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Ashley Judd: Harvard's Newest Student

Ashley Judd: Harvard's Newest Student

Ashley Judd has enrolled in Harvard University‘s public policy and public administration school, her publicist tells The Harvard Crimson.

The 41-year-old actress will participate in at Harvard Kennedy School’s Mid-Career Master in Public Administration (MC/MPA) program, which often attracts public officials and non-profit activists.

Ashley, 41, is active in humanitarian and political causes. She has testified about the need to fund measures to safeguard natural resources and is a Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS, which promotes AIDS prevention and treatment.

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  • cyntija
  • Ynna

    not only beautiful but smart too:)

  • Lalique

    Good for her. It’s never too late to go to school, IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. Most college students today will graduate with approximately $100,000 in college loans, and I’m low-balling the estimate. Also, I’m talking about public universities, not private schools. Ridiculous.

  • whatever!

    this is BS….do you actually think she had to go the tough admin process…ya right. People spend years trying to get into harvard- didnt know making a phone call could get you into harvard…must be nice.

  • Mythical Creature

    @Lalique: I feel ya! But ya gotta make it happen anyway you need to ….I’m waiting for some of those political promises to start coming through…

  • taurus

    Hey – shouldn’t she be concentrating on having kids at her age, rather than going back to school? What a loooooooooooooser.

  • Mythical Creature

    @taurus: Heck no. You can go back to school at anytime for any reason. Tons of mothers return to college for advanced degrees and so forth. And if she doesn’t want kids then it’s best not to have them. I love being a mother, it’s the best thing I ever did or will ever do. But it’s not for everyone and if you really love kids then you absolutely think it’s cool when someone who doesn’t really want them doesn’t have them.

  • Ashley for Abortion

    Interesting that so-called “humanitarians” are also pro-abortion.

  • DuddJudd

    Humanitarian = Hypocrite

  • john

    I hate it how celebrities just get accepted into ivies without them having the grades or standardized test scores…DID SHE EVEN TAKE THE GRE TO GET ACCEPTED? i bet she didnt.

  • Nancy

    Great for her. She seems like a well-informed, compassionate individual. It’s certainly never too late to go back to school and further study your passions.

    It’s not hard to believe she got into a Masters program more or less on her own. She HAS done a lot that would look impressive to any school. Since she’s been out of school for so long, at this point, I don’t think her academic record really matters. Although I’m sure her fame and pedigree help, she is by no means unqualified.

    Also, the people here who have a problem with humanitarian work should go back to their sheltered lives where the world is perfect. I can’t imagine how promoting aids prevention and treatment is a bad thing.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Congrats to her. Knowledge and learning is always a good move on the right track !

  • Scruffy Puffy

    she is an ARROGANT DIVA BITCHHHH and now will be even more OBNOXIOUS in her superior attitude – inside knowledge.
    she probably doesn’t even have to do the regular course, what a PHUCKWAD the JUDDS ARE SOOO PHONEY, THE SISTER AND MOTHER TOO!

  • lexy

    I love seeing beautiful, talented and smart women on this board!!!

  • sibi

    Judd tried and couldn’t get into Ivy League universities after high school. She settled on University of Kentucky and didn’t graduate. Now she miraculously gets accepted to Harvard and takes the place of somebody who deserves this opportunity. Must be nice to be a celebrity.

  • alex

    She always looks so puffy and bloated

  • Auwbeeah

    Hey good on her. It can never be a bad thing to study at any stage in life. Having children or not is a choice – not having them makes her a strong individual who knows what is right for her she has been honest about it and hasn’t bowed to pressure. Humanitarian is also a wonderful, wonderful thing to be considering she is rich and famous and could just spend her time and money on herself her career and invest it purely in narcissm like plenty of dimwit celebrities do.

  • TM

    My boyfriend always calls Ashley Judd the poor man’s Bridget Moynahan.

  • kauai

    She did a lot of campaigning for Obama and is now hoping that Obama will throw her a bone so she wants to be prepared by getting a fancy education. She majored in French at the University of Kentucky and has a huge chip on her shoulder. She likes to use a lot of them big words she looks up in the dictionary to sound intellectual. Just like those people we all love that have a Word of the Day Calendar and insist in misusing the words in a sentence.

  • Shurly

    I love Ashley Judd. She’s so beautiful and intelligent. I just love her !

    And I absolutely HATE people who assume stuff. “I bet she didn’t get tested”, “I bet she just used a phone call to enter Harvard”. Well how the H ELL do you know that ? Do you work at Harvard ? You hate a person just because you assume she got a favor. Wow. How stupid you guys are !

  • Reese

    She is going back to school because she wants to enhance her humanitarian status and intellect. While I strongly disagree with her pro-abortion stance, she is one of those celebrities that involve herself in humanitarian projects for the love it as opposed to the PR it brings her. NOtice you never see staged PR

  • laurie

    she’s looking more and more like her mother

  • me!

    Dimwit! It’s all about twisting and turning the language for you anti-choice people out there, isn’t it?
    I can assure you that Ashley Judd is not pro-abortion or anti-life.
    She, like a lot of us, is pro-choice which means that we don’t try to shove our belief system down anybody’s throats. You do what you want—–and I’ll do what I want.
    Choice —–that is what that is called!

  • mailey

    gravity is working itself on her face, ew. she should go under the knife a bit. just a little would help her alot.

  • Sally

    Congrats to her! That’s huge!

  • mw85

    French majors from University of Kentucky don’t get into Harvard.

  • quincy

    What’s with the bloated face? Steroids or fillers?

  • Cathy

    There was an article in our local paper about a local guy who has become a successful photographer who has photographed celebrities. When asked who was the worst celebrity you ever photographed, his response was Ashley Judd. She was very rude, obnoxious and at one point even yelled at him.

  • lola

    I’m sure she got into Harvard on her academic merit . Just like her start in Hollywood had nothing whatsoever to do with nepotism.

  • Blah


  • Bashley

    Hate her!

  • HA!


    Apparently they do, dumb*ss. This isn’t typical undergrad or masters program. Mid-Career Master in Public Administration. This woman is highly intelligent and I am not surprised in the least that she was able to get accepted to a program like this.

    I really don’t understand how or why anyone would hate this woman. She is so far under the radar as far as controversy or even popularity are concerned. Isn’t there a Jennifer Aniston thread you people could be slinging sh*t around on somewhere?

  • HA! = me!


  • mw85

    I guess you were unable to infer the obvious.

    French majors from University of Kentucky don’t get into Harvard, unless they are famous.

  • Barbara

    #32 It’s rather common knowledge in entertainment circles that Ashley has a highly inflated opinion of herself and has been known to go off on anyone she considers her inferior., i.e., nearly everyone.

  • Youn minchoni

    Agreed.can’tsay anything else you did not say,awwwImmcan.
    She is one celeb putting her money and brain where her mouth is. She has a B.A. This program is not a typically Master’s program, m85,go back and read.

    Good for A.Judd.

  • susi

    how much did she pay behind door to get into the school

  • art8fashion

    With all of the negative foolish things celebs do that we read about on this site, I can’t believe people are putting her down for going to a very impressive institution of higher learning. Amazing.

    I applaud her! She’s beautiful, talented and best of all smart. I heard her speak on a commentary for one of her movies. She has huge vocabulary but was so humble and funny. This good news about a strong intelligent woman is a welcome change.

    Hopefully we will heard more about celeb making inspiring smart decisions instead of behavior that leads to shame, pain and suffering.

  • sungod

    She never bothered to pick up her Diploma from Kentucky after 20 years, and now she is so into education. She is so full of herself, listen to the beeotch speak when she tries to show off her linquistics. She is a C-actress with a stick up her sass,

  • twpumpkin


  • nick

    What’s it to you all? If she wants to go back to study it’s none of your businesses. Whatever she is like as a person should not matter. Whether she has or has no kids is also none of your businesses.She feels to study, whatever reason she has for it, then it’s all to applaud. So instead of BLAH BLAH BLAH on other people, look at yourselves and GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marieme

    Love and admire her so much!

  • susan

    it’s never to late to go back to school. She does look a little puffy in the face. She has gained weight over the years

  • HKS student

    I am a current HKS student, so let me assuage the fears of those who think this woman didn’t get in on her own merit:

    The MC/MPA program is a joke. While many like to assume Harvard’s schools attract students of the same caliber, this is not the case. The government school students are on average intellectually sub-par compared to those around the university (as measured by standardized test scores) and, further, students in the MC/MPA program are at the bottom of the government school’s ranks. So many of them are complete dolts, and precisely for that reason they revel in the fact they attend Harvard.

    In other words: Don’t assume Harvard’s difficult to get into necessarily; the MC/MPA program has pretty low standards.

  • Ashley

    Good for Ashley!
    She seems like one of the nicest most humble of celebrities out there! She sticks to what she believes in and that is admirable! Although it is sad she is pro-abortion. Abortion is murder! Once the egg and sperm meet, that is a LIFE. Shame on anyone who is pro abortion!

  • ana dreampainter

    I’m not impressed. I’ve met her. She’s a bitch. She’s not Harvard material either. She didn’t grow up poor, her mother did. Absolutely spoiled and gets everything she wants. This is such a fraud. Does Harvard need a contribution. She not even attractive, Not now, not before.

    Ashley is no intellectual. It’s all for show. It really pisses me off when Harvard could have given that slot to someone far more deserving. Human rights. Forget it. She only cares about herself. She’s a freak show.


    The Boston Globe article about Ashley at Harvard:

    If you happen to see Ashley Judd wandering the halls at Harvard, approach at your own peril. The B-list actress, who just enrolled in the Kennedy School’s Mid-Career Master in Public Administration program, asked officials to take additional measures to ensure her privacy while studying at the World’s Greatest University. And the school, not surprisingly, complied. Program director Robin Engel this week sent an e-mail to colleagues detailing the precautions, and it’s safe to say Judd (inset) will not be reprising Rodney Dangerfield’s role in ‘‘Back to School.’’ First, the registrar has put a privacy block on Judd’s file, which means no information about the actress will be available to the public. (Without such a block, a student’s name, program, degree received, and dates of attendance are open to anyone who asks for it.) Officials also arranged to have Harvard police present during the program’s coffee breaks in case a member of the media or public shows up and wants to talk about, say, Judd’s performance as a police inspector in the mediocre 2004 movie ‘‘Twisted.’’ Engel encourages everyone at Harvard to play dumb should someone start asking questions about Judd: ‘‘Simply turn the line of questioning back on them by asking who they are and what the purpose is of their query and contact security immediately to have them escorted off the premises if they are here inappropriately.’’ Finally, Engel says all media calls should be directed to Judd’s publicist in Los Angeles, Cara Trippichio. We tried that today, wondering whether Judd, a 1990 University of Kentucky grad whose husband is the handsome Scottish race car driver Dario Franchitti, might have a minute to talk about college life. No luck. ‘‘Thank you for your e-mail,’’ replied the publicist, ‘‘however we are declining this request.’’ (Engel also declined to talk to us today.)

  • ana dreampainter

    I’d say she asked for police protection to get attention. All self promotion to look more important than she is. She’s bottom rung on the ladder at Harvard. NO ONE AT HARVARD CARES ABOUT THAT NONSENSE. It’s academics, not Hollywood. She’s out of her league and doesn’t know the difference. The faculty will need police protection from her. How much is this costing Harvard or is she paying for it. Sounds like a publicity stunt to me. Soooooo average, low average looks, intellect. Boring.

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks good

  • andrea dorian

    This is an old post, but absolutely cannot stand this woman!!!No talent, , no morals, could go on and on…wish she’d move from US