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Rachel Bilson Has Jumper Joy

Rachel Bilson Has Jumper Joy

Rachel Bilson wears a black jumper dress over her Riller & Fount “George” t-shirt while shopping in Hollywood with a friend on Friday (May 22).

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress then had lunch with her friends.

Danielle Fishel, aka Topanga from Boy Meets World, recently told that she loves RB‘s style! She said, “And I love Rachel Bilson. She looks fun, age-appropriate, casual!”

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and her jumper joy…

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rachel bilson jumper joy 01
rachel bilson jumper joy 02
rachel bilson jumper joy 03
rachel bilson jumper joy 04
rachel bilson jumper joy 05
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rachel bilson jumper joy 07
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rachel bilson jumper joy 09
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rachel bilson jumper joy 11
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Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • Lyka

    Srsly, the jumper did not fit her well. Look, the jumper looks saggy and looooooseeee.

  • shelle

    i loveee rachel, i think she’s so cute!
    but that dress is awful. D:

  • Lola

    Is she drunk?
    Who in the right mind would wear that sh!t ?

  • Saudia

    the jumper weighs her down cause she’s tiny .. but I love her sandals :)

  • voice of reason

    Maybe she has a shortage of items to wear so I’ll forgive the jumper thing, the shoes however are very nice.

  • fat cow

    She wears clothes that still remain. Remember that a fucking bastard stole all the others.

  • fat cow

    wooops, I forget the moderation, sorry Jared, I didn’t want to hurt you. I love you and your site.

  • sloane

    @1 – Look, the jumper looks saggy…
    Thats becoz the thing that holds it – that is called her t*ts are… “”flat & sagged”" too.

  • Heather arndt

    She was shopping at my store HAPPY on hollywood blvd and confederacy which is down the street. The interior shots with blue in back are from our shop. She was not drunk! She was sweet and cute and a pleasure to have in the shop!

  • unreechy

    Yeah right, thats what you so called the “devastated face” due to that reported burglary (?!) days ago.
    Cry me a river or even an ocean BilHo!

  • blah

    this is a really tacky look for her

  • NYC

    I get annoyed when a woman of any size wears clothing too big for her frame. Rachel could still wear this outfit being 7 months pregnant with triplets! I know everyone has different fashion sense, etc., but I just don’t understand the hype about this woman. I would not trust any advice she gives because she clearly cannot dress herself stylishly on a day to day basis. Even simple jeans and a cute fitted top would be better than that sack she is drowning in!

  • Noticias de famosos

    I like the clothes, it is unfortunate that recently robbed at home …

  • Em

    Where is her gay “boyfriend”?

  • austintable

    Age appropriate? She’s 27. I guess..

  • deshaun


    You’re talking about HIDING / HIDDEN Christensen?!

  • Em

    @deshaun: Yes, that cute gay actor.

  • chadwick

    The lesser or no talent, acting job & legit popularity === the outrageous the clothes!

  • Gasol_fan16

    I agree with Lola. The Jumper dress looks like sh*t! Read between the lines better people. For her to pick out a fugly sack dress like that she, must have been drunk! Just a figure of speech. Rachel must not look at the mirror before she leaves the house. I doubt she has a shortage of close from the so called *cough! *cough! *cough! Robbery.

    She does not look like she is hurting. What was said to be stoled was a T-V, Jewelry, all her vintage clothing and family jewelry passed down. Oh! Plus, all her vintage shoes. She still has plenty of her regular clothes. Simple jeans and a cute snug fitting tank top or sleeveless babydoll style of top would have been much more flattering then this sack she is wearing. Makes her boobs look very flat and saggy. Oh well. She wanted to be papped looking like this. That is on her.

  • Kelly

    I don’t think this girl dresses age appropriate at all. She tries to dress like she’s 15, not 27. Even her so-called clothing line was geared for teenagers. The problem is, she’s not a teenager, she’s 27. Teens are more interested in celebrities their own age, like Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, not someone who is almost 30. Now don’t go getting on me about fashion designer designing for all ages. This girl is not a designer, she’s a wearer. She may have had input on her so-called line but she didn’t design it. She was hired to be the face of it, to market it, which obviously didn’t work because the targeted audience (juniors) has no idea who she is. She should be marketing styles for the 25-35 age bracket.

  • jo

    That is a truly and most amazingly bizarre piece of clothing! What is it? What is it meant to be? Has it stretched in the wash? I know nothing about the child wearing it as she’s not well represented here in the UK, but perhaps she should take a few tips from two great British icons, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham, on how to choose a look that favours her shortness and represents her youth!

  • atlqueen

    I think she dresses age appropiate. I don’t like what she wears most the time but I still think it’s her age. I see teens all the time on the way home from work and they remind me of what I use to dress like back when I was one myself.
    I’m sorry I’d have to totally disagree with you on that one. I’m very close to her age and I wouldn’t dare find myself dressed up like a 35 year old. They don’t even wear the same clothes as a 30 year old. I’d hate to see what you wear everyday.

  • jo

    I can’t believe she’s twenty seven as she looks more like some of the eleven year old school children down our street. The way she clutches that beige bobbly thing and her slope shouldered walk simply screams pre teen immaturity and nervousness. I think she should take a few assertiveness courses so that her body stance has more of an element of pride in herself, and perhaps a stylist wouldn’t go amiss. It can’t be much fun going through life with people thinking and treating you like a child when you’re not. I’ve met younger girls than her who ooze self confidence and walk as though they mean it. She looks a little pathetic.

  • Kelly

    I must not have made myself very clear. I meant she looks like a little girl. The outfit she has on right now is something a 3rd or 4th grader would wear to school. The “tablecloth” dress she wore a few days ago shopping, looks like something Suri Cruise (who is 3) would wear. Like Jo, #21, said, she should dress like Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss, two women who know how to dress for their age and body type. Rachel always just looks “cute” not sexy, not like a woman, just cute, like a little girl, a juvenile.

  • apple creek

    Why do you think the robbery is fake?

    @voice of reason
    You lost your aggressiveness, it is disappointing/sad.


    Pleazzzee!! Danielle Fishel is as popular as RB is and the fact she is not known for much but, Boy Meets World who cares what she thinks personally, looks like RB pr team is getting anyone who they can come up with to praise this dying fashion want to be designer. Danielle Fishel is the best they can do Pleazzzee seems she has plenty of money to keep shopping on Rodeo Drive or all her fun hot spots she loves to be seen at. The fact she never does anything with her hair, she wears crap clothing that sends the statement of a bag lady from the getto. Boy if this is the best she can do then I would hate to see her worst, Oh but I think we have her Met Gala that was pretty terrible.

  • Las Vegas Nights

    she looks very funny in this! Rachel Bilson,s gay boy frnd is missing!

  • jess

    D-lister desperate for attention! LOL



  • Dina

    She looks like a bug.

  • lakers fan in boston

    as a fan of rachel’s style
    i gotta say that jumper looks bad on her
    the fact that it looks so baggy makes her look even shorter
    if it were like a couple inches higher it would have look pretty decent
    other than that, she looks cute as usual
    love her hair when it’s all out

  • sharon

    You know a puppy is cute and a kitten …but seriosly why for the life of me ppl keep commenting how cute she looks ,she can have a brown paper bag over her head and all you hear is awww how cute ,she is almost 30 not 13 I think the cuteness stage is over come up with something more age apporiate for once.

  • voice of reason

    @apple creek don’t worry it’s still there LOL

  • apple creek

    A good thing! Have a nice new thread, voice of reason. ;-)

  • verity


  • Kaka

    Someone stole my sh&it.
    It sux!
    So I get more shi&t.
    Then I am happy.
    You can’t never have enough shi^t.
    Shi&t, sh(it, sh%it – must buy more sh*it.
    Then after that I go get more.
    Da schmatas, da shoes, da bags, da jewels – so much shi^t!!!
    The one with the most sh&it wins.
    I want to win.

  • poor hayden

    @#36 – you nailed it! So appropriate for RB b/c she’s full of sh&it!

  • Alex
  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She is so lovely!