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Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer Couple Up

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer Couple Up

Ashley Tisdale holds on tight to her rumored new boyfriend, music video director Scott Speer, on Saturday (April 18) in Malibu, Calif.

Speer, 26, has directed Tisdale, 23, in four of her music videos — “He Said She Said,” “Suddenly,” “Not Like That,” and the upcoming “It’s Alright, It’s OK” (the first single from Ashley‘s upcoming album Guilty Pleasure).

Speer has said, “Ashley is an exceptionally talented artist and a great person to work with.”

Earlier this month, news broke of Ashley‘s split with V Factory band member Jared Murillo.

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer Couple Up

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer coupling up…

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ashley tisdale scott speer couple 01
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 02
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 03
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 04
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 05
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 06
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 07
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 08
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 09
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 10
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 11
ashley tisdale scott speer couple 12

Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • Yily

    i can’t stand this girl. she’s so ugly and snobbish. she’s even that famous! i don’t see her working anything other than Disney projects. what a loser!

  • jazzy

    wow, that was fast, but i’m happy for them, hope them all the best!

  • Tanda

    He is like 6’4″ and she is 5’3″. Awkward height pairing. However, this will be good for his career, so *cheers.*

  • emmaa

    Are Ashley and Vanessa even still friends? Only asking cos they used to be inseperable.

  • sweethoney

    Oh God he is so much taller than her. I don’t they r dating & it will be awkward if they r.

  • jaisy

    She moved on fast. Probably even while she was with that other kid. Her recent attempts to become some edgy, seductress are just sad. She tries too hard with every single thing she does, hair, tans, music, everything.

  • sdfhsvs

    dayummm he is cuttte

  • Jen

    Ashley moves at the speed of light. poor her ex, whatever his name is. The pair looks very very California.

  • stephbabeyo

    whoa, hes like mammoth next to her

  • stephbabeyo

    whoa, hes like mammoth next to her

  • flava babe

    whoa, she’e wearing heels and is barely grazing his shoulder!, kissing must very painful 4 him!! but he’s very cute and is a successful music vid director, so UPGRADE 4 ash:)


    he’s too tall !
    she looks amazing as always
    she’s so beautiful and scott is hot but i don’t know,jashley was better !

  • …ddd

    so sorry ?!
    nothing other than disney ?!
    she has a new movie and her new alnbum will be at stores on June 16th ! her new video clip comes out.
    and she is not working with disney ?!
    you know nothing about her so please don’t comment hereeeeee !!!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    they are,of course.
    ashley looks great scott is too tall but cute couple =D

  • mama

    awesome! Ashley is so beautiful! n come on heights just like skin color are trivial details! Ashley rocks! she seems mature! Vanessa is getting on my nerve! she can’t sing, can’t act! all she can do is to fake a smile and be pretty!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I wonder, WHERE IS THE LIMIT OF THESE ZERO’s, folks?

  • smdwh

    much better for her

  • roxie

    She looks great and he is quite a hunk. Good for her hope she is happy.

    As for her and Vanessa still being friends, I’m sure they are but let’s face it, when it came to all the HSM3 promotions, it was like all that existed was Zanessa. those movies were successful because of ALL the characters, not just the two lovebirds that Disney promoted day in and day out.

  • nativenyker

    I’d like someone to tell me why i’d care about her. Lets get more on him though….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Roxanne

    Wow!! These young girls sure move on fast, by the time she’s ready for marriage…if she so choose, she’ll be all washed up and used up. Nothing wrong with having fun, but my goodness give your cha cha some time to breath.

  • CAm!

    JJJ pleaseeeeeeeee!

  • Zanessa Forever–x


    yeah they are still like best friends but i guess just now Ashley is looking for an new boyfriend an Vanessa and Zac spend alot of time together o i guess that what i wrong :D x

    And his top “Howe fast”….how fast indeed she just split up with Jared!!!!! x

  • him

    sorry, but what happened to her old boyfriend ? jason/jared don’t know the name

  • chels

    ugly face, terrible reputation by moving on in less than a week..

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really like her
    i think she’s a very cute girl and she seems 2 no how 2 dress
    her legs look very sexy as well

  • Christine

    woahhh……at first i didnt realize he was a foot taller than she was but like 5 seconds later i was like WTF????? her head barely reaches his SHOULDER, and she’s wearing heels..i get the whole your guy needs to be taller than you, but that’s kind of extreme..

  • mary

    LOVE IT!
    YEAHHH ash has a new boyfriend, he’s cute and HOT!
    Ashley is the best :)
    Love her

  • Michelle

    Oh gross if this is true, she’s a beyotch!!! You know how she said she got cheated on in the past?? Well maybe this is what she did to Jared, and the reason why they broke up. This makes me hate her even more!!!

  • leonor

    he looks waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than her ex boyfriend!!!!!

  • Anonimo


    So wrong… just shut up! :)

  • Solange

    HATERS are soooo stupid. Sorry but Ashley didn’t said Jared had cheated on her. Actually, they’re still friends. And Ashley didn’t confirm that Scott is her bf. B/c Ashley denied it @ Kiss fm with Ryan Seacrest. Having lunch with a friend is illegal.

    Team Tizzy! those HATERS betta go back to their no-talented-michael jackson-look-a-like Vanxxxa *cough* Slutgens *cough* b/c no one cares about her anymore!

  • KC


    So agree #28!

  • lola

    seriously ashley your new bf is not that cute,i was prefer
    jashley then sashley.maybe if you was whith adam no problem even if
    is tall to but is more cutest then scott.but i can’t choose for you is your life i change it but if you break up whit him choose a guy more cute

  • http://... annonymous

    to be honest, she’s a slut! she cant even imagine how does Jared feels right now. She’s so bad. I HATE HER.

  • MMA

    They’re wicked cute together!!

  • Alyssa

    Wow, he’s so tall. But if Ashley’s happy, I’m happy :D

  • rrr

    odd height pairing. honestly.

  • ayo

    i’m her #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ilove her so much i’m so happy 4 her and scott !!!!!!!!!!!!! they look so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ash Fan

    Okayy everyone,
    shes not moving on too quickly.
    her and Jared must have broken up before April,
    before her and Scott got together cause.
    Jared has a girlfriend her name is Ashley.
    and they have been dating since the first week of April(well thats what people say)
    I do kinda wish her and Jared were still together,
    but as long as shes happy with Scott,
    then others shouldnt care.
    Its her life.
    and by the way,
    she didnt cheat, and Jared didnt cheat.
    They broke up because they were both getting busy,
    and didnt really get to see each other a lot.
    So just let her live her life,
    and Especially since you guys dont know the whole story,
    then you shouldnt be saying a whole bunch of stuff about her and Scott,
    and her and Jared.
    and especially her.
    and honestly yeah i do wish her and Jared were still together,
    but hey Scott is really cute.
    as long as shes happy thats all that matters.

  • anna

    i tottaly agree with number 39 jared did not cheat on her that’s bullshit and they broke up in february!trust me i know!!!!!!!! and yeah he’s now dating dancer named ashley galvan …whom i personally dont like but as long as he’s OK and so is ash with scott who cares and yeah none of us will ever really know the whole story so we’re no-one to judge!! im sure they both went through some pain maybe one more than the other but just like any other breakup ….i dont think she’s gonna be all used up by the time she decided to marry but she’s still young i wouldnt marry at 24! and she couldnt be a whore cuz wut kinda whore was long lasting realtioships???i wished ppl ‘d think bout what their posting online a bit more often!!!

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