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Leo DiCaprio Braves New World

Leo DiCaprio Braves New World

Leonardo DiCaprio is set to star and produce the film adaptation of Aldous Huxley‘s classic dystopian novel “Brave New World.”

THR reports that the 34-year-old actor will likely play lower-caste member Bernard, who is persecuted when the leaders of the society find his behavior antisocial.

Set to produce and direct is Ridley Scott, who brought us Gladiator and Blade Runner. Ridley‘s latest movie Robin Hood, which once again stars Russell Crowe, will be released in 2010.

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  • life sux

    Usually no Leo posts. Now we get tons of Leo posts. GO JJ!!! Yay!
    I guess Bar’s mom no longer has JJ on the payroll. SWEET.
    I will see all his movies even if it is 2 hours of LEO watching paint dry.

  • Goody

    His head looks unnaturally big in the pic on the right.

    Now that he’s going into middle age, he is not aging well. He’s gonna balloon like Marlon Brando and continue to date 20 year old models like a loser.

  • Jess

    YAY! Another movie that he is set to star in :D. Can’t wait :D.

    I’m loving those new pics of him as well, He’s looking soooooo SEXY! These day <3 :D.

  • Ava

    Goody, what are you, 13 years old? DiCaprio has a good number of years before middle age. And he’s always been a little pudgy and averse to do weight lifting.

  • lovey

    YAY!! finally Jared is posting more about LEO.. it’s about time :) I hope we will get some new pics again from SPAIN !!!

  • Annie

    LOVE this! One of my favorite novels. Should be a good match up of talent.

  • ummm…..hate to say it but

    I have to agree, he has a body of a middle aged man rather than a 34 year old, he’s a good actor but I don’t think he’s hot in any way, shape or form!

  • lala

    do they HAVE to make another book into a moive!!!!!!!!! are there no more original ideas, ughghhghghghghghgghgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    he sure does love those sunglasses

  • isolde

    ılove himm………

  • Tess

    Boring and overrated

  • jennifer

    @tess, it’s really funny that you think he’s boring and overrated but you still come to his post to talk about him, interesting!

  • Dassie

    This book is awesome and so is Ridley Scott….but Leo is so wrong for the part….it seems like they just want to put a big name in the movie without considering if he fits the role. Someone like Ed Norton would be better. Or Ewan McGregor.

  • L

    He just isn’t at all hot anymore. Sad because he is only 34.

  • Kristy

    That book is AMAZING! I am so excited to see what happens with the film project :)

  • Mary

    @Dassie, Leo will produce the movie, so he could do whatever he wants and maybe he wants star in. Anyway I think he fits the role

  • awesome

    wow. he got a bit fatter didnt he?

  • http://.. eve

    when he was a 20-25 years old so handsome man but now so boring and no never sexy

  • Scruffy Puffy

    leo is GAY – inside knowledge.

  • lexy

    He’s so talented!!

    As for him being gay – who cares??? He’s still a hottie and talented. But I’m always curious why the cute guys are always “gay” – no one ever claims Woody Harrelson or Kevin James or Ray Romano is gay and their wives are beards.

    Why is it only the hot guys who people claim are secretly gay???

  • nikomilinko
  • made

    u are all gays not leonardo stut up please disgusting and ugly biitches..

  • kj100

    Eh??? Anyone ever heard of the movie GATTACA, based on Brave New World!!

  • fran

    Not so good looking anymore. I think he’s a good actor but not as good as the parts he gets suggest. He’s quite powerful in hollywood and hence lucky enough to get some of the best roles with the best directors

  • gym

    he needs the gym

  • me!

    Agree with the many posters that Leo is not aging well.
    He is looking bloated and soft for his age.
    Time to hit the gym!

  • Rob

    Helloooo! You realize what u are writing? He is 34 and he is in pretty good shape compared to 99% of the Americans at his age…of course he needs the gym, of course he is not perfect, of course he is a bit fatter…he is still better than 99% of 34-year-old guys in the US!!
    He could do more, though……his job is being beautiful and attractive!!!!

  • helme

    I like his hair cut – it’s quite Titanicish.

  • tessy

    You go Rob#27 and you forgot to add talented! I can’t wait to see Leo team up with Ridley Scott again, it says alot about how directors love working with him. Leo rules.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    Did Leo have a new SI girl??????????

  • french

    @Lisa rose:

    It’s just another stupid rumour, he can’t talk to a girl without there is a new rumour. Some persons are so stupid, they don’t have anything else to do instead of to made up rumours.

  • isolde

    hey french and lisa is leo dating any of them please ıf u know anything about this so tell me who is that prostitute omg another ugly biitch ı fed up with these disgusting ugly biich and pigs..

  • french


    He is not with any of them.

  • isolde

    french but the article that lisa posted tell about a ugly russian biitch ı dont know her name but it waa anne ı think sorry my bad english my mother language is not english but gaelic so ı dont understand much and always make the way heyy french go raibh maith agth’ (thanks) and where are u from

  • there were plenty of girls around Leo and his friends and this Russian model seems to be the most `famous` because of SI so obviously she was mentioned in some posts. I think it`s too early to say Leo is dating her or anyone. I looked plenty of pictures from Ibiza and even though there were girls around him most of the time he doesn`t really seem to be with a girl. I hope he is taking his time and enjoys single life a little.
    lisa rose just wants to annoy you guys with her comments. Just ignore her…

  • * looked at plenty of pictures…

  • gh

    he’s gotten fat.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @: Shut up! I’m not trying to annoy anyone, for no reasson!
    I just post it. @isolde: I dont really think that he dating with anyone these days….. shes probebly just some famewhore, or friend.

  • I hate to break it to you, lisa rose but you are annoying all the time.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @: Thats your problem!!! I’m free to comment here as much and how I want! ( ;

  • still annoying!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @: Still your problem!!!

  • photoshop beauty

    @Lisa rose: Anne V is not hot without hair, make-up, etc. She is also losing her hair on the sides as her forehead gets bigger. Photoshop is her friend.

  • Sara

    Like fine wine Leo keeps getting better with time .

    Great actor and a very goodlooking man.

  • me

    @Lisa rose: andd lisa you mean she is a fame whore like that disgusing prostitute u admire.. and u shut up every one says the truth u are really annoy people so get out

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @photoshop beauty:Actualy, I dont know who she is, I dont care and I’m sure that shes less beautiful then Bar!
    so who cares?! I just think that its funny and stupid that Leo is dating all the SI girls.
    and its stupid that there’s a rumours that Bar is dating with another Gisele’s ex.
    But I’m actualy doubt that they even dating new people already.

  • french

    @Lisa rose:

    He is not dating her.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @me: So as I tell to the other one- that your problem!!!

  • @42

    `Still your problem` That`s all you can come up with? Annoying and unimaginative! Once you say it`s funny that Leo is dating all the SI girls then you say he is not dating anyone. It seems like your different personalities have different opinion. LOL!

  • k9

    @@42: she went to a psych ward…that was where she was for a month and she escaped!