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Gisele Bundchen is a Casa Vega Vixen

Gisele Bundchen is a Casa Vega Vixen

Pregnant supermodel Gisele Bundchen and a gal pal lunch together at Mexican restaurant Casa Vega on Thursday (June 25) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Later in the day, the 28-year-old Brazilian beauty and husband Tom Brady took his son John for a walk through Pacific Palisades, Calif.

In a recent TV interview with Brazil’s Fantastico, Gisele shared, “I am crazy about children … I am an adoptive mother … I’ve already had this experience for two years.”

20+ pictures inside of Casa Vega cutie Gisele Bundchen

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gisele bundchen casa vega restaurant 19
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  • Junebelle

    She is not his adoptive mother. I find her so utterly stupid. There is and was no legal transaction so the idea of her claiming that ANOTHER woman’s child is hers is just insensitive. Giselle you are dating a man with a child you are a stepmother not his actual mother you stupid bitch. And as far as I know Bridgette has HER son 99.9% of the time and is never photographed and yet everytime Giselle and Tom are with HIS son they are photograph-can you say ‘tip off’. You call yourself the adoptive or biological mother of another woman’s child — a woman who is active in the raising of that child — is beyond disrespectful.

  • booyah

    Don’t be so rough, i think she meant it in an endearing way.
    The kid is cute, something weird about Toms face though..

  • n.a

    um english in clearly not her first language which is why she is always misunderstood. i’m sure she meant to say stepmother instead of adoptive mother. try to be more understanding instead of getting hyper! jeez..

  • ugh

    Yes, he looks like he is yet unnerved with being the daddy of that one little guy. I wonder if they really planned to get pregnant… Or, maybe he is that type of guy who freaks around a pregnant woman. Maybe the same thing will happen to Gisele that happened to that little boy’s mother… Anyways, running ahead, turning around and putting *that* face on, wouldn’t qualify him as being the father of *my* children…

  • lizzie

    This kid is so cute awwwwwwww
    Gisele must be a b***** to Bridget lol

  • nono

    The kid kinda looks like the boy from Two and a half men, when he was younger.

  • andrea

    I don’t find anything about her endearing and I would have no problem with her having the same thing happen to her that happened to much much prettier and classier Bridgette. Women need to stop thinking that men who will date them while they are dating or expecting a child with someone else won’t turn around and do the same thing to them.

  • amy

    I like Gisele. I think she really tries to take care of John. Bridgette and John were broken up. Bridgette has no reason to be hostal.

  • GhostGirl

    People magazine’s translation is wrong. She said “step-mom” NOT “adoptive mother”People magazine’s translation is wrong. She said “step-mom” NOT “adoptive mother”

  • GhostGirl

    She looks gorgeous

  • GhostGirl

    Love Tom’s expression he really hates the paps :)

  • GhostGirl

    Z- There is a gossip flying around saying that you’re pregnant. Are you pregnant?
    G- Gossip is poison. Did you know that?
    Z- Now are you married.
    G- I’ve found the right person for me, my partner and my mate.
    Z- After two years of dating.
    G- One year and a half before the wedding I already knew I’d end up marrying him, we already knew the marriage was in our way.
    Z- How? Why?
    G- We feel it was the right thing, we talked about it.
    Z- So you decided to follow your heart?
    G- Yes. The heart always talks louder.
    Z- Imagine this, you’re at your home enjoying home’s life and then you have to work. You do it or will stay at home?
    G- Depends on the work. Years ago I did everything, I did go to work anytime and anywhere. Now I think twice sometimes many more before coming with a decision. Today I do what I really want. If I don’t like something, I stay at home.
    Z- So your husband wins?
    G- Yes, he wins.
    Z- The marriage changed you in more ways.
    G- I always think family is the most important thing always, even before the relationship. Now I’m building my own family. Before my family was my parents and my sisters, they still are tremendously important to me and they’re my life.
    Z- It was great you touched in the issue. Do you like children?
    G- I always loved children. Children are pure and sweet. You’ve to see my niece, she’s the princess of Bundchen’s castle.
    Z- Do you want to have children?
    G- I think things should happen naturally, there’s no hurry. The first big already thing happened, I’ve found my partner. Now I think is better we enjoy our lives, keep on discovering and learning more about each other. Life is rolling and we should just keep the rhythm, growing and developing.
    Z- We insist on the issue of maternity.
    G- I’m a stepmom. I think I have some experience on the issue, I got from these last two years.
    Z- And this experience is already preparing Gisele to be a mother someday. When you become a mother, you’ll think less about work
    G- I already do it. I don’t think about myself or anything less important when John is with me. I don’t work and I don’t answer phone calls. Nothing gets me.
    Z- You’ll be a overprotective mother?
    G- I only can pity my children. My poor child.

  • Mousse

    beautiful kid.
    But his dad doesn’t seem the caring parent you would expect from a dad..?

  • Units sold

    She is pregnant. She should really stay out of the paps view fornow.People like to wait to the 2nd trimester to be comfortable in saying.

  • Units sold

    And the paps should not be in their private space either,like their neighborhood.

  • Studio voice

    Tom is very protective of both of them! That boy is adorable… a mini me for Tom!

  • http://Justjared Janet

    She is not his adoptive mother. She is his step mom and she needs to learn to respect this child’s mother.

  • Jennifer

    Umm, Tom.. your kid is back there, try not to walk too ahead of your kid.. yes your kid.. who you shouldnt be leaving 5 feet back.

    And Gisele, she can speak english.. she’s just an idiot who is mental and has this illusion that little John is her kid!!

  • Mira

    Little Tom is adorable too bad that name makes me think of cheating John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards husband. What a disgraceful-loser-idiot John Edwards turned out to be. If Gisele have a boy she can name him Tom Brady Jr.

  • Dee

    When will Bridget M idiot fans move on with their life. They must all be dumped fat women with no lives. Tom made his choice and married her. Trying to trap a man never work. Men are no dummies.

  • Dee

    She is not his adoptive mother. She is his step mom and she needs to learn to respect this child’s mother.
    Janet I wonder how you know she does not respect this childs mother? Janet you need to respect this childs mother by not spreading hateful lies.

  • NativeNYker
  • ellie’

    Your a wonderful step mother and you’ll be a wonderful mom.

  • Sally

    She not said she is an adoptive mother. She said she is a step mother and has a step son. I saw the interview. It’s just a little mistake of Jared, ok? And she was very sweetie and lovely about him and about Tom. And say that she was gorgeous is so obvious that I’m trying to resist. ;)

  • Alexandre

    What a beautiful family! God bless them.

  • kathy

    Brady looks like he wants to kick the paps ass. If he could do it without getting in trouble I wish he would.

  • kathy

    Brady looks like he wants to kick the paps ass. If he could do it without getting in trouble I wish he would.

  • lisa

    Gisele did NOT say adoptive mother… the interview is in portuguese.. she says STEPMOM in english, than searches for the portuguese word, the interview says the equivalent of adoptive mom in Portuguese, and Gisele keeps talking. Get a better translation, all you ignorant blog sites.

  • Awful

    #19 is the worst pic ever. The look on Tom’s face and that poor little baby so far behind him looking up at him so innocent.

    I cannot stand Tom Brady or his delusional wife.

  • lin

    2:52 she says stepmom

    don’t try to cause some wave with false stories

  • lin

    i don’t blame Tom for not liking the paparazzi

    these people are sick

    they would do anything just to take a picture

  • Jessica de Goes

    I am brazilian, I saw her interview to Fantastico in portuguese and I can say FOR SURE that she said that she had an “enteado” which means STEPSON, and that she was a STEPMOM. She never said adoptive. The translation IS WRONG.

    And you guys are a bunch of hypocrites. If she didn’t love her stepson, if by any chance she mistreated him or something like that, you’d be all slashing her out, saying that she didn’t love her stepson, that she was a bad stepmother like in fairy tales (lol) etc.

    It’s never enough, is it? Get a life!

  • haywire

    it’s really sad that some women like the poster’s here ,wishing another woman like gisele to get what exactly happened to bridget, when you guys don’t even know what really happened and it’s not of your business. how about your wish will happened to you?….someday ,one way or another?. i am not a big fan of gisele but i have watched here since victoria secret days and she seem like genuinely humble person.and for bridget and tom, nobody knows what happened and only’s bridget side that was heard,tom was mum about it, even then , it’s between him and her not for everyone to cast judgement. hatred,jealousy ,insecurity,bitterness and nastiness degrades women . i always applaud women who can rise above the situation and take everything in stride and move on with her life. people split,divorce and etc., you will not make it better by being so hung up with it, most especially if it’s not yours or your relative or your friend.also women who display these kind of attitudes are weak and consumed with bitterness that’s make them difficult and fragile to deal with.

  • Shawna

    She is NOT his adoptive mother. What a stupid thing to say! She is constantly trying to undermine Bridget’s position as his mother. She is a stepmother – nothing more. And before that she was just his father’s girlfriend. She has no idea what it truly means to be a mother, day in and day out.

  • lin

    she just did not say it Shawna she said stepmom the translation is wrong

  • Jessica de Goes

    Jared, could you please update this? A lot of brazilians, portuguese speakers like me, came in here and said that she didn’t say adoptive mom. If you watch the video will see that she says stepson (in english).

  • mrsvantini

    Giselle did not say she was the child’s adoptive mother, she actually said she was a ‘step mother’.

    This hoopla is all due to a mistranslation by the publisher from Portuguese to English. ‘People’ owes Giselle an apology

  • karenina

    now i can see her baby bump:)

  • HA!

    Maybe she shouldn’t give interviews without a translator? Calling yourself an adoptive mother is more than a semantics issue. Adoption is a legal process and we all know that she did not and will probably never have the opportunity to adopt his son. Seriously. How stupid is she? Oh yeah, I forgot, she’s a walking clothes hanger. She doesn’t need to be smart.

  • anon

    Irrelevant question, but doesn’t this walking trail look like the same one Bridget was pictured a few months ago walking barefoot with John?? As for the whole Bridget-Gisele-TB controversy, I wish the Gisele fans would stop saying the same old line to Bridget fans – “get over it folks, trapping a man never worked”. We don’t know what happened to the 3 of them. Bridget has never said her side of the story except that it was tough raising a child on her own. If she had wanted to capitalise on her fame, how tough would it have been for her to go to People magazine or E!TV and do a scandalous tell-all interview in 2007, the “greatest season” of TB’s career? She chose the high road. Technically speaking, so has TB because he rarely talks about his son. Gisele is the one who has to mention John in every interview. I’ve been around models (well aspiring models) before and I can tell you that they are very very insecure. They know that people respect them and pay them only for their body, and they’re really scared of growing old. This makes them more possessive, more clingy and more “open” about the things and people they love. As long as Tom can put up with a “model” (he has so far, 2 yrs and counting!), then they should be fine. As for Bridget, she’s also moved on. We see Tom as the cute QB and I did at sometime think Bridget was the “loser”, but she dated him for 3 yrs and she knows better than any of us what the real TB is like. She perhaps feels differently about the split? (Tom also knows both Gisele and Bridget better than any of us).

  • IvyMades

    Wow, Tom looks like a douche in those photos! One might argue he might be upset about the cameras. But if that is the case, then why is he walking so far ahead of them???? Wouldn’t he take his child’s hand or something??

    To me, it looks like Tom isn’t enjoying “family time”.

    John is such a CUTIE!!!!! He’s adorable. Best wishes to John and his mother, Bridget.

  • anon

    Ivymades , none of us know how much Tom wanted to be a father back then, and even now. Perhaps he still resents tthe idea? Both Gisele and Bridget strike me as strong minded women and both of them were in the driver’s seat for their relationship with Tom. Tom’s PR took a beating with the 1st child, I’m sure he doesn’t want that happening this time around. Especially with his “comeback” season in a few months’ time….

  • she’s fugly

    she will probably ignore john and return him to his real mother after their baby is born.

  • guga

    #1 if u really go and see the interview u will see that she meant ‘stepmom’.. as shes been living in the us for quite a long time, she frequently misses the words in portuguese.. so she said in the interview stepmom and then the interviewer (that was his fault) interrupted her to translate it, and when he did he said ‘mae adotiva’ that would be ‘adoptive mother’. so she went on.. and now everybody’s saying that she called herself an ‘adoptive mother’.. come on guys!! quit the hate!! shes adorable, and shes no more than an awesome girl in that woman’s body.. she says things with her heart, the way she feels and its clearly passionate :)

  • Anonymous

    Tom looks like he is really enjoying himself. Maybe he can walk even faster and leave his son to find he own way home. If he is that unhappy then he should leave his son with his mother and quit acting like he really cares when he doesn’t. It’s all for show!!!!!

  • QueenOftrashin

    LOL! Another English fax paus! Oohh, she’s no “adoptive” mother. Bridgette would NEVER give up her parental rights.

  • dani

    I think she is a great step-mom and truly loves that boy. What a lucky boy to have three people loving him with all their hearts.
    Shame on you haters. What do you want her to be–an evil stepmother–hurting him all the time?
    I think they are a great and loving couple. Congrats to them.

  • Dee

    #41 IvyMades it’s post like yours that make Bridget look like a nasty bitter women that has not moved on with her life. You need to shut up Bridget seems to be a better person that that. Gisele seems to be loving and caring to walk with little John. Plese stop your own personal bitterness. You don’t have to click in here if you just can’t stand them.

  • anon

    To Anonymous: given that he’s a bit of an overgrown manchild himself, I think he finds it scary and overwhelming at the idea of having a 2 year old and a new baby on the way, not to mention the season starts in September and he’ll have to work extra hard to show the world that “Tom Brady is back”.

  • anon

    To Dee: just because someone says something negative about Tom Brady (like Ivy did), why do you just assume that the person is on Bridget’s side, and makes Bridget looks like a nasty bitter woman?