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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Tie The Knot!

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Tie The Knot!

Heidi Montag picks up her wedding dress from the Monique Lhuillier boutique with her fiance Spencer Pratt as they make final preparations for their wedding in Los Angeles on Friday (April 24).

Later in the evening The Hills couple held a rehearsal dinner at Wolfgang Puck‘s restaurant Cut in Beverly Hills.

Heidi, 22, and Spencer, 25, are expected to be getting hitched today at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, Calif. MTV will be on scene filming the whole event for the season finale of The Hills.

UPDATE: The couple’s rep tells, “Today Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt joined hands in marriage during an afternoon ceremony at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, CA. Dr. Twining F. Campbell served as pastor in front of 200 family and friends. Afterwards, the newlywed couple enjoyed an intimate reception at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.” Congrats to the happy couple!

Also pictured below is Lauren Conrad attending the festivities!

25+ pictures inside of Heidi and Spencer tying the knot…

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heidi montag spencer pratt wedding01
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding02
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding03
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding04
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding05
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding07
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding08
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding09
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heidi montag spencer pratt wedding12
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding13
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heidi montag spencer pratt wedding15
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding16
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding17
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding18
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding19
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding20
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding21
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding24
heidi montag spencer pratt wedding25

Credit: Louise Barnsley; Photos: PacificCoastNews
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  • Onur

    She is really cute :)

  • eyda

    not a fan of them…but heidi really looks beautiful:) amazing wedding dress and everything…

  • rossy

    Isn’t it sad they’re making more money then any of us… for being WHO they are. I mean, let’s face it: negative publicity is still that each blog keeps featuring them because of all of you! If you don’t want to see them here & on other blogs
    DON”T POST! Maybe then they won’t be able to make… however much they earn yearly.

  • pup

    uhhh……no offence to them, but who the crap cares?? o.O

  • lulu

    Okay , they are getting married and then we ‘ll have the fpublic ighting 6 months after then the public divorce next year. but really DON”T CARE.

  • magda

    @Mary beth:

    so true.
    most pathetic couple ever.

  • LMAO

    I can’t wait to see ultrasound pics of their baby!!

  • Marie

    Love Lauren’s dress. <3

  • Jane

    Why on earth would ANYONE marry the Pratt??? I never liked Heidi much on the HIlls but seriously????

  • Jeff

    Heidi’s hair is almost as white as her dress. And they invited Perez? Wow, they really needed the publicity… I really don’t get what Heidi sees in Spencer… he’s the creepiest guy ever.

  • Nativenyker

    Damnit! Why do we care about these two? Seriously…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Halo

    These people are famous for NOTHING. They’re reality television stars yet people are covering this wedding as if she’s Princess Diana.

    Seriously! Who Cares!

  • hrhkat

    Perez doesnt hate speidi, he is just like them, they always send him their stuff first, he hangs with the same crowd as them so. Lauren looks like her usual bitch self…

    Heidi looked cute, I hate her and spencer because they are both annoying, but they sure do know how to promote themselves. For 2 no talent reality stars they sure have made a crap load of money, and I have to respect that. I hear they sold the photos to every magazine and are going to go home with over 400k when all is said and done so…good for them.

  • saya

    aaawww they look so cute together ! so happy hey got married

  • CJ


  • alicia

    Lauren looks gorgeous in that dress. Her hair looks beautiful. I feel so sorry for Heidi’s family and them having to accept Spencer into their family. Eww this marriage won’t last. I give them about 6 mos tops.

  • katie

    who cares, heidi looks like a horse and spencer is just a douche. this is all for show because the hills ratings are slipping. and PEREZ HILTON is there? LMAOOOOOOO he’s on their payroll, eh?? how sad.

  • The Comedian

    Can anyone be more pathetique than these two ? I don’t think so…

  • http://Bebo ieuan

    Omigod did lauren walk out half way through ?
    If she idi good on her ,, why did she wanna go to Heidi and Spencer’s wedding :)

  • bianca

    Poor LC, MTV bullied her into attending this fiasco. She still looks awesome!

  • ladybug

    he looks really happy. i am happy for them. i think they are actually a lot smarter than everyone thinks (which is not why i am happy for them). they make a lot of money being annoying caricatures, but i think behind closed doors, they are a power couple who play the villains because… IT’S WORKING. i could be wrong, but i think it will actually last.

  • whoa!

    who cares?

  • lola

    well, hum, I guess, well, it is what it is. The dress was pretty.

  • Chloe

    For all of you saying, “OMG WHY IS LAUREN AND PEREZ THERE!@?!@?!” It’s a fake show. They make shit up. They’re all basically coworkers anyway. As for Perez…whatever.

  • qwerty

    @aubrey mackenzie: LOL, that is funny!

  • qwerty

    Poor Lauren looks absolutely miserable. It must really suck to have to see one of your best friends marry off to such a jerk who caused both of you such pain and heartache over the years. Atleast when they get a divorce, we know that Lauren will be standing by Heidi’s side the whole time.

  • fardous

    oh god can any 1 shoot them ?

    im too sick from them so fake

  • Megan


    you must be a retard just like them!

  • kaos

    Who are these two?

  • anne

    Is there something wrong with her that she can’t smile with her mouth closed? It’s always wide open.

  • Isabela

    Oh gosh, they’re SO stupid’s, spencer is so ew! poor (stupid) heidi..
    lauren look so excited huh? hahaha
    i’m sure that this wedding are one more fake, and they just want fame and paparazzis all the time, ew, is disgusting.
    PS. i love perez hilton LOL

  • y

    Lauren looks downright miserable. She needs to lighten up.

  • Hannah

    Just be happy for them, for once guys come on?! they got married, wouldnt you want everyone to be happy for u on your wedding day? dont say no cause you know u do! spencer has changed kinda so at least be nice! great pictures anyways yall look great

  • kaylee

    Fame whores.

  • dabu

    They are such fame hores. What is really funny is I asked ten people ages 23 to 93 (mostly 23-50) if they knew who they were. None of them did. None of them watch the Hills. Although most of them scan a gossip blog or two, they had no memory of either of these media hores. Several of them buy People Mag to read on the plane when they travel, but again, no memory of these two or any stories about them.
    These same people knew who Lohan, Duff, Hilton, Kardashian and other young(er) stars were. Most of them asked me what Speidi was famous for since they had no clue who they were.
    So I guess they aren’t as famous as the media and themselves would like to think.

  • bianca

    Lauren totally upstaged the bride. She looked much prettier than Heidi.

  • LALA

    ewwwwwww Heidi
    ewwwwwwwww Spencer
    ewwwwwww Perezzzzzzzzzzzzz
    ewwww Heidi’s horse looking sister

  • kris

    yeah as much as i HATE Them… even Lauren i think everyone on the hills is just crap.
    Heidi does look beautiful..
    and as much as i hate them.. i wish them the best of luck..

    we don’t know who they really are.. based on the show and the 20 minutes they air every week we can’t see who they really are as people outside of the show.. we don’t know them all that personally .. so in any means.. They both deserve happiness on their wedding day despite the fact that they’re both attention whores who have nothing better to do than pimp themselves out to the public.. pathetic yes?
    but for their wedding day i’ll give em a break..
    the dress is really pretty .
    and anyone who says heidi looks ugly.. is blind..
    yes they’re annoying.
    but there’s no denying the girl look pretty here.

  • http://bup Sasha

    Omg, all of you are so stupid.
    will you stop making fun of them?
    im happy for the two of them as long as they are happy together…!!
    mtv is making spencer the villain of the show. He obviously is a good guy and loves heidi no matter what… and ya boys are stupid sometimes…! so what! forgive and forget

  • sunny

    Ahh, i hate them. well not heidi, she’s HOTTT. but spencer is a prick.

  • http://............ junior brasil


  • Nada

    Hold on everyone… are we sure this is legal this time?

  • Tdani

    Yay they got married…now to sit back and see how long it lasts…*twirling thumbs* lol

  • Tdani

    Already you can see that they are waaaaay too young—BOTH of them. I haven’t til yet seen a married couple stay together when even one of them are too young. A good marriage age at the EARLIEST for both a man and a woman is in their 30s. They’ve lived their lives by that time long enough to grow respect for themselves as well as others and know what they want in life.

  • Tdani

    No wonder her mom isn’t pleased…she just learned how to say and spell her name.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i cant stand fucking perez
    he’s such a fucking hypocrite, the fag talks shit about them on his blog, but all of the sudden because hedid supports gay marriage he likes them
    he’s nothing but a stupid lil bitch, he’s a fame whore now not a blogger
    im not gonna comment on their marriage i hate both of them, but i will say that is one gorgeous wedding dress
    lauren looks hot, love the blue dress, shows off her legs
    not liking the glasses tho, im almost 100% sure she didnt wanna b there

  • skippingsarah

    lauren why the grumpy face?

  • lAURA

    People, whether we like them or not, give them the blessings that they deserve…. God Bless them and their new life together as man & wife.

  • custom T

    That’s so pathetic of her.