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Matilda Ledger Hangs With Michelle Williams

Matilda Ledger Hangs With Michelle Williams

Matilda Ledger swings from the hands of her mom Michelle Williams as they head to their local coffee shop for breakfast on Sunday (August 30).

Emile Hirsch plays a Vietnam vet in the upcoming Taking Woodstock and remembers being inspired by Michelle‘s ex, Heath Ledger. The 24-year-old actor told Parade, “As soon as I heard [director] Ang Lee was interested in me, I knew I was going to do the film even before I got the script. I’ve been a fan of Ang ever since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which I absolutely adored. And of course Brokeback Mountain just blew me away. I’ll always remember talking to Heath just after he finished that movie and he was going on about working with Ang and how incredible he was.”

10+ pictures inside of Matilda Ledger hanging from Michelle Williams

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matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 01
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 02
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 03
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 04
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 05
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 06
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 07
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 08
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 09
matilda ledger michelle williams hanging 10

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  • dan da man

    if her daddy wouldn’t of been a selfish junkie he’d still be alive for his lil girl today.

  • dan da man

    opps i forgot, he was “addicted” or had a “disease” addiction is a choice, otherwise known as making THE CHOICE to pick up a drug the first time perfectly knowing what it will destroy your life.

  • diana

    Whoa dan da man that was harsh. I don’t think we should judge unless we live a perfect life. I love Matilda. She’s so beautiful and full of life like her dad. Michelle is also very pretty.

  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl


  • Angela

    Ahhh Matilda is so adorable and seems just so normal. She is a clone of her father. I too wish Heath had made better choices. I just dont understand how celebrities fool themselves into believing that they are above the consequences of taking and mixing too many drugs. Heath is certainly missed for his talent in acting, and it is sad that Matilda will never know her father.

  • pd8

    She’s a pretty little girl. She has Heath’s eyes.

  • CC

    lol, Michelle pimping Ledger’s kid again for pr?

  • Mary

    (((Michelle and Matilda)))

  • geez

    @CC: Michelle isnt’s selling anything.

  • geez

    @CC: Michelle isn’t selling anything.

  • Em

    @dan da man: You don’t know what you’re talking about so STFU about Heath.
    Matilda is adorable, the spitting image of her daddy.

  • hayden

    i love michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these comments on here are so stupid and judgemental people will say anything for attention sad

  • dan da man

    @Em: I don’t know what I’m talkin about? LOL ok i guess I must of been reading the news about someone else who OD’ed. Why you are in denial over such a junkie is evidence you prob have some drug issues yourself. Good luck to you

  • tiff

    @hayden: I’d rather say anything for attention then poison my body with drugs for attention. moron.

  • omggg

    they been MIA for a while
    she got taller..wish her pops was here to see her =/

  • Em

    @dan da man: @dan da man: The guy took the pills for insomnia, pneumonia and spinal injury. He was clean of illegal drugs and was trying to get his act together. You obviously haven’t read anything other than cheap tabloids so I’m not going to waste my breath on someone like you.

  • Mousse

    The 2nd last pic is beautiful: both looking dreamy the same way.
    Matilda looks very healthy, her mom is doing a great job.

  • monkeyface

    Can someone please shed some light on the Spike/Michelle thing? Are they still together? There used to be pictures of them together all over the place, but haven’t sen or heard anything for a long, long time????

  • dilbert

    @Em: so because they were prescription drugs that makes it ok to be a junkie? ahh gotcha Em! lol I’d love to see what’s in your medicine cabinet besides your lifetime prescription to moron pills

  • Em

    @dilbert aka dan da man aka tiff. You don’t know for a fact Heath was a junkie. He was taking those pills because he had problems with his insomnia, pneumonia and had an injured back. Just because YOU say the use was recreational doesn’t mean it’s so. You can take your judgmental, patronizing tone and shove it. I hope it’s a very tight fit, you seem to need it.

  • cassie

    must be a constant reminder she looks so much like her dad

  • dan da man

    ok newsflash… when you die of a drug overdose I’m willing to make the call that you’re a junkie lol you evidently call it a mistake…typical response from fatal attraction fans and/or dee dee dee’s. I guess you think Michael Jackson wasn’t a junkie either because he had prescription drugs in him too? seriously, with your type of attitude no wonder why people die everyday.

  • _____

    Why can’t we just let the man rest in peace?? He’s dead and gone, nothing will bring him back or make the situation better or clearer. Wow you people are so arrogant.

  • L

    what a cutie matilda is. and nice to see them supporting their local coffee shop!

  • Renee

    @pretty young girl: Lol. In case you missed it… its a play on the word “hanging.” As in she’s “hanging” from her mom?

  • danielson

    @L: supporting their local coffee shop? lol i don’t think they read that much into it when they go to get a cup of coffee lol

  • **Jamie**

    gorgeous mother and daughter

  • Lara

    Matilda is soooo cute!! And I have to repeat what I say in every comment about Matilda: I still miss Heath! He was one of the best actors in Hollywood and seemed to be such a nice, shy and down-to-earth person! Hope he can see his lil daughter!

  • Maneesha

    Aww that dress is so adorable on Matilda. She is tooo cute.

  • Maneesha


    They’ve been going to that coffee shop for years and have also been pictured with the owner a few times so i guess in a way they are supporting their local coffee shop!

  • Anya


    I agree, all these people pretending to care about Matilda and then bashing her daddy. Do they ever think of how she will feel when she’s old enough to read comments like these? Matilda won’t remember Heath, but he’s still her real father and it will be very hurtful for her. Some people can be so mean, it’s sad.

  • harry potter

    where are all the “michelle is an old ugly child-pimping witch”comments? SOMEONES not on the ball today!

  • RADelaide

    Oy harry dumbledore dies at the end

  • harry potter

    @RADelaide: lol thanks

  • ivanka

    matilda is so cute.. and i think michelle is not selling her.. she just loves to hang out and ofcourse she will not hide in her house

  • hermione granger

    @harry potter: Michelle is an arrogant c unt. better now?

  • harry potter

    @hermione granger: oh hermione… your so sexy when you use that potty mouth of yours

  • mimi

    Dan, friends of Heath say that Michelle really pushed him while they divorced and really got money out of him by threatening to limit his visitation rights.
    and now she is pimping his child for publicity.

  • blaaaarrggghhhh

    @dan da man:
    bad judgement dan. You don’t have to be a junkie to OD on a bad mix of prescribed drugs. You know those commercials for prescription drugs? The ones where they list a ton of lethal side affects and warning you against using them if you have pre-existing health conditions? Or are taking any other types of medicine? Well there you go. I had pnemonia twice and was on prescription drugs and had to think twice when I needed aspirin for a migraine. If that was the case, it just makes him ill informed and not a junkie.

  • aries

    None of us knew him so there for don’t judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also to everyone saying negative stuff, shut the **** up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn go somewhere else and say negative stuff but not here please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lexy

    Cute girl, pretty mother

    ….When did this become the harry potter freaks convention ?

  • laura

    Matilda is a doll.

    I honestly don’t think Michelle knows how gorgeous she is. She is a stunning woman.

  • Jake may not be gay

    She looks like a happy child. Quite different from Witherspoon’s kids who seldom smile or look happy at all.

  • Jake may not be gay

    She looks like a happy child. Quite different from Witherspoon’s kids who seldom smile or look happy at all.

  • Lady

    Heath and Michelle have a beautiful little girl. Matilda always looks so happy skipping about. Michelle seems to be doing a lovely job as a wonderful mother. Heath is surely watching over Matilda!

  • P

    Sorry, but the DDM is right. Heath was a junkie, it was well known in certain circles before he died. He was selfish and irresponsible, especially being that he was a father.

  • Kate L

    @dan da man: You are a judgemental arse! I hope you get ass cancer.

  • Kate L

    @dan da man: You should learn to read.Then you can read the statement released by the coroner on HL’s autopsy results. You are believing the made up media crap/gossip.Grow up! What happened to Heath can and does happen to people every day.Go to the ER and hang out. IT WAS AN ACCIDENTAL combination of low and below dose legal meds.He was taking them AS PRESCRIBED,in other words FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOTTLE. Wow how many junkies do that? People like you would rather believe that he was not an imperfect human like the rest of us,he was “a celebrity” If you did then you would have to face up to the reality that it could happen to you or someone you love.Its so much easier to call someone a junky and think that you and your loved ones are immune to it all.That is sad.Why do you people diss a dead man? Why are you here? Matilda may read your comments one day.Be ashamed of your selfish arrogant ignorant puny brain.

  • Sally

    Lovely pics. Mother and daughter are so cute together!

  • blaaaarrggghhhh

    @P: the case being argued was not whether he was a junkie, but that people who OD are not always junkies.