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Miley Cyrus Rocks the Box Office

Miley Cyrus Rocks the Box Office

Miley Cyrus walks her dogs with her father Billy Ray Cyrus on Sunday (April 12) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old actress rocked the box office and pleasantly surprised Disney with her movie Hannah Montana: The Movie over the Easter weekend. Her first non-concert film topped the North American box office raking in $34 million and beating out Fast and Furious ($28.8m) and Monsters vs Aliens ($22.6m). Disney had initially forecast that the movie would make around half of that.

In response to the great news, Miley tweeted, “omgomg! my fans rock! the movie is doing great you guys! omg AND its all cause of you!!!! I LOVE U ALL! IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT YET CHECK IT!.”

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  • Katie

    she looks very nice =)
    miley’s pretty stinkin amazing….

  • a

    she is cute :)
    I didn’t watch the movie yet
    but I will

  • serafina

    jared, shouldn’t this be in just jared jr.?

  • Abby

    Went to the movie with my three children this weekend. Was a good movie with a great message. Let’s just hope and pray she makes good choices along the way.

  • asia
  • nicole

    ugh! did not realize how many parents that took their children to see her movie! must not be very bright.

    would not submit my kids, She is the wrong role model.

    too man US parents are so stupid!

  • janis

    I am not a miley fan. I felt like it was miley overload for a while. I took my 6 year old, and I’ve become a fan again. There’s something about this girl that is likeable. She really does seem nice. We loved the movie….and that’s saying a lot from me!

  • hahha

    why isnt she on the jr site? how come you put her on here and not brenda song whos doing mature, serious adult movies such as Boogie Town and miley is a 16 year old who is doing tweeny bopper movies like Hannah Montana. How come you’re not posting brenda news on here too? brenda is 21 and she is doing mature projects. WTF?

  • Peach

    SOOO tired of her. She’s too overexposed!!

    Boring and annoying. Enough of her

  • angelica

    #9 I’m sorry you’re upset her movie was a box office hit.Well that’s life get over it.

  • oinc!

    Miley and her Dad/Boyfriend.

  • Johnnyboy

    @ hahha isn’t the news about it being a box office hit? it’s all over the news – reuters, AP, etc.. i think that belongs on here no?

    i think it could be on either site

  • neema

    ..does not matter if it’s a box office hit- its because most attended were kids and kids with their parents. that’s all

    does not mean anything else.

    kids don’t know any better. miley is an awful role model and most likely will end up still a bimbo, annoying and other negative things.

    most people don’t know any better and will realize it later .

  • gh

    i dont really care if it was number 1
    still a slut
    and their is nothing likeable about her
    i dont know why people like her
    she’s horrible
    see if hm is over she’s over
    its not miley they like
    well kind of but its more hannah/miley stewart they like
    the’ll watch disney and when its over she wont be anything
    i guarente if its over so will she

  • Shawna

    I took my daughter to see it and we both loved it! (And I am a 29 year old, so hardly a kid)

  • e

    ugh can her comment be any more annoying
    OMGMOMGOMG thank you guys
    cant she just be like everyone else
    why is she surprised its numbe r1
    its not like she won an oscar or anything
    the world has been kissing her ass since the begginning of her and im tired of it
    go away miley only little kids want you

  • duh

    it’s a kid movie – duh!
    ofcourse it’ll hit, parents will go with their children so double the sales!

  • e

    okay i like hannah montana when she acts
    not when she sings
    it sounds like she’s killing something when she sings
    but hannah montana is an okay show
    so it would do good
    but not miley
    now is just jared going to have her on this website now that their kissing her but to?
    like the hsm kids
    i wish she would just go away…

  • wingnut

    Yeah, Miley is not the right role model…instead take your kids to Fast and Furious cuz we can always use more death and carnage on our streets…wouldn’t want our little ones exposed to music, fun, family values or anything. Some of you are complete idiots…Miley is adorable and a GREAT role model, unless you actually WANT your kids to grow up and become serial killers.

  • Kat

    boo youu neema
    How many time do people have to tell us miley is a bad role model
    We get it, some of us understand and forgive her for her mistakes.
    If kids wanna watch the movie and their parents think its okay, it none of your business really.
    Go Miley and her Film
    I think she’s great!


    I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It is the perfect PG film for kids and none of that ridiculous trashy kissy kissy bull we were hit over the head with in HSM2 AND HSM3.

    Well done Disney. Take the kids to this one!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    That family needs mental help.


    ive never seen two dogs waking with two dog before lol joking i dont hate them

  • Abby

    #6…wow…Give yourself the “Parent of the Year Award”. Oh, and also the “Parent of with the Most Intelligence Award” You rock. Wish I could meet you! I bet you are perfect (in every way). How many kids do you have? Eating all organic and getting straight A’s I presume? On to med and engineering school as well? Please, tell us your secret!!

  • Jan

    Daddy needs to get some new jeans. The knew ripped open is NOT hip

  • jen

    # 19-wingnut
    # 20 kat
    # 24 abby

    ya’ll sound immature! Perhaps the above posters are teens or just uneducated parents? Just bec your kids want to go to a certain movie does not mean the movie is appropriate. Too many U.S. parents expose their kids to all the wrong movies. Hanna Montana is such a stupid movie and not normal. We don’t need any Hanna Montana wanna-bes. Stupidity!

    All of your silly ” assumptions” are hilarious and don’t make much sense. Go back to school or grow up and think smart unless you want a smart mouth annoying, phony, low class behavior..etc….kid!

  • lakers fan in boston

    honestly whenever i see billy i automatically think pedophile, i just get that vibe from him
    not really surprised that her movie did good, but i do gotta say good job
    she looks pretty cute her, i like her outfit as well =]

  • candy

    lakers fan-
    your “sense” is out of whack!

    he’s more of a uneducated hillybilly than anything else

  • Bella

    That family needs mental help.

    Why? I see nothing wrong with a father and daughter walking their dogs. Grow the hell up people! You guys say Miley fans are immature, well you’re not any better. You say “Billy Ray and Miley are lovers (sick joke)” or “oh kids are stupid if they like HM” well kids should have something to see that doesn’t involve sex, cussing, drugs, and violence. This movie is no Godfather (obviously), but it’s an enjoyable FAMILY film.

  • dee

    what kinda dog is the half black/brown one? a german sheppard?

  • val

    really tired of this annoying horse face and horsey voice bimbo with trashy idiot parents.

  • m

    ok i LOVE miley to death and im sooo proud of her for doin so well wiht the movie but beat FAST & FURIOUS???nooo that was soooooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!

    p.s. paul walker (plays brian O’conner) is sooooo HOT


    Cute… I love them, and the dogs are beautiful too … Miley is different, she is hot as a Brazilian

  • MMA

    She’s a good role model right now…let’s just wait and see what she’s like in a couple of years.