shape ass of jen , who need manly shape flat butt woman. can you imagin naked like that.

Mayer left Maniston

actually he is rubbing that round shape ass of jen , who need manly shape flat butt woman. can you imagin naked like that.

mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 3:00 am I am shocked and the world is shocked … Great, now Maniston will start again with crying and screaming to the ocean, there will be at least five or six interviews, of course one will have to be on Oprah Show with “go girl” circus … And in every single interview Maniston will say that because of Danica she couldn’t sleep that night just like when Kimberly Stewart called her homely and Maniston said that she couldn’t sleep that night so she had to have pity party in evey single interview after that tragic event and blah blah, this woman is so insecure and desperate!

I AGREE!! We will see another pity party from this Man

mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 12:02 pm

She really has no class, she really doesn’t age good at all, she looks really like a man


keep wishing. the man is taken by Aniston, he has no eye for anyone. he does not wonder around like some man Armpit . When he is with one woman, he is with that woman. no hanky panky. beside , she giving a time of his life

Beside woman like this above and kimberly and some other make thier skin croll when they talk about Jen. something about her, make some women explode with jealosy.

mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 12:04 pm

She really is using to much of those male hormones. Desperate Maniston indeed!

Passing Through @ 02/20/2009 at 12:05 pm

# 78 NY DAILY NEWS @ 02/20/2009 at 5:35 am
John Mayer telling a girl he’s interested in working on her album at the Armani store opening.

lol, i’m sure mayer wants to work on her album, once a playa always a playa,lol
ROTFLMAO. The Armani opening was AFTER his Bermuda vacay with X. Too funny. I guess he figures his contract is almost over, so he may as well start lining up some hookups now. That Urinator…he doesn’t like to let his bed get too cold, does he?
BTW – I meant to say the other day when someone posted that link to Popsugar where The Urinator said he was disappearing for 3 months after the Oscars because he had to work on his next album…That’s Urinator speak for, “My contract is up and I’ve been told to disappear for a while so Jen can tell everyone SHE dumped me this time and to not repeat my impromptu “I don’t want to waste anyone’s time if something’s not right…” speech again…”

mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 12:09 pm

John Mayer telling a girl he’s interested in working on her album at the Armani store opening.

lol, i’m sure mayer wants to work on her album, once a playa always a playa,lol
THANK YOU PT!! I guess the end is close, well she payed a lot of money to him so my guess is that he will have enough money to live while “working” on a new album! Haha

passing though

i tough you are the person who tired of the trinagle. why you are wishing for separation between two people who adore each other.

honey while he is sucking and rubbing that full round ass jen. you keep counting for split. By now if you did not hear , he is a talented 7 Grammy winner unlike your idol. . he has job to do. may be that three month having a great time with his lovely jen ,and working hard.

mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 12:19 pm

OK, I wasn’t sure is this really Maniston or transvestite, but really – this is MANiston


If you are going to insult people, at least do so in proper grammar. I cannot understand the rubbish you write. I was not raised around people who did not have proper grammar; therefore, I cannot relate. Many of us here are not firsthand English speakers. But we can at least make an honest effort to speak and write appropriately. You just keep sounding dumber and dumber in your rantings. Once again, it shows the type of fans that JA has, the dumb and I am so sure fat, man-looking, unattractive, no class, boring, ones. Aren’t you glad that you are in such an exclusive club. Sorry I cannot relate to the X, I have not been there and do not intend to ever be there. So please move along to her thread and give her the support that she so greatly needs. THE Angelina Jolie is a strong and very capable and accomplished woman who is living her life with her children and man to the fullest. I was hoping MANiston would learn a thing or two from her but she is just too dumb to learn and at this point she is done, finis, finito, caput just like her stupid fans.


mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 12:26 pm

Val @ 02/20/2009 at 12:21 pm

I agree with you Val! But here is the thing that I do – I just see Bet’s name and I skip a comment, I never read her comments because (and I never before insulted Maniston fans) but Bet is just stupid child, probably teen that doesn’t go to school at all. She is spending time in front of computer. I think that she is really just stupid person. She doesn’t learn grammar or spelling. English is my third language and I agree there are lot of well educated people here, but Bet is just a child, so do what I do – just don’t read and don’t give a response to her stupid comments! She has to grow up!

why you think this is Anlina thread? And did i ask you to relate to jen?

who make Anlina strong person, is that becuase she play character of action moive. or is that becuase she use poor people to her advantage or is that becuase she born rich?. if you call a woman becuase she has too many childern with a lot of million to afford it, then again you can call Octmom a strong woman for that. that is funny.

and no body ask you to be related to jen.

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