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Reese Witherspoon is Spain Sweet

Reese Witherspoon is Spain Sweet

Reese Witherspoon and costar Kiefer Sutherland attend another photocall for their new animated flick Monster Vs Aliens at the Santo Mauro Hotel on Thursday (March 12) in Madrid, Spain.

The 32-year-old actress shared a fun story about her kids. Reese shared, “I took my kids to see Monster Vs Aliens a couple of week’s ago. As I was driving home from the theater I said to my children in the back seat, ‘So, what do you think is the message in this movie?’ My daughter really thoughtfully said, ‘I think it’s about never letting someone underestimate you and always living up to your true potential.’ I said, ‘That is so astute, yes, Ava, that is exactly what the message is.’”

She continued, “Then I said, ‘Deacon, what do you think the movie is about? Friendship? Being an outsider?’ He said, ‘I think it’s about… I think it’s about when octopus aliens come to your planet you got to make sure you kill them.’”

25+ pictures inside of Spain sweet Reese Witherspoon

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43 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon is Spain Sweet”

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  1. 26
    Ivana Says:

    Reese don’t be offend… you are beautiful too… :)))

  2. 27
    Amelia Says:

    Veronica, you are from Spain? you make me sick. You are the tipical Spaniard who think anything from abroad is better than in her country, well, I’m Spanish and i’ve been living in the UK for 10 years, come here girl and compare, maybe after a few months you think Penelope cruz is a great actress compare to American girl Reese.You should start looking at the talent you’ve got in your country, before you value the one abroad,get some life experience,girl.Vive un tiempo en el extranjero y despues me diras,guapa! Como Spain no hay nada, te lo digo yo!!!!!!!!!!!!Aprende a valorar lo que tienes en tu pais, por que fuera nadie te va a valorar a ti…….

  3. 28
    Amelia Says:

    Soy Spanish y trabajo en Inglaterra como medico de cabecera en Northampton, cerca de Londres,…Veronica, vente un tiempo aqui y veras lo que es bueno, te vas a acordar de Spain cada dia,…..aprende a valorar lo que es tuyo, Penelope es buena actriz, lo ha demostrado, ha ganado un oscar, por que piensas que Reese es mejor? porque es americana,pues,joder,…tienes mucho que vivir y aprender,……..America es una patata comparado con Spain, como en Spain no se vive en ningun sitio. Me da coraje los espanoles que no valoran lo que tienen.

  4. 29
    carla Says:

    Hey ! I’m spanish too! and i don’t think Penelope is as good as they say. Ok, she’s good at acting, but.. well, i don’t like her at all. I prefer Antonio Banderas, sorry. :P
    Talking about Reese… She’s wonderful! She has a lot of talent! And she doesn’t look old¬¬, she looks gorgeus.

    PS: I know Spain isn’t the best place in the world, like Amelia said.
    There are a lot of places that are better, but it’s our country, so we love it and it’s the best one for US.

  5. 30
    carla Says:

    by the way.. i love this website :D

  6. 31
    Santiago Says:

    Carla, what the hell are you thinking about when you say Reese doesn’t look old, woman, you need an urgent and serious eye test, she looks about 10 years older than she really is,yes, I like Antonio banderas,too,but, he never won an oscar,….Carla,Penelope is beautiful and talented, much more than any american woman, are you jealous, is that why you don’t appreciate her talent and you prefer RW instead? Por que no te gusta Pe?Tienes algo en contra de ella?Sabes lo racistas que son ,os Americanos, igual deberias vivir un tiempo alli,….que me dices?

  7. 32
    Mark Says:

    i think you should get a big reality check, girl, you deserve it! go and live in the USA for a few months and then come back and give us your views about RW,…we can’t wait for that. Good luck,love! Oh, just one thing, it’s quite tough to live in American with a Spanish name,…I think you wouldn’t like it, maybe you need to change your name first.Good luck, anyways.XXXXXXXX

  8. 33
    Leo Says:

    Oh,Mark, don’t be cruel, you know what happens,…that Carla thinks that America is what you see in the movies, you know, Hollywood, very good looking people,…well, I live in Peterborough and I work with a lot of Americans and she should see the size of them,….they think our portions are too small,god, that’s why they are so big,…..! Carla, do some travelling and learn some American culture!

  9. 34
    Verónica Says:

    No pienso que Reese sea mejor, pero Penelope no me gusta.
    Además, yo he dicho que España es lo mejor, no lo contrario.

  10. 35
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i figured out what bothers me about her
    and im pretty confident it’s her face, especially those weird teeth….
    not cuz i dislike her, but more because i think this movie is over hyped
    i hope this movie bombs =]

  11. 36
    pantz Says:

    She looks good in these pics. Her acting is ok, but I think she is hot:

  12. 37
    eww Says:

    ugly and phony b i t c h

  13. 38
    fauxmance Says:

    “Reese is not beautifull at all, hasn’t got anything going on for her apart from the fact she is dating JG, which she is making the most of,…if Jake dumped her, she would be nothing at all….trust me.”
    WE KNOW.
    Just as we know that Reese Witherspoon is NOT dating Jake – she is using him for PR.

  14. 39
    Michelle Says:

    I love her!!! I loved the comment when she talked about Deacon. Her kids are adorable!!!

  15. 40
    Erica Says:

    Her face really bugs me. She is really weird looking and she needs to keep her mouth closed because her teeth are too big for her mouth. SHe looks pretty good in these photos. But I still think she is pregnant. All of the photo ops taken of her the last week or so, her dresses are all basically the same design to cover her middle. Her arms and boobs look bigger too.

  16. 41
    Ivana Says:

    Her cheeks are much chubbier than before… :)))

  17. 42
    Fucking insane stans Says:

    If you look carefully, you’ll see that they holding hands just a few minutes after they both walk separatly, they don’t seem sooo in love as during their escapade in Rome!!!!!!!!!,0,0

  18. 43
    Custom T Says:

    Why does she always wear all black? Can’t she switch it up a bit..

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