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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Enter the Jungle

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Enter the Jungle

Newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt muster up their best acting skills for another photo shoot in “the jungle” in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 23).

The Hills couple is preparing to enter the jungle next week for their new reality show, I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Dressed in their best bushmaster gear, Speidi filmed a comical video where they ate Pizza Hut pizza instead of their jungle rations. Then Spencer filmed a video for his new rap single, “I’m a Celebrity.”

10+ pictures inside of Heidi and Spencer entering the jungle…

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heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 01
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 02
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 03
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 04
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 05
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 06
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 07
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 08
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 09
heidi montag spencer pratt jungle 10

Credit: Louise Barnsley; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • nurd

    they need to disappear and never come back…..ever

  • Kirsten


  • okk

    i’ll say it in spanish…dos b*ludos importantisimos

  • Jennifer

    Marry me Spencer. I love you.

  • Beth



    I hope that snake swallow both. Stop posting about this idiots. Are they paying you Jared? It seems so. There’s no integrity on your part. Thank goodness you are not a real journalist.


    They ARE NOT Celebrities.

  • katty

    They are so entertaining, love them.

  • .

    i honestly thought spencer was an old man in these pictures. and is it me or do they always kiss weirdly?!

  • mertz

    i’m typing what popped into my mind first. didn’t she apparently say no makeup or haircare or some bullsh*t about her aesthetic looks. now i know the porducers probably wouldn’t go for that, but i just want to ask how the heck she supposedly got her brand new extensions and hair freshly bleached for this photo op. also if she did this before going to the jungle/outback/back to where she belongs…lol…why the heck would she need to primp for the jungle…is she trying to look good for the animals, and not spencer?

    i love how they tried to outpunk chelsea lately for her major hate on them, and they got shutdown. them and ebola. also for anyone who cares her and lauren are back to being good friends and talk a lot more than the show lets on, and also all the people on the hills are friends/good friends/friendly…i mean look at jen bunny on twitter spilling out her shit to get lauren to talk to her. people who are stupid enough to post their pics and private shit on the internet makes it fair game for anyone, lurkers, fans, hackers, etc…the point is, the hills is fake, and so are these two. they make lots of money and therefore they will keep at it, even if it means heidi needs another boob job with the encouragement of spencer. they are under contract and therefore cannot always say what they want to, especially if it invovles the show. the most truthful people on the show are whitney, lo, jade (look at when she was supposed to be on the aftershow and mtv shut that down), frankie, and sleazy t. and it wasn’t a surprise that kristen is coming on for the next season…lauren knew it all and was in on the discussions with the producers, then they went to the rest of the cast to see what they thought. ugh. i’m sooooooooooooooooo fed up with mtv making celebrities out of people who don’t do anything.

  • mertz

    and no you are not the only one. it’s like they can’t kiss normaly. i thought maybe because she had something done to her lips or something, but really. they make me want to throw up. i don’t deny them their love…i just wish they would just stop being and maybe give the rest of us a break. i mean i can only wish that they oversaturate themeselves to hell, so that maybe one day i don’t ever have to hear about them. just because i’m young and watch tv and come on the net, does not mean i need to know who they are, or even carrie prejean or other shit. i feel like my brain space is being wasted by all this noise that is in the atmosphere.

    lmao at lo when she was asked if heidi is different and lo says mostly with her looks she’s changed a lot, but she said heidi was gorgeous.

  • .

    completely agree with you!! i used to not mind heidi, but then when she met spencer i could not understand what she saw in him hes a total douchebag and im sure all her family hate him, its all for publicity and hes made her so fake, her boobs are awful, and to be honest i think her natural darker blonde hair, her natural lips AND natural nose looked better :|

  • mertz

    spencer and heidi making a lot of money together has been mentioned before by brody, lauren, lauren the 2nd, auderina, what’s her face steph pratt (i should add her to the most truthful list, because she doesn’t know any better to be devious like her brother), and now kristen. also spencer fighting with jason wahler at apple will be in next season, and so will a pool party at dougs house where kristen hooks up with jb or another boy the mtv people suggest to her and she agrees with. what’s the point of them continuing this show. we had many lagunas, newport beach, the hills, the city…now the person who held all of this won’t be on the show…so what’s the point. if they are changing the show, they should change the name also, because it will no longer be the hills…it’ll be the audrina, brody, and speidi show. i do not want to watch a show about jade nicole. these people are not CELEBRITIES. does being on a tv show make you a celebrity. if so mtv, then tell me why your real world/challenge/duel franchise contestants aren’t celebrites, isn’t it the same reality tv show virus?

  • mertz

    i know heidi looks different, but i refuse to believe that she had a full faceplant and went the micheal jackson route. i also choose to hope that she does plastic surgery out of her own volition than under the suggestion of her boyfriend, self acknowledged douchebag, spencer pratt. i may be a cynic, but i believe in hope and i hope this girl grows another fully functioning brain. he may be a douche but he isn’t all the show makes him out to be (you know the reality show that is scripted but is infact reality and not amature acting because they aren’t really all trained actors and as lo said, she isn’t an actor and can’t be paid to act). heidi’s whole family doesn’t hate spencer, infact heidi and her mom and spencer get along, even if her son in law is a spawn. they’ve all turned to jesus to show them the path.

  • rachel

    she won’t cope without hairdryers,straightners,curlers or make-up…

  • Maeve

    Get these two fake celebs out of la la land and just place them somewhere unknown. Get them off my screen. They are useless.

  • Rocky

    Could those two please get lost in the Jungle

  • Butter

    I’ve said it before, but STOP giving these people attention!!! Oh my god, I have never seen to people more of a waste of space

  • Tom&keiraHater

    Who the hell are they???? Why are they famous???? She looks so stupid and he looks so gay!!!!!!

  • sara


  • G

    They are soooo NOT celebrities, this is a joke! it is insulting to the likes or De neiro, al pachino etc etc call these two pratts celebrities!!!!

  • bella

    I say leave them there :)
    Everyone on that show is not a celebrity, they are all fame whores.

  • a

    who are these two people????

    hey is that Micheal Jackson girl version!!

    seriously these attention seeker couple should be vanishes in hollywood…

  • Lillie

    i’m a celebrity, get me out of here. isn’t exactly a new show…its been on here in the UK, for what like…seven years? great….yet ANOTHER reality tv show the americans want to take. first pop idol, then big brother, then strictly come dancing? i bet x-factor will be next.

  • wed mother

    they’re pathetic

  • Dread not

    Spencer wrestling a snake@Lillie:

    Not for nothing, but this show was on in America a while back, with Melissa Rivers, stuttering John, and more in 2002.

    As for, Spenca OCOG, wrestling a snake? That sounds ’bout right. And Heidi getting ready to put a scorpion in her mouth is far from the nastiest thing to ever go in her blow hole. These two are made for each other.

  • lollipop

    These two are about as charmins as scraping your fingernails across a chalkboard or worse yet they remind you of the awful “disco” period. Blech…

  • Jughed

    Ha ha ha. Great pics :D

  • mccain palin 08

    i hope they get bitten by rattlesnakes

  • HockeyGurL

    Ugg their both douchebags , if Beavis and Butt-Head were to make a movie he would be the perfect choice.

  • amanda

    I love them. Stars in the making. When we look back 50 years from now, we will realize how they duped us into making millions of dollars. Congrats to them!

  • kim

    that snake should do us a favor xD

  • mad mad mad

    Lol #31 thats so true!

    We hate them, but they dont care! the money is rolling in!


  • no name

    They are HILARIOUS! loves it.

  • suzz


  • cari



    WE DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • atrium


  • Las Vegas Nights

    Heidi Montag & Spencer -wow gorgeous!
    dun they have sense of vomiting

  • p.

    I lovee Heidi. She’s just so down to earth…

    lol just JOKING !!!

    Hope some lion eats them.

  • matt

    Hopefully the’re gonna get lost in the jungle! Spencer will be swallowed by a boa, and hopefully its gonna take like a week… while Heidi’s gonna have to eat monkey dick for a few months and get aids.

  • hiro’s

    ewww….. douchebag

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont even no wtf 2 say about these 2 losers
    just when u need an animal 2 go ape shit on a person
    they’re tame….

  • http://justjared Callie

    This fame chasing, attention-hungry couple are as pathetic and simple and petty as they come. And they actually deserve each other because they are both as low as you can get. Shameless, shamsters who need to crawl in a deep, dark hole and never come out. Hopefully their 15 min. of fame will end soon !!!!!!!!!

  • uggs

    disgusting performance but a challenge to their valor for and skills..sigh

  • nr

    so sick of these two, why do you keep putting up pictures of them – make them go away

  • Amy

    i actually hate them.
    they make me feel sick.
    i watch the hills, and spencer is so controlling, + erg, i really cant stand him.
    they’re not even celebrities to be honest,
    i bet they will argue EVERy day,
    + i cant wait till one of them gets voted off and the other one is left.
    they’ll be like a lost puppy.
    erg, they need to get a life.
    i hope this changes them.
    they sooooooo make me sick.
    + heidi is just a pornstar. i mean, have you seen her new video?!

  • Stephie


    agree with you.. LOL

  • Lauren parks

    It’s pretty disgusting that there are people in the world that can be “famous” off of doing absolutely nothing. I don’t care about these people. No one really should and it makes me sick that they’re even noticed doing pathetic things for attention. They’re not celebrities.

  • Jess

    At least she’s out of this country. Good riddance!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    They are seriously so ridiculous.