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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Shady Pair

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Shady Pair

Chad Michael Murray and fiancee Kenzie Dalton hide behind their sunglasses as they step out on Robertson Boulevard to do a little shopping on Saturday (July 25) in West Hollywood .

Per their weekly ritual, Chad, 27, and Kenzie, 21, are expected to hit up the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market to pick up some fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

10+ pictures inside of shady pair Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton

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chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 01
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 02
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 03
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 04
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 05
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 06
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 07
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 08
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 09
chad michael murray kenzie dalton shady 10

Credit: Sam Sharma; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • NIck

    Meh.. not a big fan of either. I heard he was too greedy so he left One Tree Hill is that true?

  • Irish Girl

    Dunno… my question is, “Is Sophia Bush dating James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)?” If so, way to go Sophia! He is gorgeous and a step up.

  • Liv

    Yeah, like shopping at Kitson is going to help this dude get hired. Fail.

  • Bree

    whoa kenzie looks like she’s 12.
    at least they look happy,…well kenzie does. i mean she should be happy cuz she’s with CMM.
    i really wish i liked them together, but i just can’t cuz i’ll always picture him with sophia.

  • ali

    i love them and they’re cute and all but what the hell is on his head the jock look works better for him

  • caitie

    @NIck: Actually, Chad was willing to take a pay cut to stay on the show but the CW wouldn’t agree to the deal. Even with his pay cut, he was still going to cost them more than the new person they were going to hire (in this case, Robert Buckley). Chad was in negotiations for several months with the CW after word first broke that he and Hilarie weren’t returning. There has been talk of them bringing him back next season as a director or a writer, but nothing has been set in stone.

  • Dee

    Why must everyone always bring Sophia into Chad stuff? They divorced years ago and he’s with another girl get over it people! She’s doing her own thing.
    Anyways, they are awfully cute together (Chad and Kenzie) she’s really short. That thing does need to get off his head!

  • mertz

    that tanktop=fail
    oh and that thing on his head totally agree with dee.

    they look happy and very together. good. i like the daltons.

  • emza26

    though i love sophia bush people should just get ova the fact that cmm and her are no longer together they both seem happy so that makes me happy

  • april

    i’m a chad fan but these are just bad pictures

  • maria

    In pic #2, he is totally checking out the girl walking toward him. This guy is a creep.

  • Brandy

    Wow, I never realized how short Kenzie is.Look at how high that wedge heel is, and she still looks super short. She has to be 5’1″ max.

  • ashley

    they just look good together even if she’s short or 5 years younger than him they’re just happy and chad wasn’t checking out the girl walking towards him @ maria

  • Sam

    Geez. Look at those big fake smiles that weren’t present when they were unaware they were being photographed. What a couple of attention whores.

  • Dani

    He is still a douche trying to get attention.

  • ed

    seems like hes walking his little sister around

  • (LL)

    dont like cmm.buh he looks happy.
    kenziee is yanno.
    andd yee.i think sophia does not need to be involved in everytrhing chad does guyss.seriously.she better without him anywayyy.

  • James

    This moron can’t dress for shit!

    He he even from here (LA) ? Why stay if he isn’t even getting any jobs. GO BACK HOME CHAD!

  • LLL

    The height and age doesn’t really freak me out, but she looks like such a famewhore. When Chad was dating Sophia I;m almost positive pics like these didn’t come out daily. I totally agree that they are calling the paps. Sucks for Chad, this will probably be his 2nd failed marriage. His fault. He serioulsy screwed up his life when he got with Kenzie. She looks like a toothpick and from what I saw in the other picks she’s a gold digger. Can’t she use her own money to by for things?

  • LOL

    A dog and his b*itch.. and yeah he so checking out the girl in the second pic

  • stayhiddenplease

    wow does he really believe that calling the paps and have some pics posted on him on JJ is gonna help his carreer???? He hasnt done a movie in several years and there is a reason for that… *lack of talent* ?!?!

    His anorexic teen bride seem to enjoy the attention, but that is not a shocker exactly. we all know that she is the biggest attention-xxx out there

    And Jared, love your subtle title – “SHADY”!!! LOL!!!!

  • mailey

    they’re not ever going to get married. he’s not really cute, but he thinks he is..

  • diiia

    i am not a big fan,i mean both of them-chad and sophia,i like them but dont love and adore them..somebody has written that on the set they were talking togehter also kenzie was there.i think its smart from them and diplomatic- they are adult!!it seems like they are over it-BOTH and about kenzies silence,i think i would be quiet too,its not very funny when your boyfriends ex is talking to your almost husband..on this photo it seems like she is enjoying the attention!!and its phatetic! it seems like she wants to grow up in hollywood ,on the photos and be famous,i have boyfriend too and i hate when he pays something for me,because every woman should be independent…and when is kenzie soooo bad as its written then i think chad knows her very well for sure,they are together for years and then they deserve each other!!!!!somebody has also written that she smiles behind somebodys back-i think its a sign how “smart” she is…i was like that when i was maybe 15…and the last think-pls dont judge me,im just reacting on some comments as were written.. this is my first comment but i am sad how you people hate each others comments and every second word is sht,fck and so……!!!these are just comments, every body wants to say somtehing….do you think that sophia or chad appreciate that there are too kind of fans or two camps?one hates chad and other sophia???they didnt want this!!if there are still some misinformation than they should make a announcement together for all fans how it was for peace in soul!!!thats what hollywood stars do….

  • Jason

    So wait a minute. The paps know they are going to be at the farmers market tomorow? Yeah. These two aren’t calling the paps. I’m not sure why he thinks having pics on sites like this is going to help his career? Maybe it is her that is calling. This is about the only way she is going to get her face out there seeing as she has no talent, expect spending Chad’s money.

  • ashley

    Chad is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • funderpants

    One Tree forever, with or without this d-bag. Will the show be as awesomely, hilariously dramatic without his pompous voiceovers? Will the new guy be able to fill the squinting void left by CMM? I’m looking forward to finding out.

  • LLL

    Yea.Its probably her that’s calling the paps. Chad doesn’t seem like the guy who really wants the attention His girlfriend on the other hand… Seriously, he wears the shades and the hat while she holds his hand smiling. There is something strange about that. Whatever. Sucks for him. She’s going to leave him and he’s going to be all alone. No one is gonna want him anymore. He should start thinking with his brain instead of his dick. Everyone already knows thats what got him to dating this sleazy low life teenager. She should probably get a job. That will probably give her something todo instead of calling the paps. No one likes her, so why force her down our throats.

  • ML

    he he SOOOO yummy no matter what he’s wearing! she’s adorable, even though she looks like his little sister!

  • Jen

    he is not cute and she looks like a kid

  • LOL

    I’m sure that this girl calling the paps. I don’t think that he really loves her. Maybe he is in love with her but there is a big difference between being in love and to love someone!!! She just don’t fits with him

  • chelsea loves ya

    OMG- i love chad miachael murray
    he is a fitty
    im so annoyed that he has a girlfriend
    who cares cuz he is still 100% FIT

  • cC


  • natalie

    Chad is so damn hot!!

  • Soph

    He looks super sexy but she’s a BITCH

  • janice

    I haven’t liked Chad since he screwed over Sophia.

  • lizzy

    Is it really necessary to bring up Sophia every time there is a Chad post?

  • jamie

    Chad is so freaken gorgeous.
    Cant wait for his next movie!!!!!!!

  • trish

    Chad is a f*ckin douchebag and his fiancee looks like a golddigging sluttttt. I can’t believe that out of all the girls in the world, he’s with her. If they got married, I hope he got a prenup since she’s nobody because if this whole thing ever blows up in his face, she’s gonna take everything he has.

  • LAla

    Chad wasn’t willing to take a paycut. BELIEVE ME. He wanted more money. The only reason the negotiations went on for a little while was because he thought the CW would cave….which they obviously didn’t.

  • Tammy

    Yeah did you see that vid of him whining? “They (CW) didn’t even call me, to the fans, Write, blog I want my job”. When the CW doesn’t want you , that says it all. DOUCHE!!!!

  • ashley

    ^ you guys are completely wrong. Mark confirmed in a interview that Chad and Hil were both offered raises, so the CW eventually did cave. But i guess it was too late.

  • Lyn

    Chad is butt ugly and is truly lacking in talent. He ought to quit calling the pap and head home and take whatever work he can find. His TV/movie career is over.

  • Kay

    Mark is friends with them both. He would never say anything to make either of them look bad. So not a lot of people are surprised that he said they were offered raises, which they weren’t. I’ve seen plenty of Mark’s interviews over the years to know that he says things without thinking, some of which aren’t even true. But the truth is that Chad wanted a lot of money and the CW said no because he was asking for too much. And Hil had to leave because of Chad. Thats it. They both moved on. Period.

  • LL

    People are going off on Chad for calling the paps? Seriously? Every C-list celeb does that. Kathy Griffin does it for jokes because she knows it only helps her career. Sophia Bush and Chad read the same book when it comes to attention so really all they are doing is trying to get attention to hopefully launch their careers.

  • Anon

    how can people keep saying they look happy? She looks happy because she loves the fact the paps are there, but Chad is just looking away from her all the time i know some people hate it when ‘Chophia’ are brought up but when ever there was a picture of them, he’d be kissing her head, looking at her longingly not even concentrating on anything else, i just don’t think these two have that connection :/she honestly looks like his daughter :/

  • lora

    so what if they want to be together just let them they’re just walking down the street they didn’t bomb anyone calm down people

  • weexer

    if your talking about the black women in the purple dress she is video taping them. and had been video taping them since they had been at a store called fu

  • Iggles

    @Anon: Word! Chad and Sophia were so in love, you could tell from the photos! Even after they divorced there were pictures of Chad looking at her with longing. They still have chemistry!

    I’ve never seen a picture of Chad and Kenzie where he looked at her like he looked Sophia. I don’t see the love from his end at ALL!!

  • Emikly

    I always roll my eyes when I see celebutards walking down the most paparazzi filled street in LA.
    Wanting attention much?

  • daisy

    they don’t want attention leave them alone