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Rihanna & Chris Brown: Basketball Bunch

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Basketball Bunch

Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown attend Game Four of the 2009 NBA Finals separately on Thursday (June 11) at Amway Arena in Orlando, Fla.

People reports “they requested to sit together” but they wound up not sitting near each other. The Los Angeles Lakers beat out the Orlando Magic in overtime, 99-91.

Rihanna was recently subpoenaed to testify in Chris‘s assault case. Her attorney, Donald Etra, says his client will cooperate fully at Chris‘s June 22 preliminary hearing.

FYI: Rihanna is wearing Rosena Sammi‘s “Princely” ring.

10+ pictures inside of basketball bunch Rihanna and Chris Brown

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rihanna chris brown basketball game 01
rihanna chris brown basketball game 02
rihanna chris brown basketball game 03
rihanna chris brown basketball game 04
rihanna chris brown basketball game 05
rihanna chris brown basketball game 06
rihanna chris brown basketball game 07
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rihanna chris brown basketball game 09
rihanna chris brown basketball game 10
rihanna chris brown basketball game 11
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  • anita

    I really can’t understand her

  • dom

    I hope their careers tank!!

  • black beauty

    @ anita

    yet you waste your time coming to this post to write that?

    anyways if they want to sit together so f*ckin what! let these two be and everyone mind their own business

  • You/Me

    I hope Chris doesn’t get bashed for actually showing his face in public. I’m glad he is moving on and living his life, there are so many people who can learn from his mistake and instead of hiding he should go out there and show that people screw up and learn their lesson. I think he is basically a good guy and deserves not to have this incident hanging over his life and career.

  • oijdtfgdf

    Why won’t Rhianna stay away from him?
    He doesn’t even care that he beated the living sh*t out of her.
    Did he even apologize?ATLEAST.

  • oijdtfgdf

    Why won’t Rhianna stay away from him?
    He doesn’t even care that he beated the living sh*t out of her.
    Did he even apologize?ATLEAST.

  • safa

    ewww @ her ugly face

  • cali

    Over the last few months her style and looks have gone down hill

  • Fox

    Is she back with this dude?
    What a fool.

  • mertz

    finally you posted it. lol. that people intouch story was leaked by a source from someone’s camp. lol. i love friends and their big a$$ mouths.

  • JJ

    She needs to do something with that bird’s nest on her head.

  • seven

    Why would they request to sit together?
    How many times does she need to get beat before she stops running back to this guy?

  • bones

    I wondered why she flew out of NY so fast.
    Usually she tries to get in a week of photo-ops.

  • cupcakes

    People is more reliable than In Touch, but if this is true..what the hell were they thinking?

  • mary

    i want chris brown to faaaaaail and be depressed for a long time and rihanna needs to release a fierce album and go out and about with a smile upon her face and be just beatiful and a fashion trend like she is doing

  • Sarah May

    Imagine everyone around them speculating and murmuring…. oh boy.

  • bajan




  • ghost

    Ike and Tina 2.0.

  • Gasol_fan16

    HA HA! LAKER’S WON!!! Love it!
    Rihanna is a beautiful girl I, just don’t get her popularity in singing? I hate that Umbrella song and how the hell it got so popular? Most annoying song to me. She has a nice face and figure but, I hate her Gumbi hairstyle!

  • YUCK


  • YUCK
  • precious

    The girl has gone fug. Why is she following the little boy to the game?
    She never loved the Laker’s before.

  • Bajan Surprise

    Of course, they won.
    Rihanna is their secret weapon.
    Her tenhead distracts the opposing team!

  • toots

    Enough of the skunk do…

  • Mr. T

    Pity the fool who sites behind that big ass weave.

  • Pathetic chick



    So, let me get this straight. He beats her and then she tags along to a game he’s at even though he could not bother to get them seats together.

    In hitting her he’s crossed a line with her that he will keep crossing. He may not hit a woman again, but it will have to be a different kind of woman. Sorry, it sucks but it’s the truth.

    Once a person has hit you they will always hit you even if they, by some maricle, meet someone they won’t hit.

    This chick has “victim” written all over her and that means she will just attract more beaters.

  • dsh

    It is probably his PR team working out a deal with her people so that he doesn’t look like the bad guy.

  • marisa

    he is ridiculous. and she is even more ridiculous for hanging out with him after the beating incident.

  • kelly

    She is stunning. i love her style. Her style appeals to us beautiful african american woman. You white chicks can have your plain ass vanessa hudgens.

    And Chris can burn for all I care. That sick woman beater.

  • Cara

    Hope she does the right thing on behalf of herself, her career, and the young women who have looked up to her as a young black (mixed) entertainer. If she is still with this young man and keeping it a secret until the court hearing is over and the public finds out, she is permanently doomed.

  • blah blah

    He does not deserve to smile in public like that.

  • STREEtlights
  • Hali Gal

    i dont understand why ppl say like “what a waste of time” or “who cares?” well clearly you do or you wouldn’t have even commented gosh that really frustrates me and i hope both of theyre careers stay sucessful

  • Tru dat

    Chris tried to get seats together. She refused. He is still up to his tricks/. He wants to give people the impression she has forgiven him , they’re friends, and she will lie to protect him on the witness stand. She is THROUGH with him. There are so many incriminating photographs, that is why his lawyer is using the photographs as an issue to get the case dismissed. His lawyer is claiming they were illegally leaked by the police, but they weren’t taken by the police. Mark Garagos wants the photos NOT to be admitted into evidence. That way they can lie about it.

  • stop it please…


    Haven’t anyone told you never to wish bad things upon someone??? That’s like asking for five times as worse things to happen to you, for just wishing bad things upon someone else.

  • Hello

    Rihanna was the one who moved her seat three times to get closer to him, not the other way around.






    God she’s a mazing but i really do not understand them!

  • yipee!


  • Adri

    He probably is advised by his attorney to not say anything public…like an apology…or going to counseling….until after the case is over. He can’t incriminate himself, etc.

    If they want to be together though, then he should just apologize, go to anger management solo, go to counseling with her….and then I think the public would be more accepting.

  • Adri

    @kelly: Kelly, I’m a white chick that likes her style. She’s beautiful….and to all you haters….I don’t see that any of you are famous….so obviously people like her. At least she’s not boring and looking like everybody else or always looking the same. Beyonce should have enough balls to try a new hairdo. I’m sure she could rock some fierce new looks.

  • vswagga

    chris is ugly!

  • http://aol susan

    Tired of seeing her. And, IF she is back with that fool then the two fools deserve each other. NO respectful woman who loves herself would ever go back to any man who beat her particularly as brutally as she was beaten by animal Chris.

  • jessica

    they make a great couple!

  • Swift

    Well, Bai Ling is not boring and she’s also a terrible dresser. People are just giving their opinions. This girl is not interesting or important enough to hate and she’s not beautiful either. Rihanna always look the same…bad. And she recycles her looks. Very little originality. She either undoes it or overdoes it and she often overloads on trends to the point of looking tacky.

  • sunshine

    @TRU DAT…….if there are more photos that was worst than the ones that was leaked they would have posted those instead. On June 22 the world will see if she is really thru with Chris. I just didn’t unsterstand the purpose of her flying in for the game and leave out but maybe she is a b-ball fan. Also, I think both CB and RiRi attorneys are working together they don’t want this to go to trial but we will see soon enough.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i find it weird they wanted 2 sit together
    imo, either ur together or ur not so ppl can no
    i really dont care if they get back together, or if he hit her
    she probably loved it
    chris is a lil g now, respect

    so happy lakers won 2!!!
    i dont think theyll win tomorrow, i think theyll win game 6

  • lisa

    The girl has gone fug. Why is she following the little boy to the game?
    She never loved the Laker’s before.

    Thats what I like to know is why she followed him to the game

  • Marieme

    He’s got some goddamned nerve smiling and laughing around her. What an absolute jerk.