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Jennifer Lopez Records Comeback Album?

Jennifer Lopez Records Comeback Album?

A solo Jennifer Lopez is all smiles as she leaves a West Village recording studio in New York City on Wednesday night (March 11).

The 39-year-old triple threat is back to work, reportedly recording a comeback album with longtime manager Benny Medina. Jennifer, now a mother of twins, will turn the big 4-0 this July.

WHAT KIND OF sound do you think will suit Jennifer’s next album? Sounds off in the comments!

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  • Jasmine

    DANCE DANCE AND MORE DANCING MUSIC no ballads sge needs to go the lady gaga route!

  • tulino

    I can’t wait for new J.LO album, she is the best singer, dancer, and performer ever. Hope she will do a tour soon. Love her.

  • Hira

    MARIAH CAREY IS THE BEST. J.Lo can’t sing.

  • from jaylo..

    i wanna hear middle eastern sounds in her song.
    with her voice and the instruments i think it would sound great.

    or something electronic,but shes already done that

    i say something MIDDLE EASTERN!

  • from jaylo..

    i wanna hear middle eastern sounds in her song.
    with her voice and the instruments i think it would sound great.

    or something electronic,but shes already done that

    i say something MIDDLE EASTERN!

  • mark

    i love j. lo so happy

  • jordan
  • tulino

    I agree that maria carey is a good artist, but she is not better than J.LO, ok.
    Jennifer Lopez is a real Diva and has class, also J.LO is famous and popular worldwide not only in USA like Mariah.
    Mariah only can sing and nothing else, while J.LO sings, excellent dancer, performer, actress, show and business woman.
    Finally J.LO is a mother, so she had her roots already, while mariah can not even have babies.

  • garyhallentertainment/LOS ANGELES

    jennifer lopez is not a singer nor has she ever been a singer, why is she recording a cd when she’s not a singer, this is the problem with the music industry, they are always giving contracts to people who are worthy of them!!!

  • gerard vandenberg

    A comeback of WHAT?
    ………………………….being los?

  • diane

    What a fat old hag she has become.

  • tulino

    Of course Jennifer Lopez is a singer, she has alerady sold 51 million of album worlwide, also people still love her and we are waiting for her comeback

  • Mich

    Lately, she’s been looking beautiful.

  • Wow

    Wow, JLo looks great!

  • pump it

    #2….thanks for that belly laugh. I needed that bad.
    No doubt it will be dance infused with r&b. Much like Madonnas latest but probably without the quirky touches. More commercial and therefore dull and insipid.

  • Jay

    Total bitch but she sure is pretty.

  • nuckingfuts

    Tulino – You must be on massive amount of qualude. JLo sold 51 million records worldwide??? If you really believe that, I have a bridge in San Francisco I would like to sell to you? Her last two albums failed miserably.

  • tulino

    I love her, i can wait for her to be on stage, J.LO is my inspiration :-)

  • Pop

    ugly personality, pretty face.

  • chichi

    UGH, when is she going to give up on her career? She doesn’t even know how to sing. She is so old too.

    its time for the oldies to bow down to teh new generation of singers and songwriters.

  • chichi

    UGH, when is she going to give up on her career? She doesn’t even know how to sing. She is so old too.

    its time for the oldies to bow down to teh new generation of singers and songwriters.

  • t

    Her last album was 1.5 years ago it hasn’t been that long.

  • MickeyVonDutch

    #10 Gerard, So far I haven’t been able to solve any of the puzzles that you’ve been posting here. Even in back-translation to Dutch the word “los” means nothing to me in this context. Please clarify or use Google Translater, because I can’t take anymore. AAAHHHHHRRRGGG.

  • original diva

    some body is being paid to post in this bit ch favor, she has never been able to sing, barely dance, her butt got all the attention, but since she is an old, fat, ugly, horrible personality, i doubt any one cares about her any more, me myself have totally forgotten about this non talent ho, and i love it.

  • tulino

    old? come on, you guys are jelous of her and her body
    or what you try to say is that at the time we turn 30 people should kill themselve because they are old?
    haters, you guys do not look americans.

  • MickeyVonDutch

    Correction: Google TranslatOr. My English is slipping already, so time is of the essence here.

  • LOL@J-NO

    I would like to hear some talent in her new album cause it was lacking in any of her previous works. Just a little would help her failing career. She’s not really a(n) singer, actress, nor entertainer. The only reason she’s famous is cause she was dating famous people like Puff Daddy and Ben Affleck. She screwed her claim to fame when she married that nobody.

  • James

    she need some more latine flavor in her music like her first album + nobody does that now. i’d love to hear that from her.

    And she looks Amazing.

  • LOL@J-NO


    You’re dumb as FUCK. Everybody knows Mariah Carey is above J-Lo. It’s Mariah that’s known world-wide not J-Lo. Also just because J-Lo attempted acting and pretends to dance in her MV that doesn’t put her above Mariah who is:
    the number one selling female artist
    has the greatest vocal range according to Guiness Book of World Records
    has the most number 1 songs individually
    and ranks #3 as overall (the Beattles is #1).

    You really should look up your facts before you speak cause you just lost any credibility. Try using wikipedia if you don’t know how to do research.

  • patz
  • Aussie Girl

    #8 I think you are a little deluded re-mariah Carey not being famous all over the world. J-Lo is mainly known for her relationships!!! But if she wants to try,good luck to her, she will need it so much younger competition. And what do you mean that MC can’t have babies, has she said this or is it just a snide remark!!


    You go girl!

  • Darren

    A song had leaked off her new album called Hooked On You. SOunds a bit like Janet Jacksons Feedback.

  • krist jo dee

    NO NO NO! I was hoping we would be done with lip syncing. Damn.



  • Gwenny

    Love her 4rever. That’s all!

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer the whole word is waiting for your comeback.And she looks beautiful here.very beautiful.she isn’t called one of the most beautiful women in the world for nothing.

  • elle

    no jlo no

  • nysro

    The best, and only sound i would wish from a J.Lo album , would be total SILENECE…

    she sucks donkey balls as a singer.. stick to acting..

  • sarah

    she’s so beautiful !

    I think she’s a better actress than singer but i love her a dance songs, like Waiting for tonight or Walking on sunshine i’d love stuff like that, but no Hip hop please !!

  • JAYE97x

    YES!! I CAN’T WAIT!!

  • Travis

    She can’t sing but she’s gorgeous. She should stick with acting.

  • cutie

    so cute! :-)

  • lucy and Ethel


  • raquel

    Triple Threat? The woman can’t act, can’t sing and is a ‘street’ dancer. Rita Moreno or Chita Rivera she’s NOT!!

  • No-Talented Hag

    Not this old broken dog slag again! Even with all the surgery she still looks a mess. And this woman was never a singer to begin with are you crazy. A half-azz dancer at best with no neck and tacky as hell. J-Low go away and stay away!

  • jummy

    she looks soooo beautiful!i canĀ“t wait for the next album,i love hooked on you

  • Chris

    Can’t stand her but she’s a good looking woman.
    I’ll give her that.

  • FED UP WITH jlo’s comebacks

    Jlo’s last album was a spanish album ..Well Jlo this coming from the woman that said that B. Medina ruined your career and than she started working with Simon Field and did some great stuff. Now that you are back with the one man who wants you.. guess Simon Field
    gave up on you..The last C.D tanked big time.. she did not make a lot
    of money on that one.. And she had to pay for both her movies that
    tanked one went straight to video ouch..!! Give it up she knows that
    everyone loves Marc that is why she has to show up at his concerts.
    She can’t go on tour by herself or is she for this C.D. With B. Medina.