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Clay Aiken Channels Mother Teresa

Clay Aiken Channels Mother Teresa

Clay Aiken and a mystery male take a walk together in Los Angeles on Tuesday (May 12).

The 30-year-old former American Idol contestant just blogged a quote from Mother Teresa: “People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. / If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. / If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway. / If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway. / What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway. / If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway. / The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway. / Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway. In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

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  • john

    clay is so ugly!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    Beautiful quote.

  • ini

    There are no ‘ugly’ people John, only ugly behavior.
    “People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

  • john

    lol @ the person using mother teresa quotes to try to make me feel bad…uh…well, that doesnt change the fact that hes still not attractive

  • annie

    Clay may not be a traditionally “handsome” man, but he is beautiful in many ways. It makes me happy for him that he is able to ignore much of the ugliness in today’s society. The quotes from Mother Teresa explain it perfectly.

  • Jaz

    how did he get that cute guy? oh yeah- money….and probably a great personality or something.
    i like watching clay’s interviews, hes very uplifting and fun. Ive never really heard his music before though.


    OKAY John, your one of those ugly people with ugly a $ $ behaviors.

  • joanne

    good for clay! take the high road. he may not be attractive as some here say but i believe he is a good person.

  • Brandy

    LOL @ haters saying he isn’t attractive. He’s totally handsome! Much cuter than the guy he’s with.

  • Victory

    that’s a really good quote. and clay is with a very handsome stranger

  • I love Mother theresa

    I love Mother Theresa.
    I love Mother Theresa’s quote.
    I love that Clay Aiken quoted Mother Theresa on his blog.
    …but I don’t really love Clay Aiken.

    …The Diva act he played on Kelly Rippa when he substituted for Regis on that morning show kinda turned me off of him….I think he was really ungentlemanly toward her. Just my opinion.

    Sometimes people hide behind respected martyr’s and their sayings in order to appear less superficial. This may be one of those times.

  • dream

    really like the quote… i should put it on my wall so i will remember it everyday…or maybe on my facebook? hehehe..

  • Marty

    What great pictures of Clay. He is a great guy and a good performer. I find it amusing that people that don’t like Clay take the time to visit an article on Clay and even more time to post……agenda?? absolutely!!

  • Sandi

    Clay looks good and I love his quote.

  • Cil

    Oh, boy. Clay Aiken’s publicist is hard at work, trying to make him look angelic. He quotes Mother Teresa at his fan club site, but in the PUBLIC part, so even non-members can read it, then it’s arranged for him to “just happen to be spotted by paparazzi,” who don’t give a hoot about him anymore, so that he can “be seen” and his Mother Teresa quote can be read by even more people. What a joke. People who know about Clay Aiken know that he “blogs” Biblical quotes and other quotes like the aforementioned Mother Teresa one when he wants to make himself look virtuous, especially after he’s attracted some negative publicity, or when he knows something negative is going to be written about him. He quoted a Bible Verse in his blog right before the article came out in which he was accused of having gay sex with somebody. He’s just so predictable. Clay Aiken might fool people who don’t know his history, but he has lost MANY, MANY fans who found out what a fraud he is, even some of his most loyal ones who worked REALLY hard supporting him. People do NOT like being lied to and manipulated. He can quote Mother Teresa all he wants and try to make people believe he lives her words, but he absolutely does NOT. Don’t be fooled by this fraud.

  • Mike

    Clay is an OK guy. He has done more good than most celebs. AND, he has taken more crap than he deserves.

    If you don’t like his music, thats OK. Music is subjective. But why the need to say ugly things. You look like an ass when you do that.

  • BOB

    Great to see Clay out and about. Seems like a good person. I have heard a lot about his charity work and that he is “hands-on” in raising money for different causes.

    I always laugh when I see the over the top weirdos who follow Clay around on the internet, trying hard to make him look bad. I wonder what their point is? They are so over the top that it is unbelievable.

  • Brandy

    OMFG, Clay Aiken, a gay man, had gay sex! CIL #15, you sound like a real dolt!

  • Jane

    I love him. He’s just too cute.

  • Jon

    Not sure of the point of the pictures, but its good to know that Clay is out and about living his life.
    I heard that his performance Saturday night in Las Vegas was good. He got a standing ovation.
    POST #15 is really funny. Speaking of over the top.

  • paul

    Well, I’m gay & I think Clay’s cuter than the guy he’s with. In fact, he’s been getting a lot better looking in the pics I’ve seen of him lately. It’s either that I’m noticing him more now that he’s out or he’s just growing into a mature, handsome guy, as most dudes do. He looks a lot better now than that skinny kid on Idol. So what if he joked around with Kelly Ripa & she took it the wrong way – that was 3 or 4 years ago. And Cil, you really sound obsessed. Chill out, the man is gay, he hasn’t done anything to hurt you personally. Let him live his life & you live yours.

  • ashley

    To stupid Cil, you can be a gay & still be a Christian. Hate to burst your bubble, but Christians have sex, kinky sex, pre-marital sex, gay sex… open your eyes, no human is perfect. I think Clay tries a lot harder than most people to be a good person…. certainly harder than you & your haterblog cohorts do. He’s had a heck of a lot people bash him over the years from every corner & somehow, amazingly, he manages to NEVER say a bad word about them. He’s one of the good guys.

  • susan

    I love Clay Aiken! He is so cute. Love his voice!!!

  • jesse

    ughhhh i swear alll the celebrity semi ugly gay guys get hot boyfriends …

  • jesse

    ughhhh i swear alll the celebrity semi ugly gay guys get hot boyfriends …

  • dainiic

    Clay’s lookin’ GOOD! And it seems he’s having good time lately! Just happy for him. His performances on David Foster and Friends were just amazing!
    GO Clay!

  • T

    good words whether his own or not, good of him to put them out there, and good looking guy with him

  • rekrap

    Ol Clay boy is getting the middle-age spread already, I see. Where is his child? No pictures of him out with his child? I guess the baby’s mother let Clay out of her cage, er, condo, for the afternoon.

  • LeeAnn

    Really nice picture of Clay! He looks great and his friend is a cutie too.

    Funny how so many think people don’t care about him anymore, yet he goes out for a WALK and the paparazzi are there. Last week he was only grocery shopping and the pap was there.

    Nice words he used for his blog too. Very true.

  • ofc

    I wonder if the guy in the sweater knows he’s strolling with a liar and a hypocrite?

  • code\

    I guess after being turned away at the American Idol set, Clay has some time on his hands to meet bois. I wonder if Reed has internet access?

  • Lori

    I think Clay is really great looking. I also think he is very nice and nice people are always crucified in the media, on the internet in gossip blogs. God forbid a celebrity is genuine, charitable and Christian. that seems to be a recipe for ridicule and haters obsessing about them. I also love that he seems to have broken away form Idol. I look forward to him making it on his own and forging his own path away from that machine. I know I will be very excited NOT to see RCA or 19 M on his next CD.

  • Sarah

    Hey Cil, what did he do to you? You must have been one of those crazy fans who were overly invested in him and when he came out it was devasting to you because you could no longer fantasize. What negative attention has he gotten by the way?? Oh yeah, I forgot he’s gay-get over it. He didn’t lie to his fans. Did it ever occur to people calling him dishonest that most people are afraid of coming out due to the backlash and being called names such as fag and homo? It’s funny I don’t remember this kind of judgement when Lance Bass came out-fans didn’t call him dishonest and a fraud. Oh, by the way, that’s not his boyfriend. His boyfriend is Reed Kelly from Broadway.

  • code

    What color is the sky in your world, Sarah???

  • toms

    Maybe Clay and his ‘friend’ are on their way to the exclusive gay club that Clay is a member of.

  • JS

    Clay is just living his life. He knows there are bullies out there who try to make something negative out of everything he does, but he just ignores. I think that is the meaning behind the Mother Theresa quotes. Clay has been bullied all his life and instead of getting better as he got older the internet has made it even easier for people to make up stories and say nasty things all the while hiding behind their computers using fake names. Anonymity seems to embolden people.

  • billy

    Who knifed up Clay’s face? He looks horrible!

  • Babycakes


    LOL bitter?

  • no longer a kool aid drinker

    I’m sorry, but I totally agree w/ Cil. I was one of the blinded sheep. I bought Clay’s act hook, line and sinker. Its interesting that he couldn’t wield those Mother Teresa thoughts on his blog early in his career and just come out from the beginning. No, instead he lead his fans down a path of deception. He’s a phony and fraud and the only thing he has going for him is that little baby of his, Parker. Clay has turned out to really be someone I don’t recognize as the person I fell for 6 years ago. I’ve come to terms w/ being manipulated and have moved on. I hope for others they’ve found their way out of the Clay fog and recognize how Clay fooled them. Many others are still drinking the juice and refuse to admit they’ve been duped. That’s fine. They’ll find out in time that for the majority of his fans who have taken a huge step back and see him for who he really is.

  • Linda

    Love Clay Aiken and love the quote. The man is handsome hot, has morals which most don’t these days and very much charisma. Also the voice of an angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tootie

    I find it amusing that everyone thinks that Brody Jenner (the other guy in the picture) is Clay’s gay boyfriend. Guess what? Gay guys do hang with straight guys. I love Brody.


    CIL……..You are so correct in your post. I couldn’t have said it better. He talked about Mother Teresa in his blog and was also talking about Rubbers when answering questions on the OFC. He is Nothing but a CON-MAN and what few fans he has left, keep going on every article trying to make people believe he is a…..Good Guy, very HUMBLE, Religious, Great Singer and a Funny Entertainer. I want to gag everytime I read this. He is NOTHING like this at all. HUMBLE…*puke*

    MAYBE, just Maybe, if fans quit going on every single article to try and convince people he is this Saint….and quit berating everyone that has their own opinion, there wouldn’t be so many posts against him.

    He told the fans they were trying to figure out how to introduce his baby (Parker) to the fans. Well, he figured it out…..he was on the front of People Magazine with him. ..WHAT a way to introduce him to the fans…lol. He didn’t want his son to grow up with his lies……better stay away from him then Clay.

    Tbis has nothing to do with him coming out either. It was about time. Everytime he was on J.K. or J.L….we always said instead of Jeans, he should have worn a dress. He acted ‘Completely’ different than he did at his concerts. MAYBE, he was surfing the TV then, like he did 2 years ago on the computer with his Green Beret buddy. (yes, it’s true…just not quite as salacious as reported….but true.)

    Yes, some of us Bible Thumpers are still around and he is still a liar.

  • Anne

    My God, Clay has grown into one gorgeous man!

  • ana

    Not seeing the ugly, I think he’s very good-looking. So’s the other guy but I like Clay Aiken’s looks better.

    And whoa – ex-fans blaming a CELEBRITY for what THEY thought the celebrity was? That is seeeeeeriously messed up. All you know of a celebrity is their public image and what they do with it publicly. Your blame if you buy in and then find out they don’t match the script in your head, not theirs. As far as what they do with it – Clay Aiken’s done a lot of good with his fame, seems like, kids charities and UNICEF and whatnot. Not telling the public he was gay until he chose to, where’s the crime? Hating on him for that is just wack.

    Love the quote from Mother Teresa. She was a wise and spiritual lady.

  • jen

    To the idiots who call Clay a liar and a fraud: If you are no longer fans, then why do you still follow his every move and post on everything? Methinks you haven’t really stopped being fans, but have to try hard to be negative to convince yourselves.

    Geeze, let it go and truly move on. Clay is just living his life and can do what he damn well pleases! He’s young, handsome, rich, and insanely talented. He’s one of the good guys… not some sleazoid fake.

  • jeffiner

    To justwondering, cil, and the koolaid person… do you know how seriously deranged you sound? As ana said, blaming the celebrity because you can’t understand that they have a public image IS seriously messed up! Grow the heck up!!

    I think you should all take ana’s post and write it 500 times in a notebook. Maybe you’ll get reality then.

  • AngelaAlbania

    Mother Teresa wasn’t supportive of gays.

    No Christian supports them, what they do is unnatural and unholy.

  • Terry

    Unbelievable how many haters are posting. As for the person who commented about Clay and Kelly Ripa, Simon Cowell also put his hand over her mouth when he was a co-host. No rant from Kelly on that one. Also no rant from Regis the numberous times Kelly did that to him. Or Kelly licking Howie Mandell (germophobic) door knob cover and handing it back to him. Anyone who knows anything about Clay knows he was kidding around with her. But Diva Kelly chose to trash him on the following show. Unprofessional? You bet. He had already sent flowers and apologized. Even on the show, when she responded the way she did to Clay putting his hand over her mouth, he immediately said “Am I in trouble?”
    As for his fans, the ex-fan who commented makes it seem like fans left him in droves. They haven’t. Anyone who actually has met him or knows him personally, has nothing but good things to say about him. He’s been a target of the media since season 2 and has repeatedly told fans to ignore and not try to defend him. Other than keeping his sexuality to himself for a long time (his right, and he hadn’t even told his family until 2 years ago), this man is exactly who he appears to be. And that’s a good guy with a good heart. Not perfect, but nothing at all like haters seem to believe.
    When he was in Spamalot, one of the employees working there told a fan that Clay was very nice and down to earth. He was surprised because of the negative things in the media and he found Clay to be nothing at all like that. The press seems to love putting a negative spin on things and haters love to hate. I’m sure nothing will change.

  • Terry

    rekrap, you are an idiot. Haven’t you seen the recent pictures of Clay and Parker, out to lunch with Tyra Banks? Or the pictures of Clay, Parker and Jaymes Foster (mom), out shopping ? NO? Aww, too bad I burst your ranting bubble. lol I see you are one of those who uses bashing another person to inflate your own sense of self. How sad.

  • buffyluvr

    Is that really Brody Jenner he’s with? Isn’t that David Foster’s step-son or something? If so then he’s basically “family,” given that Clay’s son’s mother is David’s sister. Darn. ;-)

    Agree with that quote he posted. Very wise words. But who are the idiot loons frothing at the mouth about the liar, fraud, blah, blah stuff? If they used to be fans, then poor Clay.