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Marc Jacobs: Wedding This Weekend!

Marc Jacobs: Wedding This Weekend!

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his Brazilian fiance Lorenzo Martone attend the screening of Anna Wintour and Vogue‘s new documentary The September Issue at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday (August 19).

The couple plan to wed this weekend in Provincetown, Mass. One source tells Page Six that Marc, 46, and Lorenzo, 30, want the nuptials to be a private affair but “there will be an after-party.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Credit: WENN; Photos: J. McCarthy/Wireimage, Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • gina

    Wow!! NEVER heard of getting cancer from having rectal sex ??? who came up with that idiotic explanation. So i guess every single person in the 3rd World must be gay.? I only know that all these people here who are writing all these negative storys are total haters,why else would you guys come on this side and write something when you clearly know that Marc and Lorenzo are gay….why not write your ignorant comments on some Christian side where everybody has the same idiotic opinions that you have and leave this side to people who embrace everybody,no matter what theire sexual oriantation is. I am very happy for Marc and Lorenzo and fyi they have been together longer then some “Straight” couples.Concrats Marc & Lorenzo. Straight,Gay,Transgenter,Bi etc..Love you xoxo.

  • dave

    the most disguisting thing that really stood out to me, was what @cutie pie said about the white women going to the black men being sickening. WOW, WOW, WOW. thats all i can say. seriously? its sad to see that racist people like that are still around. NOW THATS SICKENING!

  • moira

    To Kaleen !! You are NOT a Doctor,you are a NUT

  • lola


  • whatever

    WOW….all of you people are crazy! All fo these comments make me feel very, very NORMAL…thank you.

  • mark

    lol… i think it’s so funny that there are people that are so backward and ignorant AND PROUD of that fact. Who would believe that they think AIDS and HIV is a gay disease or that being gay is the cause in the rise in rectal cancer. These idiots must sleep with an egg under the bed to ward off evil spirits…

  • lucas

    i hope Kaleen’s god punishes her by giving her cancer of the vajayjay.

  • sissy

    WELL SAID #67. I have never seen so much bigotry on one gossip site as I have on Just Jared. Not just from this one post. From the bizarrely hateful Scientologists down to the people who call themselves Christians. And these “Christians are exploding with foulness and expressing nothing that can be compared to the love and compassion that Jesus taught. It seems everytime I come on JJ there is some kind of religious war happening where people think they are allowed to invalidate and degrade people all in the name of God. Well, I’m finished here. Why is hate allowed on this site’s comments section? Why are the mods letting flame wars take up space here by the same idiotic people day in and day out? I’m finished with this site! JustJAred, you just lost another person and I will never visit this site again.



  • Bob

    Gay people will all end up with cancer of their rectum. Read a book and it will tell you what happens when you put something where it doesn’t belong. All of you who deny this are just plain idiots. All you gay guys need to have your “head” examined. Being gay is just not normal, and it’s a sin. No matter how you look at it, it is a sin, you sinner’s.

  • not me

    Congratulations to the happy couple!! they are very good looking…
    And for the ranters, I am hetero sexual but am always happy to see people in love.

  • Bob

    I have rectal cancer and I am gay. The doctor’s told me it was because of my lifestyle. So it is true about being gay and getting rectal cancer.

  • not me

    Bob #83

    Your doctor must be Kaleen. Consider getting a new doctor. Kaleen is an idiot.

  • ladams

    WT F is he wearing a skirt???? Has he been raiding Angelina Jolie’s closet?

  • ladams

    @cutie pie:
    Are we being just a little prejudiced????

  • steve

    A man in a skirt? That is just way too weird looking. I think that he needs some mental therapy.

  • Scott

    Good lord, you crazy religious idiots who can’t see the beauty of God’s work in a loving couple. Your opinions only show your only ignorance and prejudice. Good luck with those hateful ways when it comes to your own Judgment Day.

  • lola

    To BOB aka Kaleen you are full of SHIT. On # 84 “being gay is not normal” but then on # 83 opsy ! you are gay ?? now it seems like somebody can not make up there mind.Oh yeah i love the comments about if you are gay or support the gay comunity then we all go to hell.Hey fine with me,i like it hot and steamy and i like to smoke ,so i need a fire to lite my Pipe,what would i do in “God’s” company?? start knitting or reading the Bible ?? BOOOOOORING. Hell here i come

  • enna

    steve go tell the Scots and they’ll kick your ass and that would be just fine.
    Personally I think they are hotter than hell and I am not even gay. Marc Jaboc is 46? Sure does not look 16 years older than the boyfriend. I wish them happiness! Ant to all the haters on here, just drown in your own bile!

  • Greg

    Not everyone is a Christian or even religious for that matter..DON’T ASSUME

  • Greg

    @Gloria: So what is your explanation for the millions of Africans and Asians who are infected?? The are not all homosexual dummy

  • Greg

    @Kaleen: LIES…you are not doctor.

  • Flower child

    I think that the way people are raised is how they view gays. If these guys are happy together, I say don’t stop till you get enough.

  • It’s just not normal

    for a man, to have sex with another man. Anatomically it is impossible. I think that it is a sin and God frowns on this lifestyle. I personally think it is sick as He**. All HIV is, is a curse from the All Mighty Savior!

  • James

    Guess Lorenzo will now give up his Rentboy business.

    It is very sad that Marc is so unhappy and insecure that he keeps having “relationships” with rent boys who are only interested in his money.

    I hope he has a pre-nup with Lorenzo, cause Lorenzo will dump him in a New York minute for a wealthier men.

  • Stinkypoo

    Hilarious! A guy wearing a skirt and has a clutch (purse). Where does he go when he needs to powder his nose? Woman’s Restroom??

    Also……stop the religious fairy tales…… all sounds so ancient!

    This is the 21st century folks!

  • meowtime

    gloria, is it also gods punishment for female rape victims in war torn countries like Chad and Darfur? because HIV and aids affects more black woman than it does any other group….

    and back to the story…

    Marc stop trying to make Manskirts happen, they arent going to happen…sure its functional but unless your a scot, you cant do it, marc your jewish, jews dont do kilts.

    Hope they have a fun wedding

  • wtf

    am no homophobic but the idea of 2 men/2women getting married to each other still cracks me up!it is so not cool…get over it…it’s lame;)
    i love n respect marc’s work but i don’t have to agree in everything he does…

  • wtf

    am no homophobic but the idea of 2 men/2women getting married to each other still cracks me up!it is so not cool…get over it…it’s lame;)
    i love n respect marc’s work but i don’t have to agree in everything he does…

  • qboy

    come on homophobia is so outdated ! cant you talk about somethg else, coming up here to say its a sin is so ridiculous….

    happy marriage to the both of them :)

  • pousada morro de sao paulo

    Congratulations !!

  • brasil

    is totaly normal to be gay.
    who are u to judge them?
    they just wanna be happy like everyone else.
    from brazil NOH8

  • Johnny O

    they seem so dirty….. covered in product….

  • Jake G

    Gay is OK !


  • zend

    cute clutch. hmm..

  • heaven scent

    @It’s just not normal: I totally agree!!!!!!!!

  • lauren

    all the best!!!!!!
    I love marc.

  • lauren

    james@75 I’m pretty sure that Lorenzo is an advertising executive.

  • Richard’s beachlife

    I am a designer and I am also gay. I’m not famous and have no desire to be. I used to live in New York getting caught up in the fast paced, booze & drug laced destructive side of gay lifestyle. Just as many of my straight associates and acquaintances were also caught up in the same destructive behaviour.
    I left NY and moved to a small island surrounded by sandy beaches on Canada’s east coast and run a small and successful high end couture business with a eclectic international clientele. I’m free from drugs and booze for eight years and enjoy a healthy lifestyle and wonderful uncomplicated friends and my creativity is pure and fluid.
    Why would I give you this brief and not so interesting preamble you ask?
    I can only imagine the pressure Marc Jacobs experiences being high profile, much more affluent than your average man and at the helm of blooming design empire. It’s been my experience that having everything sometimes leaves you with nothing.
    Hopefully this latest relationship will fill a void and give Mr. Jacobs some comfort away from the maddening crowds and thrill seekers.
    I only hope that he finds the dignity he like anyone gay or straight deserves.
    Gay marriage is legal where I live, in fact many American and European gay couples arrive on the shores of this sleepy island hideaway every summer to make their commitment to each other official.
    Just for me personally not that it matters to anyone else, I don’t like calling a commitment between gay men or women a marriage. I don’t like the idea of mimicking a heterosexual institution especially one with such a high divorce rate.
    If one day meet someone special I’d consider after a long period of harmonious friendship a private legal union to assure each of us our human rights as a couple, but not a copy cat illusion of a hetero marriage. Being gay at this point in history is not the same as being straight. My only qualification for that comment is, walk a mile in my shoes. I would have had to be crazy to choose being gay with all of it’s insecurities and exclusions. But I am what God made me and I make the best of everything and thank God for each and every wonderful new day.
    Happiness and peace is my wish for Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Martone as is my wish for anyone who is fortunate enough to experience love without bounds.
    My late Uncle Harold once said to me ” What anyone thinks of you my boy is really none of your business.”
    A thousand people may have a thousand different opinions of me or you, not necessarily right or wrong, just opinions based on what they perceive or believe.

  • robyn

    I’m not agree..
    Marc♥ is mine, :K:K

  • suppress your appetite


  • http://boogielife(twitter) Emerson

    Hey Lorenzo, bring Marc to Brazil. That´ll be an amazing time. Congrats. e=)

  • http://boogielife(twitter) Emerson

    Hey Lorenzo, bring Marc to Brazil. That´ll be an amazing time. Congrats. e=)