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Chris Brown is a Billionaire Boy

Chris Brown is a Billionaire Boy

Chris Brown films a cameo in Keri Hilson‘s new “Slow Dance” music video in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (August 19).

The 20-year-old singer donned a Billionaire Boys Club hat and a necklace that says ‘OOPS’.

Chris is expected to be back in court for sentencing next week for assaulting Rihanna after a party in Los Angeles.

Recently a new CB track called ‘Changed Man’ leaked in what some people interpreted as an apology to Rihanna. However, Chris‘ reps told MTV that the track is an old tune.

Chris Brown Shoots New Music Video

15+ pictures of Chris Brown shooting his latest music video…

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chris brown billionaire boy 01
chris brown billionaire boy 02
chris brown billionaire boy 03
chris brown billionaire boy 04
chris brown billionaire boy 05
chris brown billionaire boy 06
chris brown billionaire boy 07
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Credit: Sharky/RMB/ZOJ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • Jennifer

    ewww loser

  • Ouch!

    He’s disgusting.

    Anyway, “Changed Man” is not even by him; the original, “Falls Away”, is by the very talented Dawn Richard.

  • terry

    why is he still in the news? he should be in jail.

  • Mercedes

    He made a mistake, give him a 2nd chance and move on!
    Love u Breezy, keep your head up!!!

  • VanM

    I agree with Mercedes……He made a mistake, we ALL do. He is a very talented man and I say HOLD YOUR HEAD UP CHRIS AND KEEP DOIN MAKIN MUSIC……..

  • VanM

    Damn…..I hate typos…… I meant KEEP DOIN WHAT YOU DO, MAKIN MUSIC……

  • a mistake?

    r u kidding me? you prob beat your woman don’t u…A MISTAKE
    he beat the living s hit out of a girl

  • JAY


    A “mistake”? He physically abused someone. That is not a mistake, that is an offence and he should be in jail. It’s disgusting you would even consider that just a mistake.

  • i’m sure it’s not

    the first time he beat a chick either someone needs to do some research into his background

  • Van is a

    world class imbeccile

  • Ouch!

    “He made a mistake, we ALL do.”

    Well, I certainly don’t make the mistake to beat someone, let alone a woman.
    Seriously, these girls who condone his behaviour just cause they’re sexually attracted by him disgust me. :/

  • asdf

    The kid needs to be able to move on with his life. And I saw the picture of Rihanna – he did NOT beat the living sh*t out of her. And she actually said in a magazine interview that she hit her older brother in the head with a glass bottle – now that’s more serious than what she got. So let them BOTH move on with their life – just like every other young celeb that have done really stupid stuff.

  • Van pa lease

    I have never ever ever hit anyone in my life

  • picture

    listen – personally, I can’t stand chick – but that picture did NOT show minor injuries, that was brutal



  • I give him…

    …4 yrs b4 he lands in prison for beating another chick. its only a matter of time. I really wish that happens, bc in prison, wow…think about what he’ll get. tsk tsk major beating can’t wait he deserves it

  • Whoever

    Im ready for him to come back! Come back with fire Chris!

  • he can’t come back

    never, i think the hatred of him is so intense. there are too many other great artists out there now and up and coming

    he’s done. no one will touch him

  • marissa


    exactly. what a way to promote domestic violence against women. Bravo chris brown!! all of them convicted women abusers got themselves a new hero.


  • Lady_chris

    @terry: But He’s Not In Jail So Ha Ha

  • Lady Chrissy

    no he’s not

    hey know what? i bet i could describe you to a tee…right???
    i’m not going to tho i’ll rise above it

  • Lady_chris

    @JAY: So if u did dat u wuldnt want a second chance

  • a second chance to do what?

    beat someone else? he got his second chance, he’s not in prison right now that’s all he deserves

    ok chris? now go to McD’s and put your application in

  • Ouch!

    @Lady_chris: have you thought that maybe HE WOULDN’T DO THAT?! What a pathetic idiot you are!!!

  • Lady_chris

    @he can’t come back: Do u no how many people 4gived him HA his cd is going to be soooooo good every one’s gonna orget about it And the sould bcause bet dat yall 4 gave Mike Vick and yall 4 gave R kelly and some people dnt even think OJ did it so FORGIVE HIM AND MOVE ON, I HAVE

  • Lady_chris

    @Ouch!: bitch u dont no the situation he wuz in u waznt der STUPID rihanna was bitting on him while driving what crazy psycho bitch fom hell does that?????

  • Lady_chris

    @a second chance to do what?: No a second chance to overcome his mistake. you think he wanted for thins to go down like this no his fan base was sooooo huge

  • Hey chris?

    practice saying this…………..”want some fries with that coke?”
    looooooooooooo ser

  • Lady_chris

    @asdf: I’m Saying How Crazy Can Rihanna Get? Chris I Love U

  • FED UP

    I’m tired of this Chris Brown fella. As a matter of fact I’m tired of all these celebrities messing up. What do they think they are Human????? They must realize that they were blessed by God with something that we average persons dont possess and that is talent. When given this blessing they must realize that they must disconnect from their emotions, temper whatever it may be and be as perfect as Jesus or Ghandi. There is no excuse for this behaviour. I can forgive Lindsay for trying to run over ppl and breaking the law, that is why i have no problem with her getting work again. Even a Tom Sizemore or Charlie Sheen who continually messes or messed up and still has a job waiting for him. But a negro like Chris Brown will get no 2nd chance from me. He is black fullstop.

  • sara

    Eww hate women beaters. Proves he’s not a real man but a douche.

    Can’t wait for Rianna new album its going to be bigger and badder than his.

    And let’s all ignore lady chris she’s obviously ignorent and supports women beaters which proves she’s not a strong woman herself.

  • Who Cares

    I wish you wouldn’t cover him anymore. He’s an abuser. He’s not like a diplomat; he’s a pop star. I think we can find someone more interesting out there?

  • Cammie

    You crazy fans..need help, Rihanna wasn’t arrested for a crime, nor is there any proof she hit or bite Chris. It’s a fact that Chris beat her, he admitted it. Chris looks sickly, I guess being a felon is taking a toll, why is he wearing a raccoon tail, Soon he will be facing the music…doing hard larbor and Domestic violence classes

  • Angel

    I sooooo love seeing the same people response multiple times trying to act like their a new person. LOL

  • moveon

    This bonehead has gone from high in my estimations to sub zero. I can barely stomach to look at him now.

  • bella

    Wow, he wasted his talent by being a prick and beating a woman. He has talent, but he got off way too easy, that is my beef.

  • why complain?

    Why waste time on complaining about what he did? Reality of the situation is, people still care for his music. Whether you like him or not, doesn’t really matter. No one knows why he did it, not saying it was okay for him to do it but we only know one side of the story which probably isn’t the truth the entire truth. Women get abused everyday… his just happened to go publicly. If it wouldn’t have been aired, everyone would still like him. I can tell you that Rihanna is not as innocent in this matter then I’m sure everyone thinks. So, let the negative comments go. Don’t look at any Chris Brown postings if you have a problem with what he did.

  • ange

    lol that’s not Chris’s new music video, that’s Keri Hilsons new called “Slow dance”

  • tl

    if u dont like him y do u go to post that r about him? stop wasting your time. people r still going to like him get over it.

  • Pathetic

    Many people living on food stamps and selling drugs on the side to bring down the caucasian American youth of today will continue to keep the ugly face of this animal on the Internet. Boycott him and if the “victim” decides she wants him back into her life, boycott her, too. Any woman who comes to these blogs to support him, does not understand the sick and desperate psyche behind men who abuse women physically, verbally, or psychologically. In all likelihood, Chris Brown has not entered the necessary professional psychological treatment and addiction programs to assist him in healing his childhood. Sorry, the “dignified” in the caucasian and black communities of America “will not forgive or forget” the photo of a battered Rhianna, dead Nicole Brown-Simpson, or the helpless dogs who were tortured and killed at the hands of a mentally disturbed football player making millions of dollars who, too, is likely not involved in the professional psychological treatment programs to heal his childhood.

  • Cammie


    This is not his Fan site, so why complain when people who don’t love him comment and think Rihanna is the victim. Just because your a fan of his doesn’t mean he didn’t beat Rihanna nor does it mean that Rihanna isn’t the victim. Are you the DA for the case, The DA heard both sides of the story and still charged Chris Brown.. Rihanna is the victim GET OVER IT. Chris has done nothing to show that he is getting help,a lame apology doesn’t not stop Domestic Violence.

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for the video to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox =D

  • FED UP

    Pathetic is right these animals continue to corrupt the caucasion youth with their slang and “jive talking”. Our children should stop trying to emulate and imitate these ghetto bafoons as they encourage our pure children to go and shoot up highschools and gyms. It is a fact that physical and mental abuse of women originated within the black community and does not exist in the white one. Our people do not commit some of the most vile and horrendous act known to man as we are pure. The dignified among us never hit our women behind close doors as that is only what low class human beings do. Our women would never put up with that as they are strong independent and all educated. Forgiveness?? Only the weak minded forgive and forget. There is no such thing as rehabilitation either in our world. If there were more ppl like me and Pathetic we would live in the same world that Christian Bale lived in in Equilibrium.

    P.s I’m not a racist but a realist. I enjoy chocolate ice cream, I have many black friends at my office and I know how to do the cupid shuffle, so dont judge me.

  • pout


  • Breezerwife.

    @Jennifer: your a loser hoe …

  • pincessf

    @a mistake?: STFU BIT^H

  • jay

    i love you chris brown no ones perfect
    everyone thinks the worst for you
    they suck BIG TIME !
    maddddddddddd people did not go to prison for “hitting agirl”
    ahem expample tommy lee -__-
    and its not that you guys dont support viloence its that your madd he hit rihanna ! douches !

  • jay

    rihanna was hitting him 1st and he hitt her back the bitch is fine and forgave and and like every other celebrity what do you guys seee in her ?

  • jay

    @sara: what do you see in her ?

  • jay

    @marissa: so i guess people cant have a chance to learn from their mistake ! oooh yea but “it wasnt just once right ? expect the worst” and ohh yea i said what he did was right thats why i said mistake-__-