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Daniel Craig Knows His Nobu

Daniel Craig Knows His Nobu

Daniel Craig is spotted leaving Nobu restaurant with daughter Ella, not pictured, in London on Wednesday (May 13).

Earlier this month, it was announced that the 41-year-old British actor would join Princes Charles, William and Harry, Harrison Ford, Joss Stone, and Pele in a YouTube film promoting environmental protection.

Prince Charles wanted to build an “online community to call, from the bottom up, for urgent action to protect the rainforests, without which we will most certainly lose the battle against catastrophic climate change”.

Watch the video promoting environmental protection here.

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • jules


  • Where’s Waldo

    I put it up before JJ! :P

  • Where’s Waldo

    This blurb say he was out with the “gf” and his daughter, but they are not pictured anywhere. Hmmmm…

  • Shopaholic

    Thank god for Prince Charles. He actually walks the walk instead of just talking like most celebs. He’ll make a great king, I think. I don’t know why people give him such a hard time.

  • jure

    He looks 60!

  • ali

    Thanks JJ-pictures of Daniel without the ugly gf!!

  • Rose

    Looking so handsome. I hope he finds a new gf-the present gf is hideous-he deserves a gorgeous woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • satsa!

    whopsy daisy?- who?

  • Drinking

    I thought he said he gave up drinking (on Leno). He should keep it up-he looks happy (and drunk). If I had to look at his fugly gf I guess I would be an alcoholic too!

  • Tom

    I swear this guy only looks happy when he’s drunk. He is looking very old-doubt he’ll be able to make two more Bonds.

  • Organic

    I wonder if he was drinking organic alcohol. Hopefully he was driving himself home.

  • Frog

    He looks so old and drunk-maybe he’s smiling cause he thinks he sees the frog from the environmental film.

  • smart1*


  • Weak title

    Once again JJ-stupid title. You have some great opportunities when you get pictures of a drunk James Bond and you blow it. TMZ was much more creative-Bombed-James Bombed.

  • Fan

    @Where’s Waldo: Thanks for the link-much more informative.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    his face looks like a burnt tire.

  • to #3

    Can you put up the link to the TMZ pictures please?

  • to 15

    More informative and funnier-shaken and slurred!! JJ get some new writers.

  • satsuki
  • satsuki

    she still looks very unpregnant to me and wasnt laura nice to open her car door?

  • pic

    the guy behind daniel saying “look! it’s Bond!”. lol

  • pics

    I think Laura looks a little pissed off to hold her car door open and I see that Ella is now part of the Dan and Sats Pap Circus. Being 16, guess she has to get used to it. Looks like Sats gets on with her.

    How very “Big Star” of them to carry their BB’s with them and check messages.

    These two are becoming a double act.

    He looks drunk, no problem there but I thought he gave it up?

  • virginia

    Rose, the woman he really is ugly dates of hurt, not women. he is too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yummy

    He looks 61 not 41!

  • jake

    White People don’t age well. Their white skin doesn’t absorb vitamin D well and they don’t have strong elasticity as compared to people of color.
    Sad Sad Sad for them.

  • smart1* to 1322

    That woma who opened door- is she Barbara, eh?

  • smart1* to 1322

    Discuss about 23.Bond with Babs? They already have information and completed script? Daniel should meet Barbara in June, but an half of May is almost going to June. lol Satsuki looks lol. Is Satsuki afraid of hearing about 23.Bond girl??

  • smart1*

    Satsuki looks ridiculus in jeans, she is very skinny and jeans fall from her. She is like clothes-rack, nothing feminine on her. And more her scary face- can she look worse?

  • Jean

    This is one very ugly man. His daughter really is going to have to work hard in her life to watch her weight because you can tell from all the pictures of her that she’s a big girl, and if she’s not careful, she’s going to grow up to be a very big woman. Sats looks wonderful and beautiful, love her outfit. She is extremely athletic and hopefully she will help the daughter to workout and keep in shape. It looks like the daughter and Sats get along very well so hopefully Sats will help her stay in shape.
    Dan unfortunately is just a very, very ugly man, but at least he has a nice body. I believe he was chosen to play Bond because he is short and ugly. He looks like an average person that no one would look twice at and that’s what a spy should look like. A spy should blend in with ordinary people and not be remarkable, and that is a perfect description of Dan. He’s is not handsome or tall, just a very ordinary ugly man, and that’s why I think he was picked for the part.
    If he wasn’t famous, I don’t think any woman would look twice at him. They may notice his eyes, but pretty eyes don’t make up for an ugly face and this man looks like he was hit in the face with a manhole a few too many times lol
    Unfortunately his daughter looks a little too much like him, she’s not ugly, but not beautiful either.

  • Out with Laura

    So this is a total PR pap stunt. What for?

  • to 28

    So maybe yes they were discussing it. Maybe Satsuki is part of it now and will help in making Bond 23?
    Will Ella help? Maybe she is interested in it all.

  • to Jean
  • to jean

    there is nothing wrong with his daughters weight, at all. Shes tall, and has curves, not to mention who doesn’t have to watch their weight as they get older?? next to sats-skin and bones-uki anyone normal is going to look on the healthy side.

  • fiona

    Ella looks like her mother as well.

    i used to have two great pics of her but she looks like her mother more..

  • whos the woman?

    Is is Laura or Babs?

    Would Babs open the car door for Satsuki?

  • smart1*

    I am so excited to know news about the next bondmovie and who will be that dandy Bond girl. Satsuki should start to have fear of 23.Bond girl who will be selected by Daniel and producers. We’ll see finally
    “our lady” next year. Also, another half year and there will be 2010.

  • to 36

    It is Barbara. It seems that Satsuki plays a major part in his business although why Ella was there was beyond me if it was ALL business.
    Maybe Barbara is discussing other projects with Satsuki? Maybe Satsuki will work for EoN?

    I think Daniel wants Ella to experience it all now too.

  • smart1*

    I see there was meeting with producers and family at the Nobu,
    Satsuki is late, she hurries and Babs fastly opened the door.

    So what will Marc Foster direct bondmovie again?
    Will finally be Goran Visnjic in bondmovie?

  • To Jean

    Jean, I disagree with you. Daniel is hot hot hot and looks great. It is nice to see him happy for a change and I am glad he is out with Ella. She is so cute and will be a beautiful woman one day. Please do not make comments on her weight. Heaven forbit she wants to look like Sats – who is not a true example of an average woman. Ella is at the age where comments on her weight will stay with her the rest of her life. A question, why is Babs opening the door for Stats? It should be the other way around. Babs is so much more deserving.

  • re babs opening door

    She looked like she wasnt exactly enjoying it.

    Queen Satsuki strikes again!

  • smart1*

    Jean is Wannabe who is sooooo fat and makes comments about weight of others.

  • smart1*

    How Daniel knows his Nobu? I hope Just Jared is not like the people who created dead Mitchell Craig. Yee, Babs created this character for Queen Satsuki.

  • Laura

    Barbara and Laura do look somewhat alike, but I really do not think this is Barbara Broccoli, it looks more like Laura to me. Barbara is not as “big” and would be dressed more stylishly, and she CERTAINLY would not play doorman for Satsuki!

  • smart1*

    I also was surprised how she has fat legs and she is smaller I know Babs is taller. I don’t know

  • mendel

    Whee! New pictures!

    Dan does look like a happy drunk, probably had a few too many with his meal, but then, this doesn’t mean he does it all the time…
    Plenty of water today I guess – wonder if he had a fry up this morning ;)

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with Ella’s weight – she looks very pretty in my opinion.

  • to 44

    No one should play doorman to the monkey. The gf should at least work at something and hold her own door. I guess St. Barths was a coming out of sorts for the daughter. She is now an official part of the Dan and monkey show. $at$ should hate that-I am sure people like the paps want the daughter’s pic more than the horseteethed gf.

  • to 19-22

    Thanks for the pics!!! The daughter is beautiful-would rather look at her than the gf with the big mouth!!

  • to 47

    Yes. St Barths was exactly that. Her “introduction” as it were. Satsuki is “coaching” her.

    Ella will not be super high profile but I think we will see her with Daniel at events in the future.

  • Healthy

    @to jean: I agree with you-the daughter is beautiful and healthy looking. Next to the ugly scarecrow gf she looks average sized and her skin is gorgeous. Love your nickname for the gf-Bones-uki. No wonder the man drinks-the gf is hideous looking.

  • Ash

    Hottest man on the planet looking mighty fine yet again. He just gets sexier and sexier.