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John Mayer Is Covered In Kisses

John Mayer Is Covered In Kisses
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  • Dannyster
  • no comment

    looks like Taylor and Selena are in love

  • Nativenyker

    We love some Mayer! Yum….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Noticias de famosos

    Covered in kisses, but it has small face in the photo …

  • Cara

    Jennifer must be so happy to be in NY and away from the juvenile beast. How can women be attracted to him aside from his music?

  • Bubbaness

    Taylor and Selena warm my old, cold heart.

  • jenny


  • the gay guitarist

    “He has to go tell people that I made out with him at a club. I never said anything, but you know what? Dam- right I made out with him at a club. You know why? Because I can’t stand a gay guy who acts like he just turned gay yesterday. As soon as a guy is walking around all wild… I will f’ck you in the as- to shut you up. You are not wilder than me. Once you judge me I will go as- to mouth with you just to shut you up. First of all, I was thinking about going gay until you turned into their spokesperson.

    “I was thinking about going gay. Every man has thought about going gay. It’s usually like.. 2:23 in the morning you wake up. ‘Oh God, interesting!’ We seem to leave out the details, don’t we guys? Guys like fantasies without the details. ‘Oh yeah, I could blow a dude. Might taste like cherries.’ You know that smell at New York Sports Club? The locker room? That’s balls….

    “The idea of blowing a guy, that’s not the problem.

  • tn

    The truth is that Mayer and Aniston were never a couple. It was all acted. That is why he was tipping off the pap agencies, and leaving his car at her house overnight, while he got rides out hidden in the back of cars/limos, on the floor of the back seat under a blanket. HE WAS SEEN TRYING TO SNEAK OUT !!! VAUGHN DID THE SAME TRICK. It was a PR war against Pitt and Jolie. Organised by CAA who manages Aniston, (contractually) Sculfor, Diaz, Mayer, and Vaughn etc…. He has been meeting women on Twitter, sleeping with them as long as they are discreet. Their “relationship” was a SHAM from the beginning. The TWITTER “break up” excuse is a joke; they have no reason to “break up” and now they know audiences know they were faking it, they don’t even care to explain. They did ANYTHING to gain publicity over Pitt to win the Christmas war…..even pose nearly nu-de, talk about pregnancy, create marriage rumors for publicity…etc…Her personal life is HIDDEN. He agreed to a contract to run concurrent with her production, Marley and Me. That is why their (acted) relationship started at the beginning of M&M and ended as soon as the film delivered it was a publicity stunt, funded by the production: same as TBU. What people posting don’t understand is that she doesn’t want a judge a jury of her personal life, and the investors don’t want her personal life effecting the film’s gross return. So that is the truth, and what is more bizarre is that Vince did the same thing with TBU (same as Sculfor). They had a fictional relationship too, that seemed to people reading magazines, as though it was real. It wasn’t. It was all for publicity to stop nosy people like you guys asking personal questions that have nothing to do with you. She owes you NOTHING except a performance after you buy the ticket.

  • zza

    “Visiting the Diamond Exchange in Tustin.”
    Welding an engagement ring for my girlfriend.3:23 AM Jan 31st
    “Let me just tell you that Jen is a huge liar and we are having twins,”
    “I’ll be Jennifer Aniston’s (HIRED) Oscars boyfriend.”

  • John Mayer is gay

    John Mayer very insulting and arrogant behind the scenes : you don’t know. He copies from males, steals their ideas and tries to rival other males. That is his focus and that is what sent him gay. RIVALRY. It is all a sexual competition between him and his brother, that he never fully resolved in his childhood. So he projects that incomplete sexual energy (with his brother) into other men : copying them, trying to outdo them by cloning them and pushing ahead…… instead making himself look artificial, desperate, stretched and vulgar

  • melinda

    Congrats to the bachelorette jen, you deserve it and finally have found the right man!

  • http://- audrey

    Taylor & Selena (L)

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont care what u say
    john is the man lol, im pretty sure he’s kidding but that just makes it funny not him being a douche
    omg, wtf happened 2 ashley’s face in that pic, it looks horrible

  • Maria

    Dirty crack heads comes to mind when I look at that picture.
    Mayer is a disgusting gay pig. I believe his relationship with Jen was a phony staged act.

  • AQ

    #12 Jen is a bacherorette, but congrats on the new man? What new man?????????????????????

  • Las Vegas Nights

    John Mayer is the luckiest man! but i dun knw why he luks very sad in the pic!

  • suppress your appetite

    hehe DDDD