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Sienna Miller: SoHo Sweetheart

Sienna Miller: SoHo Sweetheart

Sienna Miller and her bodyguard leave a building in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Thursday morning (August 20).

The 27-year-old British actress was recently in Ibiza, Spain vacationing with her new boyfriend George Barker, aka DJ Slinky Wizard.

Yesterday at the NYC screening of The September Issue, Sienna seemed to have buried the hatchet with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who called Sienna “toothy” and having “unruly hair” when she posed for the September 2007 issue of her mag.

UPDATE: Si is wearing a nautical Susie Rose tank, sold exclusively at Walmart for $8!

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  • hadis


  • H.

    Anna Wintour is hideous. How she can sit in judgment of others is beyond me. Sienna is gorgeous, there is nothing wrong with having a big smile.


    Now this is the girl who can wear the Boyfriend jeans! She looks so perfect and so thin! I hate her! Just kidding. She looks great!

  • Wendy

    Oh Jared, you trying to hpye things up like a tabloid monger, it just never works, dont underestimate your readers.What hatchet was there between Miller & Wintour? Are you kidding me!!! Wintour called that particular shot as to toothy,and idnt like her hair. Its part of her job, they do it with every celeb that gets the cover, so trying to create this drama is very cheap! For gods sake she was just on the July issue, and attended the docu, hardly got a nemesis in Wintour more like a stupid fan!!

    Anyway dont like this outfit!

  • dundies

    LOL anna wintour looks like a woodland creature

  • Sally

    She’s pretty and has such a style even in casual clothes. Beautiful!

  • no wonder you’re single

    too skinny!

  • nikomilinko
  • Karma

    “Sienna Miller: Some Ho who had to fart.”

  • Tom

    The body guard does not have any shoe laces. Hope he does not have to chase anybody down.

  • Karma

    “Sienna Miller: Some Ho who had to fa rt.”

    There, is that better?

  • Chili Pepper

    Hey SM, your movie is a stinker! P U!!!! Like your feet.

  • lakers fan in boston

    hate it when chick wear some baggy jeans =[
    other than that, she does look her usual cute self
    wish she would throw away those ugly sunglasses once and for all

  • H.

    yup, she’s cuter than Wintour but still a ho.

  • A

    “her bodyguard”, that’s a pretty lousy bodyguard if that is true, and why he dressed up like he’s a 15 yo clown. unless he is her pimp

  • A

    and btw has she fingered him like Slinky, just to have some fun

  • Jar

    Why do you need to keep reporting about Sienna. I guess homewreckers are supposedly more interesting, but I find her boring and bland and she sucked in G.I. Joe!

  • bella

    maybe her and rachel bilson can shop together and save you two posts :)

  • judai

    Wait…. i think i’ve seen this jeans and top from Sienna the other day! When were these pics taken? Anyways, i lurve Sienna and thanks for posting about her JJ!

  • Dee

    Portrait of a trashy homewrecking ho, take 2

  • lauren

    so cute

  • skeletor

    Thanks to Sienna and company for ruining my GI Joe. What a lousy piece of garbage.

  • isaac

    I really enjoyed GI Joe! The only one imo who ruined it was the guy who played Duke. Bland, emotionless actor…… tsk tsk tsk

  • equal style

    love her style!

  • weird

    Oh Sienna why am i so infatuated with you now lol

    Girl you looked great next to skeletor Wintour last night

  • c

    1) Sienna buried the hatchet? It’s called pr and after all the lies she told in her latest Vogue interview she was probably instructed to be on her best behavior.

    2) By SM own admission kissing and engaging in pda with a man doesn’t make him her boyfriend. That DJ is just a cover for her affair with the married man, so when she thinks that she has everyone fooled she will resume flaunting her affair with the married man.

    3) Why does she keep tipping off the paps? To remind the married man’s wife that she is still sleeping with him?

    4) She is taking this victim thing way too far. All she has to do is stop tipping off the paps. She has been in NY before and managed to evade the paps, so the fact that she is even being seen this much makes it obvious that she is tipping off the paps.

  • shasta

    She’s very generic, lacks substance, bland, uninteresting, whiny, not to mention bony and saggy looking. She looks older than, what, 27 did you say? Hard living, I’m sure. She wears clothes, big deal, nothing that can’t be seen on me or my friends or any other average girl walking around the mall. Jeans and a tank with flip flops, big whoop.

    Incidentally, I didn’t see GI Joe, but my brother did and got bored.

  • julie

    She’s a bitch, how can you call her sweetheart. She’s rude and obnoxious.

  • A

    I wonder if Rosetta is paying these people who are spreading so much Iill will to go all over the Internet by writing bitter postings about sienna. All rosettas hard work as designer is finally paying off. . Maybe Now that she is such a big succes as a designer she should start an acting career and put her acting skills to work. Maybe she can go on desperate housewives .

  • cirque

    Rosetta Getty is 10 times more beautiful (inside and out) compared to this starlet. She is low key, (had admitted she is shy) and well-liked. Try seeing her profile at facebook. She is getting on with her life so leave Rosetta Getty alone. She does not deserve the bad press and never brought it on to herself.

  • Dee


    I am personally doing this for free because I so dislike this trashy homewrecking tramp named Sienna Miller.

  • Scarlett

    Enough of this homewrecking ho already!

  • A

    29 – A
    change your moniker since ‘A’ is already here
    your post sounds like you are a ho and you’ve got morals of a ho,
    don’t you think that’s somehow related to your upbringing and to your mother

  • mw


  • c

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. This is why SM is in the position that she is currently in because she and her fans are under the impression that EVERYTHING that happens to her is always someone else’s fault. So now anyone who points out SM hypocrisy or the holes in her pr stunts is being paid by the married man’s wife? Let’s see, RG has kept a very low profile and even though she was being being publicly humilated on a daily basis she decided to deal with it in private. Now compare that to SM, who has been flauting the affair non-stop since it was exposed and publicly whining about how she is being “mistreated” on a WEEKLY basis. SM did this to herself. It’s
    SM fault(and possibly her parents because they didn’t teach her how to respect others and her pr teams fault because they don’t know how to control their client), not those who comment on her bad behavior.

    By that same logic does that mean anyone who goes all over the internet to spread so much “ill will” towards RG by writing bitter postings about how she should go on “desperate housewives” is being paid by SM? What has RG done to SM? Nothing, nothing at all. She doesn’t owe SM or BG a thing. Attacking her doesn’t justify SM actions or make anyone feel sorry for her, it just makes her look that much worse as a person. Afterall, wasn’t she the one who declared that she cared about the plight of women and children and that there was no sisterhood. And here someone is getting mad and blaming the married man’s wife all because SM just doesn’t have the common sense to leave well enough alone(ie-stop tipping off the paps, playing the victim, and putting all of her personal business out there ).

  • A
    ….Houston…. we’ve got some real problem…. down there………….

  • sunseeker

    In April Miller was told by her publicist to keep a low profile, that is why she has been single , or so she says, Has Getty on the other end of the phone until the rumour of her affair is dying down, also has been seeing him in secret, got rumbled in Italy though, that is why we have these photo’s of her with George Barker, Getty and Miller are still together just keeping out of the limelight until he files for divorce. Miller and her PR’s are feeding the Mirror with garbage and they print it. As soon as the play is finished, if not before Getty and Miller will have a reunion, bet all my inheritance on that.

  • Ashley Griffith

    i loved her in G.I. Joe the rise of cobra you rock Sienna

  • Karma

    @A: Hahahaha, perhaps a refill of the ointment will help! Time for a trip to the pharmacy!

  • kelly

    sweetheart? is that a new codeword for predatory pathological-lying back alley ho?

    ew, that pic! she’s disgusting… wish she would slither back to the UK and stay there. JJ– you’re never going to convince us we’re supposed to like her, but it’s also clear you won’t stop trying.

    maybe we’ll get a respite after her play crashes and burns.

  • suppress your appetite

    she’s so pretty!