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Chris Brown: I Ain't A Monster!

Chris Brown: I Ain't A Monster!

Chris Brown finally speaks up after three months of laying low.

“I just wanna say ‘what’s up?’ because I ain’t been out there in a minute,” Chris says in a video shot at Shaquille O’Neal‘s house with Bow Wow. “But the new album is gonna be coming soon. We working on it right now. It’s called Graffiti. It’s got everything on it, so y’all be ready for that.”

Chris ended, “Everybody that’s haters, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love you all. I ain’t a monster.”

Tomorrow, another hearing is scheduled regarding Rihanna, the leaking of her case photos, and his felony battery charges.

Watch the video below!

Chris Brown: I Ain’t A Monster!
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  • http://megsshop Jolie Hot Chin not

    you’re worst them a monster, you’re a girlfriend beater. i, for one, will never buy another of your albums.

  • kim

    he’s a loser.

  • wiehtiowehri

    Still a monster.

  • Theresa

    I think Mr. Brown needs to go back to school and learn how to speak proper English.

  • jill

    wifebeating monster

  • emma

    why does he have to seem so aggressive on camera it is just even more evidence that what he did was true.

    and what fans are you talking about Chris you have lost all respect from everyone. I hated his music anyway.

  • Melanie

    Hi haters

    I Love you Chris can’t wait for the new single.

  • thor

    He sounds so stupid. He is his own worst enemy.

  • n

    Rihanna probably leaked those n-u-d-e photos just put the spotlight back on her again, you know Riri, famewh0r3!

  • emma


    are you joking.
    you are going to support a man that is a supposed girl beater
    he deserves nothing and no one should buy his album

  • mily

    monster. he just said it!
    what a loser

  • bohe_mia


  • Monster

    You ain’t no monster and you ain’t a grammer genius!!!

  • bohe_mia


  • um


  • mily

    oh its so obvious, chris brown leaked the photos.. he’s on one of them remember? i think he’s the greatest hater,..

  • kelly

    Hmm lets see. Brutally beat the living crap out of a woman then bite her then choked her. Yea THATS A MONSTER!

    And no Chris I used to like you. SO no I was not a;always a hater. U ignorant fool.

  • youareajoke!

    you aint be a monster? you aint be speakin da propa english is what it be!!! LMAO!!!

    you are nothing but a punk azz loser! anyone that buys your album is a FOOL! once a woman beater, always a woman beater!!! one day someone bigger and badder than you will give you the beat down you deserve! what goes around comes around, it always does

  • office fan

    He “aint” no monster? Well, he’s definitely not a man! I totally agree with Theresa #4….he needs to learn how to speak proper English. I hope his sorry @ss spends time in jail. He’s nothing but an uneducated thug, and I hope he loses everything he has. JMO

  • office fan

    He “aint” no monster? Well, he’s definitely not a man! I totally agree with Theresa #4….he needs to learn how to speak proper English. I hope his sorry @ss spends time in jail. He’s nothing but an uneducated thug, and I hope he loses everything he has. JMO

  • Theresa (not the loser above)

    He hasn’t lost respect from everyone Emma!! You are a Loser!! Gosh get off the kid already.3 months of bashing hasn’t satisfied you vultures. You ppl are a disgrace! Disgusting and sickening!! Ugh!! If you don’t like him don’t buy his music. I’m sure you never bought it before. If you don’t like it don’t click on his posts or watch his youtube videos!! Just STFU!

    Chris good for you. Good to see you’re back out again and returning to some normalcy in life. As Rihanna has moved along with her life I glad to see that you are doing the same. Just remember “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”. Just keep praying and God’s going to bring you through and in a way that shuts the mouths of all those who doubt and hate!! Good luck to you!!

    To everyone that’s on another post if you hate him so much!! LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • enoughalready

    #1 that is your opinion, but lets be real. Do you honestly think your boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever, would actually let you continually keep hitting them without doing nothing? Flip it, would you let someone continue to hit you? No!

    He did not beat this girl, what he did was defend him self from someone who thought she was in control. People got mad at this for no reason. Do you honestly think, since you think so much of RIhanna I guess, that if he was beating on her previously, not her, but her camp would have allowed it? No! I honestly do believe that she was hitting him and they thought it was funny (cause her and her little flunkies she hangs around with do act silly), cause he would do nothing physically, but behind closed doors he was getting some respect from someone else and ole psycho could not take it and it made her lash out and get lashed. People really need to let this go, like Rihanna did before it hit the press and move on. She is still with him so let it be.

    The reason she has never really pressed the issue is, if this was to go to court, records would be obtained and they would find out the dill about ole physco (Rihanna). Have you ever wondered why she never did that (press the issue) or why she got back with him not when we saw them but before? People think, and leave this young man alone!!

    Since everyone always wants to talk about abuse, it goes both ways. So dont let anyone hit you (the man) and dont you hit anyone (the woman)!!

  • redbaron

    This guy should burn to the ground. People like him are the reason why death penalties are awesome.

  • emma

    @Theresa (not the loser above):

    so you are going to support someone that beats the crap out of women?

    Yeah i really am the real loser here. This man deserves nothing and he does not deserve money and a good career he deserves a life time sentence in jail or the death sentence.

  • hahaha

    dude needs to get an edu-ma-cation!

  • TwilightGirl

    Yio.. You`re Still A Monster Dude!
    You Hit A Girl.. There`s No Reason To hit A Girl!!!

  • boston

    Just saying ” i ain’t ” makes you a looser.

  • bohe_mia

    @Theresa(not the loser above)
    You clearly know nothing about God he forgives those who accept him and those who accept him and walk with him WOULD NEVER BEAT THEIR GIRLFRIENDS AND BOAST ABOUT LIKE IT’S A GAME YOU BUFFOON

  • http://ROSAMANUELA.07@HOTMAIL.COM rosita, luanda, angola


    Im from Africa, and here you music play hard with you, forever, superhumain, no air, you are very young, beautiful and talent guy, so live and enjoy your life, make your music, you have many fans around the world, good luck for your new album, and if God want this gonna be a great sucess…Here lot of people pray for you…

    For Rihanna …Good luck luck also and this life…

    Someone needs to leran if mistakes, Rihamna is no bettter tan Chris is not better thanm Rihanna , because someone is somoene…

    Now both to work…And the rest life own get put in order…

  • Theresa (not the loser above)

    @ Emma. Yes I’m going to support a talented artist. To hate someone so much that you never met is kind of crazy don’t you think? Just a little like living in a fantasy world. Like you really have relationships with either of these ppl. NO ONE knows what happened but those two and neither of them is telling. NO ONE knows what Chris looked like after the fight either. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that they were both WRONG. Until we teach women that it is not okay to physically attack men either we’re going to have lots of these scenarios. All of you ppl shouting hate on this post really make me shake my head in disbelief. Everyone hasn’t to be held accountable for their actions not just one. We need to teach that violence in relatiohships is not acceptable by any one, man or woman. Finally to those who are criticizing his grammar. It seems to have earned him at least 1 million more dollars that you’ll ever see in your lifetime.

  • emma.

    Um newsflash Chris… YOU ARE A MONSTER.
    I don’t even listen to his songs anymore. How much I hate him.

  • Theresa (not the loser above)

    @ Bohe_mia. What you’re spewing is hate. Go back and read Jeremiah more words for you. all positivity!! Good Luck Chris and Rihanna. God bless you both :-)!!

  • bohe_mia

    no not hate TRUTH try again

  • scout

    what an illiterate buffoon

  • jill

    he should get with sluttyienna miller thay deserve each other

  • Liz

    I doubt that

  • JANE

    “I just wanna say what’s up?”. No. You just want to sell records. And Shaq is helping…I wonder if he would let one of his daughters date the not-monster.

  • office fan

    @Theresa(not the loser above)
    While you’re spouting off about us “haters” not knowing what really happened, you are saying that Rhianna is wrong too and implying that she attacked Chris. Take your own advice…you weren’t there, so you don’t know that she touched him at all. We do know that Chris beat Rhianna and then took off like a little coward. That’s all I need to know to no longer be a fan of his.

  • emma

    @Theresa (not the loser above):

    I find it hard to believe you are going to support a women beater and a man who can’t even speak English to save his life. He seemed so aggressive in that Video as well.

  • scout



  • anonymous

    To: #22

    Obviously you are not aware of what domestic violence. It’s not a matter of ‘letting’ someone continue to hit you. Abusers pick poeple with low self-esteem or purposely destroy a person’s self-esteem in order to keep physically and emotionally abusing them. An abuser would not stay with anyone who walks away from them the first time they hit that person.

    I was 15 years old when a member of our church who battered his wife and it cost him his marriage, said to me, ” the first time a man hits you no matter how much you love him, leave. If you don’t, he will hit you again”. I have always remembered that.

    Unfortunately many women saw their mothers, aunts, sisters and cousins physically and emotionally battered by men who ‘loved them’. These women are conditioned to believe that abuse is okay. Also, the way society trains women to feel responsible for a man’s emotions; to think it’s their responsibility to change a man; that men are children and are not responsible for their behaviour or that it’s a woman’s fault if a man hits her. This kind of conditioning of young girls results in a woman who will tolerate a man hitting her time and time again.

    You seem to look down in disbelief that anyone would ‘allow themselves to be hit. You obviously are not educated enough to know the psychology of violence. If you did, such a naieve statement wouldn’t originate in your mind.

    Abusers be they child, sexual, domestic, authoritian(police, soldiers, abusive bosses etc., etc.) pride themselves on destroying the self-esteem of their victim and on people like you cooperating and blaming their victims too.

    Are you in some way a victim of abuse or are you an abuser yourself?.

  • Jater

    You are a monster. No matter what you say or do, beating your girlfriend was an evil act and that makes you a monster. And a coward. Just watch your career go down in drains.

  • mia

    So, is this the extent of CB’s plan to redeem himself… putting out a new album. He may be young, but his behavior was inexcusable. I’m saddened to see him not only look but sound like a meathead.

  • Emanuel

    @rosita, luanda, angola:
    You give people in Africa a bad name. I am from Africa and I don’t support what Chris Brown did.
    Any one who lays a hand on a woman to proof something is not a man.
    To Theresa, I will pray for your, if a man ever hit you, we would all be on your side defending you. Havent you mother taught you b/w right and wrong, what kind of world/environment did you grow up in that made you feel its ok to support someone who beats up a woman.
    P.S He is not a Kid. Even young kids/boys don’t fight with girls, I bet a third grader would no better. Educate yourself girl and please read books on Self Worth.
    God Bless your heart, we are all praying for you.

  • Vary

    Mayg you guys are clairvoyants
    Nobody knows whats really happened
    So wait for the court decision

  • Vary

    Maybe you guys are clairvoyants
    Nobody knows whats really happened
    So wait for the court decision

  • Theresa (not the loser above)

    @Emma I’m sorry you find it sooo hard to believe. But I’ll be buying his next cd!! Can’t wait. He’s sooo talented :-).

    @Office Fan She admitted that she threw the first punch so you try again!! They were both wrong BOTTOM LINE!!! They got into a fight. Mutual combat. No One’s actions were okay so get off your blame game!! Maybe he walked away b/c he knew she wouldnt stop and he realized things had already gone to far. (I wasn’t there just speculating like all of you)

    Anyway I’m glad to see both of them smiling and enjoying life again. I’m sure they ooth sit back and just shake their heads at all of you ppl that are so angry at their situation when they are already over it!! GET A LIFE!!

  • http://ROSAMANUELA.07@HOTMAIL.COM rosita, luanda, angola


    The question is not to hate opr to love Cris Brown, he is a great artist, he have a lot odf talent, he will put his new album in market and someone is free to buy or not…I dont suport swho he is made, but only Brown and Rihanna them both can speak really about that…I feel they still love so much each other, but is not easy now…God blesss them both…And this life…So for me i will supotr Cris Brown again….

  • andrea

    i have been beaten several times in the past. and this guy is truly the definition of a monster

  • Theresa (not the loser above)

    @Emanuel I grew up in a house where my mother taught me to keep my hands to myself b/c violence never solves a situation. I’ve never fought my siblings or anyone else for that matter. Therefore I don’t try to fight men, b/c eventually ANY human will have a reaction and blow their cool. I hope you teach your daughters and girls in your family that hitting men and hiding behind their gender and size is not an excuse. I hope you teach young boys and girls that hitting EACH OTHER is unacceptable and that the outcome of that situation is EVERYONE IS TO BLAME!!