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Jude Law Has More Than Two Tattoos

Jude Law Has More Than Two Tattoos

Jude Law is greeted by a crowd of fans wanting autographs and pictures as he leaves Wyndham’s Theatre, in London, England on Wednesday (July 8).

The 36-year-old British actor appeared to be showing off some new (and old) tattoos on each of his arms.

Jude has reportedly set up his new girlfriend at a boutique hotel, and their room comes complete with a carousel horse. He has got the penthouse suite of the fab £600-a-night ($969) myhotel in Brighton – sharing bedroom space with the 400-year-old fairground pony, the Mirror reports.

25+ pictures inside of Jude Law and his tattoos…

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jude law has more than two tattoos 01
jude law has more than two tattoos 02
jude law has more than two tattoos 03
jude law has more than two tattoos 04
jude law has more than two tattoos 05
jude law has more than two tattoos 06
jude law has more than two tattoos 07
jude law has more than two tattoos 08
jude law has more than two tattoos 09
jude law has more than two tattoos 10
jude law has more than two tattoos 11
jude law has more than two tattoos 12
jude law has more than two tattoos 13
jude law has more than two tattoos 14
jude law has more than two tattoos 15
jude law has more than two tattoos 16
jude law has more than two tattoos 17
jude law has more than two tattoos 18
jude law has more than two tattoos 19
jude law has more than two tattoos 20
jude law has more than two tattoos 21
jude law has more than two tattoos 22
jude law has more than two tattoos 23
jude law has more than two tattoos 24
jude law has more than two tattoos 25
jude law has more than two tattoos 26

Photos: Will Alexander/WENN
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  • purpleworm


    from the see-through shirt to the hotel details….


  • The Dame

    is he going to a gay club after the signing? cos looks like he’s ready to be anybodies bitch, especially if theyre also wearing clothes from the 80′s…

  • kim

    Forget the shirt check out the jean Jude is rocking. Dayum Yummy !

    Love you Jude .

  • jill

    Jude I’ll rock your horse anytime.

    Call Me.

    Kisses for you Jude.

  • mimi prism

    Lord, look at those pecs!!! I would love to get some of that for Xmas!!!Wow!


  • Dee

    Agree with you purpleworm

    I saw a report that Jude cell phone voice mail has been hack by tabloids. a Police probe is in progress.
    I could provide the link but I don’t think Jared allows it.

  • mimi prism

    Oppps! I forgot to thank Mr. Jared, so thanks JJ…a lot!!! ; )


  • Sandy

    That was quick servide for the pictures. Arn’t they wonderful?Success,
    smiles, Happy Jude has returned for good . Wheh it’s hot and humid
    there’s nothing better than a see-thru shirt and he has always been a
    provocative dresser,why not? he looks glorious in anything he wears
    and when coupled with that 50-carats smtile,woo-hoo!

    So glad things are going tour way again Jude, good luck with you tnew girlfriend if she is indeed the one and enjoy this marvelous moment in time when your stagework is triumphant and your personal life is bringing you happiness again.
    i’llbe seeing you in two and one half weeks, a few times.. Living in a state of excitement makes
    you feel a part of the whole dream.All my love. Jude.

  • dolorescraeg

    oh my god. is there no end to this man’s body heat. he’s driving me crazy and with these pictures i won’t have far to drive. look at him with his fans. so happy so patient. jared thank you for these beauties. jude i don’t know what to look at first. that gorgeous face…that hot shirt or your jeans. man you’re killing me.

  • dulce mirita

    I do have Jude’s name tatooed on my heart. I must say that in person he is absolutely breathtaking, gentle and really nice. I could verify it personally last june after meeting him, so if before I was absolutely smitten by him, now I am utterly and deeply captured by this man.

  • ri23

    Cannot get passed that sheer shirt. Effing Eurotrash shit.

  • Perfect man

    Oh my God
    Some women have all the luck
    Can you imagine those eyes looking at your
    Those lips, kissing you
    That body lying next to you


  • jude forever

    check how the blonde is staring at him on pic 16

  • dolorescraeg

    i’m still drooling. how can one guy have it all…..jude i’m seeing you in hamlet in two and a half weeks. they’re going to have to put me in a straight jaclet…..

  • dolorescraeg

    i’m still drooling. how can one guy have it all…..jude i’m seeing you in hamlet in two and a half weeks. they’re going to have to put me in a straight jaclet…..

  • vinnyblue

    forget about the shirt,
    he’s just yummy…gorgeous
    love love…

  • omg

    What is up with this man in his vests, see thru shirts and tank tops lately. He is HOT, but those kinda outfits are horrible. Can you honestly say if a regular guy came up to you wearing a see thru shirt you would give him the time of day???

  • elle

    Thanks jared :)

  • mery

    Well, he isn’t a regular guy. His body admit this shirt.

  • purpleworm

    to OMG #17. Look, I’ve been a fan for a long time. But I ask myself the same question when I see him like this. I can’t believe that his friends don’t give him some serious sh*t over some of his fashion choices. Clearly he doesn’t listen. Makes you really wonder about the guy sometimes….

  • atrium


  • Anon

    it could be that the fabric becomes more sheer as a result of the camera lights flash…
    anyway the one good thing I have noticed since the rise of newer and younger boy heartthrobs (Pattinson, Efron) is ..the older one are becoming more generous about taking pics with their fanbase…

  • mandy_brasil

    Ai ai, assim me falta o ar!!!

  • Kookabear

    ummmm time to lose the mesh nipple shirt….

  • Pole

    I love you Jude but that shirt…. Ew. Just ew. Better luck next time love.

    And I hope he can keep his new romance private. I’m sure he wants to and we don’t really need to know about it in such detail IMO.

    Thanks Jared.

  • http://no Sarah

    Noooooooo! Jude has a new girlfriend!

  • blackworm

    That shirt has got to go. Ew is right. You can do better than that, Jude. How about that nice white collared shirt you had on the other night. Now that was sexy!

  • blackworm

    That shirt has got to go. Ew is right. You can do better than that, Jude. How about that nice white collared shirt you had on the other night. Now that was sexy!

  • jami

    look the clothing choices that Jude picks sometimes are not my ideal by any means, but the thing is that he can totally pull these outfits off because of his shear beauty! Look at this man in this shirt…holy hotness! And, to #17 my answer is NO, I would not give just any guy the time of day in this shirt! But Jude can have anytime of day or any way with me always! ;)

  • dolorescraeg

    shirt, schmirt………it’s who’s wearing it. from top to bottom this guy knocks me out.

  • Pole


    He looked very, very sexy in the white shirt. Mmmmm…. *is lost in dreamland*

  • sheryl

    I like the black shirt if it was a bit less see-through. Reminds me of the Dickie Greenleaf shirt on the boat. And whoever said that the camera flash probably makes it more see-through, I think you might be right.
    *waves and blows kisses at Jude*
    Can’t wait to see you in NYC, Jude!!!
    Oh, and I agree…I don’t want/need minute details about where he and his girlfriend spend their time. That’s their personal time.

  • ria

    Sheer shirts are the fashion in France right now. Dior had those shirts in their runway collection which just finished a little while ago.

    Considering that Jude fronts for Dior Homme and there are rumors that he will be the face of Dior for men, I would venture to say that the shirt is probably a gift from Dior.

  • http://ohyeah/ Sara

    Oh, you mean THAT shirt! yummmmy I loved it! It gets him off Law and Order LOL Jude can put any clothes on and, OMG, still pretty damn GORGEOUS. Jude, just come over here up on me, my Heart, and I’ll take it off you in favor of my heart’s most ardent desires.

  • http://SEXY!! sharyllee

    Yummmy, I love all the shirts Jude put on.. Keep up! Blow kisses to Jude..

  • Daphne

    He looks dropdead sexy in that shirt. He has the physique for it.

    Yes he looks good in the respectable white-shirt outfits, but it’s booorriiinng… I like the fact that he mixes it up, putting together some odd combo that always ends up looking so very Jude-y. Stuff that nobody else can pull off. It doesn’t always work but he’s got a unique style that is impossible to copy because it works only for him.

    He is interesting. No dullsville suburban dad is Jude.

  • ria

    Actually if you look back at his old pics you’ll find out that he has always work that sleeveless tank top(black), a sheer t-shirt, cardigans
    etc. He has always long been in the front even before others have worn the stuff and he could care less.

    Only he would wear a vest and cargo pants. LOL! Check some pics of him and Sienna and you would find him wearing the same stuff.

  • http://ohyeah/ Sara

    pure sexiness all the way down, I always say!
    he’s killing me!

    Love You Jude

  • sheryl

    Oh, and Jared, Jude has had those “new” tattoos for over a year now.

  • mimi prism

    Jude has proven to be very unique and unconventional, not only about his fashion sense, i mean, look at those weird tattoos! That geometrical tattoo looks like some kind of sigil or something like that, wonder what it could represent or mean. He also has those ants in a spiral formation, humm!(scratches head)! He has always reminded me of the famous riddle “a mystey, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma”. He is such a character, and that makes him so intriging and sexy!


  • Sandy

    Youo are so right Mimi Prism.The ‘new girl’is history,pulledf rom the
    tabloids brcause she never existedl.The tatoos are actually two years
    old and the poster here is correct about the see-thru shirt,it plus the
    beautiful white one areDIOR and he is the new face of Dior for Men. iorfor Men.

    He does do things differently but hei s not a follower,he is a leader and especially in fashion with which he has been associated since t
    the eaerly days of his career. and will always be an ‘enigma/ of the
    most beautifully hypnotic sort.

    he early days of his career.Keep us guessing and keep usentertained

  • dolorescraeg

    how true….what’s so intriguing about jude law is not only his beauty, gracefulness,,,sexy bod…it’s the aura of mystery that he emits. it’s look but don’t touch…you’ll never know who i am….it’s those eyes that dare you…oh yeah oh sweet mystery of jude.

  • purpleworm

    gosh, some folk do wax rhapsodic over this guy. Being a unique and unconventional dresser doesn’t mean that every choice he makes is correct or admirable. When it comes to sheer/see-through clothing, there’s a fine line between sexy and slutty – and this is true for both men and women. And here he is sending out another one of his sartorial mixed messages: I’m a serious Actor, not a sex symbol AND I want the world to see my sexy upper body while I’m surrounded by cameras and fangirls. Hmmm. So which one is it, Jude?

  • Sandy

    Maybe I’m a Maverivk but truth to tellI I do not see what difference it makes.ifhis message is I’m a sexy gorgeous guy but more important
    I’m damn fineactor.They are the two sides of this guy.Once was god-=
    given and the other he worked for and nobody gave it to him. Why
    shoud they not be able to coixist ijnanyone. If you have what it takes and can acheive these results,you could be on top of the world with no one to apologize to. That’s Jude If he is not hurting anyone by what he does why should it matter.? Rememvber though we admire the beauty it isthe side of him that he has worked since he was a kid to acheive so much so let’s just give credit whereit’s due is due and be thankful that someone who combines the best of all worlds can set such a good example in his work andbe commendable in so many fine things he supoorts and encourages and works for in his private life,which he has the right to keep private.He doesn’t have to apologize
    for the beauty,it exists for a reasoj – maybe tot each us that there are all kinds of people in this world including those both talenteed and land gorgeous.

  • Pole

    purpleworm – I tend to agree with you but I do think (hope at least) that the shirt is less see-through in real life. I like that Jude experiments with style though and I guess it’s not to be expected that he always gets it right. He seems to like showing off his chest from time to time – I’d prefer that he didn’t in this way but I can ignore since he gets it right most of the time IMO.

  • sheryl

    I like the style…I don’t think it’s that bad at all, and I really love him in black.

  • mimi prism

    WHOA!, GOING WAX RHAPSODIC?!!!! Some of us?!!!! Heh, heh, fo shizzle! Oh man, live and let live. BTW, a quick shout-out to Sandy ! = D


  • jumoke

    Jude’s performance in Hamlet was very, very good and I would seriously recommend it to anyone who can see it at all. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m glad I went. He’s warm and friendly with the backstage crowd, too, and excuse me, but pictures like these don’t do the man justice, he’s exponentially more handsome up close…so sexy.

  • dolorescraeg

    #17, if a regular guy came up to me wearing that shirt i wouldn’t even look in his direction. but we are talking jude law. this is definitely not a regular guy. this is one in a trillion. jude dresses the way jude wants to dress. the way everyone here likes to dress. it’s his business and his business alone…..we are not his fashion mavens. as for “do you want to be an actor or a sex symbol.”….he doesn’t have a choice. he is a very talented actor and an extremely sexy man. he certainly doesn’t have to choose. you see we have very talented actors…daniel day lewis sean penn et.c, but to have a combination of both is a god send. what’s to criticize?

  • http://ohyeah/ Sara

    Woo if I like that dark SEXY black tee shirt it’s because I have my own reasons, right? Oh, right. And I love Jude, so I don’t care if he dresses one way or another, plus, I also think he doesn’t care about it too. Anyway, I think he wears what makes him more comfortable and happy. That’s not a big deal. It’s not like he cannot go out dressed like that. And it’s not his fault if he was born to be the king of pure sexiness. it was accidental LOL
    Just my opinion. Just sayin’