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Cam Gigandet & Dominique Geisendorff: Lunch Mates

Cam Gigandet & Dominique Geisendorff: Lunch Mates

Twilight star Cam Gigandet takes his pregnant girlfriend, actress Dominique Geisendorff, out for lunch in Hollywood on Sunday morning (April 5).

The 26-year-old actor was seen wearing a newsboy cap, holding a stack of newspaper and puffing away at a cancer stick.

“Marriage is definitely in their future,” Cam‘s dad has said. “They won’t get married before the baby is born, but Dom will be our daughter-in-law sooner or later. We all love her so much.”

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  • Mira

    so first i can say that dom is a realy nice peson and i know that she loves cam… don´t adjudicate aboth things u don´t know….

  • mimi

    Go mira.

    no one tries to dress like other people that nothing shirt jean and a hat no one own that look. he is soooooooooo not a poser and i think she is cute not drop dead beautiful, but she’s pretty and normal looking and i love to se Cam’s not a swallow person like all of you people.

    Congrats on the baby Cam and Dom i wish you both happpiness and great lives.

  • Mira

    i know both love the baby so much!!! So What?????? nothing more to need or??

  • katy

    okay i love cam!
    but i dont like his gf i heard she got knocked up
    on purpose to get money if she did
    that little bitch!

  • mimi


    that’s not true. i’ve talk to cam’s dad and he’s said Dom is sweet no golddigging involved and that both her and Cam are happy and are happy for the baby.

  • Mira

    so i talked to cam and dom…. and both know abut the things people talks… dom is a realy nice an cute person and u all don´t know what both do for the other…

  • jazmine

    it says he’s smoking a cancer stick
    what is that?

  • K

    Mira i would love to talk to you more.

    jazmine it is a cig, he smokes, but i think he’s trying to quit

  • Duh

    How can you guys love him? It is so wrong that he is smoking next to his prego girlfriend, hook-up, attention whore…whatever you want to call her. He is obviously too young to be a dad, he doesn’t have a clue that he is hurting his unborn child. Poor kid!

  • Mira

    oh c´mon he smokes… outside…. cm down and think about… u dive a car i think or??? so think about what u say…. he smokes outside and manny people do this too… so she can´t get away from this shit…

    K…. u want to talk??? pls here i ´m :)

  • fridayiminlove



  • K

    he is outside she could move away from him, it looks like he’s in front of her not right next to her and smoking outside and he maybe trying to quit. and i think she’s pretty, and he’s 26 be 27 in august that not to young to be a father she 23 that not to young to be a mother, more and more people are starting families at young ages. And Cam’s dad has told me that the are both happy for the baby, and the Dom is sweet and is not trying to hurt Cam in any way. I a huge fan of Cam’s I love CAM!!!!!!!!! do you people have nothing better to do than to shot on people. the world is made of diff. people of shapes, looks and ect.
    Congrats to the happy couple. best wishes to you.

    yea you know them. man i would love to meet them and be friends with them.

  • annoying

    dom doesn’t work. she lives off cam. that is a GOLD DIGGER

    she looks like a fat lauren conrad. ugly.

    CAM. you could have done better. being a father in hollywood, esp a young one, you need alot of luck.

  • mmhdg


  • http://n/a marissa lewandowski

    i knew she was pregnant and never known he smoked tho

  • mimi

    mmhdg, how do you know Dominique is Mira, prove it. .

    annoying, no, no, no pregnant people do have a hard time finding a job, also she can now be a stay home mom since Cam is going around filming movies. Also do you know if she really doesn’t have a job, also Cam doesn’t have to be with her to support the baby. If Cam didn’t LOVE HER i’m sure he wouldn’t be with her. the stories that are flying around aren’t true.
    Cam and Dominique are happy can’t wait for the baby, and are a happy couple. Talk to people Cam’s dad told me that she is sweet they both have a lot of friends, Dominique is not gold digging, i repeat not gold digging. He’s 26 that is a great age to become a father, the reason you people are saying he’s is to young to be a father in hollywood is because he’s only done The OC, Never Back Down, and Twilight. Him being a father will have nothing to do with his career. He is going to be a great father and has a great career ahead of him.
    Cam is a great man and is happy for his family. Cam has many fans who love him.

    Also this is Cam’s life why are you people jumping on him go live your own life. You could have a f*** up mess any time in your life would you want people jumping on you, i don’t think anyone would.

    Cam I love you forever and always. CAm and Dom congrats on the baby, best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K

    I with mimi all the way.

    plus even if he did knock her up at least he’s be a man and stepping up. most men wouldn’t do that.

    but i know that the stories about them are not true people are always going to say something negative. but people believe the negative more because it just more drama, and that’s what people want, when in Real life there’s no drama going on with cam and dom.

    oh and annoying she looks like a fat lauren conrad, woman get big when they are pregnant, i think she pretty, she holds herself well. Cam is a great man. Love to you Cam, Dom, and little Gigandet.

    mmhdg: like mimi said prove that mira is dominique, and if she is dominique that she can fight for her if she wants, and i still would want to be her friend and Cam’s too.

    And mimi if i was in a mess i sure wouldn’t want people jumping on people.

    CAM and DOM congrats. best wishes from me as well. Love ya.

  • Mira

    i with mimi and K….. yea…

    but no i´m not dom… i´m just a friend… u all don´t know how much she loves him and what she do for him!!! so don´t adjudicate abot things u don´t know okee!!!! so ho smokes outside… yea what a desater… realy….

    Both love the baby and both love the other… all of u can´t know that if u don´t know the both…

  • MMA

    He is absolutly gorgous!!!

  • casey


    I agree, he is abolutly gorous!!!!!!

    Congrats, i can’t wait to hear what they name the baby.

  • http://yahoo Stephanie

    ok…i looooooove cam gigandet, but i expected him 2 be dating a supermodel. o well, congrats anyway:)