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Tom Cruise: Like Father, Like Son

Tom Cruise: Like Father, Like Son

Tom Cruise and his son Connor Cruise, 14, enjoy an exciting LA Lakers playoff game together on Thursday (May 21) at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Val Kilmer, Will Ferrell, Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson, Adam Levine, and Maria Shriver were also spotted at the basketball game.

The Denver Nuggets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers by the final score of 106-103 in game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

New to DVD and Blu-ray this week is Tom Cruise in Valkyrie.

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  • aletse.PT

    Beautifull father and son.
    Kisses from Portugal to you Jared.

  • zara

    ohhhhh my god he is so sexy

  • sindy

    its weird they luk alike —did they tel each atha to wear watches n put their hands up on their lollol….

  • nativenyker

    He looks amazing! Very handsome.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • shimmer

    beautiful boy, it is nice to see someone still loves the children seeing as how Nicole went and had one of her own whit Keith urban and forgot she had 2 previously adopted children. I honestly think tom cruise does not love any of his three kids any different/more, biological vs. adopted, but you NEVER see botoxed frozen ice face queen Nicole with any of her kids except her biological child she has with Keith Urban who she calls her “miracle” baby. What are the older two, chopped liver? Charlton Heston, movie icon from the 50′s had two natural born children and then he and his wife adopted a baby sister for his boys a couple of years later, when anyone would ask which of his kids were the one that was adopted, he would give the answer, “I can’t remember.” How sweet and loving is that. I bet Nicole Kidman “remembers.”

  • Jen

    so hot!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    “its weird they luk alike”… huh?!? LOL.. yea… sure, they luk alike alright. they luk ‘nothing’ alike. LOL.. wtf. sounds like one of those brangie-nuts that say jolie looks exactly like zahara.. and brad looks exactly like maddox. hahahahahahaha..

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    I was there too!
    I’m a star too!

  • gossipcrunch

    Is it coincidental that they both gave the same pose while being lensed. Could be.

  • LALY

    Tom Cruise look damn hottt

  • someone

    Compare the the ears and the nearly identical jawline, the hands, the shape of the forearms, and the general structure of the face.

    The ears are one of the most obvious ways to see relation, because our ears are as distinctive as fingerprints.

    What do you think the actual odds that Tom Cruise would happen to adopt a son that looks so much like him?

    I believe that Connor is Tom’s biological son.

  • brad

    I think every time he goes Public with his adopted children makes Nicole’s image so bad and insult her some how, nicole was seen with those kids untill the mess understands about what she said that her kids call her mom but some times nicole i watch the GMTV interview on youtube and how The media said the opposite .I think she sees them but not in the Public eye but I don’t understand why and why she has to Suffer all what the media says about her?i guess we will never know.

  • 1

    tom is looking good while his wifey is looking awful.

  • to shimmer

    Botoxed frozen ice face queen? well, Nic has no difference to Tom’s what’s her face name current wife who undergone nose surgery and who’s teeth are now underconstruction. lol.

  • LOVE

    Connor is so HOT!

  • Anna

    they both look hot!

  • keyword

    tom looks old,but Conor is very handsome ,good thing if they have a healthy father-son relationship

  • oh so giggles

    Just watch the same old key words that get printed here. lol

    Dead giveaway who is posting them.

    Over and over and over and over.

    Someone really has no life of their own!

  • ferdis
  • Lisa too

    It is funny that it looks like they are wearing the same thing and even the watches look similar. lol…. Nice that they got to out by themselves for the night without the rest of the family.

  • ferdis

    I think Tom is crazy.But i need, sadly lol, admit that he cares about his children. Adopted or not. Isabela and Connor are often with him. I dont see them with Nicole for ages. Dont tell me that is b/c she lives in Nashville or just because we dont see paps pics we cant say she doesnt see them. We have pictures of Nicole going to gym classes! Almost EVERY DAY!Ii am sure the paps are good enought to see her with Connor and Isabela.

  • @

    and Leonardo Dicaprio?

  • Jackman2369

    OBVIOUSLY, the woman next to Cruise is NOT his wife….all I had to do is look at the busted up feet to know it must be Mrs. Cruise’s older sister who is living with them. I can spot those bunioned foot bones anywhere!

  • Tijen

    Connor is looking so handsome.

  • Michaelangelo

    Not another conspiracy theory, #11…

  • maryrowery

    nice view, suprasing

  • dabu

    shimmer @ 05/22/2009 at 8:07 am

    Don’t be a judgmental idiot. Nicole sees them a lot more than you would think. Unlike Tom, she respects the kids wish for privacy. Bella is intensely private as both Tom and Nicole have mentioned. When you do get the rare picture of them together–they are all obviously very comfortable with one another and loving.

    Nicole is probably relieved that Sunday can’t be taken away from her by that Xenu cult. At the moment the teens are most likely being heavily indoctronated by the schooling given to teens. Google Scientology kids or teens and see what comes up. Furthermore, for all we know, Tom may be trying to shut Nicole out of their lives since she is no longer a whoo whoo xenu worshipping freak like him. That is what would be happening if Tom wasn’t a public figure. She would be a non person to anyone involved in Scientology. However, since Tom is so high profile, many rules are broken for him within the sect. You can view videos on YouTube by former high ranking Sci-fitologists who have mentioned this or if you want to actually use your brain–read their commentaries.

    My point is none of us know how often Nicole sees the kids. Folks in Nashville talk about seeing them often–especially on weekends. However, what we do know is that the Church of Scientology does have strict and unforgiving rules against those that leave like Nicole–they become nonpersons. And we do know that children/teens are strictly schooled which probably means they don’t get much time off. All of this is public knowledge from former scifi cultests and documents that have been leaked.

  • notbusy

    Tom makes sure he is photographed with the older kids every few months because he knows the PR is good and photos make people think he is a good father. The way he pimps out Suri to the paps is proof that he is NOT a good father. Nicole does spend time with her children and doesn’t go out of her way to have them photographed with her. I remember around the holidays Nicole talked about how Bella helped her put Sunday to bed. There was no photos of Nicole and Bella together, but obviously there were together.

  • LoL

    I saw a pic of tom on rameypix web site he was looking at the Cheer girls fabulous legs,of course i don’t blame him,after watching the miserable pathetic horror fashion fleur epic katie looks every day, If i were him I couldn’t resist my self .

  • pr person

    Well said dabu… well said.

  • 477

    I can’t STAND HIM!! Alien freak, con artist for the cult. But I must say, he dresses better than his wife. Go gay boy!!!!

  • sienna

    tom is soooooooooooo HOT!!!

  • LoL

    I saw a pic of tom on rameypix web site he was looking at the Cheer girls fabulous legs,of course i don’t blame him,after watching the miserable pathetic horror fashion Failure Failure katie looks every day, If i were him I couldn’t resist my self .

  • Granda Fergie

    Connor’s biological mom is white and Irish and Tom is Irish perhaps that is where the similarity comes from. But sometimes adopted children do favor the people who adopted them for some strange reason.

  • Tuna

    JJ hates Jake and Leo.

  • Annie

    Psycho freak. And NOT hot. He’s a short little fruit loop that has a staged marriage through Sci-Fi cult world.

  • Charles


  • LuckyL

    Lol, God that kid looks so brainwashed.

  • cutie pie

    that boy looks nothing like Tom C, he is way better looking than Tom… but for some reason (whick i already know) he has that gay look about him.. always happens when thes people mix up races… !!!

  • cutie pie

    why do white folks think they are better than and seem to hate black people and use the n word,, but they steady sleep with and breed mixed kids with and tan to get brown , plump up the lips, and talk a so called cool lingo, now they are doing the fist bump and always copying, when you look back you will see black folks in your family and white folks in balck families, so HOW CAN YOU HATE A RACE BUT CONTINUE TO SLEPP AND MARRY AND BREED WITH BLACKS.. SCRATCHING MY HEAD ON THIS ONE BECAUSE IF I HATED A RACE SO MUCH AND CALLED THEM NAMES LIKE MONKEYS AND WELFARE THUGS AND THE N WORD , I DAMN SURE WOULD NOT BE LOOKING TO SLEEP AND MAKE BABIES WITH AND BE OF THE SAME SKIN COLOR! WTF???????????? i WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THAT ISH AND IT HAS BEEN GOIN ON SINCE BACK IN THE SLAVERY DAYS!!!

  • Annie

    Poor Bella probably hasnt reached her OT level yet and had to stay home with his greasy, dirty depressed wife.Connor must be excelling in brainwashing school and was released for the evening. Suri is still probably sitting on her vibrating thrown or sitting in a dark closet somewhere trying to reach ‘ a newer found freedom”. What a great guy that Tom is.

  • mimilala

    Wow, Connor became a hottie! What a handsome face.

    It is cute how they both have the same mannerisms…and I agree that aside from the mannerisms, they do look a bit alike.

  • wtf

    @cutie pie: WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT

  • Cindy

    Connor is handsome, too bad he has to see the world through a science fiction book.

  • George

    Meet George Jetson….. and his boy Elroy!

  • helen

    He is so sexy and very handsome.

  • wunder

    I wonder if he and katie’s sister are having an affair. What are they doing together? Odd…

  • dian

    Connor is such a handsom young man IT IS nice to see Tom and his son having a good time together

  • Mailey

    Connor is already goodlooking. When he’s older he’s going to be redonculous. Luv his kicks..

  • naanshi

    do they live with tom? the kids?