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Jamie Foxx's Michael Jackson Tribute

Jamie Foxx's Michael Jackson Tribute
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  • Lizzie
  • mina

    Jamie was awful lol. He really thinks he is a triple threa,t he cannot sing nor dance and he is fuglie lol. All the kids were laughing at his attempt to moonwalk what an idiot.

  • Jane

    I thought he was insulting. Completely insulting.

  • anon

    Someone should remind Jamie of Michael’s song lyrics…doesnt matter if your black or white or the song he did with Paul McCartney about racial harmony. He didnt promote belonging to a certain skin colour or divided his fans…ever. So he would not have felt he ‘belonged’ to any one group. He belonged to his family and to his fans around the world across all barriers. Shame on you Jamie. I dont think MJ would have been happy with that statement. Stop playing the race card everytime your at an televised event. Enough already it doesnt help move us forward as a society and doesnt honour the memory of a man whose very being stood for love and acceptance of all.

  • Jen

    I’m sorry but the BET awards did a very lame attempt in honoring Michael…. it was just awful… and I do agree with anon, Michael belonged to his family and every fan he had, regardless of race.

  • G


  • Noticias de famosos

    I love how they sang the song I’ll Be There, Jaime Foxx and Ne-Yo, was

  • Cara

    It would appear that I wasn’t the only one who interpreted his behavior and act a certain way…Jamie Foxx was disgusting, foulmouthed, and an insult to Michael Jackson’s talent and person in death. He has become an arrogant egomaniac and will, ultimately, find his way on the bottom of the pile, again.

  • VL

    I am white. I watch BET!

    I get so tired of Jamie Foxx and his racism. I am so over his BS – he perpetuates hate…his foul mouth and lame comic attempts irritated me so much I turned off the program…I just don’t know why he has to be so disgusting…He is a great actor…but I just think he is so full of himself and so rude that it takes away from the raw talent he has…what a disappointment.

  • Jaye

    Every since Jamie Foxx became a movie actor, he’s been full of himself. He’s a good actor, but I’ve given up watching anything that he’s in.

  • mental k

    Just saw him through Youtube, image a white guy saying the same *&^@#! Hell would break loose. Racist stuff that.

  • marcus

    @Jen: Well the BET awards had already been finished prior to MJ’s untimely death. So BET had a little less than 3 days to prepare and re-do the show. I think they did alright considering the circumstances.

  • Stacie

    I was glad to see others recognized the inappropriateness of Jamie Foxx’s comment. Can you imagine how outraged he would have been if a white man stood up in a predominantly white gathering and said about Elvis, “He belongs to us, and we just shared him with everybody else (i.e. everbody who isn’t white).” He ia an angry little hypocrite. Hey Jaime, news flash, life is hard for everybody. White people (whatever that means anymore) are not the enemy and don’t all get to sail through life either – get an education. Should white people also thank you for “sharing” OJ Simpson and any drug/gang-related black criminals? Get a clue Jaime; I hope your friends all told you what a stupid and thoughtless thing that was to say. Racism is ugly no matter what your color.

  • mian

    I’ve only seen snippets of the show and it looked so slap dash…. yes, I know they only had 3 days to prepare. They should have stuck to the original plan and just dedicate the extended half hour to honoring MJ. Acts receiving their awards would have mentioned MJ throughout anyway, plus some were donning his look. Instead it was a rush job that most people found cringeworthy, with the exception of Janet Jackson. Jamie was behaving like he was on speed or something. I really beginning to see how much of an irritating jackass he is. RIP MJ.

  • sun

    I’m not clued up on these people but wasn’t Jamie an actor first then a musician? Or is it the other way round. Then again, maybe a ‘comedian’ (note term used loosely). first? Please inform, guys?

  • omg

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  • Shakirakitten

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white” Jamie. wtf? Why are you so color focused man? Give it up already. We are all equal. Why would you say ‘grown white men fainted?” Anyone fainted. Everyone loved him. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

  • Shakirakitten

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white” Jamie. wtf? Why are you so color focused man? Give it up already. We are all equal. Why would you say ‘grown white men fainted?” Anyone fainted. Everyone loved him. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

  • fair is fair

    I don’t hear criticism when Italian, Jewish or irish people say a celeb is” one of ours”. As B;lacks of course we are going to feel a special connection to MJ. In the same way that when a celeb is from a certain hometown like Houston (my hometown) We will say Beyonce , The Quaids, Clint Walker are one ouf ours. I find it puzzling that some whites critisize events like Puerto Rican Day parade or Junettenth parade but have no problem celebrating St. Patrick’s Day(Irish heritage) or they fact that there are Scottish Rite dormitories at UT for girls of Scottish heritage. Most Blacks don’t know our ethnicities we don’ know if our ancestors were from Ghana or Angola or Liberia,etc unlike whites .Most Whites can say my grandmother was Irish or my grandfather was French we can’t so we have to rely on this general holidays to connect. So if you wan’t to end separation then don’t only get read of African American but ItalianAmerican festival, close the NY irish center, close Scottish Rite Dormitory. If you wan’t to get rid of Puerto Rican day parade than we need to get rid of St Patrick’s day parade

  • VL

    What are you talking about fair is fair? Because we are talking about Jamie Foxx and his lame hosting of the BET awards…He offended me and that is the bottom line…He offended others on the board. Your weak attempts to make yet another excuse is transparent.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i strongly dislike jamie foxx, he just comes off as a douche
    i think it’s official kristen ruined her looks with this new movie


    Hey if you’re as big of a Michael Jackson fan as I am, you definitely want to check out – great segments displaying his life and impact on the world of music.

  • lisa

    I totally stopped watching this a-hole a long time ago I cannot stomach the MF.

  • emily

    U will be missed Michale!

  • Adri

    I used to like Jamie Foxx, but ever since I saw this YouTube clip of him completely humiliating this comedian, Doug Williams, I started thinking he was kind of an A$$. Now the more I see of him, the more I dislike him. He could care less about Michael. He’s only cashing in, just like Joe Jackson.

  • Adri
  • cam

    i refuse to watch the vid, reading about it was upseting enough. what an asshole… really, i think michael would’ve cringed at this so called tribute. STFD jamie foxx.

  • fairboy

    @fair is fair:

    I second that! Totally agree. Stop being hypochrites!

  • fairboy


    Watch the clip closely. It was that lame comedian who started the fire by dissing Jamie on his comedy routine. But of course he messed with the wrong person and got what he deserved.

  • Bill


    How many “white” entertainers, actors, actresses did we lend to them?

    I am sorry. No matter how much I like Michael Jackson’s music..and his capabilities seemed limitless…he was the one nicknamed Whacko Jacko for good reasons.

    He was confused, molested, abused, evidently addicted, and deep in debt and the media simply cannot pass up an opportunity to comment on that. Nor could they with the passing of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith….et al!

  • Mary

    This Jamie Foxx really annoyed me too!! Funny though how he claims they did us a favour ‘lending’ us their MJ….that MJ who bleahced his skin white?!?!!!! Nice one Foxx!!

  • amanda

    Jaime was a disgrace, and I would actually consider his attempt ghetto, and mocking rather than any kind of tribute. you’re disgusting Jaime . . and I feel sorry for people that admire you

  • Marie

    It’s very-very clear, so clear my 12 year old even picked up on it, my kid said, “if Irish people said an Irish entertainer or a St. Pat’s Day parade was only for White people and belonged ONLY to white or Irish people…MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN ! It would be jumped on like white on rice! What jamie Fox-a-fool said was racist. What or is everybody stuck on stupid?

    It’s 100% clear that this Jamie Fox-a-Fool is a Big Fat Neo-Racist.
    Racism comes in all colors and it clear he (jamie) one

    Also aint he the nobody that made fun of that really cute kid Miley? She cute, I love her smile and she could sing too, for real and she justtoo cute. Why he makin fun of that girl and sayin those lies? ,

  • TC

    @anon: I absolutely agree – I couldn’t get over Jamie Foxx’s stupid racist comment – how dare he say – he was one of us, he belonged to us – why hasn’t he been bought to book about it. He should apologise. He obviously hasn’t listened to Black or White.

  • HAWAII loves Michael

    I love you Michael, so much! I wish you could see how much the world is mourning. How much the world loves you. I wish we showed you this love when you were alive, I wish that there were millions of people backing you up on those false charges against you. I never doubted your innocence. You are larger than life, just a human being but much more than one. I’m hoping that Hawaii makes some kind of tribute to you because I can’t stop crying when I play your music.

  • HAWAII loves Michael

    Oh yeah, I forgot. Jamie, you are an idiot! Drop the racism already!
    Everybody hates it!

  • gts

    @fair is fair: @fair is fair:

    Are we taking about the same subject???? I’m not buying any of your misguided analogies. Foxx’s remarks we’re insulting and rude. You don’t have to insult another race while paying tribute to another. The mere fact that you just don’t get it or choose not to, is a shame.

  • gts

    Are we taking about the same subject???? I’m not buying any of your misguided analogies. Foxx’s remarks we’re insulting and rude. You don’t have to insult another race while paying tribute to another. The mere fact that you just don’t get it or choose not to, is a shame.

  • Adri

    @fairboy: I did watch it closely before I posted it. Jamie is a jerk. He knew that poor guy couldn’t stand a chance against him. I realize the guy started it, but that’s like saying this example: a 4th grader pushes an 8th grader (he started it), and then the 8th grader pounds the 4th grader in the face repeatedly until he is unconscious. Would that be right? Jamie could have made a few jokes and stopped. He took over the guy’s whole act and humiliated him until the guy wanted to disappear. I can’t imagine that any man wants to feel that kind of embarassment anytime, let alone in front of millions of people. It was a “roast” so this guy was supposed to make jokes about people there. Jamie’s actions were horrible.

  • may shoemaker

    Jamie Foxx is disgusting. He should keep his big fat mouth shut!

  • es

    Seriously Jamie, “it don’t matter if you’re black or white!” MJ belongs not only to black people, or to asians or caucasians, he belonged to everyone! God forbid a white person would have said, “Elvis was a white person.. he belongs to us!” All hell would have been let loose. Just respect MJ not at a black man or a white man, but as a citizen of the world who BELIEVED in a better place.

    Long live the king of pop, our own Mozart

  • Russ

    @fair is fair: “I don’t hear criticism when Italian, Jewish or irish people say a celeb is” one of ours”. ”

    Right, you don’t hear criticism of it, because it doesn’t happen. Name ONE time when a celebrity stood up and said that Elvis or Sinatra was “one of ours” meaning white people… I’ll be waiting. A looooooong time.

  • davep

    I am so sick of this crap. Racism was over when we elected a black president. If these folks keep this crap up they will perpetuate a new era of racism in this country. The whites will eventualy get really sick of it and hand the same shit back frickin foul mouthed smart a…s

  • paul

    @Stacie: Stacie, well spoken. Regardless of “political correctness” any one, of any color, can be a racist. And Jamie Foxx is a racist. His comments were disgusting, and our mainstream media are a bunch of wimps and hypocrites for not holding him to the fire as they would a white man if he made a similar comment.

  • Jazzy

    @anon: Thank you Anon- you were right on in what you said, and I appreciate that you expressed yourself like an adult without resorting to foul language.

  • jzamaraka

    ………….Jamie wasn’t thinking……..even HE would say he was acting like a douche. Ask him! He would probabley want that appearence back.

  • ghiagirl

    I think Jamie was out of place and offensive. All you have to do is listen to MJ’s “Black or White”…..Michael gives his feelings on race. He didn’t want us to judge one another by color……

    I’m a white women who grew up with parents that taught me the same thing…….we are all equal. Let’s get over it already!

  • whatablip

    It just must kill Jamie that Michael Jackson “brought” three White children into the world.

    Racism is racism. All racists think they have a good reason to be racist.

    Jamie Foxx wouldn’t be the celeb he is if White people hadn’t supported his career. Neither would Michael Jackson. Or Oprah. You think only 13% of the American population could make a superstar of somebody?

    I met people in Tanzania who never heard of Michael Jackson.

  • Travis

    Jamie Foxx is such a cocky no talent loser, i don’t know how he ever got on tv, radio, and the silver screen, oh yeah he played a retard in a movie, wasn’t hard for him, then he recorded a couple lame songs that some producer probably wrote while was getting water shot up his ass from a bidet. not to mention its hardly his voice after the computer got done processing it to sound like t-pain and all the other no talents of today.

  • rabs

    that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You can be proud of someone without bringing so much racial division into it.

    It don’t matter if it’s black or white