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Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle Split

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle Split

Joe Jonas and his movie star girlfriend, Camilla Belle, have parted ways.

“Yes, it’s true,” Camilla‘s rep tells “[Joe and Camilla] have broken up. There is no third party involved and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends.”

At last night’s Jonas Brothers concert in Detroit, Joe was seen tearing up during two of his songs. He also reportedly changed the songs lyrics for “Much Better” from “Get a rep for breakin’ hearts, now I’m done with superstars” to “Get a rep for breakin hearts, now I’m done with movie stars.” (When Joe dumped Taylor Swift, he changed the lyrics to “country stars.”

Joe, 19, and Camilla, 22, have been dating since November.

UPDATE: Joe didn’t change the lyrics! Listen here. 40-ish second mark.

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  • jane Lee

    awww =/

  • Ava

    That why you don’t date someone based on looks. I hope he finds a great girl that will stick by his side and loe him for him. He probably can’t stand to be around Danielle and Kevin right now. lol

  • Ashley


  • athena

    Well sorry to hear that Joe, don’t lose yourself in sadness…although it’s okay, you’ll be alright!! Love will come along for you again! Taylor and Camille are learning stages. You’ll find a true relationship that will last forever…

  • marissa

    Please they wasnt dating for real in the first place. instant press and healdines for these two.

    No wonder taylor swift is annoyed by him.

  • marissa

    oh and by the way Joe, Karam is a *****. thats what you get for dumping a girl who wanted you for a girl who just use you for her personal gain :)

    Life moves on, so Boo Hoo

  • olivia

    Hmm knowing her, she will be seen with someone else in a few weeks to start rumors. The only thing that worries me is the fact that she will try and get with Rob hmm this is not good news. Wonder who broke up with who?

  • ashley

    awww i like her

  • Jo

    he didn’t change the lyrics of much better.. there’s a video that seems that he said movie stars but the other videos you can clearly hear that he said superstars..

  • mslewis

    Well, a 22 year old woman is too old for a 19 year old boy!! They are at totally different times in their lives and maybe Camilla was tired of waiting for Joe Boy to make love to her!!

    By the way, who is she???

  • Katie


  • omggg

    camilla could probably care less hes hurting she aint

    karmas a bitch you hut taylor swift feelings now yours got hurt lmfaooo

  • Noticias de famosos

    And have time to find another girl, todabía is very young and is now single!!!!

  • blah blah


    Who knows but maybe Joe’s the one with the problem

  • Noticias de famosos

    He is fantastic, amazing and I love his music!!!

  • robsten

    wow! i just hope Camila stay just friend w/ Rob!! he’s taken girl!!! LOL

  • Courtney

    I just want Joe, happy!


  • lisa

    im glad tbh Joe Deserves Someone so much better!!! i didnt see it lasting anyway shes not right for him!!!!!

  • mary

    can anyone send me the link 4 the video when joe changes the lyrics!!
    please i wanna see it so bad!
    joe ur gonna find someone better! love u so much!

  • UrbanCowboy

    She should gain some weight.

  • lisa

    @mslewis: it doesnt matter what age you ae if you fall in love with someone ur hooked nothing u can do!! but im glad they broke up Didnt like them as a couple Joes Much better without her!!

  • SH0UT!

    …and all the teenies say,

  • Ady

    I feel bad for Joe but I didn’t like Camille.

  • carol

    now that you’re finally single…will you marry me Joe?

  • melissa

    yes o yes im sooooo happy CAMILLA didnt deserve such HOT guy like joe im am soo happy im screaming trust me hey if you are happy that
    joe and camilla broke up follow me at thankz !!!!

  • Wendy

    It’s aweful for both, but don’t blame Camilla, they probably both made some mistakes, it’s normal that Joe feels down, if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have loved her

    come on, they’re 19 and 22, it’s not the end of the world. He’ll get over it and so will she

  • austin

    I don’t think he was dating Camilla based on looks, since she is ugly as sin. I wish Joe the best in finding a new girl. And I wish Camilla the best in making the most of her dying film career. Hanging onto Joe’s coattails might have given her a bit more attention, but now that they have broken up her career is over.

  • melissa

    im sooo happy yes finally b*t** camilla she dont care about JOE hey if you are happy aabout this news follow me at

  • lucy

    well, joe. everyone knows why you and camilla have split. *cough* jemi *cough* :)

  • no really

    why would a 22 yr old go out with a boy virgin that wears a purity ring?

  • danielle

    Aww Joe!! I’m sorry to hear that:(
    I know it’s easier said than done, but be strong.
    i love you!

  • Just Interested

    so did she break his heart??

    i guess what goes around comes around he broke taylor swift’s heart ;]

  • Vanessa

    Hahaha karma is a biotch, suck it up BOY

  • marissa

    @no really:

    because dating a jonas will do wonders for a career. Look everyone knows who she is now.
    dont be surpised if she “lands” a new role by the end of this month

  • SArah

    UGH THANK GOD. Camilla could do so much better than him. no pun intended.
    PS- Karma is a bitch, Joe.

  • ashley

    i love her and joe dosen’t deserve her he has no talent or looks i just don’t get y people are so obsessed

  • Kyles

    Yeah, it’s not all about looks! That’s why he should be with me! :) LOL

  • Kyles

    You’ll find that special one sometime! Take it as a learning experience. In the mean time, we are here for you, so keep being the Joe we all love and enjoy! :)

  • ness

    got a story for you. joe broke up with her girlfriend and wrote a song for her, telling her she’s no good and that he has someone else now. which song was that? “australia”? oops, no. this feels so like déjà vu.

  • serafine

    Well, that leaves the door open for Rob then doesn’t it – lucky boy, three girls all after him…

  • he is gay!

  • http://Justjared style1

    he’s broken up with like three girls in one year, and your suppose to be a disney star lol

  • liz

    two idiots… LOL

  • Shea

    Awh poor joe. I am glad to see her out of the picture. (: Let’s hope he doesn’t date for a while

  • ali

    they look like brother and sister in that picture

  • TINA@


  • mysteryinnolita

    he’s the pain in the ass

  • Jayjay

    She’s too old and too hot for a 19yo virgin.
    I’m surprised it lasted so long.

  • mariana a. jonas

    Made my day !!
    FINALLY !!!
    goo im here 4 u!

  • what goes around

    comes right back around to bite you in the ass.