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Dita von Teese: Alex Swings, Oscar Sings

Dita von Teese: Alex Swings, Oscar Sings

Dita von Teese (in Jean Paul Gaultier) and pop duo Alex Swings Oscar Sings (Alex Christensen [R] and Oscar Loya [L]) attend a press conference for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia on Friday (May 15).

The German duo will be performing “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang” as Dita does another one of her burlesque routines. “I feel honored to appear with Alex and Oscar at the Grand Prix in Moscow. I hope that our collaboration will win,” Dita said.

The Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will be held on tomorrow, May 16.

15+ pictures inside of Dita Von Teese and Alex Swings Oscar Sings…

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dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 01
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 02
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 03
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 04
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 05
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 06
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 07
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 08
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 09
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 10
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 11
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 12
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 13
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 14
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 15
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 16
dita von teese alex swings oscar sings 17

Photos: Oleg Nikishin/Epsilon/Getty
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  • cutie

    very pretty :-)

  • kali

    Her skin is flawless!

  • Nativenyker
  • Maria


  • Sarah

    She was in ‘p.orno.graphic’ movies…she married Marilyn Manson…so to me this woman is not normal!
    I’m sorry but she is a FREAK!
    and I don’t think she is pretty either…I can’t say she is ugly BUT I’ve never seen her with her usual tons of makeup so I’d go for “she is ugly” statement…otherwise she wouldn’t need so much makeup….

  • Mrs. Holloway

    She has a beautiful figure. That outfit looks like something you’d see on Mad Men.

  • John

    She’s pretty and seems like a nice person and unlike many mainstream performers, including a certain blonde and desperate to stay in the news former Oscar winner who broke up a marriage with kids involved, she seems respectful of others.

  • tearose

    Flawless face as usual.
    Love the dress too.

  • trina

    SHe is over made up all the time
    and her figure is ok but has fake boobs
    so don’t consider that a good figure
    what does this gal do?
    burlesque and?????
    what the hell?

  • M93

    Dita’s pretty but not one of the most beautiful women I have seen… but she does have sex appeal.

  • katy

    I think Dita’s makeup looks fairly normal here and I don’t find her overly made up for a major press conference. This is a pretty big event in Moscow and people dress up for that stuff.
    That is a really sexy top and skirt too. Only Dita could pull that off and still look like a lady.

  • victoria

    Don’t know who she is, but she looks fabulous!
    I wish I could be bothered to make the effort to look as polished as her!

  • love the stars

    Beautiful. She looks like something from another era.
    I could see Liz Taylor or Gene Tierney wearing this back in the 40s/50s.

  • flint

    Dita does have fake boobs but damn, that’s good boob job! Girl was smart not to put watermelons in her chest.

  • Lake

    That’s a gorgeous top!

  • Andy

    She looks like a bulldog, her face is very manly, no wonder she needs all that make-up, without the blush on her cheekbones she would be a plain round face

  • Las

    Dita is like the female version of JAY LENO hahaha

  • blue

    she has beautiful eyes

  • Roxanne

    Who is this woman? Honestly I would love too see what she looks like without all the make-up. How about some jeans and T-shirt. Something casual. Is she about 40ish if she is she looks ok for her age, but enough with the heavy make-up

  • azhir

    she was famous in much countries when she was also a young handsome man,,,,,,i can see she had many surguries but is looking good like a woman too

  • No Way

    @Las: No way, this woman looks nothing like Leno. Youy must be thinking of Jennifer Aniston who could pass for Leno’s daughter.

  • jennie

    she looks stunning!!! lovely blouse & nice hair

  • Abby

    Nice ones BTW!

    I go to dental school in Western Ontario so I know what I’m talking about :)

  • Noir

    Wow! The whole outfit is intense and fits her perfectly! Beautiful, beautiful woman.

  • Las

    No Way @ 05/15/2009 at 11:53 am


    Nope I wasn’t thinking of Aniston…Dita and Leno were in my mind all the time while writing that comment…

    Thank you for the comment anyways =)

  • Austin

    Dita looks beautiful. She is a model and burlesque performer. You can google her or look her up on Wikipedia if you want to read more about her, but I think it’s the same person who keeps asking this question over and over. ;-)

  • cool

    Las @ 05/15/2009 at 11:45 am
    Dita is like the female version of JAY LENO hahaha
    You need glasses. She doesn’t look anything like Jay Leno.

  • Caroline

    I also noticed the dentures.
    At first I thought she just had veneers but if you make the picture bigger you can tell she is wearing dentures.
    Good on noticing that one!

  • Marina

    Beautiful indeed. I like her style.
    I bet she’s wearing Elie Saab.

  • LolaSvelt

    I used to like and I guess I still do, but I hate how she’s annoyingly everywhere!

  • zoey

    Von Teese is in her 30s and takes care of herself. Doubtful she is wearing dentures. She just has really straight, white teeth. Lucky girl.
    She really knows how to dress. Wish she had her own fashion show. They should use her as a guest judge on Project Runway. She’d be much better than a cracked out Lohan.

  • Anna

    People wearing dentures haven’t taken well care of their teeth while being young….Dita is not that old but it doesn’t mean she took care of her teeth when she was younger…It is totally possible that she is wearing dentures.

  • WTS

    Lol@some of these comments. Dita does not wear dentures and she doesn’t look like she’s wearing them. I’ve seen photos of her when she was young and she had great teeth even back then.

    She really does have an incredible body.

  • Blah girls!

    Classically gorg!

  • loco

    finally in gaultier

  • shopgirl487

    she is really good!!!!!!! i love her!!!!!!!!!
    vote for greece!!!!! sakis rouvas rules!!!!!!!!

  • VICTORIA # 1

    ” ANDY “, Actually, I read an article on Dita in Vanity Fair last year. The make-up artist who was assigned to her said, he ” had never seen such flawless skin in his entire life.” That it was ” porcelain and silky “, and her hair ” soft and undamaged.” Almost like working with a baby-doll, right out of the box “, he said.
    The close-up photographs of her with-out make-up were gorgeous.
    Don’t be to hard on her. There ARE better pictures of her, and she is prettier than above.

  • Ivy

    i like her eyes and skin. she is beautiful..

  • ellen

    Beautiful. I love that wrap thing/blouse/whatever that she’s wearing. Very lovely and unique. I wish more stars dressed this nice.

  • Grad

    I would bang her but with a paper bag on her head :)

  • 123

    No she is not…
    ….. I am worried about you and your school…

  • 123

    @VICTORIA # 1:
    YES she is!!!!!!!!!! People write horrible things about her only because they have never met her personally.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Love Dits but unfortunatly not this outfit :(